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  • J.R. on Genesis 11
    Try to think about this. If you just had a bouncing baby boy, whom you loved. And at 6 months old you had a vision, this baby, no matter how you raised him and what you did, would grow to be a domestic terrorist, could you kill him? That’s why he didn’t kill them then.
  • J.R. on Genesis 7
    Are you sure about the fact that the Tigris and Euphrates are both in the Middle East. I have had the blessing (and been lucky to live) to have seen them both.
  • J.R. on Genesis 6
    Then how do you account for the Nephilim and subsequently the sons of Anak and the report that the spies gave about their actual size on the Canaan border? SO yea, I do believe they were come to seek the pleasures of the world. Look also at the book of Jude, where it talks about how the Angels that left their post and created a great sin are locked up in the outer darkness. Or the area of weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  • J.R. on Genesis 5
    Two things I would like to ask:
    1. Have you ever heard of Gobekli tepi in Turkey? Look it up,
    2. Since we are reading a third translation, it behooves you (and anyone) to take words, and break them down into how other languages them. For example, you could say power, but the Latin or Hebrew meaning of the word power could be authority, or it could mean power (like a man working).
  • Petee on Luke 11:21
    What does the word "armed" specifically mean according to the original text?
  • Bro Lemogang on Deuteronomy 22
    Before I can start anything, let me ask does God ever change or is he the same yesterday, today and forever? Or does he ever change his Word, Will, Laws?
  • Bro. Daniel FC on Galatians 1
    If you want to understand what Paul is saying in this letter, you can’t read just one chapter and expect to fairly evaluate the whole Book. Please read all six chapters; they make up the whole letter, intended to be read by the congregation in Galatia. By doing that, you will find the following:
    1. In the first chapter, Paul is presenting his credentials, and describes what the problem was, without “spelling it out”;
    2. Beginning with the second chapter we learn exactly what the problem was: the teaching by “some”; including Apostle Peter (Galatians 2:11), that in order to be saved you need to be circumcised, plus other “works of the flesh” described in Galatians 5:19-21;
    . Throughout his letter Paul mentions “circumcision” many times: Galatians 2:3, 7-9, 11; 3:3; 5:2, 3, 6, 11; 6:12, 13, 15;
    4. In order to combat this false teaching, he expounds on the fact that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ, not by keeping of the Ceremonial Law, which was fulfilled in Him.
    By reading only parts of Galatians, many Christians reach the wrong conclusion that Paul is against keeping the Ten Commandments. That cannot be further from the truth. Here is what Paul declares: “What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law … Wherefore, the law is holy and the commandment holy, and just, and good…” Romans 7:7, 12.
  • Bro. Daniel FC on Colossians 2
    Regarding Colossians 2:16: “Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days”. You say: “This is why we Christians do not keep the Sabbath, it is of the OLD covenant”. The “Old Covenant” contained the Ten Commandments written by God on two tables of stone. It included the forth, which begins with the words: “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy”. Are you saying that “the New Covenant” written on our hearts would have only nine commandments? So, you are taking out the only commandment that says “Remember”, and tell me to forget it? Some Christians imply that under the “New Covenant” we don’t have to keep any commandments, because now we are under grace. That cannot be so. Here is what Apostle Paul says about the Law, in Romans 7:7: “What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law”. Verse 12: “Wherefore the law is holy and the commandment holy, and just, and good…” Jesus Himself declared: “If ye love me, keep my commandments”, John 14:15. Not only that, He bids us to: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations… Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…”, Matthew 28:19, 20. My conclusion is that the statement of Colossians 2:16 must mean something else.
  • Don Johnston on Joshua 15:9
    I just wondered if the fountain of Nephtoah are the same as the Gihon springs; could that be possible?
  • Prince munthali on Hebrews 1
    In Hebrews 1, it is not a matter of who God is? I was reading a comment by my fellow friend, I think he is confused to my side that Jesus Christ rules the world. And God shows himself that he is the Lord. That's why He manifests himself to us Christians in many ways.
  • Elvis on Hebrews 6:20
    I understand Melchisedec was an actual literal king that helped Abraham when he returned from a battle, but does this verse use Melchisedec as Jesus Christ Our Lord? Please can anyone help thanks.
  • Gbolahan Abiodun on Proverbs 10
    It is incredibly worthy of note that the blessing of the LORD maketh rich and He adds no sorrow to it. Well, as true as that is, I firmly believe that we must never forget that if we genuinely belong to the things that the Holy Spirit dispenses and administers, we should see ourselves individually as blessings. That is what righteousness demands. As a matter of fact, you can’t be a blessing and not know about it. And that also signifies that if we are joint heirs with the Lord, (I’m talking about those that have genuinely given their lives to Jesus Christ, for Him to become their Saviour and LORD) then we are also joint blessings- and that simply because of the covenant. I don’t know about you, the truth is except you see yourself as the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ- and live in accordance with the commitments of the Holy Writ, your glory won’t sing and give adoration unto Him. And that refers to your tongue. There are all manner of things that God, in His eternal loving kindness loves to dispense and administer to us through the Holy Spirit, and that demands humility in order to receive such things. You see, you and I can’t have the Most Holy and the Most blessed God for us, and at work upon, and also in us and worry about nothing. And that is because all our needs are already met through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. However, we can’t be higher than the level of obedience that we put in place, vis a vis His Kingdom, and also with regards to the challenges of life. In fact what we do daily reveals the type of trust that we put in the triune God. Hence the import of pouring ourselves on the dictates of the Holy Writ. In other words you can’t be wiser than your daily humility. And with that self and personal examination becomes necessary. What do these mean? Well, until we clothe ourselves with practical obedience, the struggle continues, and there is nothing that you can do about it. The wisdom of God won’t change. It’s mind, and hence, as individual God, in His unfathomable blessedness, has issued divine invitations that we as they that crave and hunger after His Word, should live in line with them. And then no matter where we are, that must result in praise, honour, adoration and glory to His holy name. He alone is worthy of praise and adoration.
  • Michael on Deuteronomy 24
    Is it biblical for a pastor to have a newly married couple living separately in two different houses?
  • Guy on Numbers 31
    What exactly is a "heave offering"?
  • Guy on Jeremiah 31
    What is the meaning of Jeremiah 31:22? “How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? For the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth, a woman shall compass a man”.
  • Ove on Job 13:15
    Hi! I have made some terrible mistakes and bad choices in my life as a Christian that have put me in a spot and location that I don't want to be in. If I just trust God and thank Him and praise Him, then I will still come out on top and Romans 8:28 will apply to my life, because of the things I learned from my mistakes and bad choices, Romans 8:29. Please comment on this! Thanks and God Bless You! Ove
  • Njoku on Revelation 17
    If you think the Catholic Church is the Anti-Christ, think again. Be careful on how you pull down thrones with your tongue. For every word that you speak you will be judged by it. There are no two ways of interpreting the Bible. If you are of Christ, you know that Bible is spiritually inspired. What is this that I saw that says that the son of man will take fighter and fight. Do you not understand that power was given to the anti-Christ to fight the people of God? The Bible is of no private interpretation (2 Peter 1:20). If one lacks wisdom, ask and it shall be given him/her. Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding, Proverbs 3:5.
  • Aldred on Leviticus 11:18
    The Pelican? Jackdor, The Hebrew translator of the AV came up with "pelican" because the verb translates as vomit or reject for Ha Ka'at and this was considered as a feature of this bird. Leviticus 11:18. At least NIV keeps to "desert owl" for Deuteronomy 14:17 and Psalms 102:6 whereas NKJ Leviticus 11:18 and Deteronomy 14:17 the jackdaw appears for the same Hebrew word, the Pelican!. From Psalms 102:6 the "desert owl" flying through the ruins may be the right answer? Where does the "white" of white owl come from? The "swan" but where does the same word get its "mole" in the AV Deteronomy 14:17 I wonder. Most calamitous of all what is a gier eagle. I cannot find the word "gier" in the Oxford Dictionary!
  • MKHULULI NDLOVU on 2 Kings 1
    I really wonder why we fail to trust God completely! Can somebody help me on this way? Truly this was the attitude of the King Ahaziah!
  • Susan Dalton on Matthew 5:20
    For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:20). Severe thought. If the people equaled the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees (those perceiving themselves as the righteous) they would not enter the kingdom of heaven. Where does that imply the Scribes and Pharisees would end up? Hell and outer darkness; where there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  • Paula on Romans 16:7
    What has Junia done to be in prison?
  • HARRY ALLISON on Exodus 9:4
    ONE by one did GOD dismantle EGYPT`S belief systems! COMFORT zones were certainly in disarray! HOW can you fight against "THE TRUE GOD"? All one can do is give in to HIS plan of SALVATION.
  • Bro. Daniel FC on Exodus 20
    Exodus 20:26, “Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon”. You say, “I believe this verse speaks about the building of pyramid shaped temples which were very common at the time, not only in Egypt. Usually the place of worship (altar/temple) was at the top of the structure”. An altar was considered a sacred place, on which an innocent life of an animal was offered to God, symbolizing the ultimate sacrifice of that of “the Lamb of God”, or Jesus, who would take away the sin of the world. The reason for a “step-less” altar is to avoid exposing the nakedness of the person bringing the sacrifice, not necessarily the priests only. However, the Levite Priests had to wear special attire. “And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach. And they shall be upon Aaron, and upon his sons, when they come in unto the tabernacle of the congregation, or when they come near unto the altar to minister in the holy place; that they bear not iniquity, and die...”, Exodus 28:42, 43. A typical size altar made of stone would be 36”H X 48” X 48”. The portable altar for the tabernacle was approx. 54”H X 90” X 90”. “And thou shalt make an altar of shittim wood, five cubits long, and five cubits broad; the altar shall be foursquare: and the height thereof shall be three cubits”, Exodus 27:1. The pyramids on the other hand, were huge and built to serve as abode to the Pharaoh in the “afterlife”. So, I don’t quite understand what do pyramids have to do with the altars?
  • Ryan on Matthew 17
    In verses 12 and 13, Jesus was saying that Elias had been reincarnated into John the Baptist. This proves that what was shown to me was merely the truth, and that is all of the five main religions are based around it. When will mankind open the eyes?
  • Timothy Wayne George on Psalms 22:1
    This messianic Psalm tells of the suffering of the Lord Jesus on the cross, as the Father is too holy to look upon our sin, so the Lord cries out my God, my God why have you forsaken me? Thank God that Jesus took our sin upon that tree, and endured the agony, the rejection, so that we could be liberated from the curse of sin. Jesus looked to the day when the government will be upon His shoulders, and all kindred shall come to worship before Him. Praise God He rejoiced to see His seed. One day every eye shall see, every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord to the glory of God. These are the scriptures that Jesus said to search, for they testify of Me.
  • Lauren on 1 Peter 3
    The apostle Paul said that he preached the Word of God with boldness. It is with this same boldness I now speak. I am in awe and, at the same time, fury over the comments I have read on this website. Why people do not take the word for what it says in its ENTIRETY, I will never understand. I want to address multiple comments in this post, so please read my post knowing it is in sincerity and in the love of Christ that I write.
    First, I would like to talk about those who say that baptism does not consist of water. Baptism is derived from the Greek word "baptizo" which means "immersion." Now, I ask, in what are we immersed? A prime example of immersion takes place in Acts 8, when Philip is called by the Spirit to go and explain the scripture to the Ethiopian eunuch. Philip “preached unto him Jesus” (Acts 8:35). It continues, “And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized? And Philip said, if thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went down BOTH into the water, BOTH Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him” (Acts 8:36-38). How did the eunuch know that he needed to be baptized? Because Philip preached unto him Jesus. Jesus is the word; therefore we must take ALL of the word – not some of it only to make it say we want it to say. Jesus said in Mark 16:16, “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned”. Jesus thought baptism to be important enough to mention it as part of his last words on earth. Don’t you think that means it’s pretty significant? Shouldn’t it be easy enough just to say “well, Jesus said it, so I am going to do it”? I would think so. But so many denominations have taken the precious word of God and twisted it so it fits what they want it to. Matthew 28:19 says, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”. Jesus was talking to the apostles here who were men. Men cannot baptize in the Holy Ghost. Only God can baptize in the Holy Ghost. So this proves that it HAD to be water baptism.
    Secondly, I have heard so much about the “thief on the cross” that I am seriously sick. I am sick of people AGAIN not interpreting the Bible for what it says. Let’s look at the setting of Calvary and the conversation that took place between Jesus and this thief. First, Jesus was still alive when this all took place. THE OLD LAW WAS STILL IN EFFECT. Jesus’ blood had not been shed yet; therefore, baptism was not in effect yet and would not be until the day of Pentecost. When Jesus died and fulfilled the Old Law, the New Law entered into effect. And if it were not enough that the Old Law was still in effect, he was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and could do what he wanted to do. He forgave sins long before the thief on the cross. What about Zacchaeus (Luke 19:9)? What about the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with oil (Luke 7:48)? Both of these were granted salvation by Jesus, yet you don’t hear people basing their salvation off them! Jesus did not tell the man that his sins were forgiven. Jesus told the thief he would be with Him in paradise. Paradise. Not Heaven. Now, granted, no one knows what paradise was, but I think it possible to be the place where Jesus went during the three days after his crucifixion. 1 Peter 3 says that, “he went and preached to the spirits in prison”. Maybe this was the paradise in which Jesus spoke of. If I could I would list all the examples of baptism in the New Testament as “what now saves us”, 1 Peter 3:21. But I do not have enough time nor space in which to write. It is my earnest prayer that you study your Bible. Please read it with an open mind and take it LITERALLY and not interpret it. Do NOT take another man’s word for what it says. Read it and believe it by yourself.
  • English on Genesis 1
    Michael isn't complaining about the Bible’s grammar at all. The poor grammar he is referring to is his own. "Sorry my punctuation and Grammar are not always there"; that is what he wrote. He clearly indicates WHAT grammar and punctuation (with the word "my") he is referring to. He has a clear understanding (I assume) that this is a religious site. Well, it seems you've misunderstood his question.
  • Bro. Daniel FC on Genesis 2
    Genesis 2:
    Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them. 2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. 3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. 21 And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; … 22 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” If the seventh day Sabbath was instituted at creation, along with the marriage between a man and a woman: why do people call it “the Jewish Sabbath”, and think that same sex marriage is OK? Could it be that we lost them both and now we are just looking for excuses not to listen to God? What kind of legacy do we leave to our children?
  • Timothy Wayne George on Isaiah 56:10
    While this passage does speak of political leaders, but primarily the religious leaders who are like dogs that are supposed to bark when they see danger. Instead the leaders have become dumb dogs who refuse to bark, but are slothful, as well as only concerned about their personal gain. How many politicians go to Washington to become millionaires while voting for budget cuts that hurt the military that is responsible for protecting the Country. Jesus warned that the leaders were blind guides, not knowing the hour of their visitation. Therefore Jesus wept over Jerusalem, and warned them their house would be left desolate. We pray that our leaders will wake up before it is too late. Will the smart dogs start barking?
  • Which ones are the less honourable parts of the body, and which ones are the honourable ones?

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