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This list shows the most popular Bible websites. Each site is listed with its ownership, location, and review of pros and cons. We hope this list helps you find and choose the best Bible study resources for you.

Muskegon, Michigan, USA
BibleGateway is the most popular Bible website, and perhaps the largest with 590,000 indexed pages by Google. The site is owned by Gospel Communications and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

PROS: Large website and lots of content for research.
CONS: Slow website and may crash during peak times, and frequent requests to donate.
Dewey, Arizona, USA is owned by Christ Unlimited Ministries. It's purpose is to promote the sale of Bibles, however, the site does offer Bible resources, readings, forums, including a prayer room.

PROS: Professionally designed site.
CONS: Bible reading is not easily accessible. The website appears to focus on marketing Bibles and products to visitors. Interface for Bible reading is inadequate.


Richmond, Virginia, USA

Owned by the Salem Web Network, which manages multiple, nicely designed, religious-themed websites. Their vision, as posted on their 'about' page is: We are a for-profit religious corporation dedicated to building up the Church, which is the Body of Christ. Some of the sites, such as Crosswalk, feature a nice Christian radio listening area, however, it requires a login and password.

PROS: Professionally designed site with multiple topics and articles.
CONS: Requires multiple clicks to read the Bible, requires registration, and hosts several distracting banner ads.

Blue Letter Bible

Rancho Santa Margarita, California, USA

The Blue Letter Bible is managed by Sowing Circle, a small, non-profit ministry organization.

PROS: Simple website and easy to access Bible reading. Includes an 'institute' which has free online course material and MP3s to listen to.
CONS: Site is slow and does not have as many resources as other websites.

Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

eBible is owned by Godspeed Computing and is a small for-profit business. eBible strives to integrate the Web 2.0 social media trend, allowing user interaction through comments and a rating system, and through some AJAX usability features. It is a for profit business and upgrading to a premium membership is pushed.

PROS: Simple, but well designed Web 2.0 site. Allows reader interaction through comments and voting.
CONS: Fancy scrolling features are more distracting than they are useful. Advertisements also pollute the otherwise clean and simple feel of the website.

Heartlight's Search God's Word
Austin, Texas, USA

Heartlight, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit organization. Heartlight produces an online magazine that provides resources for daily Christian living. Besides the online Bible, they have daily articles, devotionals, inspirational images, electronic greeting cards, and discussion boards.

PROS: The site conveniently has the concordance, dictionary, encyclopedia, and lexicon at the right side for easy reference while reading a specific Bible passage. It gives free Greek and Hebrew fonts for downloading and viewing original scriptures online.
CONS: Website is slow to load and has some distracting graphics and ads on the top and right-side.

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