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  • Barbi on Psalms 1
    Like it says in Psalms 1:1 b... nor sits in the seat of the scornful.
    Not stitng full of scorn and what is better?
    Not being harsh.
    Only remember Christ in You ,
    Colossians 1: 27 b
    Christ in You, the hope of glory.
  • A disciple on Psalms 7
    "God judges the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day. If he turn not, he will whet (sharpen, incite, encourage) his sword; he has bent his bow, and made it ready." While we expect men to do what's right, how much more should we count on God; (who sees all things in their innermost parts, and nothing is hidden from Him, and He cannot be deceived); to know how to finish all things?
  • A disciple on Romans 6
    "Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?" Why did we turn to Jesus for mercy and forgiveness and a chance at a new life starting over with Him? Because we were lost and guilty in sins and uncleanness; and He died on the cross for our sins; and if we didn't repent and really amend our ways; we would surely die unfit for the presence of God!
  • A disciple on Matthew 7
    Ruth (cont.); Just wanted to say, that I agree with you! I don't mean to 'nit pick' (and I wasn't 'finding fault' with what you wrote at all!); but I wanted to emphasize that the idea of one having to belong to a Church and subject himself without thinking, Is this right? is misleading, and a potentially terrible dangerous snare. Birds of a feather flock together. People flock to those they like!
  • A disciple on Psalms 91
    Joseph; Your post got me thinking about, "How do I 'Make' the LORD my dwelling? I always find so much when I learn what words mean, even most common ones. For example, in Collins English Dictionary, one definition (transitive verb) of "MAKE;" "If you MAKE someone something, you appoint them to a particular job, role, or position." So we by our faith and love Appoint God to the Role and Position!
  • Dean Kenyon on Matthew 5
    We tend to attach a moral or emotional understanding to this verse based on the popular conception that 'heaven' is a blissful place we go after death. In the previous two chapters Jesus had just had the "heavens opened to him" after which he endured temptations and trials. From this point forward he heals the sick and raises the dead. Because he had just had authority given to him by the Father....the kingdom of heaven. Entering the Kingdom of heaven is to have authority. "Heaven is my throne..." From the throne, opened to Jesus when he "fulfilled all righteousness" Jesus was given the authority of a king with a throne. What he says must therefore be done. God does not give this authority to the rich in spirit who are self motivated and have their own agenda, but the poor in spirit who receive the promise, endure the trials and temptations and submit to the Father. Our inheritance is to have this same authority. Which type of heaven do you desire? A blissful place for you to live eternally, or an inheritance of authority to command sickness and death and bring righteousness and wholeness and the kingdom of God in the earth?
  • Kurt on 2 Corinthians 6
    How can we bring the Gospel to sinners without sinning? Take another Christian and have an entry and exit plan. Arm yourself with the Truth (Jesus), and the Spirit. Allow God to work his love towards sinners thru us, yet remain safely separate in the Armour, lest we may fall. We are subject to our own whims, emotions, and personalities, yet we must keep the discipline of God's intentions within us
  • A disciple on Mark 9
    Bruce; you said not too long ago, "No One comes to Christ until The Father Calls." Is there a time when God does not call; that men could excuse themselves for continuing in sins? Psalm 50:1 says, "The mighty God, even the LORD, hath spoken, and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof." All they who are of the truth will hear Jesus' voice, through the WORD preached!
  • A disciple on Revelation 3
    Elijah; The place of the Angel of any church, is that of a guardian and messenger: so it is in Hebrews 1:14 "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" The Messages to the Churches are sent first to forewarn and prepare them regarding the things that were already at hand and set to progress to worse till completely full when Jesus comes.
  • Rochana Rolfe on Leviticus 11
    For those who obey the dietary laws. Guess what? You are keeping God's commandments. John 14:15, "If you love Me, keep my commandments." Wasn't God telling Moses and Aaron to tell the children of Israel what foods to eat and not to eat. If God is speaking, then how has these commandments suddenly change in 2017. Isn't God the same yesterday, today, and forever. This is not rocket science, people!
  • A disciple on Genesis 7
    Donna Cromb; You asked how I "came up with" 1656? Just add the number of years that Moses wrote. Adam 130 Seth 105 Enos 90 Cainan 70 Mahalaleel 65 Jared 162 Enoch 65 Methuselah 187 Lamech 182 Noah 500 = 1556 100 years building the Ark (the 600th year of Noah's life) = 1656 After the Creation was the Cataclysm. Adam died 46 years before the birth of Noah. Enoch Preached 687-987.
  • A disciple on Genesis 7
    Someone asked, How do you get 1656 years? By adding up the years till each son mentioned was born; e.g. "Adam lived 130 tears and begat Seth..Seth lived 105 years and begat Enos.." (etc.) That's the number you have to keep adding not the length of their lives. Afterwards you can add in the years of their lives to see who was still alive and for how long. Shem lived for 35 years after Abraham died.
  • Bruce on 2 Chronicles 7
    disciple: One who sins Restore with Meekness: Galatians 6:1. I have an Advocate with The Father:1 John2:1-2. These Verses are for His Children. Why do you think He Wrote These? Surely He Knew we Mess-up,Maybe?
    Call on Him when He is Near. You to can be His. There are some Pastors that Preach Truth. Getting harder to Find. What Church do you go to?
  • Bruce on Mark 9
    I Believe The Father will Call Everyone at least once or some more. Why do you speak Evil of The Way of Salvation, and Calling People Morons? John 6:44 Says No One Comes to Christ until The Father Calls (a Tug on The Heart) You call that a False Gospel. The Pharisees also spoke Evil. Your Post say you know The Bible but need Salvation. Most are Saved by The Foolishness of Preaching. Last Call?
  • Geraldine cole on Matthew 5
    Who loves us more than Jesus? No one at all love is kind love knows no pains love sees no wrong love do not hurt love understand remember there is two kinds of love human love and Godly love human love is base on how we are treated but God love looks over our faults and see our needs and God mets all of our needs and he don't talk about us he just love us through things Amen
  • A disciple on Luke 13
    Cross Faith; I'm sorry, I don't understand your comment; are you agreeing with what I wrote, and seek a friendly conversation, or are you assuming something else? If you like to talk about the things of the Lord, that's wonderful; and I hope we can edify each other. But if you're just another one with a churchy-spirit who is full of "another gospel" than the Word of God... How can I help you?
  • A disciple on Mark 9
    How does one know the Scriptures, and teach the meaning of our Salvation in Jesus Christ having come in the flesh, according to the Scriptures; and not be saved and have the Holy Spirit? No one can say Jesus is Lord without the Holy Spirit. He that is not against us, is on our part. But there is no hope of salvation, or true foundation in Christ without knowing and obeying "ALL THESE HIS WORDS."
  • Donna Cromb
    Adam 130-930, he lived to see:
    Seth 105-912,
    Enos 90-905,
    Cainan 70-910,
    Mahalaleel 65-895,
    Jared 162-962,
    Enoch 65-365, and God took him,
    Methuselah 187-969, and when Lamech was 54 Adam died; he saw 8 generations;
    Lamech 182-777,
    Noah 500-so where do u get 1656 years? Adam died at 930 years old and within 1 generation man was evil and God destroyed man. I got the ages from when each new birth.
  • Donna Cromb on Genesis 3
    16, many women may have trouble understanding why God said the husband is to rule over the wife, but face it, God said it! Someone has to be the boss and make the final decision especially in marriage and family. Not all men were created with wisdom and understanding though, and neither were all women. Which means they had to work together and let God be in charge. Right?
  • Donna Cromb on Genesis 2
    We use Sunday as God's holy day because that's the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead. The Jews and 7th Day Adventist church use Saturday as the Sabbath, God's holy day. Does it matter which day? I don't think so, my Lord and Savior arose Sunday from the dead, so I worship God that day. If others do it Saturday that's their way. Have u heard of a circumsized heart that makes days immaterial.
  • Donna Cromb on Genesis 1
    Jone, it reads that plants were the meat at first, which would make vegetarians happy, but after the flood with Noah God let us have the flesh of animals. Is that what u wanted to know?
    God created the perfect world and we messed it up but I don't think that's why He let us have the flesh after Noah. Interesting that u caught that.
  • Bruce on Mark 9
    Many know The Bible,they can post many Scriptures. Preachers NOT Knowing The Savior,preach all through The Bible and don't know how to be Saved. Most in his flock follow him down a dark road. / How long will it take for one to be Saved studying The Bible, Days,Weeks,Months? Telling The Lost How to be Saved,The Father Calls,they can ask forgiveness not Knowing One Word of The Bible. Is He Tugging?
  • A disciple on 2 Samuel 18
    Ren; that's a good question. Is it like in Matthew 1, where there are three generations omitted from the record of Jesus' genealogy? Because Jehoshaphat made affinity with Ahab by joining their children in marriage, the result was that apostasy, rebellion and wickedness threatened to put out entirely the Light of the house of David, through whom Christ was to come. Absalom's rebellion omitted him.
  • A disciple on Genesis 1
    Christine; What is the point of your questioning? God called the gathering of the waters together, Seas; and the dry He called Earth. He made the heavens and the earth by His own power and understanding, for He is God Almighty! We have been made in God's image and likeness to be His children; but the wiles of the devil and our own sinning has kept us from ever being able to learn what that means.
  • A disciple on Genesis 2
    Christine; How are you not afraid to reproach God's character? Wasn't that the very thing that the woman sinned in, when she was beguiled by slandering God? That kind of thinking comes right from the devil! As to why God created the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; there's a LOT of things we have to learn from God, what is His purpose in them! God made everything VERY GOOD! Men have corrupted!
  • A disciple on Genesis 5
    Christine; "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." There was nothing made out of something that already was; but He spoke by His Divine Power and Understanding, and they BECAME! If God wills that anyone live a thousand years, what is that to us? Sin also has had a huge part in shortening men's lives, as well all the evil imagined against the LORD, and the hostility toward Jesus!
  • A disciple on Acts 27
    Peter; isn't it interesting, how those in charge set aside the guidance and opinion of the one who really was in a position to advise them; choosing instead, their own "experts?" Afterwards when all was a disaster, still the man of God stands forth in calmness and fatherly patience and authority about their misguided adventure, with the gentlest rebuke and words of hope and encouragement from God.
  • Thomas Taylor SR on Exodus 20
    JOHN 1:1,3.----14.) In the beginning was the word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 14th verse and that work came down was made flesh and dwelled among us. The Old Testament scripture is a Schoolmaster to us. We should always be mindful to preach the whole counsel of God. Both the Old and the New Testament is of God. It is all truth. And if we come to know the truth? """Act's 16:31
  • A disciple
    BSP (cont.); What if no one had felt pity on me when I was so lost and deep in sins? What if no one prayed for me when I was at the point of being judged and sentenced to destruction? We owe it to our families, and neighbors, and countrymen; good and bad; to feel the danger for them who can't as yet feel anything, or know anything! We owe it to the Lord who had pity on us, to be His hand of mercy!
  • A disciple on Mark 9
    Bruce; Why are you so obstinate about holding on to your WRONG ideas? You choose watered down language and human thinking to make it more comfortable for the sinner, but betray the extreme seriousness and peril of going to hell, that he is in! This adding to a misguided notion that one doesn't need to know the Word to be saved, is teaching people to despise the Scriptures! John 15:3; Romans 10:14

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