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  • Beverly on Romans 9:25
    Is Osee another name for Hosea,or what does the word Osee refer to?
  • Vieuxloup on 1 Timothy 5:23
    I respectfully submit that I have not found a verse in the Bible that forbids the consumption of alcohol. If so would Paul, who was not a doctor, be able to prescribe a forbidden fruit even for health reasons?

    This verse may, in fact, be reminding Timothy that he is allowed to drink something besides water given his medical condition.
  • Prince on Exodus 20:14
    I would like to know if this verse is related to married people or youth?
  • Shane on Genesis 3
    When god said behold he has become as one of us to know good and evil : understand the snake or serpent was the devil even in his very name the devil has evil if you take that away , and God good? You see it's plain and simple he has become to know the specifics of knowledge good and evil therefore meaning to know there are two choices in life god and evil. The devil was with God in the beginning.
  • Albert on Acts 26:14
    If Saul(Paul)heard a voice speaking to him in the Hebrew tongue then he definitely did NOT hear any one identify himself as Jesus because that is Greek and is not a translation of the name of the leader of the sect of the Nazarenes, Yahshua. Rev 13 clearly tell us that there is a name of blasphemy. Now what could it possibly be? Paul and Barnabas were mistaken at one time for Zeus and Hermes. Zeus is the original source of the name Jesus. And the "WHOLE WORLD WAS MADE DRUNK WITH THE WINE OF HER FORNICATION" Rev. 17 P.S. Yahshua in ancient Greek is pronounced E-SHU-AUH.
  • Rev. Autrey on Ephesians 5:15
    Verses 15-16 are translated in another version as, "So be careful how you live, not as fools but as those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days." Let me explain.

    These are good works inspired in us by the Holy Spirit. That is, we do them because Christ lives in us, and the Holy Spirit inspires us to please him. But these "good works" do not remove the sins that we have already committed, or the ones we will commit in the future. The death of Jesus pay's our sin debt. That is, his blood flows like a fountain and washed our sins away. So what what is the purpose of our good works?

    Sin is like a sea of quicksand. The more we try on our own to pull ourselves out the deeper we sink. But Jesus comes along and says "I am God and I have come to save you." He, then, pulls us out and saves our life. And because of this we are so greatful for being spared we say to Jesus, "Thank you for saving me. Yes, thank you Lord." And I promise that from now own I will always please you in everything I do and say so I won't fall in again. The Holy Spirit inspires us in this. This is the purpose of our good works. They show that we want to pleade God.

    Thank you for reading.
  • Keith on John 3
    If man cannot enter the Kingdom of God without having been born of water and of the spirit, what becomes of those that believe yet die before they are baptized? Or to a baby that dies without having been baptized.
  • Wilma on Matthew 5
    If you notice in verse 17 and 18 that he came not to destroy the LAW but to fulfill it. I keep hearing people makes excuses for their sin because they say that was old testament law and doesn't apply now? People can dismiss things in the law to make excuses for their sin but in verse 18 he said one jot or tittle shall in no ways pass from the law.
  • Linda on Psalms 33:15
    Can Psalm 33:15 and Romans 8: 30 have any comparison?
  • George mbui on Genesis 1:27
    Bible says, God made man in his image, the same bible says " let us make man in our image and likeness, my question is, who else was with God in this time,of mans creation? Asist me on this please.
  • GLENN on Romans 10:10
    What is the signifigance of confessing audibly (with one's mouth) unto salvation as opposed to saying it in one's head? Might this imply that prayers should also be audible in order to be efficacious?
  • Chantel on Revelation 9
    Is it wrong of me to have a Gold or silver tooth according to the word of GOD?
  • Lynda on Proverbs 1:7
    The "fear" (acknowledgement of the authority & power) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (learning obedience to His Word). His Word is God (Jesus Christ-John 1:1-14)Himself ! How can you know what to do & what not to do, if you have never read, heard or been taught? The BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)is to let us know the character & love of God toward us. It gives us Commandments & Precepts on "How to Live" so we will not have a sorrowful life. It lets us know we can call on God for the answers we have yet to learn out of the 66 inspired, infallible Word of God.
  • Delories on Genesis 2
    @ Lucy's where are you getting that satan was Gods son? The devil was a falling Angel who thought he was better and was jealous of God. No where in the King James Bible does it mention anything you wrote in your comment. I know Mormonism teaches God was married and had sex with his wife and brought forth children, but no where in the bible does it say that.
  • Val on Mark 9
    The fires of hell are future tense... Set after the second coming. Why would God give Hitler a glorified body... Only to BURN it up later??? No one burns eternally... But will burn up... Just as satan will one day! "They shall be ashes under your feet" is prophesied for the Earth made new. Elijah, btw, was translated & went up in a chariot - he never saw death. Moses was resurrected ...& will never see death again! The two witnesses of Revelation are the witnesses of scripture- Old & New Testament ...& looking at the world's condition, they are already starting to be "killed!" Revelation spoke figurative of the witnesses! Justanotherpointofviewtoconsider:-)
  • Robert Valentine on Revelation 12:6
    Hi, Greeting from the descendant Of Noah , I was told about Revelation 12: 6 when i ask My Lord Jesus Christ not long ago , " Lord Jesus , Please Tell me whether am I alive or dead when the end time come's .? " after this question after my Lunch at 12.30pm - 1pm i went for a nap . I heard a Powerful voice saying " ONE PM " i was shock and woke up and the voice 1pm was still in my mind and 1st did not know what was the one PM stand for . Then the little Voice came and ask me , What did you ask the Lord Jesus Before you nap.? at that moment i remembered ,so i quickly saw my watch it was 3pm , went i woke up , so i confirm that i will be alive ,as 1pm past and 3pm I'm still alive .and it lead me to Biblical Verses " I will make the sun set at noon in Israel " mention 12 times in the different books . after 3month from the 1PM voice . then came the next revelation which lead me to this chater12 :6 of Revelation . when I was driving the little voice(Holy Spirit) came and ask me to see the time at my car dash clock , i saw 1230 and I recall back to the Bible that I saw four numbers which Leads me to 1260 days . The little voice told me that There One PM . I was Shock and i can see it's 1260=1pm=Rapture/ending=3 1/2years = the half strength of God's Wrath instead of Seven Years full strength of God's Wrath to those who qualified to stay back as they do all the Dark Things . Dark = Heavy (Sin) , Light = Light very very easy to be Rapture to the Cloud (wilderness) woman = Mary = Church = Believer of Jesus Christ . Woman in Labor pain = the persecution of the church , Dragon = Satan = 666= same one faith = seven heads = seven kingdom , child = Jesus = Israel . And i saw many Vision Thank You and Repent now as He will come Like the Blink of an eye , that fast . No more Negotiation ... when the door is shut it's shut for good like many people i told them ,they say I'm crazy which bring me to Noah 's Ark Door shut which one man correct and the whole world wrong . Please forward to many humans as fast as possible .for the date I Know and work out to be Within 70 years . So I'm alive to see the End Time . Coincidentally We are celebrating 50 Independence day East Malaysia (Sarawak) and I'm born in 1963 which is the same of my age 50 years old this year . God said no one can live over 120 years old , so 120 deduct 50 = 70years if God give me to live until 120years old which i think i can't . conclusion = Within 70years Our Lord Jesus is coming to take us away . Where God prepared her a place save for 1260days after that He will appear / reveal to the world after 1260days=3 1/2years Wrath ,every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord . when that time we will all come back to earth and rule for 1000years then the Head of Dark side is release for a while and then Lock up for ever n ever Amen . Thank You Lord of Heavenly Armies for Sharing this Testimony .
  • A.B.C.RICHARDSON on Acts 1:2
  • Ben on Genesis 6:12
    By "all flesh" does this include the animals as well? How could animals be corrupt?
  • Bodurin Ajiboye on Jeremiah 1:19
    The bible say by strength shall no man prevailed.
    What ever position you are holding it is GOD that gives you the ability. look @ Jeremiah in the bible, Jer 1 vs 1 to the end , from nothing to some thing, money and man can not give. We have lots of them like that in the bible eg JUDGES 11 VS 1 TO 11 Talks about JEPHTAH who was relegated and messed up by his brothers and was latter promoted by GOD etc. Is YAWEH not awesome?
  • Yusef on Hebrews 7
    If Melchisedec doesn't have a beginning or a end, without mother or father or sibling has he been around since God? And if God is a jealous God that don't like partners, why do people call Jesus God, when Jesus told Mary not to call him God because he answer to His Father who is my Father and your Father, my God and your God? I pray to God... God exist without partners.
  • Paul on 1 Corinthians 9
    1 Cor 9:5 clearly shows the apostles were married to spiritual minded women whom they called sisters and later married as their wives. Revelation 22:18,19 makes clear we should not add any of our mandates to the Bible or remove any mandates or thoughts from the Bible. Why have the churches prohibited the priest and nuns from marrying when this clearly was never a mandate from Jesus or the Apostles?
  • Jabulani on 1 John 4:2
    Does this mean Jesus himself came as flesh or as the spirit he entered the flesh of human?
  • Thomas on Genesis 4
    I have read several comments regarding the questions of where everyone came from as the bible mentions only males and I have drawn a conclusion that during Adam's long life their was other sons and daughters born unto them. It is also my conclusion that there was incest at that time. Look at it this way, if God made other people there would be those who knew no sin because they were not around when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. Should we say God created other Gardens and all groups followed the same thoughts? To much coincidences!
  • Anonymous on Genesis 4:5
    An explanation is given in the previous verse. Abel brought 'the fat thereof', meaning his best.

    The Bible isn't careless with words. The mention of 'the fat thereof' is deliberate, as is the omission if it in regards to Cain's offering.

    If it's not the best, then what is it? It's blemished. Cain's offering was comparable to fruit that was stunted, malformed, bruised, worm-eaten, pecked, or otherwise damaged. It was the undesirables of his harvest. It was, in every sense, 'bad fruit'. (And this may very well be the source of its metaphorical use.) What is unacceptable for the table is typically thrown to the livestock, but Cain offered it to God.
  • DPMills on Philippians 1:6
    God is the true ruler of all that we see- he created this as well as all of us! It is not our place to question his devine wisdom?
  • Joe on Luke 7
    In Luke 7 vs 19 & 20 John sends disciples to Jesus asking if he is the "ONE". However in Luke 7 vs 2 & 3, Jesus is baptized by John.

    Same point occurs in Matthew 11 vs 2 & 3 where before in Matthew 3 vs 13 thru 17.

    Why does John have to ask if Jesus is the "ONE" after having baptized Jesus & seeing the Holy Ghost descend in the form of a dove?
  • Grant Niedzielski on Matthew 24:3
    To Lowell, If Jesus , by his own admission, doesnt know when the end was coming,and the angels, who are far above humans dont know, how could you know? Matt24:36, Mark 13:32
  • Greg F. on Isaiah 28:10
    Perhaps one of the most precarious references in the Bible, along side of Job 2:10 and some others. Thankfully Jesus makes it clear about someone who "comes...hears...and does these sayings" (Precepts?), digs deep and lays a foundation that supports the dwelling which will never falter.
  • Timothy Yakich on Genesis 1:26
    I am currently attending the Pennsylvania Bible Institute and we are currently covering the Old Testament (Survey). I recently read the Genesis 1 - 4 account - 4 times - and the last time I read it I noticed that 1:26 states, "And let THEM have dominion..." I see on this site that Wesley's comment glosses over this by changing the "them" to "him". My question: did God create many men and women ("man") then choose/create "Adam" and "Eve" separate from the rest of the general public afterwards? This makes sense to me because when God created the other animals He created many. So why would He only create one man first, and without a mate? I look forward to your insight. Blessings, Tim.
  • Wael saad on Genesis 10:30
    just question

    where is exactly the location of mesha and sephar and what is the name of these two today?

    i need that for my study


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