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  • Mawitea LP on Daniel 7:13
    My questions are: 1) Who is Ancient of Days? 2) Who is son of a man?
  • TR on Psalms 11
    In verse three a searing question is asked; "If the foundations be destroyed, what do the righteous do?" It is noteworthy that through all the rest of the Psalm, the righteous are not required to do anything; except (implicitly) to do their duty. We need not fret or fuss or flail about. We need not create yet another program or form another committee. We do well to look up, see the salvation of God, and keep plowing our row. David's answer is that "God is in his holy temple, his eyelids behold the children of men." As Bonhoffer said, "It is the mark of a mature man, as opposed to callow youth that however much he longs for the object of his desire, he stays at his post and does his duty." We have not the strength to resist the evil in this world--but GOD does, and will. Our sober faithfulness and unflinching allegiance to the Spirit and teachings of Jesus will, in the end, be the occasion of God's triumph in human history.
  • Esther on Ruth 4:12
    What is the meaning of Ruth 4:12? Can any one tell me what that verse means?
  • MR LEWIS on 1 Samuel 17
    Have a question why did Davidís brother get upset with him in verse 28?
  • Timothy Wayne George on 1 John 4:20
    How can we say we love God, whom we have not seen, and hate our brother whom we see? We lie, and do not the truth. Beloved, love one another, for God is love, and who ever loves his brother is born of God. When we see our brother in need, and say be warm, be filled, without giving him those things that he needs, how say ye that the love of God abides in you? Beloved, let us not love in word, but in deed, and therefore your heart will not condemn you when you stand before judgment. Jesus has commanded a new commandment give I unto thee, that you love one another as I have loved you.
  • Louvenia Green Hicks on Romans 3:3
    I "DO" know this: JEHOVAH GOD spoke "verbally" three things to me during the trial. In 1 John 4:1, I found it to be a spiritual warfare. I was "not" prepared. It took me to the edge of sanity, a battle in the mind that produced visible Revelation 1. Louvenia, who comes to ME and reasons with ME or persuade ME that I may change my mind;
    2. Louvenia, who decides between you (man) and ME (GOD HIMSELF) who is right or who is wrong;
    3. HE said to me: you go to your director and he tells you something, then your co-worker tells you something else, now you change your mind with new information. JEHOVAH GOD said, look I know "all" things. I AM ALMIGHTY GOD, no one can come to ME and tell ME anything I do not already know. This is why I do not change my mind/break a promise. The spiritual warfare left me undecided toward life, knowing that ALL things are in subjections to ALMIGHTY GOD approval. So NO, NO, NO, if men believe or do not believe, I believe this does not move GOD to break HIS promise or HIS will. Trust me, By faith! I requested death (cursed! myself), in order to separate myself from the very thing I was in the midst of. Only to awake! And find myself instructed and repositioned, in that very thing! I was in the midst of 1 John 4:1 Spiritual warfare. I personally found that death did not separate me from ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH GOD, because I knew what death is.
  • Insight 777 on Revelation 12
    Was the 3rd part of the stars in heaven cast down to the earth when Jesus was born? To my knowledge, no, that did not happen. The dragon did not stand in the manger and devour Jesus at his birth. "And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.Ē This verse proves that chapter 12 is written for Christians not Israel. Jews do not acknowledge the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation is a sealed book pertaining only to the events of World War 3. No one in the past could understand its meaning because knowledge of current events is necessary to know what is being revealed. I believe the woman is Christianity that is persecuted and condemned during WW3 and wants to give birth to a "child" that means Christian freedom to worship God. Verse 3 is describing a War battlefront, the Middle East war. "And they loved not their lives unto the death" describes brave men and women that fight to defend the Christian religion. "The 3rd part of the stars in heaven" ... stars are symbolic for missiles. The rod of iron is a nuclear missile that defeats the enemy of Christ and frees the world to be able to worship God once again.
  • Ella on Genesis 1
    On Genesis 1:3, I have been told there were beings before Adam and Eve. And God was not pleased with them. They were not made in Godís image. True or false? Ron, Genesis 1 is about the beings before Adam and Eve (and during the time of Adam and Eve and after Adam and Eve). Adam and Eve came in Chapter 2. In Chapter 1, God "created" man and woman. In Chapter 2, God "forms" a man and calls his name Adam and breathes into his nostrils the breath of life and Man becomes a living soul. Then He "forms" a woman and calls her Eve. In this Bible (above), God had a home base, if you will, in what we now call Israel. But, when God said, "let there be light", He didn't just put light in Israel. He put light all over the world. Same with plants, trees, and animals. The same is true for "them" he "created". The Old Testament is a Jewish history book and the focus is on the descendants of Adam and Eve (specifically, Seth and his heirs down to Isaac and his 12 sons (the 12 tribes of Israel) and their journey with God through multiple generations.
  • Peter mayers on Revelation 12:4
    Could the third part of the stars of heaven refer to some advanced technology which the devil will make available to men of science so as to further lead man away from GOD and the truth?
  • Bob Brock on 2 Peter 2
    This chapter vividly describes the World through the Ages. By that, I mean it describes the results of following our own instincts instead of following the commandments of God and the way He wishes for us to live. Can ANYONE deny that our "popular culture" is NOT as instantly recognizable here to you as it is to me? The God-fearing among US are despised by those who wander about, following their wanton lusts, drunk on drugs, perverted sex, and bloody violence at the video arcade and the cinema! They will meet their end swiftly as also we who follow God's law will meet Him that created us.
  • Wesley's notes for Revelation 22:13. God did not say "I am THE Alpha and Omega" He is Alpha and Omega. When you use "the" you refer to something apart from Him (God). Alpha and Omega is not some sort of coat God puts on to be Alpha and Omega... HE IS ALPHA AND OMEGA! Amen!
  • Audrey Leschinski on Leviticus 15
    I don't know WHY verse 29 states that she shall take two turtles or two pigeons... when turtles ARE considered an unclean animal to begin with. Perhaps it should read two turtledoves?
  • Kweli on Deuteronomy 6:5
    To love the Lord thy God is a total experience encompassing all of a person; the mental, physical, social and spiritual. We are His children who can only touch him through our souls, consequently, our love must equally encompass with nothing held back. So how do we accomplish such a feat? Only through total love and submission, i.e. giving to Him on all levels of our formative existence. So love Him then love Him some more.
  • Sher on Psalms 12
    "Wow!" This is the Word that I read upon awaking 12/26/12. I was in (awe) to see it being fulfilled in my own life at present. If say I had doubt? I happened upon it again this morning on 12/27/12 and realized I had actually witnessed some of this Word become reality and come to pass (more than once) during the day, prior. I heard the Lord say: "did I not visit you with the Truth (thrice), have you any doubt as to the Word being alive?" I am truly, in "awe." Although, I must say, I've believed John 3:16 since He revealed God to me and saved my soul some 38 years ago. Some of my favorite scriptures are John 17, all and verse 9, stand out loud. He is alive today even throughout eternity. "God keeps that which (all of us) have given unto Him unto that day: Hallelujah!
  • Gary mixon on Genesis 1:26
    The problem, is that most of you (respondents) re-quote and come with a pre supposition that is not inclined to exegesis, anthropology, and ancient near east history. And therefore I am dismayed to the responses. To most scholars - we turmoil of the translation of Hebrew. The known errors from Hebrew to Greek are numerous at best, let alone the translations to the Septuagint (Latin), which become astronomical. The fact remains that ONE POSSIBILITY OF TRANSLATION of the above text is a plethora or numerous [gods]. It's like the many mysteries of the Torah, law and prophets. One other being, the Yam Suf, or fresh water reeds crossing, Jacobís ladder, etc. Believing and enforcing dogma, breeds criticism to violent ends, mostly due the fact that the ignorant choose not to learn or study, but to believe and vehemently enforce a dogma. So very sad, that laymen have an opinion of any subject due to lack of empirical or critical experience. I can go on and on here with facts.... but why bother?
  • Amir on John 16
    Please let's read the 7th verse and the 13th with this clarity: Jesus is God, Father is God and the spirit is God, is that right? If yes, does that mean that it is expedient for you that God goes away: for if God goes not away, the God will not come unto you; but if God departs, God will send God unto you. And at the 13th says that God the spirit of truth will not speak of God self but God hears what God shall speak and God shall guide you in all truth!! Please explain this to me. Thanks in advance.
  • Brownavon7 on Matthew 23:9
    Very strong especially against the Catholic church!!! Will Father God forgive them?
  • Jay on Mark 14
    I would like to know if you have biblical scripture to verify your remarks about the sticker? Also there is biblical evidence that people that want to run around naked and cut on themselves are possessed with an unclean spirit(s), Mark 5:1-15. The man was found sitting (calm), clothed, and in his right mind after unclean spirit was come out.
  • Vincent on Luke 2
    Every time I read Luke 2, my heart is filled with joy and peace settles over me, knowing that this child lives in my heart and is my Salvation. Then I read people trying to figure out what the lineage of the Christ was/is. And I just have to marvel at the ignorance expressed in these conjectures. What difference does it make and how is it any of our business? God sent his son to be born of Mary, a virgin. That should be enough for any believer.
  • Ciprince Ikwuagwu on Romans 8
    Truly, I so much love this epistle of Apostle Paul to the Romans. The truth of the whole matter is, that Christ is not a man of flesh and blood to be worshiped in carnality. And there's no condemnation to them that are born again in the Holy Ghost. Now, the whole creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, and that is their expectation. Who are these sons they're expecting? They're men who know their God, who call God their father because they hear, live, and move by Him. And I thank God that in this age called 'kingdom age', the sons of God are being made. Men who will not break their ranks, nor compromise the standards given to them, men who understand the current program of God in their age, because in every age there's a program of God which one. And I pray that lets the manifestation of the sons of God be seen by all so that they may know that the Word of God is truth.
  • Robin atwater on Romans 6
    Romans 6 doesn't talk about water baptism. It says we must be baptized into His death. The thief on the cross is a perfect picture of this. He was not water baptized - but shared in Christís death because of his faith. Because he was crucified with Christ (baptized into His death) nevertheless he lived. So also we are baptized into His death, in the spiritual sense when we place our faith in His death. The obedience that is required of us is Christ's obedience. If you back up to the end of Romans 5 you will see that by one Man's obedience all were made perfect. That one Man is Christ. What are we doing trying to be made perfect by our efforts? Unless you are talking about being obedient to the Gospel- which is just believing. And at that point, the sin nature is made inoperable and no longer dominates you (not sinless perfection, but still not dominating your life). This is what it is meant by "He who is dead, is free from the sin (nature)." Our faith plunges us into His death. Verse 6 explains, in the original Greek, that it is not the sin nature that dies, but it is made inoperable when we die. Thus, I am crucified with Christ. We gain that position by faith alone in His death. It is not obedience to The Law, or any law. Our labour is to rest. We simply believe. If you'd like to hear more teaching on Romans 6, go to and click on Bible College. It will explain more to you how you can be free. Praise God!
  • Jay on Mark 13
    @Elizabeth Lee,
    Verse 32- Here again we must know the period of time and which Jesus is making reference to. This is why one must find a good bible believing church to help in the study of the scriptures (Acts 8:26-35). This is another parable as in all parables that Jesus uses a physical to explain a spiritual.
    1. If Jesus is not God, there is no hope of us being saved and we are lost in our sins and destined for eternal hell (I Corinthians 15:12-19);
    2. When Jesus is making reference to the Jews he is known as the son of man (verse 34). Jesus is informing us that we can know the season when we are getting close to the 2nd advent by watching is real (fig tree) and other events in the world;
    3. As the son of man he is 100% man and that part of the divine nature was just not privy to the exact day and hour of Christ returns;
    4. We are to be in ready mode at all times, this is why it is called living by faith not by sight (II Corinthians 5:7);
    5. There are some of Godís divine nature he chose not to bring with him when he came to earth as our saviour and I suppose this was one of them.
  • Walter on Job 38
    I have thoughts about the snow and hail being reserved for the day of battle and war. Could this be the war Armageddon as mentioned in the book of Revelation 16:16?
  • Romy on Psalms 83:18
    Many bible translators agreed with the Jewish tradition of omitting or changing the Divine name. But what did Jesus said about the Jews? Matthew 15:6 "and so you have made the word of God invalid because of your tradition."
  • Bob on Jonah 4
    Jonah is like many Christians. We either pray for or desire the salvation of the most wicked people in the world. Only God is pure love and wants all to go to heaven. How many Christians prayed for the salvation of Hitler?
  • Leslie on Hebrews 10:12
    Jesus died for our past, present and future sins and God will not remember our sins anymore and Jesus will reward us for how we lived in this world, not judge us, when He returns. Yet, preachers still tell people they are going to hell for breaking the Ten Commandments and cause self-condemnation in their minds. What is the Truth?
  • Mas on Revelation 1
    Jesus is presented that way, because that is what he is.
    Like the President of the United States, he is the Chief of Executive, Chief of Government, Commander in Chief of the US Armies. Is it wrong if he is presented with all such titles? But I think depending on situations, some titles may prevail against others.
    So nothing wrong in all that.
    God bless you.
  • Anon on Ezekiel 34:29
    Ezekiel 34:29 declares ďAnd I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any moreĒ.
    What plant is it about? Because some suggest it is Hemp.
  • Kelvin on Acts 1
    These rumours confirm the bible as the absolute word of GOD, YES he is out of the heavenly Doors, he is surely coming back again. BUT WHEN? Psalms 119:89, Acts 1:7, Mathew 24:43-47 and...... In a twinkling of an eye.
  • Marc on Revelation 1
    Why is Jesus 'introduced' as the faithful witness, the first begotten of the dead and the prince of the kings of the earth? It seems less than flattering for the son of God...

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