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    In Genesis 2:17 God tells Adam and Eve that the day they eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they will surely die. They did not die. So, what are the possibilities?

    1. They will be subject to death.

    2. They will die Spiritually and be subject to Physical death.

    3. God will not keep them alive forever.

    Many argue that the reference is to an immediate Spiritual death and a subsequent physical death. Others, like St. Augustine and many of the Church Fathers, will say Adam and Eve were created subject to physical death anyway. But, as long as they obeyed God's commandments, they would not experience death and God would keep them alive forever.

    Others insist Genesis must be interpreted literally and therefore, the meaning of Genesis 2:17 is they would die Spiritually and eventually die Physically. But if Genesis is to be taken literally, the passage has to be taken at face value. Dying can only mean Physical death. The verse doesn't say Spiritual death. It doesn't imply Spiritual death. And God never discussed Spiritual death. The passage, therefore, must be taken literally or allegorically. Which is it?

    If it means physical, then it didn't happen and God was either wrong, or He meant something else. Could the same be said for other things in Genesis 1-3? How many things are there in Genesis 1-3 that can be taken allegorically, if any? Are there any metaphores? Similes? So, the verse is either literal or it is not.

    The message of Genesis 1-3 is that God created everything. He created mankind. And Jesus was the object, the reason, the Purpose for Creation. God didn't create man so s/he could could be happy busy bees frolicking in the Garden. He created mankind and everything that exists, so Christ (God in the flesh) could enter creation to liberate it from sin, corruption and all manner of evil. And through the Death of Christ, to bring in Eternal Perfection, immortality, sinlessness.

    Well developed arguments and comments are welcome.
  • Chris - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Adam, do you consider the disciples as Christians? My understanding of a Christian is one who has repented of his sins, born again by the Spirit of God & has the Spirit indwelling Him. The disciples were simply followers of Jesus, listening & learning from Him about Kingdom Life & the purpose of their Master's coming. They were being tutored & ministered to, to the end that when the Spirit came upon them & indwelt them, they would then do great exploits in Christ's Name reaching out from Jerusalem to the world when Jesus was no longer with them. Without that indwelling, they were simply dedicated disciples but still carnal in disposition. The fact that they went out to do great things in ministry prior to Christ's crucifixion (Luke 9:1), was a temporary enduement of power given by Christ. The permanent power ("the power from on high" Luke 24:49) would only come at Pentecost. I see them as non-Christians in the Gospels & then as Christians after the Spirit of God baptized them & empowered them for life even to their willing martyrdom.

    Christians who "want the best of both worlds" aren't Christians. You have said correctly, "You're either following Jesus or you're following the world. It can't be both." (Matthew 6:24). To be a Christian, even a faltering Christian, there must be the Spirit's conviction & work in the heart. I can't imagine that a Christian can be such & still behave like the unsaved. Who would he be fooling?

    You: "Technically, salvation isn't given anyway until we're judged after this life, but its correct to consider oneself saved by grace as long as they're following Christ." Actually, this is what makes the Christian different to the adherents of other religions. They wait in hope till the last day, at God's final analysis & judgement, to know their eternal position. But what makes Christians different is that "we may know we have eternal life" (1 John 5:11-13). And this knowledge & confidence is right now: our faith & acceptance based on Christ's Work.
  • Phil Inman on Luke 21
    Well, God went some distance to explain to us the timeline. In Daniel 9:24 seventy weeks (of years) are determined.... to accomplish about everything. But two things are specified for the first 69 weeks (69x7=483 years), 7 weeks for the building of the streets and walls and three score and two unto The Messiah the Prince. STARTING when??? Back to vs :24 -> From the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem... TO when??? -> Unto the Messiah the Prince. 69X7 years from Persian Commandment to free the Jews to go back to Jerusalem Until Jesus is crucified. 69 of the 70 weeks fulfilled 2000 years ago. That leaves one week. The key verse is Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week, And in the midst of the week he shall cause the cease and place the abomination of desolation. He is the antichrist. The covenant presumably is the seventy weeks for everything, looks like to restart the seventy weeks going to be some kind of 7 year treaty with "many" that includes Jews Building their temple and resumiing sacrifice like in the Old Testament. But he, the AC, breaks the treaty in the middle of the seven years. 42 months in Revelation 11. Matthew 24:15 ->When you see the Abomination of desolation spoken of by daniel standing in the HolyPlace Matthew 24:21 ->Then shall be great tribulation. When will we see the Abom of Des? Daniel 9:27 In the midst of the week...!!! What does the Abom of Des signify? The midpoint of the last 7 years and the beginning of The Great Tribulation for 3 1/2 years. Matthew 24:29 ->>Immediately After the (3 1/2 year long) Tribulation, Jesus appears in the clouds as he collects the Christians from around the globe. So, the day and hour we don't know. But as Jesus' return nears, we have specific markers that tell us how long we have. "Except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved. But for the elects sake those days shall be shortened."
  • Teleiah Meredith on Mark 16:15
    What is the definition of the suffix ites and Ian example cannaites and ephisians
  • Kags - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Exodus 19:4 "You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagle's wings, and brought you unto Myself."

    God told Moses to tell the house of Jacob and the children of Israel this phrase.

    I guess it is how God protected the people of Israel thru the entire journey to get away from the Egyptians. And that God will do the same thing when the people of Israel escape into the wilderness once again in the tribulation. God is going to prove to His people who He is by protecting them once again.

    I don't believe the U.S. is mentioned in scripture.

    And the women in Revelation is referring to the nation of Israel.
  • Eric - in Reply on 2 Thessalonians 2

    The fact is that I righteous by keeping the law, but through believing that Christ died in my place so that I may live. But being forgiven does not mean you continue in sin. The Decalogue shows the character of God which is Love Deuteronomy 6:5, Leviticus 19:18. And John 14:15, 15:14 shows this more clearly. Christ called us into obedience as He did the Israelites, He delivered them from bondage and then gave them His Commandments Exodus 20:1,2. If I claimed to be saved and love God, yet I fornicate, kill, tell lies, steal, disobedient to parents etc, would this bring praise and followers for Christ? Read James 2, 1 John 2:1-6, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 2 Peter 3:16, Romans 13:8-10, 6:23 and you will see.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10

    Love is another great example. For a long time I wondered why Jesus asked Peter three times "Peter, do you love me?" You would think once or twice to confirm would have been enough, but a third time? Someone told me it was because Peter denied Jesus three times, and that's why Peter was asked three times do you love me. It sounded okay at the time.

    But that's not why at all. Again, we see love being used in John Chapter 21 and we know what love is from an English standpoint. But Jesus asks the first time "Simon, do you love me more than these? Jesus uses the word Agape. Peter responds using the word Phileo for love. Both words are translated love in English but have different meanings in Greek. The second time Jesus asks, He again uses Agape, and Peter responds with Phileo. I remember when Jesus told Peter he would deny Him three times, and Peter's response was that he would never deny Jesus.

    So Jesus asks Peter twice "Do you love me? Do you Agape me?" Peter responds again, you know I love you, you know I Phileo you.

    Here's the real kicker. The third time Jesus asks "Do you love me," Jesus uses Phileo. Jesus used Agape the first two times and Peter responded with you know I Phileo you. So now Jesus is really challenging Peter by saying do you really Phileo me? And Peter gives the most perfect response imaginable. Peter says "Lord, you know all things!"

    During this whole exchange between Peter and Jesus, they both used the word love, but they each used a different word which gives us the true meaning of what that exchange was all about. This is why I love the Greek.

    Agape is the highest form of sacrificial love there is and it is produced by God's Spirit. Phileo is human love and affection. Peter wasn't about to make the same mistake again by responding back to Christ and saying yes I Agape you. Peter realizes that Jesus knows his heart.

    I didn't mean for this to be so long but you brought up a great example and I wanted to share this. God Bless!
  • Geoff - in Reply on John 9
    This is for Barbara who asked if God hears sinners. I think, Barbara you read in the chapter verse 31, where the Pharisee talked about God not hearing sinners. Even though this is the New Testament, the people still only had the Old Testament ways about them. They had 613 laws to obey. They did different kinds of sacrifices to "cleanse" themselves. Jesus, had an amazing task. He had to challenge and change the only ways the Jewish people ever knew. That's what is meant by new wine in old skin, or new cloth on an old garment. Jesus, simplified the law (laws) even the 10 commandments into two commandments, love God with all your heart body soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus, changed thought process to no matter what work we do, we can't buy our forgiveness. It is a gift, through our belief, faith and trust in Him and God. So, yes God hears sinners. Everyone is a sinner. Even the preacher at church sins. The only work that God wants us to do to "earn" salvation, is work on our inner selves. To Love Him and our Neighbors. To work on our selfish, carnal ways. To seek the Spirit, and not the flesh. Not to abuse Grace. So, when we sin, to repent and be sincere, we are saddened that we hurt Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit. Have you ever hurt your mama's feelings and felt bad for doing it, cause your mama loves you? The Pharisee had spiritual vanity, they thought themselves above every one else, they were self-righteous. We have to remind ourselves, we are saved by Jesus' works and sacrifice and the Love and Grace that God gives us. Yes, he hears us, and he wants us in prayer, heart felt prayer, lay it on the line, speak honestly. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just be real with Him. He hears us, us rotten sinners of whom I am the worst said Peter, and I feel that way at times myself. And, I keep praying knowing he hears me and is molding me. Jesus taught the Lord's Prayer for sinners. The Disciples sinned. Peter denied Jesus as the cock crowed.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Hello Debbie,

    It's nice to see someone here who shares the same last name as myself. Yes, I agree that God knew Judas would choose evil over Christ. In fact, I think that's why Judas was chosen. God needed someone evil to carry out an evil deed. And yes, the bible does tell us when Satan entered into Judas. But what I notice is that this was all in God's timing.

    Here's the scary part of this whole thing. Remember when they were all reclining at the table and Jesus said didn't I choose you 12, and one of you is a devil? One of you will betray me. Neither of them knew who it was. They all asked "is it I?" Even Judas asked the same question. You would think that after three years together, and now Jesus is saying one of you will betray me, that they would be able to guess who it might be. But they didn't know. That's the scary part. This tells me that we can have people in the church who look like followers, act like followers, and claim to be true believers, but are not. What a scary thought!

    Yes, Judas was part of the 12. But did you know he was a thief? He was in charge of the money bag and he was stealing the money from it. This would be like one of us stealing money from the collection offering at our church. Judas was evil the entire time. How do you correlate Judas as proof that someone who is a follower and serves Christ can fall away from God? I don't see Judas as being a true follower or one who served Christ.

    What I notice in the gospels is that every time Jesus shared an intimate and private moment with a few of His disciples, it was usually with Peter, James, and John. They seemed to be part of the "Inner circle" so to speak when it came to being close to Jesus. Never once do I see Jesus sharing an intimate moment with Judas.

    As far as free will, you please share with me your full understanding of free will. I would like to know your understanding of free will before I respond with my thoughts on free will.
  • Mishael on Isaiah 13:10
    I saw this list the other day and was floored with the number of names. When I pray I'm listening for the FRUIT name; what "it" does. Some of these preside over drug addiction(sorcery).

    I had 2 brothers die from drugs.

    I'm thinking I'm blessed to be alive. I've seen stuff... Thank God for warring angels.


    Jezebeth - (Unk) the demon of falsehoods.

    Kali - (Hindu) daughter of Shiva, the destroyer. Kali ("the black one") is the Hindu mother goddess, symbol of dissolution and destruction.

    Kasdeya - The Book Of Enoch refers to this demon as the "fifth satan"

    Kobal - (Unk) Hell's entertainment liason.

    Kostchtchie - (Russian) a goblin of death.

    *Leonard - (see also Urian german) Demon of sorcery . Appears as a giant black goat.

    Leviathan - (Hebrew) the serpent, the raging sea. Snake worship. Water Elemental. Grand admiral of hell. Seen as androgynous.

    *Lilith - (Hebrew) in Hebrew myth - Adams first wife. Later wife to Satan. According to many demonologists, Lilith presides over Succubi. Lilith is said to attempt to destroy newborn infants. For this reason the practice of writing a formula to drive Lilith away on all four corners of the birth chamber was adopted by the Jews. Lilith is the princess of hell.

    Loki - (Teutonic) devil.

    Lucifer - (Roman) The Light Bringer. Air Elemental. Often misconstrued as being Satan. They are two seperate demons.

    Lucifuge, Lucifuge Rofocale - (Roman) devil.

    Malphas - (Unk) Grand president of the infernal regions. Appears as a crow.

    *Mammon - (Aramaic) god of wealth & profit.

    Mandragoras - (Unk) FAMILIAR demons. They are attributed to the mandrake root and considered gifts from Satan to the SORCERER who conjures them.

    This is a sliver of the list. These things are real. I have to pray. Are we experiencing a new release of these things on people?

    Backslid, fence sitting people? People who don't read their Bibles for themselves?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 28
    I just peeked at The Commentary Box.

    It's talking about leaving your job and family, to go on the road to evangelize the lost, heal the sick, cleanse the leper's, etc.

    Ministry would become your new profession. As Chris has said from his ministry days; it's a hard life at times, but fulfilling.

    The poor you'll always have with you.


    Not many people want to be involved in full time or part-time ministry nowadays. It concerns me: The Prayer Request Room needs ministry in there every day. Can't we all give one hour a day to pray for folk?

    This website needs to fix the rooms so there are 3 separate rooms with comment separated by room name.

    There needs to be directions on how to get to the Commentary Box easier.

  • Rick Colombe on Acts 19:2
    To Mishael: Yes Mishael, evil spirits are very real, but thanks to Jesus we have power over the enemy. I do want to ask why you felt the need to tell me not to mock things I don't understand? Have I offended you in some way? Was it my comment about Benny Hinn that bothered you? Again, I am not certain as to why you felt the need to respond to something I challenged. We as Christians are to test the spirits, and to prove all things. God's Holy Word is what we are to use as our plum line. With that said, let God be true, and let us lean on Him and His grace.
  • USE THE SEARCH BOX - in Reply on 2 Thessalonians 2
    All of these verses speak about THE Antichrist. Most Bible Concordances will list

    1 John 2:22 - Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    Revelation 13:1-18 - And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. (Read More...)

    1 John 4:3 - And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that [spirit] of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 - Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (Read More...)

    1 John 2:18 - Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

    Daniel 11:21 - And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

    Daniel 7:25 - And he shall speak [great] words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

    Matthew 24:24 - For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    2 John 1:7 - For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

    1 John 4:1 - Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Just one more thing kind sir,

    I am not too sure that I can say with certainty that Judas did not commit the unpardonable sin. There is nothing in scripture that would have me to believe that Judas ever surrendered His life to Christ or that he was a true follower. Sure, Christ chose him as one of the 12. But Judas was evil. I believe Christ chose an evil man to fulfill the prophecy saying He would be betrayed. Jesus chose an evil man to fulfill that role and Judas was that man.
  • Jesse - in Reply on 2 Corinthians 11:14

    In Romans 9:13 it says "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated."

    Now that's a pretty serious statement to make.

    The terms love and hate are what are called words of comparison. Obviously, love and hate, there is a comparison there, but the words themselves don't mean He loves them and He hates them, or He loves one more than the other. As a matter of fact, these words are found in the New Testament.

    We think that was harsh but look at this. In Luke 14:26, it says "If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother, and wife and children, and brothers and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."

    Now that's pretty harsh! You have to hate your mother and your father, and wife and children, and brothers and sisters? Now I can probably pick a couple out of there that I'm glad He said that! But it makes it pretty hard. What do you have to do, go home and show your hate towards them? What's He trying to say?

    The Greek word for hate, MISEO means to love less. It doesn't mean hostility. In fact, Jesus, in Matthew 10:37 says "He that loves father and mother more than me is not worthy of me, and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."

    He's talking about comparisons. The comparison is that Jesus is saying you must love me so much that in comparison to everybody else, it looks like you hate them. I mean it's not even close. Jesus said there cannot be me and somebody else!

    That helps explain in Exodus Chapter 20 where God says you shall have no other gods before me. Except in the Hebrew, it says you shall have no other gods except for me.

    In other words, it's not putting God first, and then we have our other priorities. God says I'm your only priority. Wow! We have no obligation in the flesh. Our one and only obligation is to follow Christ.

    (more to follow:)
  • Chris - in Reply on John 6:38
    Greg, from what is revealed to us in Scripture about the rich man & Lazarus as well as what we understand about death & the destiny of the spirit, I have to understand that upon their death, their physical bodies remained in the grave & what Jesus described was their spirits (whether embodied by another substance or not), were present & active in Hades. I understand that their bodies are still in the grave (or, entombed) awaiting the general resurrection.

    Matthew 27:52,53: I understand speaks of a limited resurrection (of the saints) which pertained to the signs given when our Saviour died & then arose from His grave. We're not told what happened to 'those saints', whether transported into Heaven at Christ's Ascension or lived for a while again till their 'second' death. Maybe, in a similar way to the other Lazarus, Jesus' friend & Mary & Martha's brother, who was raised back to life & then died a second time.

    So, in respect to the 'self acclaimed prophets of the religions': I specifically targeted them as those who claim that they brought God's message & subsequently received a great following of people, yet their bodies were no more different to ours, suffering the same fate in death, their bodies still lie in the grave & their spirits departing & awaiting the same fate in judgement. Therefore, to your: "When you say "their bodies lie in the grave" do you believe that only Jesus is in heaven", I understand, post Ascension, no physical body from the Earth is presently in Heaven or Hell, but their spirits are in that place appointed to them awaiting reward or final judgement. As well, I don't subscribe to 'soul sleep'. How do you see it?
  • Jesse - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Hi Greg,

    The word Huios changes my understanding because it is the only word for our English word son that is applied to Jesus. He is never called a Teknon (son). Jesus is always called the Huios of God. A Huios is someone who stands in line to inherit all things from the Father. That is Jesus Christ. The word Kalos does not mean child so I am not sure what you're asking?

    You ask "Does this understanding of the Greek words mean that God is Jesus and Jesus is God?" I would have to ask who did Jesus claim to be? Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. To the Jews, the phrase "Son of God" was the same as being equal to God Himself. If you recall, they were about to take up stones to kill Jesus for who He claimed to be. Jesus didn't say "Oh no guys, before you stone me, I think there might be a misunderstanding here on who I am claiming to be."

    The Textus Receptus uses more than one word for repent. In Judas' case, in Matthew 27:3 it says Judas repented himself. Now if I stop right there, it looks like since he repented, maybe he was saved. The Greek text uses the word Metamelomai.

    Metanoeo means you are repenting of the very life and lifestyle, and the actions that you've committed, and Metamelomai means that you feel bad about the consequences. Again the word used for Judas was Metamelomai. I'm sure he felt sorry for what he did and the consequences of his actions. That is quite obvious to see as he threw the 30 pieces of silver at the priest's feet and said he didn't want it. Well, the priests couldn't put it back into the treasury because it was blood money. So they went outside the city and purchased a field with that money.

    Judas was sorry for what he did (Metamelomai), and he ultimately ended up committing suicide. But he never repented (Metanoeo). He never surrendered his life to Christ. How does Acts 1:18 tell us that Judas had help with his death? Can you see how people might say Judas repented just like the bible tells us to do? Well, he didn't!
  • Bro Gereshom - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Greetings to you brother,

    My original question is why the use of my & mine as both possessive adjectives and before the same word "hurt".

    With the greatest of respect to you: the brother in India is correct ! Why?

    'Thy' and 'my' is used with a consonant and 'thine' is used with a vowel sound or as a possessive pronoun: This is thine and this is mine etc. Your(s) is the old or Modern English plural and which we still occasionally use in certain parts of the north of England: thy and thine can still be heard. In my Midland dialect we use 'Yaou' singular you and 'Yuz' which is the plural form of 'You'.

    I agree; English is confusing ...!

    Bro. Gereshom
  • Kags - in Reply on 2 Thessalonians 2
    So "the antichrist" has been here all along? If so, then why has he waited so long to reveal himself as the one true god to all of man? I don't believe he has been here all along. JMO
  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 28

    Jesus said, "Come after me." Now, who is this guy? Who can come along and command people to come? And the term "after me" is literally behind me. And Jesus points this out later that the proper position in following Christ is always behind Him.

    So they are casting their nets, they are fishing, they are conducting their business, and Jesus says come, come behind me.

    But notice what He says. He says two things:

    He says first of all, "I will make you." Jesus is the one who makes us to be what He wants us to be. He says "I will make you to become." This shows a process.

    These are important words. Jesus says "I will make you to become fishers of men." This is a play on words. He is basically telling them that they are fishermen, but I'm going to make you fishers of men. You see, they knew how to catch fish. But Jesus is telling them that He will make them be able to catch men and bring them to salvation.

    It is the Spirit of Christ, or Holy Spirit, that makes us to become fishers of men. God persuades us at the right time to witness Christ to others, but it is God who saves them.
  • Greg - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10

    I completely agree with you. Understanding Biblical Hebrew and Greek is essential to gaining a deeper understanding of Scripture.

    I have a couple of questions.

    How does the word "huios" meaning "a son" and "kalos" meaning a "child" change your understanding of Scripture?

    Does this understanding of the Greek words mean that God is Jesus and Jesus is God?

    The word for "repented" means to "care afterwards, i.e. regret." (Strong's #3338).

    If Judas did not repent as "we as believers understand repentance to mean," what does "regret" mean to you? If forgiveness is based upon repentance, why could he not be forgiven? Judas was not a non'believer in Jesus.

    Judas did not commit the unpardonable sin, and he had help with his death (Acts 1:18).
  • Jesse - in Reply on Isaiah 13:10
    Thanks, Chris,

    Learning to read Greek has been such a blessing. There are several places in the Greek text where different words are used but are translated as the same word in English. Not just the word carnal, because we see the word carnal in English and we automatically think that it is bad. But words like good, repent, son, and several others, when we see those words in English, we know what good means, we know what repent means, and we know what son means in English.

    I just recently read here someone asking how can Jesus be God, when the bible says He is God's Son? Well, in English, we know what the word son means. But the Greek uses a completely different word. The word Son when applied to Jesus is the word Huios. Son by natural birth is a totally different word. It is the word Teknon.

    Jesus said why did you call me good? There is only one who is good and that it God. Now wait a minute, I know some good people. I think the people here on this forum are good people. But one might argue that Jesus said only God is good. Okay, that is true. Only God is Agathos (Good). People can be good also (Kalos).

    Repent? Someone asked me (Not here) if Judas was saved because the bible says that he repented. Again, the Greek text did not say he repented like we as believers understand repentance to mean. The word repent used for Judas was the word Metamelomai, which means Judas was sorry. He did not repent as in making a decision to change the direction of his life and surrender to Christ. The repentance we know and understand is the word Metanoeo. These are just a few words that literally change the meaning of a verse or passage that I've come to know in my study of the Greek text. I'm happy to share my understanding, and I have been built up by reading the things you share. You have a vast wealth of knowledge and understanding that I hope to obtain someday. But I know that only comes from the Lord. And He's only going to give me what my little pea brain can handle!
  • Jesse - in Reply on Revelation 21
    (Part 3:)

    Lastly, I agree with a lot of what you are saying but not all. I think our disagreement is more of a timing issue than anything else. I completely respect your views and I know we can't agree on everything. Wouldn't that be nice if every believer agreed on every word of scripture? We (The Church) would not be in such a mess that we are in today if we all agreed with everything. But I'm sure we both would agree that that's never going to happen as long as we live in these fleshly bodies!

    Thank you so much for your reply. And thank you for sharing your understanding with me.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Revelation 21
    (Part 2:)

    This is known as the 70th week of Daniel, a week being a seven-year period. I don't know how to get 3-1/2 years out of a week? The 70th week of Daniel is divided into four sections: Pains of Birth (The first 3-1/2 years), the Pivotal Point (Mid-Point of the Tribulation), Perils of tribulation (The last 3-1/2 years known as the Great Tribulation), and then the promise of His Coming (The Second Coming of Christ).

    You say that the actual tribulation begins as soon as the man of sin moves from Rome and sits in the temple, and if you are referring to what the Bible calls "The Great Tribulation" then I agree. I am curious as to how you know for sure this man comes from Rome?

    If no man will ever go to the 3rd heaven where the Father, Son, and holy angels currently dwell, where is Paul the apostle at right now? Paul said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. If the Lord is in the 3rd heaven and Paul is present with the Lord, where is Paul? Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4 "I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago-whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know, God knows-such a man was caught up to the third heaven. And I know how such a man-whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, God knows-was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which a man is not permitted to speak. Could that have been Paul himself? And wasn't John caught up to the 3rd heaven? John got to see the throne in heaven and the one sitting on it.

    I do agree that there will be some who will survive the Great Tribulation, the last 3-1/2 years. However, I think it will be very few, not great multitudes. I do thank you for sending me all these scriptures. Please know that I have read all these before and I am familiar with them. They are not new to me.

    (One more very short reply to follow)
  • Jesse - in Reply on Revelation 21

    I agree that all who are found worthy will receive spiritual bodies. But what does it mean to be found worthy? Am I found worthy? I think not. One day when I stand before the Lord, I'm going to know that I don't deserve to be there. I am found worthy not because of anything I did, but because God is going to see His Son in me. You see, I am made righteous through Christ because He alone is righteous. I have no righteousness of my own.

    You say that "the church applies to everyone who will be grafted into the God Family natural born and spiritual." I would agree that the church consists of all believers who have received Christ and have been born of His Spirit. I am not following what you mean about the "natural born" part?

    I also agree with you that there is only one more return to earth by Christ. And yes, the bible is clear that all eyes will see Him. Our technology today makes that possible (Satellite TV, etc.). This return to earth is His second coming. Revelation Chapter 19 says we come back with Him. But I don't believe this refers to us meeting Him first in the air (the clouds), and then immediately coming back down to the earth. Why would we meet Him in the clouds just to come right back down? I see nothing in scripture that supports that thought. I do agree that Christ will come and reign for 1,000 years. I see this as happening after the Tribulation period.

    You mention that "Jesus will be teaching the children of Israel in the Wilderness for 3 and a half years when he returns." Can you share with me where you find that in scripture? I'm not saying I agree or disagree at this point. I just never heard that before.

    As far as the Tribulation Period goes, I still believe it will be a 7-year period. The first 3 years is called the Tribulation. The last 3 years, the bible calls it the Great Tribulation. And the whole time it is called the Tribulation period.

    (More to follow...)
  • Greg - in Reply on Isaiah 58:12
    Raymond Quijano,

    I hear you loud and clear and completely agree.

    I will do my best to keep God's calendar and not the ridiculous Gregorian calendar that has everyone fouled up.

    The Book of Enoch from the Dead Sea Scrolls gives us the Solar Priestly Calendar.

    The Book of Enoch covers topics on the solar priestly calendar, origins of demons and giants, why some angels fell from heaven, an explanation of why the Great Flood was morally necessary, and the thousand-year reign of the Messiah.

    The Book of Jude speaks of these fallen angels and Enoch is mentioned as having preached against them (Jude 1: 14-15).

    Sabbath days remain constant on the Enoch calendar in relation to the spring equinox; but they will rotate on the Gregorian calendar.

    Enoch lived 365 years (and possibly .242)

    The spring equinox is the great equalizer of the calendar and is the leap day that rectifies the calendar every year (day 365.242), look at (Ps. Ch. 19)

    March 20, 2020 (sunrise to sunrise) was the 365th day of the solar year (the day of the spring equinox), making March 21, 2020 the first day of the first month of the New Year (and the 4th day of the week)

    The 364 day Enoch solar calendar runs off the 365.242 day solar cycle

    When does the day start? Look at (Genesis 1:16, 18, 19:33, 34, Exodus 10:13, 16:22-27,

    We are specifically commanded to use the SUN as the sign for days, Sabbaths, months, years, Sabbaths of years, jubilees, and feasts, and for all seasons of the year.

    The LUNAR cycle for the year is 354 days

    The Enoch solar calendar is 364 days (+ 365th and day of spring equinox)

    The moon is to be for light upon the earth at night (Genesis 1:14, Psalms 136:9, Jeremiah 31:35), for seasons (Psalms 104:19), and for a witness to the covenant of David (Psalms 89:37).

    The ONLY calendar that can reckon Daniel's 70 weeks is the Enoch calendar.
  • Greg - in Reply on John 6:38

    When you say "their bodies lie in the grave" do you believe that only Jesus is in heaven.

    If that is true, how do we understand what happened with the rich man and Lazarus?
  • ASHU on Matthew 28
    when Jesus said to Simon called peter and his brother Andrew casting a net into the sea and he said to them "follow me and i will make you fishers of men.

    also in Mark 1:17.

    what does Jesus meant by '' I will make you fishers of men''.
  • RAYMOND QUIJANO on Isaiah 58:12
    Pope Gregory Calendar Or Gods Calendar of Genesis Chapter one

    which one would you keep?
  • Mishael on FEAR NOT on Revelation 12
    Genesis 1:26. And God said, Let US make man in OUR faith image, after our likeness: and let THEM have dominion over .... creation. (Not other people)

    God is Spirit (no color)

    Holy Spirit (no color)

    Jesus (Mary's color)

    The 3 persons of the Godhead have WILLS. It was given to Adam and Eve. They could obey God's will; OR do what they did: disobey God's will (for them) which they did with Satans encouragement; deception.

    Satan has a will. He was a created Archangel; covering Cherub. His speeches start with I WILL. He's the evil that hurts people. Not God. Satan never does anything good. He wills, to crush Gods children.

    He thought he had killed the Son of God. Imagine his grief when Jesus walked out of the grave.

    A scripture says that Jesus was an ordinary looking man; that others would not look upon as being desirous.

    He will not look like Revelation 1 Jesus, until we get to Revelation 1: with the white hair and eyes as flames of fire. That's when he becomes the Lion of the tribe of JUDAH.

    I agree that people since Adam & Eve have been exploited based on color, wealth and position. There is no way to fix or repay for all the suffering of mankind. The only one who can offer hope is Jesus Christ.

    WHO can possibly profit off of mass anger, lack, need, fear? It is The Spirit of Antichrist flexing his muscles against anyone who might believe and follow Jesus to salvation. These crowds are described all through the New Testament, Bible! Satan will possess the Antichrist eventually. It's not ever going to be normal life again. This is a preview of satans plan for the world.

    Don't despair and lose heart. Draw closer to Jesus at this time, and He will guide you with his wisdom and preserve your life and those you love. Sit down beside your bed and pray more. Pray for wisdom and strength. He is coming for us! Keep your focus on HIM. Get your families saved. Love will guide your witness to them.

    I love and pray for you.

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