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  • Mike
    Information pertaining to cremation?
  • Charles
    Did the apostle paul die and go to heaven and return?
  • Miriam Lewis
    How does GOD say women and men are to dress ?
  • John W Duncan III
    as a born again Christian are we now above angels oppose to have been made a little lower than they were?
  • Trina
    Matthew 5:28 - Where is the line where admiration turns to lust? Can a woman to look attractive and not sin, and can a man to notice without sin? Is lust imagining a sexual act? What if you're already married, can someone lust after their own spouse?
  • Djuna Jackson
    What were the characteristics of the Thessalonian believers? Acts 17:1-10
  • Ira
    How could Jesus feel and think and do as a man when is was a direct creation of God?
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 7
    I think it's safe to say Noah didn't take on sea animals on the ark either, like whales, orcas, sharks, etc. I assume 'beasts' means land mammals, reptiles, amphibians maybe? Fowl I assume is just a specific category of birds allowed on the ark, which probably didn't include penguins, flamingos. But if Noah didn't include them I wonder why we have penguins and flamingos today?
  • Carol - in Reply on Exodus 17
    Wasn't it Aaron and Hur? As Joshua fought? to Grace-4
  • Carol on Exodus 17
    was Amalek a giant?
  • Church - in Reply
    why are you Just showing me this part of the bible?
  • Trevor - in Reply
    Are Christians supposed to observe the sabbath today?
  • Trevor on Genesis 2
    Do you think Eve's sons had relations with her since it doesn't mention any other women or did God create other women and just doesn't say it?
  • Nathan on Genesis 7
    How do you think Noah loaded all the animals on the ark? If there's a million species of animals, do you think all land and air animals were loaded in? Even spiders, snakes, flies. Is life like bacteria, fungus, flu viruses considered animals too?
  • R Burrow
    wine is a mockery and strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise. (Proverbs 20:1) Look not upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moveth itself aright. At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder. (Proverbs 23:31-33) who can take a rattle snake in their home and feel safe? In the end we are putting ourselves in danger. We only have to look at the drug, alcohol and wine world today to understand the danger of strong drink. They did call Jesus a winebibber, but they also said he cast out devils by the prince of devils who is Beelzebub. Jesus said that Satan was a liar. (John 8:44) Jesus was neither, Satan lied.
  • Ivy Johnson on Galatians 5
    But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    Meekness, temperance:
    The fruit of the spirit: although it consists of nine different words,
    it is counted as one, and not many.
    Why is it that way?
    When we begin to read what the fruit of the Spirit is,
    Paul is not naming different kinds of Fruits, that the Spirit gives.
    Instead he is describing the different characteristics of the grace that
    is working in us.
  • Precious Muchemwa
    What happens to children who die before receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and to those aborted babies do the go to heaven or to hell?
  • Sam
    What does it mean when you are in an altar call service and you feel like your whole body is on fire? The tears cannot stop running and you can hardly breath?
  • Debra Seldon
    If a person commit suicide can we still pray for their soul??
  • G willis on Joshua 3
    We are walking on land that has been blessed (Consecrated) but we are not following the words of GOD. How many acres of Land are Consecrated there in Columbia? We need to learned and teach the Commandments starting before first kindergarten. If you look around this Country you should be a shame every day; this is not even good as a pig pen. We all should take some time to find out why so many of our people are acting as there are not enough time in a day; and as if we need more and stuff; i came here with nothing and will leave earth all wilted and old; and my hands will be empty. The earth are consuming many things now soon it will be all gone, no more fighting and stealing friends,thanks.
  • Precious Muchemwa
    Can silent prayers be heard ?
  • Adam - in Reply
    Hello, blasphemy against the holy spirit is unforgivable: Link - Also, one must question if someone who commits suicide is truly a Christian following Christ who loves Jesus? Because suicide would be like slapping Jesus in the face: John 14:15
  • James
    what do you believe about heaven and hell
  • Evelyn M Hines
    Who asked god to remove thron from his flesh
  • Steve Wester - in Reply on Genesis 6
    I am only going to give you one verse to think and about. 2 Timothy 2:15. To show you how important it is for understanding. Did it not rain most of the time they were on the ark. Do you Think Noah might have captured the water to drink?
  • Ccarter - in Reply
    'There is only ONE unforgivable sin even murder is not it." Can you enlighten us on what that one unforgivable sin is? Thanks
  • G willis on Exodus 12
    was Jesus crucifixion before the Passover? if some saying that blood on the door was Jesus blood, and they calling him the Lamb, why was he also being called GOD, and why was Jesus had to protect us Israelite from God who save us from Egypt? Why would we have to demise Jesus to protect his father from us? The Ten Commandment state have no other GOD but him. So how we drag Jesus as a GOD when we are told he is the son. We are made in the image of our father GOD. And this poor lamb is very confuse no wonder we have men pretending to be female, Adam name all the animals, and Jesus was not one of them. Our churches are so confuse today. We need to look at Passover very carefully,and there not 2.
  • Rich castillo - in Reply on Revelation 6
    Nathan, you simply can't believe what you are saying, trump is Gods king David? How can you read this chapter and commentary and come to that conclusion? Nothing trump or any human can do will hurry the return of Jesus, God is not slack as some think of slackness but wanting none to perish but all to come to repentance.
  • Norma
    What is the meaning of life. Why did God put us here.
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply
    Ann, I do not listen to false teaching. 1 Sam 31:4 Saul, one of God's anointed David's chosen leaders was wounded fighting the Phillistines fell on his own sword, v4 died. In v9 his body was ravished v12 the valiant men, by night, took his body to Jabesh burnt it then buried it. 2nd Sam 2:5,6, David blessed the men's kindness to Saul the LORD. cremation from God's word? KJV .

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