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  • Savannah watson on Matthew 1
    How do I change my ways and what steps do I take to become a better child of god?
  • GiGi on Leviticus 9
    Leviticus Chapter 9 continued.

    After completing all of these offerings, Aaron turned, raised his hands and spoke a blessing over the people, (most likely the Aaronic blessing Num. (6:23-27) and then came down from the place of offering the sacrifices. Moses and Aaron went into the tent of meeting together and came out and blessed the people again.

    Then the glory of YHWH appeared to all of the people (they all saw and experienced it together) and fire came out from YHWH to the altar and completely consumed all of the burnt offering and the fat on the altar. This showed that He accepted the sacrifices and also brought to the people what these sacrifices signified. The people shouted fell on their faces.

    We are not told what the glory of the LORD was like, nor what they shouted.

    This was one continuous ceremony from start to finish. It must have taken all day for it to be finished. And then Aaron would be beginning the evening sacrifice at sundown that day. Verse 1 said that it was on the 8th day. (of which month?)

    In regards of the foreshadowing of Christ in this lengthy ceremony that initiates the priestly morning and evening sacrifices day in and day out. Perhaps it foreshadowed the length of time Jesus was on the cross. But it may be showing that before we can thank God for saving us and having communion with him, Jesus needed to be the sin and burnt offering on the cross first. He not only had our sins taken upon himself on the cross, but he also was the only perfect burnt offering, wholly giving himself to the Father' will until the preordained purpose for and work of the cross was completed. When it was finished, then we can bring a thank offering and celebrate a peace offering.
  • GiGi
    Today's verse of the day is one that is very meaningful to me. As believers we are crucified with Christ.

    I have been thinking these past few days about what Jesus meant when He told the disciples to take up their cross and follow Him ( Matt 10:38). It is very clear that none of us are have a cross like Jesus'. The "cross" He had was one of suffering and death for the sins of the world. In Gethsemane when forseeing the cross lived out, He was sorrowful unto death. His cross was always to do the will of the Father, and the Father's will was for Jesus to sacrifice His life as a sin offering to expiate our sins and propitiate the wrath of God on sin. This is not a cross we have. So, I was thinking, what is our cross then?

    My thoughts are that, like Jesus, our cross is to do the will of the Father in our lives, even unto death. This does not mean that we seek martyrdom, but that persecution and martyrdom may be ahead for some of us. Also, the cross is symbol of death, so today's verse seems to fit in with what Jesus said. As, Paul spoke, it is a dying to self and self-will and living for God and His will.

    Then I consider this in light of what Jesus had said about casting all of our burdens upon Him because His yoke is easy and HIs burden is light. Matt 11:29830. So He calls us to take up His yoke upon us and learn from Him. He says that He will give rest to our souls. So I am wondering how this factors into His words about taking up cross and following Him.

    I would appreciate reading what others think about this as it has been on my mind this past week and, now, today, the verse speaks of being crucified with Christ.
  • InaMI
    my friends, how to understand "justified by faith"? Is it right to put a good man into hell because he doesn't believe in God?
  • Anonymous
    Courtney... "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call." Joel 2:32 KJV

    Do you think the last day is here now?
  • Richard H Priday
    Judgment coming part 3.

    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I'm sure that I've shared that many times in this platform; but who can honestly say that there are more than a handful of the major players in Christian media today or big ministries that demonstrate this in their personal lives? We can tout all day how loving God is; but if we don't accurately preach the scriptures and cherry pick what we want to hear than we are at best showing a shallow view of the God of Israel; at worst creating one of our own imaginations. Christ is Lord; the same yesterday today and forever. He will honor no rivals. The fate of the earth itself along with every soul that He created is exactly what He states in the Word. But with today's view of the Bible being a self help book; or suitable for motivational speaking rather than a literal view of the Prophetic future with a literal hell; heaven and new earth we are warping it's meaning to fit our agenda. Judgement begins with the House of God ( 1 Peter 4:17). We are called to be separated from the world; salt and light. Yes we are "all things to all people" ( 1 Cor. 9:22) but that doesn't mean we have to join in with approval of cussing; drinking; toking and other activities that ingratiate us with that crowd. That is a little different than concerning ourselves with eating an "unclean" food set that may have been set aside for idols; for instance. I won't argue the point of God vomiting out the Laodicean church and if that refers to the Tribulation; but at the very least we can lose our rewards ( Rev. 3:11); or not truly be saved if not hearing the Spirit and what it says to the churches. We also do well to wisely heed verses warning us how to avoid some of the calamities of the wicked; wisely planning supplies and food for multiple disasters that may be ahead. If He tarries it isn't hard to see things could get a lot worse. We also will face growing resistance as one world religion develops. ( Matt. 10:22)
  • Mark on Hebrews 1
    Why was Emmanuel's' name changed to "Jesus"? When Joseph was told by an angel that his virgin wife would give birth to a child, and that child would be called "Emmanuel", meaning "God with us". It is my understanding that the name "Jesus" is just another form of the name 'Zeus' --a Greek pagan God. Thanks
  • Robert Echevarria on Proverbs 8
    If Christ was wisdom in Proverbs I thought Christ had no begining or end. How then can he be made?
  • MG on Acts 24
    I wanted to know if you can lose your "salvation" once you get saved after confessing your sins and accepting that Jesus Christ is lord and believing that he die on the cross for the world sins? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------What are the commandments or how many of them that were from the old testament over to the new testament live by?
  • Linda Miller on Matthew 24
    Where in the bible does it say about three and one half of good times/years, then followed by three and half of the worst times/years?
  • RALPH WATERS on 1 Maccabees 1
    why is it so difficult to find the THIRD MACCABEES. just like its difficult to find the 3rd and 4th Corinthians.
    please is the oracle in Arabia?
  • Glenda Fisher on 1 John 4
    What does verse 18 mean?
  • JaimeDawnP31 on Genesis 1
    In Genesis 1:25 it says God made the "beasts of the earth after his kind". I am unsure what this means?
  • Stephen sanders on Exodus 3
    Do God have a name???
  • GiGi
    Hello everyone, Today I am meditating on what faith means from Scripture. It seems that there are several aspects that are involved in the faith we have as a Christian. I think that first of all, we believe the knowledge of salvation in the Gospel. Second, we believe in Jesus as the object of our faith. Thirdly, we trust that God's revealed way to save us is the only way of salvation. And fourthly, we rely on God to save us by his grace on the merits of Christ and His work, not by any merit of our own.

    I would like to know what others think about this topic of the faith we must have to be "in Christ".
  • Starbux
    Every believer does not have the Holy Spirit in them when they believe. And, it's true that in Matthew 28:19 is exactly what Jesus said, for it is " IN THE NAME OF". And that name is Jesus Christ. Acts 2:38 is the New Testament salvation message. John 3:3-5 and Matthew 28:19 is fulfilled in Acts 2:38. Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom in Matthew 16, therefore Peter did not speak in error when he said to repent & be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. Just know that the gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Acts 2:38. The epistles from Romans- Jude are written to the Brethren, it is not written to the world. They are written to the people that came from the book of Acts. Go read the chapter. Again. This is where they are born of water & the Spirit. They are born again. The Spirit is a supernatural birth from above. The promise. The living water. First to the jew then to the gentile. All the people from Romans-Jude are saved. Period! However

    Paul needed to correct many of them at times. There are many scriptures on water baptism. Yes, it very much is needed & Jesus spoke it in red letter words in John 3:3-5. Bible says to know God & obey the gospel. Not just know the gospel but we all must obey the gospel. When the people in the book of Acts obeyed Acts 2:38, they obeyed the gospel. Then in Acts 2:39, "It is the promise to you & to your children and to those that are afar off even as many as the Lord our shall call". Obey the gospel & therefore go forward into the epistles to learn & grow in the Lord. I spoke to the Lord these words: "Lord, everyone says they have the Holy Ghost (Spirit) but they dont. How will they know"? He spoke back & his words were, "will you tell them"? Now also, In Acts 19:2, "Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be a Holy Ghost ".
  • Rhonda Douglas
    Question: in Hebrews chapter 1 said s that there will be witnesses. What kind of witnesses are they speaking of? Angels? Like what kind? Saints? Or loved ones that are in heaven?
  • Lina on Jude 1
    Is Saturday or Sunday the seventh day, the sabbath day?
  • Willie Poellnitz on Psalms 27
    Could you please give me the complete understanding of John the 14th chapter in the 15th chapter and also songs 27 chapter in the Bible please give me the complete understanding so I have the wisdom and knowledge understanding thank you so much please give me a follow-up as soon as possible please so I can get no more about the word and get into the word thank you
  • Richard E Cain on 2 Timothy 3
    In the beginning god created the heaven and the earth did you all read that?

    he created the heaven and earth.created!!!
  • Steve
    Calvinism - Pre-destined

    Any thoughts?
  • Diane on Leviticus 17
    Is fish a non food for people to eat in the Bible?
  • Greg VanGrouw on Genesis 1
    what is a firmament
  • Tebogo Mompati Bojong on Leviticus 20
    who is Molech?

    humas sacrifice was it permissible prior to Leviticus 20?

    How does the stroy of Abraham and Isacc relate to Liviticus 20?
  • Teresa Bullins on Genesis 38
    Who were twins born in KJV
  • Estelle on Revelation 7
    Is the word Trinity in the Bible??? If so please tell me where that scripture is
  • Jag on Revelation 2
    Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

    What is first love refereed to by the Lord?
  • Jag on Mark 16
    And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

    Whta is the meaning of creature in above ?
  • Daddy
    Did Jesus enter any part of hell to take the keys of death and hell away from satan?

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