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  • Cecil Gary - in Reply on Revelation 6
    It is my opinion that the riders on the four horses of Revelation chapter 6 are angels or spirits that go out from standing before the Lord of all the earth, Zechariah chapter 6. Each rider has the power to orchestrate what happens on the earth according to God's will. It is my opinion the rider on the white horse will give power to a specific leader to wage war and conquer many nations. Is this the Antichrist? No one can really say without more scriptural evidence. The rider of the Red horse is given power to take peace from the earth. Men will kill one another. These two may indicate a world war. During and immediately after war comes famine. The black horse represents famine, starvation. A measure is the amount a man can eat in one day. A penny was translated from denarius which was a silver roman coin. When Jesus walked the earth, a denarius was a days wage. If you do the math, a family would have to choose between eating or paying their bills. A large family would starve either way. The rider on the pale horse is death. Notice it says they have power over a fourth of the earth to kill with sword, white and red horses, hunger, black horse, death, the pale horse, and with the beasts of the earth. There are four horses and four beast that that introduce them. The fifth seal shows under the alter the slain souls from the early church to 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation. The six seal is the Second Coming of Jesus. See Matthew chapter 24:29, 30, 31... Cecil Gary
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Jeremiah 35:11
    Yes, type setters are human too.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Acts 27:9
    return with him to Jerusalem! Not to Jerusalem, But to Paradise to be judged for all things done good or bad. Then if we are worthy, its on to Heaven.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on John 6
    most churches today worship on a Sunday the day that Christ rose from the dead. Sabbath is Saturday. But, really we should worship him everyday.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on John 6
    Some have said that the word rapture is not in the bible. Does it matter? Everyone knows what it means. Caught up to be with the Lord in the sky.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on John 21:11
    I think it is that such a large weight of fish did not break the net.
  • Paul e paquin on John 6
    years ago i heard a man say that the church is man made ,and at the end of times more people will be in home

    fellowships where did he get this ?
  • Richard on 1 John 5:4
    First off I want to thank all those that have taken the time to answer my questions on different bible verses,but i do have another one, in chapter 5 John says not to pray for anyone who has sinned unto death I have been told the only sin unforgivable is to die without Jesus I am not sure I believe that was the unpardonable sin that Jesus was talking about. So can anyone tell me what sin John is talking about?
  • Joe Attina on John 21:11
    John 21:11

    What is the significance of the number of fish caught in the net: 153.?
  • Adam - in Reply on John 6:53
    Dear Mike, I am willing to continue this discussion as long as you use respectful language.

    In your first paragraph you asked a couple questions that seem to be loaded with assumptions. I have no idea where those assumptions even come from.

    At the end of your first paragraph you mention Peter as head of his church? I don't interpret the verse that way at all. Jesus is the head of the church, not a man or anyone else. You can view a commentary on this on this website which explains it in detail: Link

    In your second paragraph you make a case for 'priestly succession', but I believe this conclusion is based on misinterpretions of the scripture. Jesus already said he's the way, no one else. He's the door, no one else. No hierarchy or priesthood is supported by the scriptures as an arbitrator between you and God. The Bible says church can have its own minister, elders and deacons, but that's only for church management, not for a relationship between you and God. Jesus is the way, he's the only way. There's no where in scripture saying people need to pray to a pope and have graven images of them. It says the opposite, though.
  • Norman Walker Butch - in Reply on John 6:53
    I hope when that one on one with Jesus comes that I am ready in his eyes! I am a firm believer in God and Jesus and everything the Bible says they did and everything they said to everyone. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us and thank you God for creating this world we live in and there is not one word about you or the Bible I do not believe unless it comes from somewhere else other than the Bible! Love you and believe in you until the day Jesus comes, Amen
  • Norman Walker Butch - in Reply on 1 Corinthians 1
    Maybe I am reading your comment wrong but I really wish you would not blast anything in the Bible. I believe every word that is in it and always will until the day I leave this earth!! Amen
  • Mike - in Reply on John 6:53
    (continued with Adam as I ran out of counter)

    Have you not asked other people to pray for you or for some special intention that you have? I'm guessing you have. Why do you do that? Are you not putting a man/woman in-between you and Jesus? Jesus established a new priesthood in the apostles and put Peter as head of His Church on earth (Matthew 16:18+).

    The Acts of the Apostles shows in numerous places about priestly succession as well as succession of Peter after he died. Jesus knew his apostles were going to die and designed His Church to continue till the end of time with a priesthood to administer His Sacraments which meant someone else would need to replace Peter as head of the Church and receive the power of the "keys". If you don't like the way Jesus set up His Church government, talk to Him. Technically, the Pope has only invoked the power of Infallibility less than a handful of times and usually not without consulting his advisors. The Lord's Peace brother.
  • Adam - in Reply on John 6:53
    Hello, I'm secure in what the Bible says and means. Have you prayed to God to reveal the truth to you? Please be respectful and don't say things like 'the devil has tricked you', because others can say that right back to you. God bless you.
  • MIKE - in Reply on John 6:53
    Dear Adam,

    I do believe Jesus spoke in parables and I'm sure you will agree that he spoke literally as well. New Testament refers to Jesus as the paschal/passover lamb (1 Corinthians 5:7). Vegan Jews didn't skip eating the lamb at the Passover - eating the flesh was a requirement to fulfill God's ultimatum. When Jesus said we are to eat and drink his flesh and blood he meant it.

    You cherry picked the John 6 passage. Continue on:

    55For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed. 56He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.

    60Therefore many of His disciples, when they heard this, said, "This is a hard saying; who can understand it?"

    61When Jesus knew in Himself that His disciples complained about this, He said to them, "Does this offend you?

    66From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more. Then Jesus said to the twelve, "Do you also want to go away?"

    If Jesus was speaking symbolically, He would have called those who were leaving and said "Wait a minute, here's what I really meant." No He didn't and to make the point He was willing to have his apostles go away if they didn't believe what he said. The Eucharist is the ultimate "call to Faith" that Jesus gave the members of His Church and the ultimate gift. The saying of a couple in love saying "I could just eat you" - well in this case, Jesus meant it. He is the manna for the Journey, the living bread, the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the crown jewel that the Protestants threw out when rebelling. And as for the Pope, read up on when Jesus gave Peter the "keys" and what that means. That should resolve your Pope issues and succession. Joseph in the old testament had the "keys" to Egypt. Also remember, the Church came 400 years before the Bible. The bible has truth, but not the whole truth. That is found in the Tradition of the Catholic Church. "Eat my flesh and drink my blood" - NOT SYMBOLIC. The devil has tricked you. God's blessings brother.
  • Poop on 1 Corinthians 1
    What color is the most high
  • Adam - in Reply on John 6:53
    Hi Mike,

    I'd like to share an alternate viewpoint if you are open to it.

    Do you believe that Jesus often spoke parables? These stories and metaphors were a means for teaching and he explained why he used them: Luke 8:10

    So, when Jesus said to eat his flesh and blood in John 6:53 did he literally mean to kill him and resort to cannibalism? I believe not, based on all his previous metaphors. Even his followers knew it was symbolic, but didn't quite understand the symbolism yet.

    Jesus also said a few verses earlier in John 6:35 that he's the bread of life. Does that mean he's literally a loaf of bread walking and talking? It was a metaphor.

    Jesus also explained the purpose of communion in Luke 22:19. Do it in remembrance of Him. If the goal was to literally eat and drink Jesus then you would think he would not have said this. It suggests the whole purpose of communion is to remember Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins and not that we're supposed to literally eat and drink him as food.

    Also Jesus says John 14:6, John 10:9, Acts 4:12 that he's the only way for salvation. Not a man. So, I feel if a religion uses another man, like a Pope, in-between you and Jesus that you must go through then it is a false teaching inconsistent with scripture.

    God bless!
  • Reenie on 2 Timothy 1:12
    does 'he that findeth his life shall lose it' mean ; if a person lives only for himself, believing all his life is by the power of his own hands, and never gives God a thought or glorifies Him: who will turn in others to save himself; who will take the mark of the beast to preserve his mortal life? just need clarification on this. Agape love and blessings for the KJV APP COG
  • Andy G van den Berg on 1 Corinthians 2:4
    Why do you think christ performed so many miracles on the sabbath? jesus christ is more than the sabbath.

    Galatians 4:10,11. ye observe days and months, and times, and years. i am afraid of you, lest i have bestowed on you labour in vain.

    Matthew 7:7. seek, and ye shall find.
  • Jim - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 4
    Noah didn't have to treed water. He gave him a boat. :)

    I am starting to think advertising is the strong deception. "this is not a gambling site. please play responsibly" seen on tv.

    meal replacements have at the least 80grams of sugar, but you will not find sugar listed on the label. I know medical professionals have three or four during a busy shift. no wonder they can't move once they get home.

    it may not be a strong deception, but it sure must rate somewhere close.
  • Mike - in Reply on John 6:53
    Protestants do not believe in the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. but this gift from Jesus has been perpetuated thru the Mass from the very beginning of the Church when Jesus instituted it at the last supper. "This is my Body" "This is my blood" no room for wiggle nor symbolism. Up unto the protestant revolution, there was only the Catholic/Christian Church and Christians believed that Jesus was substantially in the bread and wine after the consecration. Even Paul chastised people for eating and drinking the Lord unworthily and will be held guilty of profaning the body and blood of Jesus. He wouldn't say that if it was just symbolic. Check out "Eucharistic Miracles" via Google. What more intimate union could Jesus leave us than to leave His flesh and blood to nourish ourselves with for the journey home? He is God's "manna". In a backhanded compliment, why do you think satanists in their black Mass use a consecrated Catholic Host to perform their blasphemies. Why do you think it was mandatory that the Jews eat the lamb to complete the Pascal/Passover meal. It was a premonition of what Jesus was going to do at the Last Supper.

    Soon, very soon, Jesus is going to have a "one on one" with everyone in the world about the state of their soul as He sees it (See the book "The Warning" by former atheist Christine Watkins). He will also make everyone aware that He is God and that the Catholic Church is the church that He founded and wants people to belong to because it is the surest route to Heaven via His grace giving sacraments.

    So, yes, if you are not Catholic, you are not "technically" fulfilling this command of Jesus. So, come aboard. We have plenty of room for sinners wanting to become saints.
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 4
    Rick, you said, & I quote: "Why would God do what you suggest? He protected His people crossing the Red Sea. He protected Daniel while in the lions' den. Shaderach, Meshach, and Abednigoh "spelling" while IN the furnace. And throughout scripture we see His hand of protection while people go through adversity."

    I believe that what most people are missing out on here (or, avoiding), is the difference between God's PROTECTION of His people & God's REMOVAL of His people. There are clear instances of both types of dealings by God with His own. You have correctly suggested examples of God's protection (viz. the Red Sea crossing & the lions' den) & we have examples of God NOT protecting His people from harm, eg. Stephen's execution, the martyrdom of so many, including the apostles of Christ, etc.

    How about when God intervenes to remove His people from a situation? True, we all experience adversity in various degrees & we do prove the Lord faithful, but adversity & afflictions come to us (e.g. the present pandemic) because we are sinners living in a sinful world & reaping its unavoidable fruit. But do we see a difference in Scripture when God intervenes, not to keep us during our trials, but to remove us from them? And we see this clearly when God's Action comes upon the world as a result of His great Anger & not the result of living in a corrupt body in a corrupt world.

    So when we see God's Wrath turning upon mankind, don't we always see His subsequent removal of those who are His? We can refer to the Flood & Sodom & Gomorrah as examples. Is not the Great Tribulation to come likewise a demonstration of God's Wrath upon a sinful, Christ-rejecting world? Are those who have been purchased by the blood of the Lamb & received propitiation from their sins & brought into the family of God, still subject to God's Anger upon the World? If so, why? Is this the Character of God we read of in His Word? For your thoughts.
  • Adam - in Reply on John 6:53
    Hi Mike,

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on why you think only a Catholic can follow Jesus's instruction?
  • T. Levis - in Reply on John 6
    J. Reid from Canada :),

    T. Levis from USA

    This is a hugely debated issue within churches 4 sure.

    John 13:34-35

    Romans 16:17-18

    Timothy 2:14-15

    If there isn't a rapture could it be the cause of a great falling away?

    2 Thessalonians 2:1-3

    Revelation 6:8-11

    GOD be with us all who believe, love & trust HIM, to strengthen, hold, protect & keep us faithful

    Jude 1:24-25

    John 10:28-29

    Genesis 5:21-24

    Kings 2:11

    Mark 16:19

    Acts 1:6-9

    Thessalonians 4:16-17

    Mathew 24:37-46

    I hope these are helpful
  • M. Fridy on John 1
    Why did the Lord tell David in 2 Samuel 12:8 that I would have given you such and such?
  • Bob Grove - in Reply on John 6
    Read Revelation 20 v 4 ,5 , 6

    This is the First Resurrection . And all that believe in Jesus . John chapter 6 v 39 , 40

    Jesus said He is the resurrection in John 11 v 24 , 25, 26

    What people often refer to the rapture is actually the first Resurrection. There are not two Resurrections for Gods saints .

    That makes no sense at all .

    There are many more scriptures , but these should be enough . This is Jesus own words and teaching , are mans more correct ? That's why I find it easier to believe Jesus than any man .

    2 Timothy 3 v15,16,17 are essential to practice or deception is probable these days . Since the 1800s we have been bombarded with heresy and cults . Look at all the date setters proven wrong . The list is long .
  • Charles - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 4
    what are the wheels in Ezekiel 1?
  • William Hoffmann on Zechariah 14
    How would you explain Jacob's character.

    How he got Esau's birthright and blessing that rightfully belonged to Esau.

    Thank you

    Bill Hoffmann
  • Devon on Luke 19:13
    Aside from Luke 19:13, where does it say to live our lives, bury the dead, and continue on until Christ comes back? Meaning, we should not put life on hold... we still have to work, learn, witness, etc.

    Thank you!
  • Rick Colombe on 2 Timothy 1:12
    To Noel on 2 Timothy 1:6, Your comment on speaking in tongues was painted with a wide brush. I would caution you as you move forward as a Christian, while professing speaking in tongues. You are incorrect in your interpretation of God's Word. Look up Kenneth Copeland and R H Browne as they babble in a "tongue?" Back and forth while laughing and slapping each other on the back. These people and others like them ie. Benny Hinn are nothing but charlatans who are out for their own personal financial gain. Study and show yourself approved while rightly dividing the TRUTH!!

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