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  • Timothy Wayne George on Psalms 19
    This Psalm ask the question who can understand his errors? Well the bible tells us to commune with our heart upon our bed. It is not a sin to be tempted, but it is if you yield to the temptation. We should pray to keep thy servant from secret sins, for secret sin on earth is wide open scandal in heaven. As the Psalmist says let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord my strength,and my redeemer, this should be our prayer everyday. May the Lord so direct our path by his word, and light up our pathway.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Proverbs 19
    an evangelist from KENYA named LUIS MENSA turned me on to this idea of reading a chapter of proverbs a day according to todays date .31 chapters 31 days coincidence ....over the years of reading this chapter ,today the word "value" comes to mind .where is my value system at?JESUS LOVES YOU!
  • Ti Manno on John 6
    John 6:38
    Can you do the will of someone else at the same time being that someone else ??

    "For I came down from Heaven, NOT TO DO MINE OWN WILL, BUT THE WILL OF HIM THAT SENT ME"
  • Tim on Joshua 4
    Here's a concept...What if the stones represent sin. The Jordan will cover the stones (sin). Crossing the Jordan also represents a new beginning. What are your thoughts???
  • Steven on Romans 2
    Well, how about " make your Calling and Election sure," or, "work out your Salvation in fear and trembling" or, " those He foreknew He called ," or Only those whom God gives to His Son will come to His Son.....It sounds like 'election' to me. "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have Compassion on whom I will have Compassion?" It seems like we get into trouble when someone/anyone tries to come up with what they consider to be the True gospel, usually by emphasising some parts to the detrement of other parts of Scripture. 7th day people, baptising people, Jehovah people, fundamentalist people, ad nauseum. All these things do is create Separation and argument. ( MY idea of God is better than yours ) Paul prayed that all of us would speak and pray with one voice about the truth of God, and not be part of this, that or the other thing...and when anyone decides to preach 'this type' or that type' of gospel, they are not gathering, they are Scattering.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Proverbs 18
    what motivates my mouth to speak?...good question!GOD question....
  • Harry on Matthew 5
    Did any of God's people hear the words of Jesus, our Lord and Savior concerning God's ten commandments? From the words of Jesus the ten commandments are not done away with. Since this is true, I would like to know why the fourth commandment is violated every first day of the week by everyone who goes to church on Sunday? We know that the Bible is all truth. If it is not in the Bible then it has to be a lie. Satan is the father of lies and he is the master counterfeiter, therefore all of God's people should prayerfully seek God for the truth. We must remember that not one sinner will be allowed entrance into the city and they will not have a right to the tree of life. Who do Jesus say will be allowed to into the city and who will be able to eat from the tree of life? "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city." (Revelation 22:14) Let God be true and every man a liar.
  • Anonymous on 1 John 3
    In this entire chapter I noticed verse 4. God clearly tells us what sin is. 'Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.' Since we know that God cannot lie, why do the majority of Christians break the fourth commandment by going to church on Sunday, the first day of the week?
  • Keith Baldwin on Genesis 2:7
    Genisis 1&2 seem incongruant in that 1 says "male and female created He them"which sounds complete in the order of creation. Then in chp.2 suddenly "there was no man to till the earth" so then God formed man. So was man created during creation week or after?
  • MARK on Proverbs 8:17
  • Harry on Malachi 3
    God does not change, cannot lie, and Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. It is required of a steward to be faithful. know that God is faithful. Obedience to God's will is the duty of every Christian. Will you rob God? Just as God commands his covenant people to keep his commandments, he commands ibedience
  • Harry allison on Proverbs 15
    a life preserver thrown to me is my responsibility to take it.i would be foolish not to take it.wouldnt i?hear a rebuke,it may save your life!
  • Ronald Allen on Genesis 6:3
    There is always a reason for everything God does, and giving a 120 yrs reprieve before judgement was passed upon man and all life destroyed, gave Noah time to build the ark, but could the 120 years also refer to time allocated until our final judgement? Let me explain, a jubalee is a time of renewal and forgiveness or a new beginning, and a jubalee is once every 50 years, so could it be that mans allotted time before Christ returns be 120 jubalees, or 6000 years? He said we don't know the day or the hour, only the Father knows but those who are Christians would know the time or season of his return, and we are actually in the 120th jubalee which ends 2023 on the feast of trumpets.
  • Sister Sarah on Matthew 4
    Jesus easily recognizes who these two men are and they easily recognize Him. He calls, they stop let everything in their hands go and without hesitation follow.

    He gathers those who are his close( ? )And says time to travel and give to others. The physical phenomena draws crowds everywhere he goes and the things he changed from suffering to joy are too numerous to list here. He is a healer of illness, physical illness, and anything related to off balance.
  • William on Job 1
    I think Job is what all people go through at a different level maybe not as extreme. However if we hold fast understanding that the enemy has his game plan and that God has his. Then we shall see that the victory is won through us. When you dont feel the Lord near do you not still call him until you do?
  • Patricia on John 5
    jonn 5-2 there is a pool which is called the hebrew tongue bethesda having five porches,a certan man was there which had a infirmity thirty and eight years when Jesus saw him and ask him if he wanted to be made whole?i think JESUS WAS testing his faith.JESUS,didn't put the man in the pool he was made whole because he believed that JESUS was and still,is a must no,GOD THE FATHER and son are all one when you speak of the father you are speaking of son.FATHER,SON,and the holy ghost are ONE
  • Colleen Jarvis on Deuteronomy 22
    In Deuteronom 22:9 what does divers seeds mean?
  • Is the phrase "temple of the Lord in Zechariah 6:14 referring to a physical temple in the millenial reign of Christ?
  • Eddie on Psalms 83:18
    I do know that we are seen as a cult or sect by some.We where also seen as this back in the time of ancient Rome.

    But ask yourself these questions,what other faith do you know that has used the name of Jehovah so consistently and has preached about that name and in the exact way that Jesus taught his followers,which was door to door & house to house ?

    What other faith do you know that has published Billions of magazines,books,pamphlets & brochures for so long in almost every language on earth,not only covering the divine name of God ,but also about his loving purpose for all of Mankind ?

    What other faith do you know that has no divisions among themselves,never goes to war against his fellow man regardless of the country that they live in,do not take sides in politics,nationalism or ritualistic practices ?

    What other faith do you know that doesn't elevate itself over other men,cloth themselves with showy & boasting apparel,adorn their places of worship with Gold,Silver & expensive statues,passes collection plates seeking money all the time,or separates women from men at worship ?

    What other faith is willing to go to YOU and come to Your home,on Your time to teach You and ALL of Your family about the word of God,regardless of Who You are,Your social standing or where you may live...FOR FREE ?
  • Pat on Genesis 3:15
    Cain was born then shortly after Abel was born. Was Adam the father of Abel or was Abel also the son of the serpent since they were twins?
  • Robert Tackett on Matthew 5
    I think Matthew 5 leaves everyone born on the planet without exception outside of what it takes to qualify to enter the kingdom of God. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Well folks, that leaves me out. It leaves out everyone that was getting ready to stone that lady, when Jesus was like, yeah the law says to stone her, so he that is without sin, well, you can throw the first rock, then he bent down and started writing stuff on the ground. Everyone slowly left, from the least to the greatest. The only one that was left standing with the lady was the only one who would have been justified to pick up a rock and throw it at her, and that was Jesus. He looks up and sees everyone left, and asks where her accusers were. After she points out that they all left, he told her that he wasn't accusing her either and for her to go and sin no more. Should we always strive to do good in God's eyes? Most certainly. But when it comes down to it, of all the good things I may have done, I still fall short. I got nothing. All my good works cannot offset one sin. The only thing that can do that is the Blood of Jesus Christ. Whithout the shedding of blood, there is no remission. That's all I got; the blood of Christ. If that's not good enough, and Judgement day is a real event, then we all know the outcome. I'm believing for good, great, wonderful things. I have to; I have two young daughters. I'm believing for the same leniency Jesus gave the lady being accused of adultry, not because I did anything worthy to deserve it, but because of his sacrifice of love for my sake, and that of the people of the world.
  • I thought tattoos were a sin. Will Jesus have a tattoo on His thigh?
  • Joseph on Genesis 3
    thans for your comments. my pastor says Eve had sex with satan and then with Adam. he is suporting this statment with words from the bible " cain was the son of satan" "he was the firs born of devil" "after eating they were naked" what fruit could make one naked? If not having sex. kindly assist with comments to this so tha i can change my pastor interpretation of the word of Gog.
  • Jennifer on Luke 23
    who are they in verse 34?
  • Kunle on Proverbs 10
    God is either to be believed or not. It is either God is telling d truth or not because verse 6 tells us that God's blessing is upon d head of the Just. And verse 22 tells us that Gods blessings makes rich, so something is wrong with poor christians. And the eailier they accept they are unjust, the sooner they can begin to make amend to their ways and life and begin to experience God's riches that follows God's blessings.

    When God says His blessings is upon d head of the just, and his blessing makes rich. God meant it. And as such poor christians are unjust because God is no respecter on man, whether a pastor, prophet, church member or mere attender.

    When u are just you will recieve God's directions and secrets to make you rich. Arguing with God's assessement of you is an indication of unjustness in your life and heart in d first place. Do you know your person more than God? Or are you more knowledgeable than God?

    The earlier we begin to accept 6od's assessment of us and start amending our ways the faster we will experience God's promised riches that His blessings gives.

    I pray God increase to us His grace to be submissive and responsive to his words, assessments and instructions. Amen.
  • James on Acts 2
    baptizing is not for forgiveness of sins, if you coould understand correctly, repentence is asking for forgiveness of sins. batizing is for the washing away of sin. It is plainly written in acts 2;38. The man who was given the keys to the kingdom told us exactly how to be saved in this very verse. seriously had hard can that be to understand? people don't want to line up with the word of God, so they look for easier ways to get to heaven. Sorry only one way will work. His name is JESUS. @ carlton le grand, talking to you and anybody else who wants to change the word of God to satisfy their selves.
  • Charlie on Psalms 68
    Why do you have God name in verse as Jah. First and foremost there is no J letter in hebrew. And my father name in heaven is Yah and his son name is not Jesus its Yahoshua
    Please can you explain? Thanks
  • Child of God on 1 Timothy 2
    Many people read the bible without revelation from God. We can argue until the end of time whether or not women should preach or do more, but I don't believe that God would put His annointing (approval) on anything or anyone, contrary to his word. Shouldn't we be concerned about reaching lost souls?
  • Mariz m on Acts 7
    Why does v45 use the name Jesus when the KJV use the name Joshua?
  • Angel on Numbers 21:9
    Is this not a form of idol worshiping... commanded by God?

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