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  • Christine on Matthew 3
    Jesus is born then he is a man. What happened as he grew? Why do we baptize babies now? Did he make his holy communion?
  • Christine on Genesis 3
    Wherr did Cains wife come from? Who are her parents? And same questions for all the other wives who just appeared? What is wrong with the tree of knowlege of good and evil? Are we suppose to know the difference between good and evil? Why did God make the surpent? Is this a trick? I do not understand. Why do some men have two wives? How were these people able to live up to 600 years old?
  • AprilW on Joshua 11
    Hello all, just wanted to comment on how alot of things God shows on to his elect are great and all but they are his SERVANTS,just as we become,why admire one over the other?,I will say I liked Moses he had five books about him and his journey with GOD,idk if we should call them heros,for the GLORY is to GOD,for none of it will happen without him,please don't forget these things,GLORY TO GOD,Amen!
  • April on Joshua 8
    Hello,I read so many comments on here,for it is nice to have other perceptions,but I wonder besides following GODS way or believing in JESUS,does anyone ask them how they're doing?,like try and have a personal relationship with them,instead of just worrying about your day or Bless this or that,part of being created is so we may have a COMPANIONSHIP,they AREN'T tyrants like some make them out to be
  • Bruce on Deuteronomy 28
    Lu2677:Some People that are Born Again have no idea of The Day or even The Month. They know there was That "Day",They don't have a "Date" not Important. But They Wil Boast of Their Savior, The Chance in Their Life. But it's not Boasting like you say: It's a "Testimony" of what Christ has done! The blind,lame,sick are Healed:They Told Everyone! You say that Day is not important to you. What Fruit?
  • Word on Revelation 6
    Satan comes to deceive the world not to destroy the people, meaning flesh, he wants their souls to perish. Satan comes as antichrist, looks like the Lamb that's what antichrist means instead of Christ calling himself Christ, a deception. Satan comes with powers enough to make men believe a lie and he acts like Christ so how will they, the world survive? chasing him, money for souls.They love him.
  • Lu2677 on Romans 3
    It saddens me greatly when you write things like"Fear of the Lord is reverence and respect".
    Do you not know how powerful he is?Do you not know his might? Do you not see his judgments and wrath? Has he not taught you to fear him with dread and trembling?If you don't know that he wants you to be afraid of him you do not know him. Wake up and believe his word! It's the beginning of wisdom.
  • Bruce on Psalms 4
    G.Cole: Would You Explain how This Verse Talks about lent?
  • Lu2677 on Proverbs 15
    Proverbs 15:3 "The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good." I believe through faith that this verse is true. Yet, there are some people that call themselves "Christian" telling a lie to their children and say that it is Santa that has the power to do this. Is this a harmless lie?
  • Irene123 on Deuteronomy 6
    "Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord." Can someone explain how - Jesus being with God at this time - why there is nothing spoken from Him or even alluded to Him ..... ?
  • Kimray on Psalms 8
    This Psalm isn't about man, this psalm is about The Lord Jesus Christ! It is prophetic in nature, It is about the revelation of God to man, through Christ Jesus, for he has declared him! What is man? And the Son of man? These are About Jesus! As said Paul in Hebrews 2:7, and 2:9, This is Jesus! The Heavens are made wonderfully, but nothing is as wonderful as The Lord!
  • Lu2677 on Romans 2
    Irene 123 your comment about Jews and Gentiles is confusing. Jews by nature, Gentiles by nature, salvation is for the Jew first then for the Gentile. The Jews rejected him so he turned to the Gentiles. All that are saved are of one Body and one Spirit. What is the comment that" to God we are all Jews in our hearts?" Is this specific to something God has said?
  • Irene123 on Matthew 1
    Donna Crumb - " ..... the way God spoke to His people in the O.T. ..... "; this reads as if you realize the 4 Gospels are still O.T., ..... ? That the N.T. didn't begin until the book of Acts Ch. 2. This is as far as I will take this; I'm really not into this site anymore.
  • Irene123 on Psalms 91
    Hi Opeyemi; n/e Nigeria; you must be rather east of Kano ... ? I live in the U.S. There are a man and wife missionaries in Nigeria, but I don't know where - Gerry, Darla McLean. They're with the UPCI church (United Pentecostal Church International). Just th'ot I'd contact you. I well know the situation in Africa is volatile; am praying for you in particular and Africa and ALL it's missionaries.
  • Bruce on Deuteronomy 28
    I never said exact Date,but The Day of Salvation: A New Heart,New Mind, New Direction. A Desire for His Word, to be with Other Believers, Tell Family- Friends,Whosoever what The Lord has Done and The Way of Salvation. A Whole New You! Your post: that day is not the most important to me,He Does Not Live In me! I Don't Judge. No Call:John 6:44,No Chance:2Corinthians5:17 / ETERNITY!??
  • Lu2677 on Deuteronomy 28
    Bruce, what testimony did I give that caused you to judge that I am "in serious trouble"? Care to quote my comments that brings you to this judgment? And if you care about my situation you will answer my questions so that I can repent. I testified that "I abide in Christ", was it this one? Did you judge me using a godly standard, or your own?
  • Lu2677 on Genesis 1
    Jeremiah10:2 tells me not to follow the way of the heathen, sound doctrine, how could this verse harden my heart, Lorin?Luke 2:34 is God telling Mary and Joseph that Jesus will be a "sign that will be spoken against." You accuse me wrongly, I speak against the holiday that is based on pagan not bliblical truth, I do not speak against His Son our Lord. I don't see any math in Luke 1 and 2.
  • Lu2677
    Bruce, I live in Christ, I abide in Him. Romans 11:36"For of him and through him and to him are all things" I already said that the date that the Lord saved me is not the most important day of my life. Why do you try to convince me otherwise? I would say the most important day of my life is the day He let's me enter His Kingdom. Those that endure(remain in the faith) to the end will be saved.
  • Heather G on Deuteronomy 28
    Christians, these Scriptures were written as a prophetic warning to the ISRAELITES. Now think for a min. Did the Israelites return to THE MOST HIGH? the ones the world calls "Jews".They are the most wealthy and powerful people on the earth they accept "Jesus" as Messiah even today? No
  • Bruce on Psalms 23
    Humble:Your post seems out of place? What are you saying?
  • Ernest Eze on Romans 8
    Nothing can actually separate us from love of Christ,
    Christ show us love having died for us, is it suffering? He suffered for us, famine? He went through hunger, name it nothing can separate me from HIS love.
  • Bruce on Romans 8
    Karel:A believer is not at fault if a spouse leaves for another.( maybe?) Are you born again? Do You have a Church You go to? Are you well-versed in the Bible? There are many questions. The only advice I have is go talk to a Pastor in a Bible believing Church, One preaches on Heaven, Hell and Salvation. First You need to Know The Lord as Savior. If You do, That's Great!
  • Bruce on Genesis 1
    lu2677: if your born again, The Spirit moves in and lives within Your Heart. would not that be the most important day of your life? your statement says it's not! You don't go and live in the Lords Heart it's quite the opposite. You know He Lives because He Lives within your Heart. Without His Blood Sacrifice there is no Salvation.There's no Other Day Like That Day,Born Again, WOW! Changed Forever
  • 7presidents, 10municipalities, one source-- where they have the longest bloodlines tied to illuminatti and most wealth?-capital is a bear and the name of this place is Switzerland--the home of CERN -did anyone not see the world leaders all watching that evil worship of Babel, virgin sacrifice, worshiping their god which is LUCIFER;and they have also erected the gate of Babel connecting this tunnel
  • Lu2677 on Genesis 1
    Bruce, When people celebrate a holiday that was fashioned after a pagan holiday, and they decide on a date for the holiday and say it is the date of Christ's birth, and I ask for scripture to prove their claim, reasonable question. Today is the day of salvation. Where does scripture say the day I was saved is the most important date? You wrote "He Born in You?" He was NOT born in me, I in Him.
  • Bruce on Genesis 1
    Lorin:You should read the post again. It's saying The Soup has a wild vine in it. Poison in the Pot. 2Kings 4:39-40. That not saying I changed Your Name? / What Proof do You have of Jesus Existence?
  • Stephenderafael on Matthew 7
    Who has ears to hear? Is it not those that enter at the strait gate, meaning difficult, not linear. These teachings are not from one who possesses an ego or has ulterior motives. No, they are the truth from God which are purified seven times as silver from dross, with fire. There is no controversy. Hear and perform these commandments or suffer the fate of a hypocrite. Be not like the phonies
  • Lorin on Genesis 1
    Last comment until I get a response. What do you feel about Acts 1 7-8? Do you think knowing the Proof of Jesus existence is wrong? I do not feel he is talking about this ,if you do explain. Or do you feel we need to adhere to Isaiah 41? READ Isaiah 40 FIRST.
    If no response I will feel and respect your rebuke ,but I will never rebuke the Word of God.
  • Brianna vs. 15-20 on Deuteronomy 4
    Idol worship! Vs. 15 warned the Jews, and warns us, to be very careful and watch ourselves closely. God warned about being "seduced" into idol worship. I like vs. 16 where it warns about making idols to represent any symbol. The revered cross has certainly crept into Christianity. People view it as a trinket and use it regularly in worship. Is it befitting for a Christian to have?
  • David Clark on Mark 12
    Mark 12:1 says winefat, should be winevat?

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