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  • Shawndell on John 4
    I just love the Lord.Though he is a GOD of wrath he is a GOD of LOVE,PATIENCE,LONGSUFFERING,TENDER MERCIES,N SALVATION though we make it hard for ourselves through disobedience n have to suffer hard tribulations,we know that God loves us because he first showed us his love by what he has done for us through his SON JESUS CHRIST.GOD loves us so much that he suffered his own son for us,sinners like u n me.What a love that is in GOD for us?!!!How can we ever repay him?In all that he did he only ask us to worship n obey him.Dont u think that is our reasonable service to him?"HELP US LORD!!!"
  • Tommy Melton on Luke 4:6
    Everything belongs to GOD Did he give Satan the power to pass this over to someone? Did not JESUS already have the power to take this from satan without asking for it or bowing down to satan
  • Richard H on Mark 3:29
    Mark 3:29 can be a worrisome and fearful scripture. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ and I can't imagine that anyone{esp.a Christian} could intentionally and with malice blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. I know that at times I have sinned and failed to follow God's will and perhaps have ignored His internal guidance, however I have never heard His actual voice and therefore I have never actually ignored His voice. To blaspheme is to vocally condemn with conviction and malice the Holy Spirit. To simply ignore God's influence and guidance as administered by the Holy Spirit is not by my understanding to be blasphemy. I feel that only a lost person who is completely and malevolently influenced by Satan,{the master blasphemer}, would have the ability to utter blasphemy with conviction against the Holy Spirit.
    As for Christians, how can it be possible for a child of God with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to commit blasphemy against that which indwells in the believer? I do not think it is possible and the misinterpretation of this scripture can lead the Christian who is challenged and struggling with sin, and spiritual strongholds, that there is a possibility that he/she has committed the "unforgivably sin", and therefore eternally dammed to Hell. However:"If WE CONFESS our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9. Also: "REPENT therefore of this thy wickedness[SIN], and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee." Acts 8:22. A repentant heart who confesses his sin with the understood guarantee of forgiveness by the Lord could not possibly be able to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. Only a lost, unsaved person with the influence of a demonic spirit, never has the ability to repent and confess sin. Only such a person in this lost and malevolent state, can have the ability to utter blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. We as Christians do feel quilt, conviction and the admonition of the Holy Spirit to repent and confess sin to the Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ by His work of redemption on the Cross of Calvary. Praise be to God Almighty!!!
  • Nevermore Mazongo on 1 Corinthians 1
    To the church of God which is at Corinth.
    To them that are sanctified in Jesus Christ.
    To them that are called to be saints.
    To them that call upon the name of Jesus Christ in every place, for their sake and for the sake of others.

    Grace be unto you, and peace , from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

    God is faithful and by Him you were called into the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Paul beseeches those who worship God to have no divisions amongst themselves.

    Believers should be joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

    Paul had learnt that there were divisions amongst the believers in Corinth.
    [12] Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ. [13] Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?

    Up to this day these divisions have taken root in the Christian faith.

    Like in the olden days Christians still identify their churches by the names of the founders or the names given by the founders.

    Paul thanks God he did not baptize any of them except Crispus and Gaius and a few others.

    [17]For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.

    For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish because of foolishness.

    And the preaching of the power of God is to those who are saved.

    God will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

    God has made the wisdom of this World foolish.
    Through His Wisdom God created the World, yet humankind in its own wisdom did not know God.

    The World tries to please God by the foolishness of preaching to them that believe.

    The Jews require a sign for them to believe.
    The Greeks require wisdom for them to believe.

    Preaching that Jesus Christ was crucified is a stumbling-block to the Jews. [23]

    Preaching that Jesus Christ was crucified is foolishness to the Greeks. [23]The wise of this World.

    But to them who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Jesus Christ is the Power and Wisdom of God.
    Few wise men are called.
    Few mighty men are called.
    Few noble men are called.
    Few rich men are called.
    Many are busy with worldly affairs and the desire to fulfill fleshly passions.

    God chooses the foolish things of the World to confound the wise.

    God chooses the weak things of the World to confound the mighty.

    God chooses the base things of the World , to confound the highly regarded.

    God chooses the despised things of this World , to confound the exalted.

    God chooses things which are not, to bring to nought things that are.

    No one is glorious in the eyes of God.

    But of him who is in Jesus Christ, who God has made through His Wisdom and Righteousness, and Sanctification, and Redemption: let him glory in the Lord.

    Jesus Christ himself did not baptize people. [John 4:2]
    Jesus Christ could not have baptized people in his own name.
    Jesus Christ’s baptism is by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

    Anyone receiving this baptism is saved and receives eternal life.
  • Nevermore Mazongo on 1 Corinthians 2
    A man’s faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but should stand in the Power of God.[5]

    The eye has not seen,
    The ear has not heard,
    The heart has not perceived,
    The things which God has prepared for them that love Him. [9]

    10But God hath revealed [them] unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.

    For no man knows what is in another man’s heart, except the spirit of that person which is in him.

    So no man knows the secrets of God, except the Spirit of God.[11]

    Now we have received , not the spirit of the World , but the Spirit of God, that we may know the things that are freely given to us of God.[12]

    We speak of these things, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches, but in the words which the Holy Ghost teaches.

    Relating spiritual things to the Spiritual realm.

    The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God.
    The natural man cannot discern the things of the Spirit of God:
    For they are foolishness to him.
    Neither can a natural man know the things of the Spirit of God:
    For they are spiritually discerned.

    15But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

    Only God is qualified to judge all things.

    An upright man does not query or question God’s Decrees and Judgements.

    16For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.
  • Samone on John 1:1
    We can pick at the translations and debate the meaning of text or its original intent in Hebrew versus Greek. But in the end, the power of truth is far greater than the limitations imposed upon us by our language. How do we know the correct interpretation of John1:1? By knowing Jesus.
  • Deb on Psalms 68
    George Luna's Psalms Chapter 68 comment about verse 4 on 9/15/2010, 8:12am...

    Well its a true and correct when it come to the name of the son.

    The person who wrote this commit above needs to proofread before posting committing. "What does the statment mean?" Please do not solicit my email address to no one, no company, no business, no church, no anyone - only back to me, Deb., Thanks. do not send advertisements, period.
  • Jake on Genesis 2:7
    1. Dont look up things on Wikipedia
    2. The Genesis Account is not figurative or an Allegory
    3. God Did not Create Anything on the Seventh day including Adam (Genesis 2:1-3)
    4.Verse 4 Brings us back to the day or Period (days 1 - 6 , yes all these "days" are refered to one "day" or period)when Jehovah creative works were being completed.
    5.How long were these creative days? the Bible does not say. Were they literal 24 hours ? Theres no basis for arbitrarily stating that each day was 24 hours but his seventh day of rest from creative works continued into Pauls day(Hebrews 4:3-6) if not into our day .
  • Al Sikkema on Hebrews 11:1
    I am trying to relate the verse in Herbrews 11:1 to another text in the bible that states, "by grace are ye saved, through faith, and not of yourselves". It is God that can only save us and it is his "gift". Where does faith come in? Can we say by grace are ye saved through the substance of things hoped for. If we are dead in trespasses and sins we can bring nothing forward of ourselves to save ourselves. The dry bones in that arose and became an army became alive because of one reason: GOD. Faith then must also be a gift that God must give as well as Grace. This would then make Faith the substance of things hoped for (as much as the Lord will give us. Paul says I am what I am by the grace of God.
  • Eric on Deuteronomy 2
    How is it possible to justify the actions of the Children of Israel in killing so many people, including "The little ones"(See Verse 34),with the commandment, "Thou shall not kill"? Would God really have told Moses to do such a thing?
  • Serge on Genesis 1
    If man would never sin in the first place would there be heaven on earth?
  • Indeed, God did create Adam and Eve to be immortal, and at the moment they ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, they became mortal--began at that moment to die--and also were at that moment separated from God for the first time. Until then, they were in unity with God. Mortality was the greatest gift God could give to His fallen creatures, for without it, salvation would be impossible, for how could Christ die in our place if we couldn't die? In addition, without the gift of mortality, all the evil men who ever lived would be living still today, growing in evil. It is for these reasons that they were cast out of the garden. If they had stayed, and eaten of the tree of life, they would live forever in their sins. So God set an angel to guard the way to the tree of life, so that no man might eat of it until His plan of redemption was complete. See Genesis 3:22 and Rev. 22:14.
  • Rudolph on Matthew 1
    Jesus was sent from the Father, by spiritual dispensation, as prophesied numerous times in the Old Testament(God with us)He stepped out of himself to bridge the gap between man (fallen)and God (upright) connecting us back together by the cross (What can wash away my sins? nothing but the blood of JESUS!!!)Please note Matthew Chapter 1 Distinctively elevated 5 women in the lineage of JESUS CHRIST. Matthew and John were the only eye witnesses with Jesus Christ of the four Gospels, therefore we as possible children of God must search our hearts and seek the face of God to receive his divine plan for our lives, and not man's determination of us.
    God bless you only if you receive the revelation of the HOLY Ghost speeking through this (medium) the internet.
    His humble servant Rudolph.
  • Timothy Wayne George on John 21:15
    This verse makes us all ponder the question that Jesus ask Peter" Lovest thou me more than these?" Peter had boasted though all men will forsake thee, I will never forsake thee, but he failed. All of our failures can be traced to this question about love for the Lord more than these. As Peter answered thou know that I love thee because only the Lord knows our heart. We must search our heart daily, and make sure that nothing comes between our love for the Lord. Just as Jesus restores Peter, then he restores us when we confess our love for him more than these.
  • Brenda on 2 Samuel 1
    I am confused as to why this young man said he killed Saul, when The Word states that Saul fell upon his sword and killed himself. How did he get Saul's crown and bracelet? Every time I read this I simply do not understand it. Why would someone claim to have taken the life of someone just to have their life taken?
  • Levi on Genesis 1
    who was with GOD during creation taking records?
  • Anthony on Hebrews 6:6
    Answering Richards question a year ago. Richard, b carful, God is All mercifull, and we live n the dispensation of Grace, but Grace does not give u the license to Sin. There will b a line where God draws, where there's no more forgiveness, but no1 knows the exact line. These scriptures are not refering to a backslider, remember the prodical son? Sometimes we get weak, and slip up like David, but he REPENTED. Repentace means a 180 turn around from ur previous lifestyle. This scripture is refering to Homosexuals, and other Christains that were once living straight and felt and rec the Holy Ghost, and denied JESUS an a apostate, denounced God and served themselves or another god, as Budah, allah and etc....
  • Takirid on Revelation 17
    IT IS the hour of God’s judgment! Listen, then, to the divine message: “And another, a second angel, followed, saying: ‘She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen, she who made all the nations drink of the wine of the anger of her fornication!’” (Revelation 14:8) For the first time, but not the last, Revelation focuses attention on Babylon the Great. Later, chapter 17 will describe her as a voluptuous harlot. Who is she? As we shall see, she is a global empire, she is religious, and she is Satan’s counterfeit system that he uses in fighting against the seed of God’s woman. (Revelation 12:17) Babylon the Great is the entire world empire of false religion. She includes all religions that preserve the religious teachings and practices of ancient Babylon and that manifest her spirit.
    It was at Babylon, more than 4,000 years ago, that Jehovah confused the tongues of the would-be builders of the Tower of Babel. The different language groups were scattered to the ends of the earth, taking with them the apostate beliefs and practices that are the basis of most religions to this day. (Genesis 11:1-9) Babylon the Great is the religious part of Satan’s organization. (Compare John 8:43-47.) Her most prominent segment today is apostate Christendom, which emerged as a powerful, lawless organization in the fourth century after Christ, with creeds and formalisms derived, not from the Bible, but largely from Babylonish religion.—2 Thessalonians 2:3-12.
    . John is struck with wonderment at what he next hears and sees: “And one of the seven angels that had the seven bowls came and spoke with me, saying: ‘Come, I will show you the judgment upon the great harlot who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, whereas those who inhabit the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.’”—Revelation 17:1, 2.
    2 “The great harlot”! Why so shocking a designation? Who is she? Some have identified this symbolic harlot with ancient Rome. But Rome was a political power. This harlot commits fornication with the kings of the earth, and this evidently includes the kings of Rome. Besides, after her destruction, “the kings of the earth” are said to mourn her passing. Therefore, she cannot be a political power. (Revelation 18:9, 10) Additionally, since she is mourned also by the world’s merchants, she could not picture big business. (Revelation 18:15, 16) We read, however, that ‘by her spiritistic practice all the nations were misled.’ (Revelation 18:23) This makes it clear that the great harlot must be a worldwide religious entity.
    Which religious entity? Is she the Roman Catholic Church, as some have maintained? Or is she all of Christendom? No, she must be even larger than these if she is to mislead all the nations. She is, in fact, the entire world empire of false religion. Her origin in the mysteries of Babylon is shown in that many Babylonish doctrines and practices are common to religions around the earth. For example, belief in the inherent immortality of the human soul, in a hell of torment, and in a trinity of gods is to be found in most Oriental religions as well as in the sects of Christendom. False religion, spawned more than 4,000 years ago in the ancient city of Babylon, has developed into the modern monstrosity that is called, appropriately, Babylon the Great. Why, though, is she described by the repugnant term “the great harlot”?
  • Shawndell on 2 Chronicles 30
    The revelation i recieved was,Santifacation.How the priest didnt partake of the passover because they werent santified and neither did the people because the didnt gather in Jerusalem.It brings me to say,How essential it is to santify yourself before partaken in any Holy thing, nevertheless, God pardon the people because of the man of God, Hezekiah prayed for them.God is a merciful God but we should not take his mercy for grated because he is also a God of wrath ,and Who can stand before a God of vengence?!!!
  • Andrew on 1 Kings 7
    Ten cubits in diameter and thirty in circumference? God got pi wrong...
  • Mark on Genesis 46:15
    Something is wrong here. The verse states that all of the souls of his sons and daughters (by Leah) was 33. it is actually 34. it would add up to 33 if you did not count his daughter Dinah, but then why mention her by name and why say "of his sons and his daughters?"
  • Timothy Wayne George on Genesis 39
    We must remember the phrase in the bible" and it came to pass" no matter what trial or temptation we are going through, it will pass. Joseph ask a very important question when he was tempted" how can I do this wickedness and sin against God?" We must ask that question, because all sin is against God, and we must trust in the Lord with all our heart, and lean not unto our understanding. In all our ways we are to acknowledge him, and he will direct our path. Joseph does what the bible tells us to do, and that is to flee youthful lust. Even though Joseph is lied on, and sent to prison God was with Joseph. God prospered Joseph while he was in prison. Humble thyself under the mighty hand of God, and in due time he will exalt thee. Joseph went from the pit, to Potiphar's house, to the prison, and then to be prime minister of Egypt. Joseph remained faithful to God, and he was blessed, this is a great lesson to us to remain faithful to God too. There is an end to all suffering, and we must remember 1Cor. 10:13 when being tempted too. May the Lord bless you richly my beloved.
  • Nevermore Mazongo on Romans 13
    Power ordained of God and The Power of Love.

    All Spiritual Power comes from God.

    The power that is derived through Faith in God.

    Everyone must be subject to these higher powers.

    The powers that be are ordained of God.

    Whosoever resists the power that is ordained of God, resists the ordinance of God.

    Whosoever resists the power that is ordained of God, receives damnation.

    That person is condemned.

    Rulers ordained of God are not a terror to those who do good.

    Those who have Faith in God.

    But they are a terror to those who do evil. Those who do not fear God.

    Why then should one be afraid of the power?

    Do what is good and you will even receive praise from the power.

    The power is a minister of God to you, for you to do what is good.

    But if you do what is evil, then you have cause to be afraid, because his wrath will befall you.

    For he is a minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath on those who do evil.

    You must be subject not only for the sake of escaping wrath but also for the sake of your conscience.

    You should also pay tribute to the powers’ efforts in building your conscience.

    For the powers are ministers of God, attending continuously building your conscience.

    Render therefore to all their dues:

    Tribute to whom tribute is due.

    Custom to whom custom is due.

    Fear to whom fear is due.

    Honour to whom owner is due.

    Do not begrudge anyone, but love one another.

    For he who loves another has fulfilled the law.

    For if you love one another: then,

    Thou shall not commit adultery.

    Thou shall not kill.

    Thou shall not steal.

    Thou shall not bear false witness.

    Thou shall not covet.

    All commandments relating to sins directly against men can be rolled up in the commandment ;

    Love thy neighbour as thou love thyself.

    Love does not work evil against one’s neighbours, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

    Now it is high time to wake up from sleep.

    The night is far spent, and the day is at hand.

    Salvation is nearer than we believed and to receive Salvation from God,

    We should cast off all the works of darkness.

    We should put on the armour of light.

    Let us walk honestly, as in the light.

    Let us not walk in rioting and drunkenness.

    Let us not walk in chambering and wantonness.

    Let us not walk in strife and envying.

    We should make no provision for the flesh.

    We should not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

    We should put our mind to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    We should have total and unconditional Faith in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, God wants to free us from our sins, so we don’t lose anything by turning to God. We only lose our misery, suffering and enslavement by sin.

    God bless you all. Amen!
  • Chaz on Acts 2
    In reponse to Ms.Jackson's question; What is tounges? In short it is God's way of letting us know that we have been filled with his spirit, u say well; I recieved the Holy Ghost when I believed. Well not so.. Remember in Ac19 Paul asked the diciples of John if they had recieved the Holy Ghost? They said we have not even heard of the HG. Then what happened? They rec the HG and spoke in tounges,AC2 and the HG fell and they spoke in tounges, Act10 Cornelieus and his family rec the HG and spoke with tounges, U see, God never meant for us to have a salvation we had to guess about. He took the most unruly member of the body and used it to let us know that hey! God dwells in this vessel! Paul stated that I speak in tounges more than all of u, and forbid not to speak in tounges. Jesus commanded us to be born of water and spirit jn 3:3/3:5 Spirit bap is one of these ingrediants. So I'll ask have u recieved the HG since u beleived?
  • Gladys jackson on Acts 2:3
    What is tounges? and how to it work.and how do someone no that someone is talking in tounges.
  • Nevermore Mazongo on Romans 10
    Glory be to God,All Mighty, Jehovah.God of Abraham,
    Through Jesus Christ let Grace and Salvation come to us all. Amen!

    This chapter 10 is a strong Word of advice to the people of this World in general and to the children of Israel in particular.

    A challenge to the children of Israel:

    1.How then shall they call upon the Lord, Jesus Christ, when they do not believe in him?

    2.How then shall they believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ when they refuse to hear the Word of God?

    3.How then shall they hear the Word of God, when they refuse to listen to the prophets of God?

    4.How then shall they preach the Word of God, except if they are sent by God?

    Many of the children of `Israel have refused to accept the gospel.

    Many of the children of Israel deny that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

    Brothers and Sisters, the time to repent is NOW!

    Before God there is no Jew and there is no Gentile. We are all treated justly and equally.

    We are all saved by the Grace of God through Faith in Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Luke 23
    To Jennifer, "they" in verse 34 relates to all of us. When Jesus said father forgive them for the know not what they do, he was thinking of all of mankind, because it was our sin that he was forgiving by dying on the cross. Since we have been forgiven, we should forgive others who sin toward us. Peter ask the Lord how many times should I forgive my brother up to seven? Jesus said not seven, but seventy times seven. If you are struggling with unforgiveness, then go to the cross, and there you will see all of your sin that Jesus forgave, when he said father forgive them for they know not what they do.
  • Chaz on Acts 19
    So the question might be asked, who's baptisim are u baptized unto? Or r u baptized in fat/son/hghost? Anyone feeling like they need to be rebaptized in the Name of Jesus? for the what? the remission of sins.. not fine if u do,fine if u don't, not for the outward showing of an inward faith, it's for the remission of sins. Sounds like an imprtant truth to me. ru born of water and spirit jn3:3 3:5.
  • Chaz on Acts 1
    I also love the book of acts it is the unfinished history of the new testament church hence it does not end in amen, why because the same fire, or dunamous translates to dynamite in the greek is still falling today in the end time church! When Jesus said go to jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high and they obeyed that it set the stage for this 1st chap and the day of Pentecost. It fell in ch1,2,10,19 etc. Notice each time the Holy Ghost fell the samething happened, they spoke in tounges they were bap in Jesus Name and not fat/son/holy ghost. Why? because they were titles not the name.Search the scriptures was the admonishment of the savior! How I love that name! The pentecostal experience is a rich one! Anyone feel that they need to search the scriptures?
  • Marius Potgieter on Genesis 2:7
    Both 1 and 2 tell the same story - stated allegorically. The message is about God and His absolute wisdom and power - not a chronological account. My faith is strengthened, knowing God caused everything to come into existence and not by wondering about what came first according to my own logic. Discussions about "which one is true?" is superfluous and creates disharmony - "light" is often used (in the idiom of people who lived at that time) to denote "order" or "wisdom/understanding", et cetera. Chapters are separate pieces of skin or clay with writing on them - both pieces contained the the same account and both were found to be trustworthy and worthy of inclusion in the writings about "In The Beginning".

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