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  • Stanley P Drake on Psalms 91
    Does believeth in John 3;16 mean keep on believeing , as you are being saved,not have been saved ?
  • Rob on Luke 21
    Luke 21 v 36

    Watch ye therefore , and pray always , that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass , and to stand before the Son of man .

    Dear reader have you ever prayed this prayer ?

    Only the father knows the day and hour .

    Even if you die before this one time event at the coming of The Lord Jesus etc ... you still must stand before the Lord when you are resurrected from the dead . Will we be ashamed or rejoice ? No one escapes the coming of the Lord dead or alive .

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom . We are instructed to be found without blame and be in peace in him, only the Lord can do this for us . Trust Him and he will see you through even to the last day !

    No other way but through him . All instructions found in the Bible . This prayer is a big one !
  • Joe on Romans 16
    Although I have read this chapter numerous times, I do not understand it. Paul says "greet ... and salute ... about various people.

    Where were these people physically located? In or around Corinth?

    vs 3: "Greet Priscilla and Aquila my helpers in Christ Jesus:" makes it seem as if Priscilla & Aquila were actually going to Rome, along with Phebe, to deliver the letter.

    Or, as if the Romans had come to Corinth and are being introduced by Paul to the Corinthians.
  • God has no respect of Persons we are judged separately - in Reply on Ezekiel 18
    Commentary for Ezekiel 18:6

    By Matthew Henry

    God has no respect of persons.

    1-20 The soul that sinneth it shall die. As to eternity, every man was, is, and will be dealt with, as his conduct shows him to have been under the old covenant of works, or the new covenant of grace. Whatever outward sufferings come upon men through the sins of others, they deserve for their own sins all they suffer; and the Lord overrules every event for the eternal good of believers. All souls are in the hand of the great Creator: he will deal with them in justice or mercy; nor will any perish for the sins of another, who is not in some sense worthy of death for his own. We all have sinned, and our souls must be lost, if God deal with us according to his holy law; but we are invited to come to Christ. If a man who had shown his faith by his works, had a wicked son, whose character and conduct were the reverse of his parent's, could it be expected he should escape the Divine vengeance on account of his father's piety? Surely not. And should a wicked man have a son who walked before God as righteous, this man would not perish for his father's sins. If the son was not free from evils in this life, still he should be partaker of salvation. The question here is not about the meritorious ground of justification, but about the Lord's dealings with the righteous and the wicked.

    My comment: this entire chapter is about people being held responsible for their own sinfulness or, for what they know to be righteousness. To choose good and choose Gods way; is to choose life. If your parents or your children choose evil; they are choosing death. It's the choices we make individually, that determines life or death. We can repent of wrong and choose life. And vice versa.

    The children do not bear the penalty for the parents choices; and vice versa.

    In the Bible, idol worship or evil works we're committed on the mountaintops. In full view of God and everybody.

  • Sharon Litzenberger on Isaiah 6:10
    If people have no desire to be saved unless God puts it in them, why does he harden some lest they believe?
  • Norman Walker Butch - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 4
    Rob I have a real problem with knowing who to trust that are on tv preaching whether or not they are real and with all of the things that are going on now I have even more problems with it. How do you know if they are honest God loving people or just in it for the money? I never have trusted them much anyway and now I just do not watch them at all. So sad but the Bible tells us all about it. That is one thing I like about this site because to me it is for real and nothing for anyone to make any money on it and I love it! I do think if there was ever a time in my life the end is near is right now after 70 years. One thing I do know is a day is like a thousand years to the Lord and know man shall know not even the Son so what a day that will be. Amen and Praise the Lord
  • Carla Zgabay on Matthew 28
    Was Mary Magdelen a prositute?
  • Joel Martinez on Luke 11
    What is "the Key of knowledge" in Luke 11:52 ?
  • JLotaj on Ezekiel 18
    I was hoping someone to have commented on ch.18:6 about "And hath not eaten upon the mountains". What's so bad about that, I wonder?
  • Doug Smallwood on Luke 16:30
    Have not heard that explanation of 16:28 from Wesley before. But the reality that a brother, son or daughter had followed you into hell would surely add to your eternal torment. Conversely, in heaven, Revelation 21:4 tells us that God will wipe away every tear. Question would be , " Why would there be any tears in heaven? ". Only thing I could think of is the eternal lament of a son, daughter or other loved one who is not present with us in eternal presence of God. How God will do that we aren't told; just the assurance that mourning will be no more in heaven.
  • EWB on Matthew 9
    Matthew 9:9 If Matthew wrote the book of Matthew, Then why does it not speak the words as him being the writer. Jesus saw a man. And said unto him. ????
  • Wendy r on Jude 1:8
    I am not sure what is meant by 'dreamers.' Is it those who are 'asleep?' Or is it those who are interpreting false dreams and saying they are prophecies? I just don't understand this. If someone could explain this verse, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  • Caetano Barreto on Acts 9:5
    Acts 9:5 (KJV)

    What does "it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks" mean ?
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Our experience not unlike yours. A church leader also bought our place. What was interesting about our old house is that it had a flat roof! Not sure if this was anything ,adding to our experience. On the other hand my new house has windows in the roof, now I am able to look directly into heaven! Its nice to think we can add to anything he has created?The real power is in the word. Looking always to the author and finisher of our faith. God Bless!
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 119:18
    Ian, that's a question many have contemplated long & hard over the generations. You could receive different views, but I can only share how I consider such an intriguing matter.

    Whatever things are hidden from us & are in the domain of Almighty God need to remain with Him, without our compulsions to believe a certain way. One of the best verses that gives us a glimpse of this is in Ephesians 1:3-5 where Paul tells us of God's Plan for those He chooses. However, the verses only tell us that God has chosen us IN HIM (in Christ) even before the foundation of the world to be holy beings. And that God has predestined (planned our destiny) to be called His children through Jesus Christ & according to His good pleasure.

    But, as you ask, why some & not others? Are we so privileged to belong to Him because our names were 'drawn out of a hat'? Or, did God, in His Omniscience, already know those whom He wanted or would respond to His Call & therefore appointed us to receive salvation? Is it at all possible that there could be some earnest soul wanting to be saved through Jesus, but is refused because of not being predestined? I have never seen such a pitiful situation as this.

    Then why is the Gospel preached by the Apostles & the Church, if God's predestining overrides any effort or desire on our part? The only way I can understand this aspect of God's Character is by harmonizing the Scriptures. If His Love for the sinner was so great & persistent that He would send His Son for our sake & that Jesus Himself enjoined his apostles to take this Gospel message to the far reaches of the globe, then surely God's predestining & choosing is dependent on His prompting of a heart to hunger for Truth, to hear & receive the Gospel & be sealed with His Spirit. And those who will reject the Truth because of the hardness of their hearts, to them God has not shed Light nor predestined to salvation. Yet we still preach the Gospel so all may hear & know - that's our responsibility.
  • Looking to God for our help - in Reply on Revelation 1
    I listen to what Christians day about the election; especially this one. The allegations of ballot fraud, the scramble to protect the ballots. It makes people say things like "why even participate?"

    You hear various reasons (excuses) why they didn't get to the polls to vote, the day after the election: it's raining, it's cold, my kids are home alone, etc.

    I'm thinking that voting is a privilege and an American duty; certainly a Christian duty.

    The the Holy Spirit quietly spoke: Jesus hung on the Cross for hours, in great pain, to purchase our freedom from sin and to ratify the New Covenant.

    The unifying cry of this election seems to be over abortion and the funding of Planned Parenthood. Personally I think Nancy Pelosi should be forced to step down By her party.

    I'm a republican too. Our President is pro-life and is doing all he can to limit funding of those who don't care if a child lives or dies. It never occurs to them that they are killing America's future taxpayers, teachers, doctors. The 20-something's have no hope of social security having funds when they retire. We can't fix it. Abortion was legalized in 1973. The future taxpayers will be clones?

    I'm voting for the Party that does not condone the killing of the future of America! And I do mean the babies. I cast my vote and my prayers for them. They have souls & those millions of souls are Gods! They are alive and well in paradise.

    I also vote for Israel. Christians know they're the iris of Gods eye, and our treatment of them is followed closely in Heaven. "I will bless those that bless Israel." Jesus's return is close. The signs are here. The prophesies are in place. Our national news cuts those stories, but there are others who report them.

    Don't let us be foolish virgins. Make up your mind now. Look up for your Redeemer. May God give us discernment of the time.
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 91
    Rose, I'm just taking this portion from Luke 9:57-62, which sees Jesus speaking to three men about following Him in ministry. To the first man, Jesus challenges him that this lifestyle will be rough going without any certainty of shelter. Will you still follow Me? We assume that this man turned back.

    Then Jesus asks another, "Follow Me". But his response was, "Give me leave to first bury my father". Here we see the urgency of the ministry: this man wanted to spend time with his father, maybe he was already in old age, & then after his death, the man would follow Jesus. But Jesus' Words, 'let the dead bury their dead' might seem harsh to us, but the urgency of the ministry is before him. One cannot wait for a loved to die, or for the kids to grow up & be married, or even enjoy some relaxing holidays as a family, before answering the call to serve; though losing a loved one is both sad & important, the call to serve in the Gospel is of greater importance. So leave your father with those who don't have the love of God in their hearts nor any desire to serve God: they will look after him & his eventual funeral arrangements.

    Then the next man gave the excuse to go first to his house to bid farewell to his loved ones. This seems like a proper thing to do & shouldn't take too long. But Jesus seeing his heart, knew that procrastination often leads to nothing being accomplished. This man would spend many days seeing & fare-welling everybody - then there will be those who would challenge him if this was the right thing to do - think of your grieving family, your profession, your future marriage, etc. It wouldn't take much to convince him to weaken his desire to follow Jesus as "he looks back at what could have been his in this life".

    The call of the Lord requires a sincere willingness & singleness of heart & purpose to be effective in the Kingdom.
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 5
    How do you understand Luke 16:19-31? Some believe it to be another parable of Jesus, but the fact that Jesus uses first names seems to indicate that Jesus was speaking of real people in real situations.

    And Paul also speaks in 2 Corinthians 5:6-8 of the fact that while he is in the body (alive on Earth) he is not in God's Presence. But if he is absent in the body (no longer alive on Earth), then he is in God's Presence. Again, some would say that there is a 'gap' between death & man's spirit going to be with the Lord or to Hell but I can't grasp this interpretation, given Paul's inference of a 'no gap' declaration.

    We also see 1 Peter 3:18-20, where "Jesus was quickened by the Spirit (after His Crucifixion) & by the Spirit visited those other spirits held captive in prison, those who were disobedient from Noah's days. The point here is not who those spirits were but that they were held captive, whether in a state of suffering or in transition to another state of punishment.

    What should we make of such indicators of one's spirit (& soul) departing at death to a place of rest or torment?
  • Jennifer Drivas on Ezekiel 28:15
    where does it say in the Bible that Lucifer was a worshipping angel
  • What's the context of these chapter ? It's the loud coming of the Lord !

    Verse 15

    Verse 16

    Where in the world do these false teachers think it's a secret silent rapture ? Don't buy their spirit of Antichrist!
  • WHO IS IN HELL - in Reply on Genesis 5
    The Bible teaches that the WICKED DEAD are awaiting the Great White Throne Judgement. Everyone has to see their deeds and be judged. Hell is for those that Reject Gods plan of Salvation totally.

    Nobody is burning in Hell right now. Those who have ever lived and died are asleep in the grave waiting for the return of Christ and the resurrection. Notice that the Apostle Paul does not describe dead Christians as being active or alive in heaven.

    They are asleep-dead-until they are resurrected at Christ's second coming. See 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.

    Paul used sleep as a metaphor for death. Yet, from an early age, most of us have been taught that sinners who died were right now being tormented in eternal hellfire. Who's right? Paul or your Sunday School teacher? The Bible says Paul got it right!

    But what about Revelation 20:10? Many use this scripture to "prove" that at least two human beings-the "Beast" (Antichrist) and the "False Prophet"-will be tormented eternally in Hell. So let's take a closer look:

    "The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the Beast, and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever" (Revelation 20:10).

    Look closely at that verse. Do you notice that one word-are-is in italics? That means it isn't part of the Greek text, but was added by translators trying to "make clear" what's in the verse. The problem is, the translators made it clearly wrong!

    Satan the Devil will go to the same destination as the Beast and the False Prophet but he will go there as a spirit-being, and will be there long after the Beast and False Prophet-like other unrepentant sinners (Revelation 19:20; 20:15) have been burned up and destroyed (Matthew 25:41).

    Some people alive have seen visions of hell.
  • Wayne - in Reply on 2 Peter 1:20
    Will you see the Bible can be very ambiguous about many things and different people interpret it in different ways that's why we have so many different denominations of Christianity and so many that don't agree with each other , because they all believe that they are the ones that God is speaking to and they interpret the scripture the way they want to interpret it because of its ambiguity, so that makes me highly suspect of somebody that says God is telling them something , and some people take these differences very seriously like you see in the Middle East or say in Ireland and many other parts of the world,And I didn't say whether I agree or disagree I was just stating a fact that a lot of people say that exact same thing.
  • Mildred miller on 1 Thessalonians 4:17
    Is rapture in bible?
  • Carlos Tapia on Bel and the Dragon 1
    When and why there is in the history of Israel the fact that there is tribe that was divided and it is refer in some places as the half tribe of ?

    Tell me why and where do I find that episode.
  • David W Black on 1 John 3:15
    Just trying to help. It makes a huge difference to place yourself in the right church. The Bible names the right one as the Church of God. I go to a congregation of the Church of God, at Mercersburg, PA. We are not pentecostal; speaking in tongues is not proof of the Holy Ghost; a holy, sin free, righteous life is proof however, and is recognized by God as being right.

    In the US, there are several true Church of God congregations: Mercersburg & Connoquenessing PA, Manassas & Waynesboro VA, near De Graff and near Hamilton, OH, Corbin, KY, near Hayden, ID, Iaeger/Harmon Branch, WV, Brandon, FL, Birmingham & Huntsville/Chase, AL, Porter, OK, Mattoon, IL, Avondale, AR. These represent the ones known in the US to be in fellowship and are standing true. There are other congregations around the world; these just represent here in the US. Near any of these US locations? Want truth and correct Bible teaching? A God called pastor is at these locations. Revelation 18:2 says Babylon is fallen vs 4 says to come out. So if or when you come out of false churches, here's where to go, to find truth, salvation from sin. Ep. 4:4 tells us there's 1 body, 1 Lord, 1 faith... these locations are part of that 1 body. 1 Co. 1:10 we're admonished to speak the same thing; not languages like English, Spanish, etc. but in doctrine. There is one doctrine these congregations follow; having rightly divided truth as in 2 Tim 2:15. If you desire true preaching that delivers from sin, and keeps you on the path God wants for you, attend one of these locations, repent from sin, cease the sin business, be taught about sanctification, obtain it by prayer when you remain sinless, then be fully saved and pleasing to God. If you want more info, just ask.
  • Deborah L Hopkins on 2 Peter 1:20
    I have been told that there is a scripture that says everyone should speak in tongues every day. I have searched the KJV Bible and have been unable to find any such scriptures pertaining to that. If there is scripture telling us that could someone please help me out but giving me chapter and verse?
  • Dennis Kinyon on Genesis 5
    i thought God took someone to hell, but i dont know the reason or who it might have been, can you help me out on this please, thank you. ?
  • Brian Ballow on Genesis 1
    What type of oil where they referring to in the old testament?
  • Glad you39re here - in Reply on 2 Peter 1:20
    Sounds a little accusatory to me? Hang out a while and see what you see. Or read some of the history pages of comment.

    If comments are backed up with a lot of scripture; you might be standing on quicksand.

  • Pursuing the Holy Spirit - in Reply on 1 John 1
    Are you born again? Did they pray with you to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? With the evidence of speaking in tongues?

    I didn't know who the Holy Spirit was. I had to read New Testament books to know who He is and what He is all about. I knew someone was helping me with deliverance issues. I just didn't really know it was the Holy Spirit helping me. Read the Book of John and underline Holy Spirit verses.

    Read 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14 which speak about tongues. Ask the Holy Spirit to Teach you about who He is, and who Jesus is. Pray for a Teachable spirit (inside of you).

    Tongues is a heavenly language. It's not going to be in English. It edifies you're born again spirit. You'll hear it in your innermost being. Repeat what you hear. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray. Sometimes I just groan.

    Certainly, pray with understanding in your human language; with understanding. Pray for people to come to Jesus and be saved. In no time at all your prayer life will bloom and produce fruits. Be assured that the Holy Spirit is undertaking your growing up in Jesus.

    Get some place quiet and listen for the still small voice.

    Anything the Holy Spirit speaks will be a healing salve on your heart. If a "voice' speaks and it scares you badly.... that was Satanic. Just say, it is written: get thee behind me, Satan! In Jesus Name!!

    Gods blessings on you in your search for all He has purposed for you. Stand strong in the power of His might. Find wisdom in Proverbs.


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