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  • Ernest Eze on Romans 8
    Nothing can actually separate us from love of Christ,
    Christ show us love having died for us, is it suffering? He suffered for us, famine? He went through hunger, name it nothing can separate me from HIS love.
  • Bruce on Romans 8
    Karel:A believer is not at fault if a spouse leaves for another.( maybe?) Are you born again? Do You have a Church You go to? Are you well-versed in the Bible? There are many questions. The only advice I have is go talk to a Pastor in a Bible believing Church, One preaches on Heaven, Hell and Salvation. First You need to Know The Lord as Savior. If You do, That's Great!
  • Bruce on Genesis 1
    lu2677: if your born again, The Spirit moves in and lives within Your Heart. would not that be the most important day of your life? your statement says it's not! You don't go and live in the Lords Heart it's quite the opposite. You know He Lives because He Lives within your Heart. Without His Blood Sacrifice there is no Salvation.There's no Other Day Like That Day,Born Again, WOW! Changed Forever
  • Lu2677 on Genesis 1
    Bruce, When people celebrate a holiday that was fashioned after a pagan holiday, and they decide on a date for the holiday and say it is the date of Christ's birth, and I ask for scripture to prove their claim, reasonable question. Today is the day of salvation. Where does scripture say the day I was saved is the most important date? You wrote "He Born in You?" He was NOT born in me, I in Him.
  • Bruce on Genesis 1
    Lorin:You should read the post again. It's saying The Soup has a wild vine in it. Poison in the Pot. 2Kings 4:39-40. That not saying I changed Your Name? / What Proof do You have of Jesus Existence?
  • Stephenderafael on Matthew 7
    Who has ears to hear? Is it not those that enter at the strait gate, meaning difficult, not linear. These teachings are not from one who possesses an ego or has ulterior motives. No, they are the truth from God which are purified seven times as silver from dross, with fire. There is no controversy. Hear and perform these commandments or suffer the fate of a hypocrite. Be not like the phonies
  • Lorin on Genesis 1
    Last comment until I get a response. What do you feel about Acts 1 7-8? Do you think knowing the Proof of Jesus existence is wrong? I do not feel he is talking about this ,if you do explain. Or do you feel we need to adhere to Isaiah 41? READ ISAIAH 40 FIRST.
    If no response I will feel and respect your rebuke ,but I will never rebuke the Word of God.
  • Brianna vs. 15-20 on Deuteronomy 4
    Idol worship! Vs. 15 warned the Jews, and warns us, to be very careful and watch ourselves closely. God warned about being "seduced" into idol worship. I like vs. 16 where it warns about making idols to represent any symbol. The revered cross has certainly crept into Christianity. People view it as a trinket and use it regularly in worship. Is it befitting for a Christian to have?
  • David Clark on Mark 12
    Mark 12:1 says winefat, should be winevat?
  • Bruce on Matthew 28
    Irene: Did God said,let Us make "Man" in Our Image? First: Did God say let Us Make or let me Make? Us: is more then One. Now: Are you saying, God said let Us Make Jesus in Our Image? Or,its Impossible for God to Make Man in His Image?
  • April on Deuteronomy 20
    Although this sctipture seems blantantly clear on Lords intents,I think that we can apply some of the concepts to other parts of our lives,such as letting go and letting him drive,trusting that he wouldn't let something happen to us unless of course it is a part of our plan and we are his vessles hes using to do a job,when you say you live your life to GOD,how WHOLLY are you willing to give it?...
  • Kevin on Luke 1
    Would Zacharias and Elisabeth's son grow up to be known as John, the Baptist?
  • Lorin
    Acceptable understanding we will go into the timing of Dec 25. Or there abouts. You realize of course Mary's joy of this miracle Luke 1:46-49.So is it wrong to rejoice at this time of year?If you know truth yet they hold it wrong in most cases it causes no harm. But it is important soon we know truth absolutely. There are no contradiction in the Word of God. The Contradiction are what man created
  • April on Deuteronomy 12
    Dr.Ford: I was wondering have you tried to speak to these people and shew onto them whatever is within your heart?I use To go to a Baptist Church,and currently found out Chrismas n Easter are filled with Peganism and other beliefs from other countries all tied into an image that so many people honestly think they are worshiping GOD,yet it is an ABOMINATION unto him,we're doing the exact opposite..
  • Dustin on Genesis 6
    Job 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.
    7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.
    Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the
  • Lorin on Genesis 1
    Bruce 2Corinthians 5:17 Yes.Yom Kipper no.But I am very pleased at your math and your knowledge .22 is the purification spoken of in Leviticus 12. The eigth day is a Sabbath Lev 23:36.I was not going to start like this but let the Lord lead.For those who may not be as advanced as Bruce. Is Jesus Christ the Messiah? If there is an issue with this we need to discuss it now.
  • Bruce on Genesis 1
    Lu2677: by counting backwards from the events that took place its about Sept.-Oct? 40 days purification.Luke2:22-39. It was Yom Kippur? It's fun and adventurist trying to figure out when Christ was Born. But the most important Date.When was He Born in You? The First Birth is never accepted. Cain,Esau,---All through The Bible,"1st Born"never. Have You been Born again, New Heart: 2Corinthians 5:17.
  • Bruce on Romans 8
    Wayne: it's not My question. it's Yours. Your question: Is there a Holy sinner,a sinning Saint? A question or statement that anyone made. You were being sarcastic. When a person is Saved,They may commit Sin. We who are spiritual will restore such a one with meekness.Galatians 6:1.We don't miss use scripture,to beat them down. Point to 1John 1:9-2:1. Your The One in Sin.
  • Lorin on Genesis 1
    First of all I said Mary conceived around Dec 25..It take 40 weeks fo a child to be born. It is clear to me how this Christmas problem got started. SO LU2677. YOU ARE GOING TO DO THE MATH. I will ask the questions you give me the answer and we will do this story problem? Agreed?
  • Wayne
    Bruce, u answered your own question. If a Christian sins what does one do? "We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous".GBU
  • Lu2677 on Genesis 1
    Lorin, will you please tell us where scripture teaches us that Christ was born on the "Feast of Tabernacles" and where scripture tells us that this feast is on Dec. 25?
  • Bruce on Romans 8
    Wayne: be ye Holy for He is Holy/sin not.: Are you Holy? And never sin? You are going from one extreme to the other. You are making claims that no one said./I Write unto You,that "You Sin Not",and if "any man Sin"We have an Advocate with The Father, Jesus Christ The Righteous:1John2:1/ What do "you" say to someone who slips and falls? When a Believer sins? Galatians 6:1 Are You Spiritual?
  • Wayne on 2 Corinthians 11
    WORD, what do you mean?
  • Irene123 on Genesis 1
    Oh - Lorin; I just saw your previous post. I'm so sorry you seem - unhappy? You shouldn't hate your life in this world; it's a gift from God. If you have problems, sorrow - He uses these to get our attention, to talk to us about the path we are on. He wants to show us a BETTER way. He's right there, right now, with you to ask Him for answers. He IS our Father; we can talk to him as one - GB
  • Word on 2 Peter 3
    Vs 5 don't be ignorant their was a first earth age. Destruction Jer. 4:20-27 Why? Ezekiel 28 Satans downfall where he wanted to be God but is only a man, pride, sin. Satan got one third of Gods children to follow him and they road that tail in Rev.12:4 and in Matt. 13:36 -40 it explains that Satan sends his tares, children to earth just like God does. 1st earth age spiritual bodies. 2nd age flesh.
  • Zeingoff on Luke 19
    Who knows parables? He spoke thus that only the elect understand. The nobleman is Jesus, Moses, the Prophets, ect whom God has sent. The nobleman has received his kingdom and returns to impart. The ten servants are the tribes of Israel who migrated to the four corners. Those who hate the nobleman are slayed and denied eternity. There are profitable servants and unprofitable . his reward is..
  • Wayne on Romans 8
    Sin shall not have dominion over you for the wages of sin is death. The sting of death is sin. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. If there is a scripture that says one can be a "saintly sinner or a sinning saint" please PLEASE communicate the scripture reference. 1 Peter 1, be ye Holy, does it mean that which is says? Is there an Holy sinner? Or a sinning Holy person. Scripture? GB.
  • Irene123 on Jeremiah 23
    Jer. 23:26-27; do these vs. remind anyone of an institution that was formed in 325 A.D.? especially v. 27.
  • Irene123 on John 20
    Alfred - you, basically, repeated exactly what I said about Mary's not touching Jesus. I guess you read what I said the wrong way ..... ?
  • Irene123 on Genesis 1
    Correnthia - quote, 3 29 '17 '... He is God, no matter His name ... " do you realize by saying 'no matter His name" - you are trampling the name of Jesus underfoot? His name matters because - Acts 4:12 Philipp. 2:9-10

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