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  • Artie vanlandingham - in Reply on Revelation 13
    The earth is judged by 2 prophets, not people, so they abide in righteousness and don't discriminate against any race. This is climate change in 3 and a half years. Contrary to knowledge and nature? Yes, but so is the grafting back of the natural branches that were cut off.
  • Linda Templet on Genesis 6
    If one cannot understand the beginning of the story how can one understand the ending? we believe that every person is a child of God. Now this story is about men took them wives of all that they CHOSE. I see several angles. Gay men marry men instead of women. Slave trafficking little children. Sexual Wicked things are being done to little children by their fathers at home. THINK!Understand
  • Artie K vanlandingham - in Reply on Revelation 13
    Even though people have the option of receiving a mark it will be required if there is rationing of food, because the world will need to track who has had their rationing for fairness. Stored food will be taken by force by others if hoarding is done. The time of the mature lamb that became the Ram in testimony was 30 AD. In 2030 it could contain the global plagues against nature by 2 prophets?
  • Ann
    The Pope says God loves every soul? True or False? .....and How does he know this
  • Patrick on Revelation 13
    Any thoughts on who the Antichrist might be? I have my own theories as to the identity of this person if it is even a single person , however, I am just wondering about the opinions of others. I'm not sure if my question deviates from the original discussion but I'm just asking out of curiosity.
  • Sf on Luke 8
    Where is your faith?
  • Kerry on Matthew 22
    This is likely the wrong place to ask, but I heard from a Jewish man that they do not believe either, 1-in Jesus,or 2-that he was not resurrected, I can't remember now which, but I have read that the Jewish people ARE God's chosen children, yet how can this be if either 1 or 2 from above is correct? KJV says to be saved we MUST believe in Jesus, which I do, but Jewish doctrine is confusing me.
  • Christmas Reality - in Reply
    Shane I agree both Christmas and Easter are all about God's Love and were both needed but how much Study have you done on the time of Jesus' Birth I have Confirmed with Scripture the Reality that He was Born when we give Thanks to our Abba Father for His Sacrifical Love Gift to us. Why is it important to know when He was Born is there a Record of when we were?Jesus' Birth is Recorded by God too.
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 41
    Do think it's more Biblical to hoard money instead of helping someone with it when possible? This isn't instead of helping people other ways too, but in addition. I agree with Eric's comment.
  • Marie WASHINGTON on 1 John 3
    In verse 8, it states that The devil sinned from the beginning. So does that mean God created the devil to sin?
  • Adam - in Reply on Hebrews 6
    You can have confidence in salvation, follow Jesus and be obedient at the same time. It's a false assumption to assume that just because the Bible is true about losing your salvation in Hebrews 10:26 that a Christ follow must live in fear? No, if you're following Christ in obedience you have freedom. Matthew 10:28, John 14:15, Matthew 12:31-32, Matthew 7:21. I believe what the Bible says. Hitler would go to heaven according to your once saved always saved belief.
  • Tracy
    What was the reward for being obedient to GOD before he sent his son Jesus? Was it the same eternal life with our GOD the father in heaven ?
  • Just Wondering - in Reply on Hebrews 6
    How can some Comments be longer Adam like this one of yours when we only have 400 Characters? is there a way to extend them?
  • Adam - in Reply on Hebrews 6
    So this entire OSAS belief stands on misinterpreting that one verse while disregarding the numerous other Bible verses? You incorrectly assumed my beliefs on grace BTW. In your view if Christians are saved regardless why do you believe Jesus said to keep his commandments? What is your exact reason for being obedient if there's no incentive to do so and zero consequence for not? James 2:26 Have you prayed and asked God if your view is true? 2 Peter 2 says what happens to disobedient people including Christians who turn away (verse 21).
  • Richard - in Reply on Hebrews 6
    That is the false doctrine of Lordship Salvation. Saved by grace through faith WHAT? Is your sin greater than Jesus' ability to keep you? You cannot save yourself but yet you can keep yourself ? We are sealed until the day of our redemption. Ephesians Christians who sin all of us will be chastised but will NOT lose our salvation. Nor do we purposely sin as OSAS opponents always purport.STUDY
  • Adam - in Reply on Hebrews 6
    The hope of eternal life through Jesus's gift of salvation isn't revokable, but this verse doesn't mean it's individually permanent regardless of one's actions. Are you aware of other supporting verses supporting this belief? There's a mountain of verses supporting that Christians have freewill and need to follow Jesus. If you turn from Jesus and commit blasphemy a Christian risks going to hell- black and white in the Bible. Since Satan is the father of lies and since there is only 1 truth, which belief is satan more like spreading: that Christians should follow Jesus and be obedient for hope of eternal life - or - that Christians don't have to obey or follow Jesus whatsoever and can indulge in the sin of this world with zero consequences and still go to heaven? Matthew 10:28
  • Richard - in Reply on Hebrews 6
    Hi Adam, Of course Christians sin and disobey, I was speaking of salvation--not sin or disobedience. Are you suggesting that the Holy Spirit is weaker in a Christian than Satan's power? Born again Christians are bought with a price and belong to Christ. Are WE capable of forcing him to disown us? The gift of salvation is irrevocable, as are all God's gifts. Romans 11:29 OSAS
  • Jesse - in Reply
    No Shane, Jesus is not wrong. He never is, don't ever let anyone tell you that He is. Who brought Enoch into heaven? God did. How about Elisha? God did. Who brought Jesus into heaven? God did. God brought Jesus into heaven, Jesus is God as a man. Elisha and Enoch were brought to heaven by the Grace of God.They did not descend from heaven,Jesus did. Only the one who descended can ascend to heaven.
  • Adam - in Reply on Hebrews 6
    Hi Richard, do you have a Bible verse that backs up the idea that a Christian is incapable of blasphemy or incapable of sin? Do you not believe Christians have freewill to sin like non-Christians? Even angels in heaven still had freewill to rebel from God and be cast out of heaven, so why not believe a Christian on earth has the same freewill? If Christians can't commit blasphemy then why were Christians told in the Bible not to? If Christians can't disobey then why are they told to keep commandments? John 14:15
  • Adam - in Reply on 1 Timothy 4
    Do you have a specific verse in mind that states churches with priests are false churches? Do you think there's a difference between a church with positions considered divine prophets vs one that has simply volunteers and staff position titles like pastor, elder, deacon?
  • Truth Heals - in Reply on Mark 5
    The Scriptures confirm King David did not obey God even before his adultery with Bathsheba he held onto bitterness towards his wife and his revenge was not to have Children with her and than he Married Pagan Woman which God had forbidden and it was adultrey too. David Repented and than what did he ask for? Ps51:10-17 he was now a Man after God's own Heart and God knew he would be He knows It All.
  • Adam - in Reply on Luke 3
    Where in the Bible does it say pets go to heaven because they don't sin? Are unadopted pets from the pound going to heaven too? What about farm animals and livestock? Wolves, bears, lions? Mosquitoes, flies, wasps, rattlesnakes? Ecoli bacteria, jellyfish, they haven't sinned either and some may love them very much. House plants too? wedding rings? Classic car from my grandma? Jewelry? Money? Treasures in heaven?
  • Adam - in Reply on Job 1
    That's a good question and the Bible doesn't seem to offer a clear explanation of that. It says Satan will be destroyed in the end. In the meantime Satan shows evil in the world, a clear contrast from good. Makes good and evil easy to distinguish. So perhaps that is utilized in a sense for people to choose who they want to follow. Why do you think he exists?
  • Frank - in Reply on Mark 2
    No where does it say Joseph, the husband of Mary died. And if he did, No where does it say that Mary the mother of Jesus remarried. I think you all are getting your Mary's mixed up. The wedding? It does not say who is getting married. You people are changing the words of God. I'll pray for you.
  • T F H - in Reply on Job 1
    Adam why does God allow Satan to exist?
  • Frank on Matthew 24
    14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come. Is it not preached in the all the world now? Yes it is. Its close.
  • Testing our Faith on Galatians 3
    As Confirmed Salvation is a Free Gift that we can't Earn or Loose if we do have it and we will show if we do or if we don't. The Holy Spirit will Empower us to be able to Work out our Salvation Romans 8 but this does not mean we Work for it. What will Jesus say when He returns to those who chose to walk in the Spirit and to those who chose to walk in the flesh? Matt25:31-40. Christ-mas Blessings.
  • Cheryl - in Reply on Proverbs 31
    Ok. To each their own I guess, but in this economy few can survive on one salary. I'll be sure and tell all the female nurses and teachers that they need to pack up and go home. How will your sick be cared for? How will your children be educated? Let me guess? Home school? Do not disrespect the education and career that I have. You haven't had the experiences I have had.
  • AJ on Hosea 2
    2:11 I will also cause to cease..... her new moons, and her sabbaths, and all her solemn feasts. Since God divorced Israel, and abandoned her, I assume this prophecy came true. So Israel, the true Israel, has no clue when their new moons or Sabbaths are God took them away. Is this still true after the Pharisees returned in 1948? And is this why the Sabbath command was not re-instituted in the NT?
  • Adam - in Reply on Proverbs 31
    Hi Claire, do you know any scripture references that say God wants women staying 'home'? Do you think Mary and Joseph were sinning by having Jesus while travelling and not at a home?

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