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  • Richard Boettcher on Matthew 28
    Why is it that in the book of ACTS you find no one repeating the word of Jesus in verse 28:19? I will tell you why because they fulfilled the command when they baptized the people in the name of Jesus Christ. The name of the Father is Jesus John 5 43,John 14:7-9 , the name of the Son is Jesus Luke 1:31, Matthew 1:25 , and the name of the Holy Ghost is Jesus John 14:26
  • Lets get it Right!
    Amazing that you know Andrew what is happening to every Christian in the World and your claiming their all Happy Clappy, right? and not one is suffering because they have chosen to follow Jesus and contend with Him against evil as they stand up for His Truth. Did you do any research on how many have been Martyed for their faith even recently. Try again you just might get it right next time.
  • Jean Brazeau
    what does apostatize mean?
  • V. Turner - in Reply on Romans 6
    once saved by the blood of Christ, you are saved. If the blood of bulls and goats were sufficient to cover sins for a year, how much more the blood of Jesus. Is God's Jesus blood of so little value? It is everlasting, eternal, and beyond our ability to comprehend it's worth. Just think, the grace and love behind the willingness to die, to save us from eternal separation from God hell WOW!!!!!!
  • Lady Pamalla
    I don't remember baby Jesus swing born in a house!! It was a manger !!!!!!! And it is the kings from the east Not three wide men???? And the bible used to say The baby Jesus NOT the child And the three kings from the EASTdid not rejoice At the sight of the star of Bethlehem But when they beheld Jesus the son of GOD AND THE LION SHALL LAY WITH THE LAMB NOT THE WOLF WILL DWELL WITHLAMB
  • Truth in The KJV Translated From The Original Tongues.
    Andrew Kelly do you also reject Jesus being Called Emmanuel Meaning God With Us? Matthew 1:28 - Isaiah 7:14 - Isaiah 8:8 Your sharing Cult teaching you need to ask for God's Wisdom you lack it and yes we all do untill we ask for it. Wisdom - James 1:5-8 Proverbs 4:7 and many more. 1John 5:7 For there are Three that bear Record in Heaven, The Father, The Word and The Holy Ghost and These Three Are One KJV.
  • Jennifer on Revelation 1
    Why did John not recognise JESUS? John was the disciple who was at JESUS's breast yet did not recognize him or could not tell his voice ? Why were the letters written to the 'angels'? of the church and not the people? Why are there different rewards and not standardized rewards ? Does blot out support the theory of saved and lost?
  • JW Worcester on Joshua 24
    Joshua 24:15 key phrase "as for me and my house"! How many homes are guided by this principle in current materialistic American society? Where are the men who will trust in God to do the impossible and give no leeway to corrupting influences? America will be lost if we no longer stand on our nations founding principles and depend on "societal standards" rather than the word of God!
  • Geri - in Reply on 2 Kings 2
    Right! god knows the heart of everyone. however, your thought about "rapture" should be researched. check out the seven trumps. who will be coming at the seventh trump? jesus right. if the enemy of jesus is coming instead of jesus, when do you see that imposter coming? at the sixth trump? right? right therefore, he will be beguiling everyone with kindness as jesus would do. he will be taking one
  • Marjorie Hodges - in Reply on 2 Timothy 1
    Good morning can we study together a bit this morning ? concerning your entry that sounds like a question to me .It sounds like you may be having a problem rightly dividing the scriptures the eight remaining were Moses and his family aren't those the eight you are referring to?
  • Gina mendoza
    I would like to know how i would find out if the name rober tis a biblical name
  • Evangelist Andrew Kelly - in Reply
    What don't you believe when Jesus, Paul, Peter, or John talk about perfect? To be blaimless without spot blemish or wrinkle free and clear from all sin when you pray tonight, if you do tell God what you believe and don't believe in his word and see how far you get with that. My bible makes it clear that the God and Father of Jesus does not hear the prayer of sinners John 9:31.
  • Freedom in Life - in Reply
    I was wondering Evangelist Andrew what do you think God's Perfection is ? and have you asked for His Wisdom?
  • Rachel lynn depper
    what is the subject matter on "old things are past away and become a new creation" as stated in this translation and what chapter and verse is it in regards to?
  • Linda Templet - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Paul teaches us to use SOUND DOCTRINE. Preachers don't use SOUND DOCTRINE. They use questionable Doctrine and that is Why the Christian and the Atheist cannot come together. People believe Noah built a boat and gathered all the food to be eaten, for his family all the animals in the world. Ask yourself some questions? What does every animal eat? Where did Noah get the WATER for the animals?THINK
  • W.H. Hamilton on Nehemiah 3
    I am trying to figure out how many gates there were--I can only find 8 for sure, but there may be more.
  • Linda Templet - in Reply on Genesis 6
    I could prove with FACTS to every person reading this Spiritual STORY of Noah's Ark that Noah did not build a Boat. This Preacher of Righteousness built a CHURCH. Why do Atheists believe there is No God? That answer is because every Preacher tries to get them to see a PHYSICAL IMAGE of a man in their heads instead of seeing an IMAGE of a Masculine Spirit that lives in the inside of everyone of us.
  • Evangelist Andrew Kelly - in Reply
    Did God live is Israelites that sinned in the desert? Or two sinners in the garden of Eden who disobeyed him? Nope!!! Did he love two liars who cheated on their offering in Acts 5? Nope. Does God love the Pope? Nope. Does God love everybody? Nope. Because everybody don't want to love him. Without Jesus Christ the Son of God and his words in you man has a mirage for a God.
  • Evangelist Andrew Kelly - in Reply
    Are you calling Jesus a liar as in Matthew 5:48? Or Paul presenting every man perfect in Christ Jesus. Colossians 1:28. Noah, Job, King Hezikiah perfect men according to the scriptures and they never had Jesus. We are talking about doing what the bible says perfection. My bible tells me and the bible words made me perfect in Christ. When you can't be perfect then you can't make heaven.
  • Ir8th on 1 Chronicles 2
    What do they mean by begat?
  • Kay
    Can you explain 2 John chapter 1 verse 11
  • Evangelist Andrew Kelly - in Reply
    When they are under sin they are not saved period. All sin is of the devil period 1st John 3:8. The apostle Paul told people in Romans 6:1 "What shall we say then? Shall we continue as a sinner saved by grace? God forbid." Jesus in John 5:14 "Go and sin no more" Christians of the hour sin and claim they can't stop sinning is because they are not washed by the blood words of Jesus Christ.
  • Sammy on Psalms 82
    Part 2: The second verdict is that a GOD Jesus Christ? is appointed to Arise and judge the Earth, and will inherit all nations. Side note: This type of celestial court where angelic beings congregate is eluded to several times in the Bible. Most notably was in Job when Satan and his angels where called to present themselves before the LORD. Part 3 coming next...
  • Dave reynolds
    why do people die?
  • Regis J Beaken Sr - in Reply on Galatians 3
    So I am hearing the law and works mean nothing, so why not do what you want? Jesus said to the apostles go out and preach to the gentiles. AND THOSE WHO WILL RECEIVE YOU STAY. That is deeds doing the receiving. I can never figure out how someone like me can be Christ's. When in my life will I deserve him. OH yes, when I pick up my cross and follow him. Another law. I'm confused as the bible says.
  • David - in Reply on Exodus 1
    Who in the world has ever left their home for a "randomly chosen" country? Migrants come to America to find a better life, often because of life-threatening or intolerable conditions at home. They choose America because we proclaim, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free... Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me." A promise we are now betraying.
  • Linda Templet on Genesis 6
    People Who Is GOD? The Bible tells us that God is a Spirit. It tells us that God is Love and Good is God. I read these comments and I can see that people are not understanding what they are reading. If one looks at God as being a physical being you will never understand what you are reading. If God is a Spirit What is a Spirit? The thinking, feeling, motivating part of man.God is a Spiritual Being
  • Cristina N Scheeler - in Reply on Esther 1
    Was it, no respect for her husband? or was it, he had gone to far, on gloryfying himself? It could have been both
  • Liberty in Life - in Reply
    Dave what do you think of this Scripture Romans 1:18-20 ? We of course can't Judge anyone's Eternal Salvation only God knows their Hearts and their dstiny. The Man next to Jesus on the Cross and others have also Repented when they were dying.God says even about works some will be burt up and they will have no rewards but they will be saved.1Cor3:15 but others who reject Jesus will suffer Eternally
  • Evangelist Andrew Kelly - in Reply
    Christians are supposed to suffer for the words of the bible. This time of year who is suffering? Not the Christians of the hour. They are suffering if they don't get the right gift. Whose suffering for the faith of the Gospel of Christ? Nobody, because the bible is written for whosoever and not everybody. The whosoever people suffer for the faith of the gospel. Philippians 1:27.

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