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  • Leon Katz on Exodus 20
    @Practice Banda,
    What day is the Sabbath? Exodus 20:8. The Sabbath is literally the 7th day of the week. It was the the last day of God's creational work, It is commandment that crowns the Creator's goodness towards mankind. A day that was sat apart from the other six (6) days in creation which were somewhat pair off, but the Seventh day (Sabbath) was somewhat alone, so the Most High God saw fit to pair the Sabbath off with mankind. Now the Sabbath means the day of Rest, in that man was to labor and achieve in all of his mental, physical endeavors in six (6) days, but this day is set apart for man's good that he could reframe from all of his work and commune with his Creator. Rest in his thinking and body and in his spirit, to be refreshed in whole. It is a day of worship and celebration with family and friends and giving of praise towards his Creator for the good pleasures in his life, and to understand the will of God through observing creation and reading and teaching his holy word. Contrary to some opinions, the Sabbath is a Commandment, not simple a precept or statute or law. This was God's own word handed down to be observed from generation to generation, until heaven is ushered in for eternity. This day has so many prophetic messages, it simply could be understood as a foreshadow of things to come, God is so loving that he sends the Sabbath to man through space and into to our present time, week after week. The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. Praise be unto the Most High God.
  • Claude B. Victory on 1 Thessalonians 5:14
    1 Thessalonians 5:14 is a word straight from the throne of God. We are not all strong, we are not all weak. God died for all creatures, the whole household of faith, which has a diversity of characters and personalities. Love conquers all. Patience, patience, patience.. God has control over himself, which is divine patience. What if God had mood swings and was not patient with his creation. Where should I stay, and what would happen?
  • Ian on Hebrews 5
    Verses 12-14 have a heading spiritual immaturity in the New King James. The bible is clearly saying when we are saved and reborn, we have a lot to learn from the oracles of God also known as the torah or the Old Testament. So, anyone thinking that the new covenant did away with the 10 commandments needs to read Acts 21:24, John 10:15, 2 Timothy 3:15-16, 2 Peter 1:20, Mark 2:28, Mathew 7:21-23, Mark 7:6-9. At the time of the oracles or scriptures mentions, there was no New Testament. The only law nailed to the cross is Sacrificial and Ceremonial. The Moral Law (10 commandments) were written in stone because they are forever. John 14:10 says if ye love me keep my commandments. So why would he make them void after saying this? Would Jesus really say it's ok to have false gods? Kill, steal, commit adultery, bear false witness? That what doing away the OLD LAW means. The new covenant is no animal sacrifice or circumcision and other ceremonial law and tempering the moral laws and scriptural doctrine with love and compassion. Something the Pharisees lacked. That’s why he called their teaching bad leaven, or leaven to be avoided.
  • Victor on Daniel 3
    Sometimes you just have to “Let it Burn”. Fire has a property called “Radiant Heat” which means if you don’t cool things down around it they will burn too. This is evident by the men carrying the (3) to throw them into the furnace died while trying. God being ALL Powerful could have sent a strong wind and blew out the fire as easily as we blow out a match, or sent a drowning rain; but these things could have and most likely would have been attributed to “Natural Causes”. The FIRE had to BURN. The people standing around had to see for themselves the threat was REAL!!! There was no fake or Shake there. Just like in our lives today. There are those who do not like us for reasons unknown, and they do all they can to make our lives miserable. They get JOY at seeing us suffer, or at least what they perceive as suffering. As we sit back and pray for their deliverance, they giggle with glee. GLORY HALLILUJA!!! Think about what exactly happened that day. Men died, but not the ones that were expected to die. A man who called “himself” a king realized he was nothing. The men in the fire had the Faith of a Saint. Which is what kept them safe (in my opinion). Imagine them sticking their hands into the fire allowing their bonds to be burned off, while not suffering any burns to their bodies. Walking around, possibly in amazement, themselves seeing the walls of flames all around them and feeling no affect. Kind of like our enemies seeking to still our joy, with God’s Grace and Mercy we feel No Affect. Actually, that fire did serve more than one purpose; it set the Hebrews free literally and Spiritually too. All they did was walk around and marvel – not a worry at all. When the king did not hear that expected YELP!!! Their outcry of agony he could not comprehend “Why Not”. Just like those who seek our demise; they can’t understand why we are not in misery. We have to let it burn. Jesus said “Do good to those who would do evil to you…” When someone wants to see you suffer, there is nothing more devastating to them than not to see you suffer. The only suffering seen that day was the men who died trying to obey the king. When it was seen how the properties of “Fire” had been changed that day. EVERYONE was convinced God was God. The king made a proclamation to all, He WAS GOD, and no one was to serve any other God. The Fire might be burning around someone right now; co-workers might be dogging your every step. Your Boss might be doing all he or she can to make your job almost undoable, Bill collectors might be on your phone(s) day and night. Even folks in your churches might put your name(s) in the mud. BUT! Let it burn!!! The future might seem as if there is absolutely NO HOPE, but you have to let it Burn!!! Your children, the one(s) you mothers carried for (9) months and delivered into this world may be causing you heart aches beyond belief, but you got to “Let it burn”!!!! It might seem; the harder you try to get ahead, the further behind it seems you get, But, “Let it Burn” There may be times you think to yourself “Where is God”? Why is He allowing me to go through so much? Those Hebrew Boys were not only a Testimony to the Power of their God; they turned a whole kingdom around. Just like you will, when those fires of your enemies are put to non-affect. All you got to do is “Let them Burn”, God’s got you and they will bring no harm to you either.
  • Dianne on Matthew 8
    Are you stating that the son of God mean evil? "That is what is meant when “the son of man (the opposite of the son of God = the evil one) has no place to lay his head." Are your parenthesis in the wrong spot? Matthew 25 Christ is called the son of man. Luke 1:35 refers to Mary being visited by the spirit and her son being the Son of God.
  • Emmma Ohaeri on Exodus 22:18
    I find this bible portion very interesting and I have question that bothers me, what of if you have a wife who is a witch who has let you surfer for long before you discovered? Please send me a prayer point that is adequate.
  • Connie on Ezekiel 45
    I was just curious about the last few chapters I have written. If this is prophecy about the Millenium, then why does it still talk about sacrifices. Jesus is the Lamb and He already paid the price. Why would we have to do that during the 1000 years?
  • Cuthbert on Revelation 21:9
    I just don’t understand it! Who is the Lamb's wife?
  • Tracy fyler on Exodus 19:13
    Since John 17:3, Philippians 3:8-10, Matthew 7:21-23, verse 9 covered by a thick cloud, Jeremiah 29:13 that the people might hear when I speak with you, and believe you forever. John 6:17-8; 8:12. Jesus marveled in Matthew 8:10. Is there a greater marvel elsewhere? Is the only disease (BELEVING A LIE) caused by either Deception, or Pride. 1 Corinthians 4:7 there is only One God Who cannot lie, Hebrews 13:8. Who says there are no absolutes? The statement is an absolute, humble unselfish FATHER already knows everything, and is the answer, yet humanity is so wrapped up in their shallow little plans they miss the mark. His Glory Revelation 4:11, Galatians 2:20-21, Genesis 15:1, Philippians 3:12 Came here to understand this veiled verse 19:13 but got sidetracked. Sound unfamiliar 2 Corinthians 3:18, Ephesians 4:13.
  • Thomas D. on John 3
    @Tom Allen,
    If it weren't to the individual to be born again, how is one to get into heaven? Flesh and blood surely will not, then Acts 2:38, 4:12, Colossians 3:17 and others in Acts are null and void and the Bible not true. Many would like to just use Romans as a means of salvation but that won't work; it’s a beginning..Faith without WORKS is DEAD!!!
  • SITERI on Psalms 37
    Psalms 37:5 that I shall commit and trust in Him in everything I do and he will bring it to pass. That is awesome! As well as verses 39 and 40, For he is the salvation and the strength in the time of trouble. He is our deliverer and helper. WHY? Because we trust in Him. Amen.
  • Winson Falia on Mark 7
    Is there anyone who can explain what verses 18,19 are saying? Does verse 19 say we can eat anything we like? Then what Deuteronomy 14 talks about the unclean food that we are not supposed to eat?
  • Akuro on John 1:1
    What is the difference between “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” and “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God's”. The second would correspond with Proverbs 8, and denotes two separate and distinct entities. Whether Jesus' beginning was from everlasting does not matter. What matters is that he has a beginning in God terms. Let us create man in our own image does not mean trinity. It simply goes to prove the point that God will not do a new thing without first revealing it to His prophets, angels (remember there was no issue of fallen angels then!). God has asked - who is my equal and to whom can you compare me? John 10:30 is often quoted out of context. One has to read the whole chapter to understand what Jesus meant. Simply put God gave Him the authority to exercise that power on His behalf.
  • M. Sullivan on Judges 19
    I am not sure why? God chose a woman to show sin and the consequences of it. But sin carried with it a great value of punishment.
  • Salomão on Proverbs 16:11
    How much does our attitudes weigh, and our thoughts? We must be conscientious that everything we do will be weighted in the balance of the Lord, let’s pray so that our works never be found in fault.
  • Ian on Acts 2
    I do believe Jesus Himself speaks of the lake of fire in Revelation several times. But no one is cast in there until his return and they are given another chance to accept Him as Lord and saviour. And follow the true Ten Commandments not the catholic version that replaced Sunday for Saturday. Those who believe Jesus nailed the commandments to the cross are deceived. The ceremonial and sacrificial laws were nailed to the cross but not the Moral law. That is why he said If you love me keep my commandments, I have kept my father’s commandments and many will worship Me in vain teaching doctrines of men for commandments. I paraphrased a lot there but in Luke 6:46 he says why call me Lord and not do what I say. Nowhere in the bible is Sunday transferred as the Sabbath. Luke 4:4, He says we are to live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. The bible is God’s word. Circumcision is well documented on its absolution. So why not Sunday taking over from Saturday? Because it hasn't, in John 10:35, Jesus says the scripture cannot be broken. Daniel 7:25 tells us the beast will change ties and laws and wear out the saints. The Dark Age period Christians keeping the 7th day as Jesus did, were killed for 1260 years. The Catholic Church passed the law to do it and they did. Research canon Law XX1X.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Isaiah 50:9
    Who shall lay any charge to God's elect? It is Christ who died, and is risen. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Jehovah shall help me, and all those that accuse me, they shall wax old as a garment, and be eaten by the moth. Touch not God's servants, do His prophets no harm. Jesus took our stripes on the Cross, and He was bruised for our sins, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him. All of our shame is taken away. Praise God for what He has concealed in the darkness, He will reveal in the Light. It is good that after we have done the will of God, we wait to receive His promises. God is good unto those, who both quietly hope and wait upon Him. Don't light a fire, to help God, for you will sow sorrow. Only wait thou upon God, and He will strengthen you in the night season.
  • Glenda on Genesis 32
    Does Genesis 33:10 have anything to do with Genesis chapter 32:30?
  • Vincent on Genesis 9
    Do you know the token of covenant between God and the earth? It is the rainbow which might be the first death. The second and final death will be fire.
  • Vincent on Genesis 6
    Why were there no restrooms in the ark? Why all the men entered the ark first?
  • Vincent on Genesis 5
    If Noah was 500 years old when he had 3 sons, then how old was Mrs. Noah?
  • Vincent on Genesis 5
    Why did Adam live beyond the day he sinned? Remember God told him he will surely die the same day. In the book of 2 Peter, one day is like 1000 years, and 1000 years is like a day to God. Thus, Adam did not lived beyond one day. Time is many days old, but no human has ever seen a day. Methuselah came very close; he lived 969 years.
  • Araxi Mangou on John 11
    John 11:35 says Jesus wept. It is a touching scene to see Lazarus' sisters and the neighbours crying. Of course Jesus didn't cry out of compassion. I have never really understood why he wept there, and yet he didn't weep when thousands of people were sitting hungry after his teaching. In both cases He knew what He was going to do afterwards. Can someone explain?
  • Sheila on 2 Peter 1:21
    There is a man, Harold Camping. He is the one who "guaranteed" that Jesus was coming back on 21st May 2011. He was wrong, but his followers give him NO blame. He has told them to stay out of churches and to get out if they are currently attending one. After May 21 came and Jesus did not come back, he said Jesus did come in spirit and has gone about judging all the churches and now there is NO more forgiveness and the Holy Spirit has been taken from the Earth. He ignores most bible verses and instead gives his own ideas. His followers are so misled. I cannot get any of them to just believe the Bible, especially when it says that No man knows the hour or day when Jesus returns not even Jesus. But he says that when that verse says “not even the Son of God”, that refers to Satan! What can I say to some friends who call me an "unbeliever" because I do NOT believe on H. Camping? Is this man following Satan and leading people AWAY from God? I think so.
  • Janice on Genesis 4:12
    Did you notice that Cain's sin of murder wasn't considered by God to be a capital offense? He did not execute Cain for his crime but punished him with life without rest.
  • Even though this book is not in the current King James Version, it doesn't mean that it wasn't there in the beginning. The 1611 King James Bible Version has this book along with the other Apocrypha books which were taken out after the fact. So who is to say that these were added? Just because you are not familiar with them doesn't mean they were added. Best thing to do is to read and weigh the context and if it agrees with your "known version". Meaning the same teachings are being taught then each individual has to make up their own mind on the credibility. I believe that GOD wants you to study to show yourselves approved. We are also not to judge, but we can discern what we read or not read that is why GOD gave us a brain. May God Bless you in your studies. I am thankful that these are posted so they can be read. I myself have a copy of the 1611 King James Bible Version and these books are there. Have a good day...
  • Phyllis on Genesis 3
    I believe Every word of God is true. The example of Adam and Eve is that God gave a choice to man in the beginning, to choose life and they disobeyed and listen to the voice of the devil. But God loves man so much that He gave man a second chance to choose life when he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice for all. God gave the three of life and the tree of good and evil and they both chose death instead of Life. So now we still have access to the tree of Life which is Christ Jesus. I choose Life. What do you choose? God bless you!
  • Cc on Genesis 1
    The Garden was divided into four rivers and one of the rivers was called Gihon, the same river that encompasses the land of Ethiopia. So the Garden of Eden is where?
  • Peter on Exodus 31
    I am confused. If I go McDonalds on Sunday, does that mean the person who makes my Big Mac is going to hell ? I would feel very guilty if that is true.
  • Peter on Jeremiah 17
    I noticed that in many chapter of the Bible, God makes it clear he does not want us to work on Sunday. Does he allow for exceptions? For example, if my house is burning down on Sunday, will he forgive the firemen who put it out? What about policemen and doctors? Is there a list of occupations that are exempt from this rule?

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