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  • Emma teunis on Ecclesiastes 3
    iam a woman who lives alone iam 82 yrs old In this time of great uncertainty i hear many shootings at night I came across this word from Jesus that a time would come to sell my garment to buy a sword I feel for being alone i should buy protection for defending myself now if my home is invaded Can you elaborate on what Jesus said?
  • Lemont Tate on Revelation 13
    Upon reading this, and reading some of the comments, how is it concluded that this chapter is talking about a future event or events that have not occurred yet? Show me in this chapter (precepts) or the one before or after if must, that when we get to this chapter, it references future events?
  • Khahlile Mathe on Luke 8
    I re-read the whole chapter of Luke 8 and noticed that it is very rich with great things that our Lord did. The Lunatick man at the graves/tombs is a point to also focus on.

    How his condition bothered the Lord and moved Him just to go for him in Gedarenes in Galelee. Such that many many evil spirits in this man shouted in unison; and asked;"What have I to do with thee Jesus thou Son of God, Most High?"

    Jesus came from Galelee too as the man. He could have known about this man all along, yet waited for the right time to set him free.

    At the right time Jesus went for him. Just to go and deliver him. Those demons bowed down before Jesus and begged Him not to sent them to torment before time
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    But I also think that us Christians have been warning people like a pre-tribber would warn to get right so you can get out of here and not have to take the mark and the post-tribber would say you need to get right with God and begin getting oil in your lamp for the hard times coming.

    So all these people being warned know not to take the mark of the beast so some will survive the time of tribulation without taking the mark. This could be another group. I'm just trying to figure out if there could be other possibilities. I can't prove it but I kind of take the one int he filed that is taken is the wicked person who took the mark adn the other one is either a jewish person that was exempt from taking the mark or someone who survived that didn't receive Jesus but also didn't take the mark.

  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Robert, that's an interesting question: who will repopulate the Earth in the Millennium? You're correct that the "taking away" in verse 39 refers to the wicked of Noah's day, but can that phrase be used in the same way for vv 40, 41?

    Three most important rules in Biblical interpretation are context, context, context. Verse 39 tells us WHO these next two verses are talking about. There is no reason to try to read in a pre-trib rapture when it already tells us who the who is.
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    PART 2:

    Israel is the fig tree in many other verses but not this one. This is what got me really reading God's Word when I found out that 99% of people taught that that verse was speaking of Israel. I found other problems with these teacher's teachings on end times.

    How about "The Time of Jacob's Trouble". It is only mentioned one time in all of scripture and it seems to be something that happened around 2,500 years ago and was already fulfilled. Many verses that have already been fulfilled are being used today as 'future' prophecies. I am open to some being a double fulfillment but I know a full preterist would say to me you can't justify it and they may be right trying to justify an already fulfilled prophecy and saying it has a future fulfillment too. The full futurist would say none of them have been fulfilled which is incorrect. I can go off into dispensationalism and all of that other stuff. You think if there were 7 to 17 dispensations as is taught in the modern pre-trib rapture movement, you think God would have had the word in the Bible at least 7 times but it is only in scripture 4 times and always speaks of the Old and New Covenant so it cannot be justified Biblically.

    All very easily debunkable. Just have to get out the E-sword (free Bible software download) and do a word search, read each passage in its biblical and historical context and presto, you know what it is saying. If I can do it, anyone can. God is not a respector of persons if someone is really seeking truth and God's holiness.

    I just hope some people will start just searching their hearts and asking God to show them if there is anything false in them. As soon as I hear someone say, "we need more than the word of God" I have to question what they are about to say and I think this may be why I originally wrote this article.

    God Bless!


    The Sacred Cowtipper (my nickname for newcomers)
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Is Israel the "fig tree" in Matthew 24:32?

    Not sure if you fell for this one, but I did for 30 years. The fig tree in Matthew 24:32 IS NOT Israel. How come so many teachers got that wrong? Is it that they don't know what a metaphor or parable is or were they so lazy as to not read the other two synoptic gospels were a tiny detail was given that totally debunks that? That is what I did for decades - GUILTY!

    This is called a logical fallacy- what they taught CAN'T be true if it contradicts elsewhere. They will continue to teach that though although some no longer use that passage because guys like me showed them they can't and be honest.

    Here it is: Matthew 24:32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

    Luke 21:29 And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees; Luke 21:30 When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand. Notice in verse 29, that it has that extra part to it -AND ALL THE TREES.

    This is so easy to interpret. Jesus is merely saying when you see all of these 20 signs I am giving you here HAPPENING ALL AT THE SAME TIME, it is like a fig tree [which is common in that area] and ALL OF THE OTHER TREES getting their spring flowers, the flowers falling off and the leaves shooting forth. Jesus is saying THE END OF THE AGE and MY RETURN will be in that generation.

    He was just making a comparison of natural things around that area. In other words,

    20 SIGNS = END OF AGE AND MY RETURN. It is that simple. How they got this fig tree was Israel IN THIS PARTICULAR VERSE, I don't know. Maybe back to that laziness. I was too lazy to study it for myself and just bought it hook, line and sinker when I was taught it but many who didn't study it for themselves. I was brainwashed for 30 years to believe that because I didn't question the teaching.

    Israel is the fig tree in many other verses but not this one. This is what...
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Peter 1:5
    Fabian, we often think of Salvation as being saved from the penalty of our sin through Jesus Christ. But when the Bible speaks of it, Salvation is all-encompassing. That is, we are saved from sin & we are saved till that work of the Cross finally gets us into God's Presence; we also call it our 'completed redemption'. So our salvation from sin is complete & perfect - nothing deficient in what Jesus did for us. But we will only realize the full extent of it, when our Salvation sees it planned end in God's Abode.

    To give an earthly example: you see a man drowning far out in the ocean & you, a proficient swimmer, immediately go out to save him. You reach him & manage to pull him to the surface & keep his head above water so he can breathe. Is this salvation? Yes it is, you have saved his life. But you keep him out there, together bobbing up & down in the waves. You make no attempt to bring him to shore, simply satisfied that he is alive. Both he & those on shore urge you to bring him in but you refuse because you have saved him from drowning & you're exhausted in your efforts. Salvation in Christ is like that & more: He saves you completely (i.e. you now receive his new Life), but it isn't finished if you're left 'bobbing up & down' in the ocean of sin & suffering around you. Jesus ensures that the Work He has started in you will be brought to its full completion when He comes back for you or requires you sooner (Philippians 1:6).

    And the beauty of this example is seen in your willingness to save that man, even though it could well mean the loss of your life. But you went, counting his life more precious than yours. So, Mishael's very moving words, "If you were the only person on earth; He would have done it for you", are so apt when we think of Love so great & unfathomable.
  • Mishael - in Reply on 1 Peter 1:5
    Salvation has been revealed (offered) to mankind all over this earth for 2000 years by Jesus's followers, all of that time.

    The gospel of Jesus Christ is free to all who will listen to it and desire to be born again into the Kingdom of God. It did cost Jesus everything and his Life to make this possible. If you were the only person on earth; He would have done it for you.

    If you have one or can borrow one, you'll need to read of this in John chapter 3. When you are born again after saying a prayer and receiving Him as your Lord and Savior; your own spirit will be made alive to Jesus. Best connection on the planet.

    Jesus will give to you the gift of The Holy Spirit. To protect you, comfort you, teach you about Jesus; help you stay on an even track; warn you when you get off track.

    You give your sinful life to Jesus, and take His Life, to walk with you for the rest of your Life.

    After an event in history already referred to as the Catching Away of the Church of Jesus; it will be exceedingly difficult to be born again then. Read the Bible (on this website) or get one. Preferably a King James Version. Decide whom you will follow? This dying world system, or Jesus.

    Right now you can talk to Jesus. He will hear your prayer.
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 10
    Page 1.

    Robert, that's an interesting question: who will repopulate the Earth in the Millennium? You're correct that the "taking away" in verse 39 refers to the wicked of Noah's day, but can that phrase be used in the same way for vv 40, 41?

    One could argue, that Noah too was "taken away" from the flood's destructive work on all living, in which case the farmers & mill grinders would experience the same prospect with the righteous one taken & the unrighteous one left. If this understanding is correct, then the unrighteous who are left are those who will continue into the Millennium. And those taken to be with Christ at His Coming are the elect (v 31) (Israel, not Elect because of salvation, but by God's choosing cf v 22) & they along with the raptured Saints (who come with Christ at His Second Coming) will reign with Him through the Millennium.

    However, if your understanding is correct, that the unrighteous are the ones referred to in vv 40, 41 who are taken away, then there are the various possibilities, as you suggested, as to who will repopulate the Earth during the Millennium. I couldn't even begin to guess the answer to that one. (onto Page 2.)
  • Gerard McGoldrick on Matthew 24:9
    Dear Heavenly Father, Yahweh, God, I come before You today, as Abraham when he obeyed You to sacrifice his son Isaac, an act which prefigured the sacrifice of Your own Son, Jesus, on the cross, and as Moses, as he wandered forty years before entering the promised land, and claim, as a faithful disciple of my own forty years standing, Your promises of healing, prosperity and length of life. May I prosper in the "land" to which You have sent me, the Independent Community Living Association, in Sydney, Australia, and may I be blessed with abundance, materially and spiritually, therein. May I be healed of my infirmities, (diabetes, schizophrenia, an acquired brain injury), and thereby blessed to live a long and healthy life, in the company and service of Your dearly beloved Son, Jesus, the promised Christ. May I be uplifted to Your throne of grace, dwelling always in Your presence, and may I die a happy, holy death, hopefully well advanced in years. I ask these things in the name of our Lord and king, Your well-beloved Son, Jesus, the Christ. Amen.(Can I get an agreement?).
  • Choosing God above all Others on Matthew 24:9
    God created Adam in his image and likeness. He gave Adam DOMINION over the earth and all the creatures on it.

    He did not give Adam dominion over other humans.

    There were "inhabitants" living on earth, who were the 1/3 of created angels who revolted and followed SATAN to the earth. They had bodies at that point. However all of them DIED in the flood of Noah. They no longer had bodies. Their spirits survived to become principalities and powers; DEMONS.

    Their desire now is to find human bodies to inhabit.

    Jesus cast out devils from one possessed man, and the demons begged Jesus to let them possess some pigs. He did but the pigs ran over a cliff and Died. No bodies again.

    There are lots of people on earth that invite demons to inhabit their bodies: people in the occult. ie: witches, warlocks, card readers, phone-a-psychic, astrologers, people who read their horoscope every day!

    The Bible mentions 'familiar' spirits (demons). They have no bodies so they can look through your past history and give you the info and then people believe people who give readings are the real deal.

    They want to turn people away from God and His Word (The Bible) to get a word of encouragement; as we do in here. We encourage and teach others what we have learned. I know God doesn't want us to read our horoscope and later, read a chapter of the Bible. That is a MIXTURE, and God hates mixtures. Look it up.

    Most Churches do not teach on these matters! They don't want to scare your Tithe, elsewhere. Pay for silence. Then you experience some horrid things in your life and you wonder why God doesn't love you? Why doesn't He answer your prayers?

    He's waiting on you.

    Why should He speak to you if you're going to run to an occultist or psychic, to get a word too??

    Throw out your idols! Your heart will lead you to them. If you have extended family that does that stuff; stay away. If your church won't mention it? Find another who does.

    I pray you will be healed. Amen.
  • Mishael on Choose Whom You Will Follow on James 1
    History is only a record of mankind. Look at the Bible: it is a record of man; with careful genealogy.

    God is alpha (beginning), and Omega (ending). He sees us all.

    The only LIVES THAT MATTER are

    the ones that are written down in the Lambs Book of Life!

    After all the statues and monuments are gone, what's next? Libraries? History books? God shook the Tulsa riots right after the President left the area, with a sizable Earthquake. I think it's a warning. Find in the Bible where it says that this behavior is righteous according to Gods Word.

    I googled Tulsa earthquake history and there isn't any. Not one that big.

    I'm ashamed of what we do and how we justify it. Are there ANY Christians out there? Any Ministers of the Churches?

    This is exactly like it is going to be immediately following the Rapture (Caught Up) of the Church of Jesus's BORN AGAIN believers. Riots, violence, looting, fire, unrestrained destruction: the world of hell unleashed.

    A lot of brave men and women fought and died FOR THIS COUNTRY, for one reason or another. We trample on their graves.

    This makes me feel physically ill to know that this rioting will be to the 10th Power after the rapture. Take a look around now, and try to remember times past. It's all gone. It will never come back. Never.

    Jesus is returning soon. I call an earthquake in an arena parking lot too much to ignore. Even if fake national news always chooses to not report these things. Go ahead and google the earthquake. BEHOLD your future.

    The rioting crowds CRUCIFIED Jesus Christ.

    The crowd became a demon. Satan thought he won finally! Three days later, Jesus walked out of his tomb.

    Whose side are you on?

    Barabbas or Jesus?

    Who are you screaming for?

    I scream for Jesus!!!
  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 5

    They say they have the Eucharist, but what they have is a false Christ. What I mean by that is they hold to the doctrine of Transubstantiation, meaning that the priest has the power to change a wafer into the literal body of Jesus Christ, and change the wine into the literal blood of Christ. That is not biblical.

    They make the claim based on John Chapter 6, where Jesus told His disciples to take this bread and eat it, for it is my body which will be shed for you. Take this cup and drink it, for it is my blood which will be given up for you. At the end, the priest says "Do this in memory of me." You probably already know this since you attended Catholic Church.

    The problem with this is that when Jesus said take this all of you and eat it, for this is my body, and take this and drink it, for this is my blood, He ate and drank with them. Jesus said this is my body, and this is my blood which will be given up for you (Future Tense). Jesus was speaking about His coming death on the cross and that after that happened, we were to celebrate communion as a memorial of His death and resurrection.

    To say that Jesus Christ is literally present in the Eucharist, both flesh and blood, is false and should be rejected by those who know that Christ already dwells in His fullness inside them. To believe that the wafer is literally Christ's body, and after they eat it, where does it end up? It ends up in the commode and then they have to back again for more Jesus. We have the creator of the entire universe living within us, and He is always there. You've done well to leave. I would not go back!
  • Bob Hilt on James 1
    why no healing?

    I have asked for the gift of healing as I would love to empty a children's hospital and so far nothing.

    well sometimes the answer is no for various reasons

    In Matthew 17:21 someone had a devil and the apostles would not cast it out.

    Jesus said in Matthew 17:21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

    sometimes prayer and fasting is needed

    Paul was given a thorn in the flesh and asked for healing and was told no

    2 Corinthians 12:8 For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.

    sometimes it is for our benefit as hard as that is to believe

    Jesus did not do healing and miracles because of the people's unbelief

    Matthew 13:58 And he (Jesus) did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

    sometimes we get a no cause the people who want healed have no real faith

    other times people get sick cause of sin, like with adultery they get aids or venereal diseases

    one can be forgiven, but still must live with the sins consequences

    sickness from eating the wrong foods i.e. Bible health laws is not a salvation matter, it is a health matter.

    In China they often eat bats, rats and anything that moves it seems.

    and sometimes the answer is just plain no for reasons we do not understand...yet.

    Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
  • Bob Hilt on John 14
    Matthew 24:37 - But as the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    Matthew 24:38 - For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

    Matthew 24:39 - And knew not until the flood came, and took (WHO?) them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    Matthew 24:40 - Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

    Matthew 24:41 - Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

    Matthew 24:42 - Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

    The WICKED were TAKEN and Noah was LEFT BEHIND at the end of the flood.

    Luke 17:26 - And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

    The WICKED were TAKEN and Noah was LEFT BEHIND

    1 Peter 3:20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

    The WICKED were TAKEN FIRST and Noah was LEFT BEHIND

    Luke 17:27 - They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.

    Luke 17:28 - Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;

    Lot was left behind - the wicked were taken

    Luke 17:29 - But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.

    Luke 17:30 - Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

    2 Peter 2:12 - But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;

    So do pre trib preachers lie and make the Bible say the opposite of the Bible teaches?
  • Ruth Rada on Matthew 5
    I was raised Baptist but have been going to the Catholic Church but am switching back to Baptist because in attending probation for Legion of Mary I see that I can not pray to Mary. One of the stands that my Catholic friends make is that THEY HAVE THE EUCHARIST. How can I defend myself with the bible against that claim?
  • Mishael on the Judgment Seat of Christ - in Reply on Psalms 1:5
    2 Corinthians 5:10, this is the Bema Seat judgment of Christ, for believers who accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord. It's like a review of your life as a Christian on Earth.

    It is to receive rewards or to lose rewards.

    "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad."

    There will be crowns given for various things. Which I think I read that we will place the crowns at the feet of Jesus.

    It's a solemn occasion, but also a happy event. You're not going to lose your salvation.

    What we learn from the New Testament is HOW to follow Jesus and become a disciple.

    How did we respond to his teaching? when I was hungry; you fed me. When I was naked, you clothed me. When I was sick, you visited me, etc. There's all kinds of ministries we can join or support with our giving, or time. Be generous and do not begrudge having to do it. You do it as unto Jesus, and no others. It is not for personal glory. It's about the blessings of obedience.

    I think in 1 Corinthians 12, we see that we can ask the Holy Spirit for gifts or administrations, for the purpose of relieving suffering and lack in believers and the unsaved. That perhaps by your love and mercy, the unsaved will come to Jesus through your ministry to them. It is so simple to ask them if you can lead them in a prayer of repentance and to receive Jesus as their Savior too. The soul winners Crown.

    A year ago I set myself down to really study all that Jesus said; how he related to all people; the religious; the demonic; the public in general. We have to slow down from speed reading, to actually process how Jesus was ministering and teaching His Disciples. Jesus is the Son of Man: all God and all man in one body. He set aside his power as Gods Son, to be amongst humankind. How do you respond to that? We're not saved to just occupy a pew on Sunday. Search ourselves...
  • Cheryl on Genesis 3:24
    Where is the flaming sword and the Cherubims that protected the Garden
  • Mary Wilson on Psalms 1:5
    In Psalms 1:5 does this mean that people who are not saved will not stand before Jesus on judgement day? I never thought about this,I guess why would they,after all they will be in hell or on the way to hell.
  • Robert Marino - in Reply on Genesis 10
    well said. What is your take on WHO will repopulate the earth for a literal millennial reign?

    I ahve certain thoughts on the matter.

    Those who take the mark of course are taken first in Matthew 24 (one is taken and one is left). Of course it was the wicked that were taken "as in the days of Noah".

    We will get our glorified bodies before the millennium so it won't be us.

    I know the modern Sanhedrin is pushing for worldwide Noahide Laws on ONLY Gentiles so if there is a mark of the beast connected to the Noahide Laws and that is where the New World Order is going, then they will be exempt. What is interesting is the Jewish Noahide laws call for beheading of idolators and their rabbis say Christians are the greatest idolators because we practice "partnering" where we make Jesus equal to the Father as we believe in the trinity.

    Another possibility is those that haven't met the age of accountability.

    Some think aborted babies will be sent back to earth to be tested. That sounds a little weird but someone has to repopulate the earth.

    What is your take on this?

    I lean heavily on the Noahide Laws as some Christians have already given themselves over to it, plus the huge growth of the Hebrew Roots Movement where some have even converted to Judaism now and left the Lord (Hebrews 6). You also have the huge uprising of the Black Israelite cults like HOI, SICARII, GMS, ETC.

    God is saving Muslims and masses of them would be saved if it wasn't for the fear of converting. I think many are missing it thinking the antichrist will be a Muslim. We shouldn't care what the Koran teaches. Scripture also calls Jerusalem Sodom and Egypt and it surely is today as it is the gay pride capital of the world now and the number one abortion country in the world "per capita".

    So what do you think? I'm a partial-preterist/partial-futurist/premillennialist. These are my thougths.
  • Sheila Hyatt on 2 Thessalonians 1:8
    In 1 Thess 1:8 what does it mean to "obey the Gospel..."?
  • Alex on Jeremiah 1
    comments on Isaiah 9 v 6 He calls CHRIST EVERLASTING FATHER. Jesus said that satan was the FATHER OF THE TARES B/C is the one who sows the tares Thus Christ is the FATHER of the Wheat simply b/c he is the one who SOWS the WHEAT IN MANS HEARTS .The father that sends the H.G is actually Christ .The WHEAT ARE GODS,THE GRANSONS the israel of God. SIMPLY B/C JESUS IS THE ONE WHO SOWS THAT PRECIOUS SEED IN OUR HEARTS. Jesus said the FATHER wd send the H.G IN MY NAME, IN MY NAME MEANS HE IS THE ONE WHO SOWS THAT SEED.Remember Jesus said that the father was in him meaning in his seed. Just like father Abraham was in issac simply b/c Abraham was in issac's seed a prosterity. Of Father son and Granson the Godhead that became the nation of Israel but also a picture of the heavenly trinity, the the Israel of God.EVERY CREATURE THAT GOD MADE WAS TOLD TO GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY. And that was the PROMISE that God made to Christ thru Abraham's heavenly seed CHRIST JESUS. tHE point i am trying to make IS the H.G. came out of Christ seed, which was his WORD HIS BREATH,When HE BREATHE on them they received the H.G. HE WAS REPRODUCING GOD WITH HIS SEED, now do you see the Gransons.?That was the great Promise i will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven. Now do you see the Israel of God?Jesus is not without a seed,There are heavenly children coming soon.Thats u Elijah has to come and turn the hearts of the fathers to the CHILDREN B/F THAT GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD.Remember God swore by himself when he made that PROMISE about multiplication,thats y Jesus is saying to whom the WORD CAME THAT GOOD SEED it made them Gods ( the gransons ) see father son and granson followed by an israel of GOD.Jesus refers to the H.G as the promise Child meaning his offspring. The children of Promise ouir new innerman, our new hhart and new spirit. k later GBU
  • Warren on 2 Corinthians 4:4
    Thank you for the explaining this verse for me. Taking the time that you did, which is considerable, is a testament of someone devoted to spreading the gospel and doing Gods work. Where is your organization located?
  • Chris - in Reply on 2 Corinthians 4:4
    Warren, I think if we look at Luke 12:49 in context to the chapter & also Matthew chapter 10 (as an addendum to Luke's account), we'll see that this is not a literal fire that Jesus speaks of, but a fire of divisions & contentions. In fact, in verse 51, He says, "Do you think I've come to bring peace on Earth? No, but to bring divisions". We might find this teaching troubling as we often think of the Gospel of Christ as that which brings peace to our once troubled & sinful souls & a new peace & relationship with the Godhead.

    Yet, the other side of the faith in Christ's Gospel, is that of contentions & divisions. The Gospel is divisive: it separates the sheep from the goats, friends & family members are set apart because of its call for separation & holiness, it separates those who attend Church for conscience sake from those attending to worship the Lord Whom they love, it makes distinction between those who take up their cross daily from those who are careless in their fleshly walk, etc.

    And Jesus says: "and what will I, if it be already kindled?", or "what can I say, that the spark of fire has already commenced?" The very fact of Jesus' Presence, amongst the people & his disciples, had already started the fires of anger & separation from one another. First, it commenced in the people's hearts as they heard teachings that were foreign to them & the Spirit-filled messages brought serious questioning & conviction within. Even arriving at the foot of the Cross, the division of those who followed the Lord from those who rejected Him became clearer & more distinct, resulting in more hatred from the Jews & Romans. Post Cross, we see the effects of that 'fire' as the apostles & those who obeyed the Lord suffered greatly, not because of anything they had done, but from those who had rejected Christ & godly living, were marked for destruction. You can keep these thoughts in mind as you read through the NT, looking for evidences of this fire that 'to follow Christ' brings.
  • Jenny - in Reply on John 14
    Thank you for that.
  • Mishael in Luke - in Reply on Matthew 12:2
    It was the Pharisees trying to catch Jesus in some kind of sin. Jesus used the situation to show the Pharisees (people who hit others on the head with rules), that they were unmerciful.


    And it came to pass, that he went through the corn fields on the sabbath day; and his disciples began, as they went, to pluck the ears of corn.


    And the Pharisees said unto him, Behold, why do they on the sabbath day, that which is not lawful?


    And Jesus said unto them, Have ye never read what David did, when he had need, and was an hungred, he, and they that were with him?


    How he went into the house of God in the days of Abiathar the high priest, and did eat the shewbread, which is not lawful to eat but for the priests, and gave also to them which were with him?


    And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:


    Therefore the Son of man IS LORD also of the sabbath.
  • Upali Ratnayake on Psalms 91
    God promises great blessings in this psalm.But for whom are these blessings?

    They are only for those who live in the secret place of the most High and sadly for no other.The Spirit explains who shall live in the heavenly abode.Please read Psalms 15.
  • Gussie Marshall on Genesis 10
    My comment is there a book with all these question and answer in I can buy one and how much does it cost thank you
  • meaning of bow and girdle in v4 of 18 chapter

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