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  • David Ikpeme on Genesis 1
    Who can define God ? Certainly none. Therefore, He deserve to be worshiped at all tmes
  • Dee on Psalms 7:14
    Is it saying that a person that does wrong things all the time..pretty much have a family but still does wrong things but want to get right will never prosper?
  • Obe on 1 Samuel 2:21
    Did Hannah have these five kids at once or one or two at a time? Thanks.
  • Nash on Genesis 3:22
    Genesis3:22 a bit confused:who was God refering to when he says the man has become like one of us? Who was with him? was there another God?please help with this verse
  • Opit kim craig on Proverbs 3:5
    just heard from my regional manager telling me to close down my branch cuz well, business is pretty low. yet rental dues at the office & home r in excess of three months; i hv the whole time been rationally been thinking on hw to get around this prayerfully tho! anyhw, to realize that this scripture profoundly hints that i should literally let go & let GOD, to kinda be in honey moon, a holiday while some else oversees my affairs is not only confusing but demands patience & resilience. qn is by tiring & worrying wl i sort anything?! this hv i failed to do for the past three months. so what do i gotta do if not to trust & obey a mysterious~simple supernatural omnipresent GOD who has got good plans for me & u?!^
  • I am responding to Terrance's comment / question
    which is : "Is homo***uality really a sin?" Yes-
    it most certainly is a sin. I truly sympathize that you are struggling with it , and it is joyful
    that you believe God will deliver you from it in the future . Rejoice , because Christ declared that He will NOT turn anyone away who comes to Him . If you seek forgiveness , healing , and a new life - go to Christ with a penitent heart , and He will not turn you away !!! You are NOT alone , Terrance !!! MANY people struggle with all
    kinds of sins , including ***ual immorality . I do
    too - but I know that God is reforming me , and will complete a work He has begun in me . I have the same hope for you as well ...!! Don't take the sinful state for granted , but do remember the
    theif on the cross who was forgiven ALL his sins and promised by Christ that he would be in paradise with Him that very day ... !! God bless you , Terrance !!!
  • Tanya on John 10:30
    I am so thankful that I know who Jesus Christ is. Hes the father, the son & the Holy Spirit. There is a plan of salvation that we must follow and it's clearly stated in Acts 2:38. I don't understand how people can believe that there are 3 separate entities in the Godhead. Colossians 2:9, "For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily". Why do you think Jesus was crucified? He was proclaiming that he was God. (Romans 10 verse 13 states that he who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved, verse 14 how can people call on the Lords name when they don't believe who Jesus is. HE chooses and sends preachers, to those who haven't heard yet who Jesus Christ is. Most preachers decide themselves that they want to preach.)
  • Fae morehu on Matthew 12
    Praise the Lord he has taken all those ritual days away now we can rest on any day because church is every day with Jesus its not about the what you eat or were, its about the heart condition now its all spiritual and they that worship our Father must worship him in spirit and in truth. When were born again we receive the Holy Spirit into our hearts and now he needs feeding the word so that we can start to live a righteous life so who cares what day we rest so long as its in the word. I pray that who ever reads this has eyes to see ears to hear and a heart to receive. One last thing my theory why we go to churh on Sunday because most people work frim Mondsy yo Saturday and can only come together on Sunday?God Bless
  • Ravi Naidoo on Proverbs 3:5
    At the moment, im going through a Trying time in my life. My wife as left me a year ago, i am left financially with burdens. My salary doesnt cover my debts. This scripture helps me to thank Jesus 'i still have my job' i will continuely seek the lords guidance in my life. He will make a way where there seems to be no way? That's the great i am ... We serve. He knows all things, and he as a plan? For each and every one of us. Amen.
  • Clif bonvillian on Genesis 1
    In verse 26: And God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness. This verse seems plural (us & our) who is God speaking of besides Himself?
  • Stanford on Hebrews 9
  • Stanford on Hebrews 9
  • John Chen on Hebrews 9:27
    When is the Judgment? Immediately after death or after the second coming of Jesus Christ? If so, when a person died, the person (including a real Christian) is not going to be with God as we hear in the cemetery before Judgment.
  • John on Genesis 1:1
    I have more of a question then a comment. Where did God come from? The answer "because the Bible said so" is not a good answer because it only serves to strengthen your religious views and has no scientific credibility.Somebody must have created him. Who created Gods creator? and so on. I hope you have the courage to post this, most Christians refuse to even entertain the idea or concept. Have a great day now!
  • James on Psalms 8:5
    I want to know wether the 'man' in Psalms 8:5 n Heb 2:6-8 is Jesus Christ or a mortal man like me?
  • Rob farner on Acts 17:30
    Does that mean they are not held responsible?
  • Shirley carter on 1 John 1
    I want to no what verse 8 9 10 means to someone?
  • Peg Fava on Mark 13:2
    I may be reading too much into this text, Mark 13:2, but there are stones still left from the Temple, today in Israel there are tours of the remains.

    So I guess it could be the translation of "not one stone..." and focus on the bigger message that Christ is the new temple resurrected? But it bugged me which is why I'm searching for commentary.
  • Pete on Genesis 16:9
    If I go to heaven, can I apply to be an Angel? Also, do they have an Angel's union ?
  • Francis on John 1
    are we really children of GOD?
  • Joy on Luke 5:39
    A translation was given by a friend and I want to b sure of the understanding that the word is giving. They suggested,
    saying that Christians today must not let our hearts become rigid & stale and causing our walk to be unable to accept new ways & approaches.
    Is that what this scripture is telling us?
  • Baloo Ben on Psalms 8:4
    Whats man?in comparison of man with beautiful tins that God has made,despite the fallible state of man,God still desire that we should still maintain our position that he purposed for us right from the beginning of the creation.
  • Rev. Autrey on Romans 3
    (Verse 10) "No one is good, not even one." "... for there is no man that sinneth not" (1 Kings 8:46)." Man is a sinner by nature. He cannot keep God's laws, nor does he want to. That is, when man sinned in the garden, God locked his mind into the sinful mode that he told God he wanted. This means that we are naturally evil, and we cannot make ourselves un-evil, no matter how hard we try.

    Let's say it this way. By trying to do good we still remain evil. This is true, even when we try to keep God's law. "... For the more we know God's law, the clearer it becomes that we are not obeying it" (Romans 3:20)

    That's why God saves us by faith. Meaning, because of our belief in him, he gives us credit for keeping the law, even though we didn't keep it. It like a teacher erasing an "F" from a students report card and writing in an "A." The teacher does this because the student believes or has faith that the teacher will. Paul says it this way. "But now God has shown us a different way of being right in his sight, not by obeying the law but by the way promised in the Scriptures long ago. We are made right in God's sight when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. ..."(Romans 3:21-22)

    Isn't our God Good?
  • Ciscokid on Acts 2
    Acts 2 is an account of men actually receiving NEW TESTAMENT salvation. Hello---men actually receiving NEW TESTAMENT salvation---and ENTERING the KINGDOM OF GOD>, just as Jesus mentioned in John 3:5 being born of water and spirit i.e. Acts 2:38. they WERE BAPTIZED IN
    the name of Jesus. Folks can argue and debate all they want--the Apostles baptized in the NAME of Jesus. bc--Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other NAME under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
    WHY don't people WANT to understand???---SALVATION is ALL ABOUT the NAME of JESUS, it's the blood of Jesus that saves. It's that blood that saves from sin--NOT the TITLES Father Son and Holy Ghost. Father is NOT a name--it's a title. Son is not a name it's a title---a title only gives reference to a personal relationship--hello-a title only gives reference to a personal relationship-
    A title is NOT a personal NAME---Jesus is the PERSONAL NAME of OUR SAVIOR. It's the ONLY name we can scripturally use in baptism.
  • Wilson on Philippians 4
    Philippians 4 verse 15
    Paul is saying no church communicated with him concerning giving and receiving except the the Philippians.Now the question is had he preached tithing to this churches if not,then why?
  • Laurena on Genesis 1:14
    this explains that the universe/galaxy/milkyway is never millions or billions of years old...since God created the sun, moon and stars only after He had created the glorious is the Lord Most High...!how wonderful are the works of His hands, as the Psalmist said in Ps139..."how precious are your thoughts of Lord, how vast is the sum of them, were i to count them it will outnumber the grain of sand...?" who can fathom HIS greatness...the Creator of the heavens and the earth..
  • Ciscokid on Romans 10
    Bobby's said about Romans Chapter 10 comment on 7/13/2013, 8:51pm..."Romans 10 is powerful! Especially Romans 10:9@10. It actually instructs a sinner how to be saved."
    This is my answer to Bobby's comment.

    Bobby--if you will notice--Romans is a letter to the church at Rome--these folks were ALREADY saved. Paul was addressing SAVED folks. Bobby--why not go BACK in the scriptures where the church was started--where folks ACTUALLY received INSTRUCTIONS how to be saved. The book of Acts is scripturally where the New Testament church started. NOW compare the instructions Peter gave those men in Acts 2 to those so called "instructions" in Romans 10:9-10.
    IF Romans is actually "INSTRUCTIONS" that lead to salvation--then why is there no mention IN ROMANS of REPENTANCE, baptism in Jesus name, and receiving the Holy Ghost. These instructions were in Acts 2. You mentions Eph 2:8-10--also. Again, WHY are these "instructions" TO OBTAIN salvation SOOOoooo much different from one another???

    The mainstream Christian world is TOTALLY AFRAID of Acts 2:38???--BECAUSE it ****s holes in the false doctrine of "believe in your heart and confess with your mouth".
    Romans 10 and Eph 2---are EPISTLES--HELLO EPISTLES --LETTERS to CHURCHS OF Rome and Ephesians ----folks who were ALREADY SAVED. These ARE not INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO BE SAVED>
  • John Juai on Ephesians 2:6
    Jesus said, "No one has ascended to heaven but HE who came down from heaven,that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven." Where is king David now?
  • Ed on Genesis 19
    is anyone concerned about the insets in this story?
  • William Copeland on Romans 7
    I love the spiritual insight of being married to the law..while married to him you are subject to him. (In our day and age what wife could really say from her heart, like Sarah, "I am subject to my husband.") But once the bride enters into death through and in Christ it releases her from the obligations of her husband. The Apostle Paulgets personal and points to his carnal continued struggle and forgetfulness of his death in Christ. An almost cryptic verse (V21) points to the central problem of the new creations walk. "I find then a law, when I would do good, evil is present with me." The most accurate translation of the Greek aligns itself to the entire rest of the Book we call the Bible. All 66 books by the 40 or so different authors over a period of almost 1500 years says the same thing. Our awakening to know good and evil has been the curse. It has seperated cultures and caused death and destruction all because one person in pride would say this is good while another says this is evil and niether is being led by the Spirit of God. The whole of human history declares this truth. All our righteousness is like a dirty menstral cloth. Our righteousness must exceed that of the doctors and lawyers of the day!The pride of mankind to know good and evil is the antitype of God. Pride is the complete state of Anti-God and it comes through this belief that I am good and you are not. Nothing feeds the carnal nature of a Christian (who has been awakened to the things of the Spirit of God but are not being lead by Him) than thinking in their flesh they are doing good. Who can deliver me from this body of death? Paul writes of an ancient practice of tying the dead body of the person you killed to you as punishment for killing him. You could not cut away the dead person or the authority who tied it to you would come and take your life. Often times because of bacteria and germs and the stench would kill you anyway. Isn't that the same thing as carrying this carnal desire to be good around with you? So what is the remedy? Paul would encourage you to read on!!!

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