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  • Bruce on Revelation 21
    J: You are right! You are nothing,but you can be changed and made into? You can only answer when someone calls:John 6:44, you can be Baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire:Matthew3:11,Then you "will know" 2Corinthians 5:17
  • Michael Daugherty on 2 Corinthians 5
    Jesus Christ gave Himself as a ransom for many. We take communion in remembrance of His death. He paid the ultimate price for the sin of all mankind. We will be judged according to how we judge others. We are to look at ourselves to see if we are in right standing with God. Is our hearts right with Him? God loves us and gave His only begotten Son that we might be saved.
  • Mark on Job 1
    i would like to know where the place was that Satan came to God?
  • Corte on John 21
    So what happened to the disciple, which betrayed?
  • Stephanie on John 6
    First read John 6:51. Pondering thought and question. I eat bread like it's going out of style. But I look at it as if I am eating with Jesus (Bread is symbolic of his body that was broken for us). If I were to fast (stop/reduce) eating bread, would/could my faith/soul diminish/parish or grow stronger?
  • Loretta on Isaiah 53
    If not for His sacrifice, His suffering, His life....where would we all be right now? The thought of existence is chilling for me.
    Thank You Jesus!! By Your stripes i am healed and forgiven!! Thank You thank You thank You Jesus!
  • George on Genesis 4
    And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.

    Where did Cain's wife come from ? Adam and Eve only had two sons before ! Another son after Cain was sent to nod.
  • Ulaya on Isaiah 60
    This chapter is talking about a gentile Island nation to be exalted by God in the later days. Which nation could this be?
  • Mmpro on Matthew 1
    Did Mathew help people that had bad things going own in their lives as a counselor did?
  • Chaplain anthony on Psalms 37
    Truly think about this verse deeply, isn't your desire for your heart is to do his will in your life?I never thought so intill I kept seeking God,it makes sense if Gods says in his word for my ways are not his ways, and his thoughts are not my thoughts . Also his word says there is a way that seems right to a man but the end therefore is death. Also think about it would not my desires be coveting ??.now here me when we do his will which is his word , all things work together for good.for he supply's all your needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus.deep down your desire is to do his will does this make sense to anyone . Call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things that you no not amen?God bless
  • Bruce on 2 Corinthians 4
    Richard!: You need to read that verse again. It says the god of this world has blinded the minds of those that don't believe. god of this world is Satan. He is still blinding people so they don't see The Light. Have you been called? John6:44--forgiving 1John 1:9- You "will" be Baptized with The Holy Ghost Matthew3:11. You will "know" impossible not to know!
  • Stephende on Romans 10
    Romans 9 might be the inception of Christianity. But simply uttering the words is not sufficient. In the name of Christ do people murder. God is a Heart knower. The entire person is required by God and not just the mouth. How do live your life? Is it to God. Are you aware of The commandments and that they apply to Christians as well as Jews.
  • Yvonne on Colossians 1
    As long as we are not becoming as a little child....we will not enter the Kingdom We are not even succeeding to Love one another, our enemies....The basic things Jesus tried to teach us , but we didn't want to obey....we want to do our own thing and first want to know hairsplitting things that are not so important at the moment, The most important Love we don't even know anymore, we prefer to do the opposite..... Fools are we and we know the Peace that we want for the world will not come, until our Lord and Saviour comes back for a second time ........We get upset because we don't know if God creates everything?? How important is that?? We will know this when the time is there and we have first learnt what is the most important thing at this moment, while there's soo much hate around us and we're fooled by so-called pastors, preachers that are not even able to lead their flocks and are not preaching the Words of Jesus, but their own thoughts.... Let's try again to look at the Words of Jesus, the basic things that He thought us and try to start a pure relationship from our hearts with Him and then The Holy Spirit, our teacher that He left us, will teach us ALL THINGS!! If we're ready to receive it!!
  • Bruce on 1 John 3
    Neil:"Born"in Greek:gennao,be born,bring forth, be delivered. Planting seed "sperma" something sown, any seed, including male,"speiro" sow. 1John2:1-4.(Saying the meaning is in Greek or Hebrew is no help to the lost) let's sow the "WORD" in the hearts of others and see what harvest we get? Called John6:44,forgiving 1John1:9, Baptist Matthew3:11,you will know!--ll Corinthians5:17. HELL is for---!
  • John on Deuteronomy 32
    To understand this better, just read the whole book of Deuteronomy and then re-read the chapter of the verse you're having difficulty with. Also don't allegorize and please don't say: "well this is what it means to me." It means something specifically!
    Read it. Put it in context. Who is speaking? Who is being spoken to?
    Don't be lazy.
  • Temmy Obadare on Job 29
    Hmm Job.simply recounted and gave us a divine secret that encapsulated all his fortune, honour, anointing and peace. Job was a giver. Read all that he did and see how God blessed him. He called those acts the secrets of God. How many of us have such secret and uphold them? He had honour, Gid shielded him and his days were multiplied. What secrets! Let us all plug in and watch God decorate us too.
  • SAm
    Yes, Winona, I Love the Lord too, Are you going to church? Which church do you go too? I am really interested in you! I love your comments I am sure you love to go to church!!!!!!!
  • Sam
    That is fine, I love the bible, how about you?
  • Daniel on Daniel 9
    Why are you so naive? Why don't you ask to Daniel in person? He is reborn and alive. Daniel 12:13
  • Hopeful, but hindered
    I guess what I would ultimately like to know is how can I do this on my own for the most part? I will have a few great friends in my corner, that will be my support but that's it. Everyone els3 will only judge, ridicule, and hinder me in any way possible. Some will want me to fail. I want only positive thoughts for my sobriety! PLEASE HELP!!!???###
  • Bruce on Luke 14
    Jim Hill: I hope all things are well. No matter why we walked away? The Father has opened Arms, waiting for our return! All his children one time or another sIn. Not like we did before salvation, for in Christ we sin a lot less! Thank you Lord for 1John 1:9. Some of us even take a walk for one day,one week, one year--? The Father is calling tenderly,gingerly come home. The end is in sight
  • Bruce on Matthew 26
    bewrayeth,old English.
    John 6:44 no man can come to Christ,except The Father draw him---have you felt a tug in your heart? 1John 1:9 Forgiving? Baptized with the Holy Ghost:Matthew 3:11. You will know 2nd Corinthians 5:17. A Heavy weight is going. I didn't know I had. Peace is wonderful. Sleep is great. Best thing that ever happened in my life!
  • Bruce on Malachi 1
    Landon:No man can come to Christ except the Father draw him:John6:44 He is faithful to forgive--1John1:9. He will baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire: Matthew3:11. Without Him we are dead, we can do nothing! We can only show true love and forgiveness when he lives within us.
    More are going to hell then to heaven! 2 ways:Matthew7:13-14.
    Revelations20:15 To late!
    Name written in glory:"yours"?
  • Daniel on Genesis 5
    It seems to me, Chapter 5 glosses over thousands of years of history as if it were meaningless. Weren't the lavish, sloth sins of humans who lived for so ridiculously long the reason for the flood? Why is the flood not considered genocide????
  • Ruhul Amin on Isaiah 21
    Why" The burden of Arabia" is became " The burden of the desert of the sea" in this version? And as comparative religious students we desirous of the prophecy?
  • Neil , in Canada on Matthew 24 many men have claimed to be the Messiah? it possible that the present liberal churches ,that still claim Jesus as messiah , have deceived their followers with their liberal agenda?
  • Karl on Luke 12
    to Lew - not sure what you're asking, did JESUS die for our/your/my sin? His sacrifice was only a sin offering as in Leviticus, to cleanse us of our sin before the LORD, opening the way for all of us to salvation, grace is the LORD's gift, you are given a choice then, forward or back. However, there will still be a reckoning, we must each of us present ourselves to the LORD, just my opinion.
  • Bruce on Luke 13
    Felicia: Many believe they are saved! Help with activities at church,do good in the community, feeding the hungry,the list goes on. Lord,Lord---and in thy name done many wonderful works? depart from me, ye that work iniquity.Matthew7:22-23.
    Have you felt the tug in your heart? John6:44--1John 1:9 they that are saved are changed within ,all things become New. ll Corinthians5:17. You will know!!!
  • Bruce on Luke 14
    E.Lesser:Matthew 22, Luke 14:16-24 is about non-believers being invited to come to the supper prepared for whosoever is on the list. Most are too busy to be bothered they are on Broadway Matthew7:13. If you're not on the guest list "Revelations20.15".
    Have you been invited? John6:44,ready 1John 1:9,Matthew3:11.
    You will know !! 2nd Corinthians5:17. What a day that will be!
    Never ending never
  • Lew on Luke 12
    Please give more insight on like 12 42-47. I understand do as God wills and your blessed. And condemned for sin. But did Jesus die for our sin? If we are in sin, backsliding for example, are we not still saved, because in our hearts God knows we believe in his sacrifice for our sin? I understand we must turn, but the passage makes it sound like God will come and judge when we are in sin

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