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  • Marjorie on Numbers 17
    "...fairly minor offenses"--Seriously? !!! If you think ANY offense against God is a minor matter, you have not even begun to understand the absolute perfection and holiness of God. The people being punished here are those who fomented rebellion against the leaders God Himself appointed. They are dissidents, anarchists, usurpers, and rabble-rousers against God's holy law.
  • John on Luke 14:26
    This is just my opinion. Could possibly mean: hate the way they / we are "of the worldly ways of living" because they / we will not consider ever inviting someone who is poor, blind, cripple, etc... to a wedding, etc., because we want to gain a social status amongst the many of higher living. One must first change to love all; not just, someone of higher living abilities. This is cost of being a disciple! Or, just being a good friend to someone / anyone; that, which they / we today lack. We do not want our associates looking down on us! On the flip side of this issue; who wants to be friends with criminals or terrorist or rapist or etc.. So, something must change our reality or way of life. My friends that is what Jesus was / would / will / is teaching us. He was / is telling us how to stop the madness of neglect. Please share! Basis necessities, things needed to be able to survive is what many lacked then and now (today). We know this to be true! Flip side of this: we may be too many in numbers / populations to maintain enough resources for everyone?! True or False?!
  • Joseph Ryder on Acts 13
    I am a Gentile and until Christ turned to the Gentile, there was no hope for my salvation. We go back in the Bible and read the lives of the Jews which has nothing to with my salvation. It only shows we are not doing any better with the Promise, than the Jews did? I have never heard a minister that does not pick and Choose his scripture. If you love the word, why not start First Timothy, and Preach Paul thru to the last verse, PAUL WROTE IT, was he wrong.
  • Alfred on Jeremiah 2
    verse 32:can a maid forget her ornaments? this verse tells us that we should forget about God in whatever situation we might be in but we should remember the Good things God has done to us.
  • James kiboi on Nehemiah 1
    Who will rise up like Nehemiah ,leaving behind all his status and comfort zone for the sake of God's people? At this time and age we are engaged in our selfish deeds forsaking God's work.if we sincerely pray to Him,turn away from our evil deeds, then He will restore our ruined cities, broken families, diseased bodies and many more just like Jerusalem was restored.we serve the same God of Nehemiah Who never changes.
  • Frank willard tchale on 1 Corinthians 15:52
    definitely any second from now that trumpet may sound. How prepared are you?
  • Oracle on Genesis 8
    I refuse to believe that every single human God killed was evil. And what the heck did the animals do to deserve death?
  • Mark Titus on Romans 11:29
    It's amazing how many people want to prove Jesus a liar. Why? Self-Righteousness. Remember, my Savior Jesus Christ new what it was like to be a man. He felt what we feel when it comes to sin. He also had a HUGE advantage. The Father in him. No other human being could claim that at the time or since. Perspective people. Perspective.
  • Luckson on Genesis 2:24
    who lives parents here? But in many african countries wives are the ones who live
  • God knew us before we were formed, he knows what we can bear; we are encouraged to give thanks in everything because there is a reward in doing that, the most important thing tho, is to find the strength and courage to do it when the trials are at its peak; know what?, practice makes perfect, lets be thankful and praise our God through it all.
  • HisDaughterGloryToHimTheUltimateSinnerWitchPastLife on 1 Peter 4:12
    And I will praise you. What the powers and principalities, what they meant for evil. You meant for good. God's will prevailed and now I stand as a living example of your power as you have honored me. I was of the occult and satan wanted me so bad. They tried to kill me. Through many miracles and many tears you healed me and put an everlasting smile on my face and in my heart. Who is like you? Who could ever compare. God annoint the book you commision I begun writing today. For your love, for the book, and for your name and all-encompasing powers sake I am alive and well now to live your purpose. Love Forever-Your Daughter (You Know Me YHVH)! I love you hopelessly infinity x (multiplied) by infinty big in eternity with no restaints!!!
  • Sigmund Ivarsson on Luke 14:27
    To carry your cross means to endure whatever your mission in life is. My twin brother and my siters and my parents are all unbelievers . But really what I have had to endure the most is Christians. They are my cross to bear. I have never suffered more that at the hands of Christians. I have been kicked out of churches, banned from discusions, black listed and persecuted for telling the truth. How do you feel when you read my words?
  • Tamera on Genesis 1
    Verse 27 what man did God make ?
  • Nelson.Godbless on Luke 1:10
    i real like to know more about our lord jesus christ?
  • Betty on Matthew 7:1
    I have a problem with understanding just what this verse means. We all make judgments in life in that we would not want to be in the company of a liar, drug addict, or criminal. How can that be considered being a judge?
  • Charlotte on Isaiah 55:12
    I don't know that is why Iam doing research on this particular scripture. Would like to know when mountain and hills are mentioned what it is in reference to; People, multitudes or what?
  • J M banda on Genesis 6:1
    Who fathered these daughters?
  • Ar on Revelation 7
    There is no other way for salvation,but God's way. We are almost at the end.Soon Jesus is coming to take His church, His followers to heaven before Antichrist starts ruling. Rapture is definitely going to take place before antichrist takes over. Jus t
    go back and see John in Patmos. Here our Lord Jesus Christ is referring to the seven churches and please note that from 4th chapter onwards the word church is not mentioned, because from there on the church is in heavon with he HS too. Also note that at the north chapter the voice tells John to come up! Yes from here on John sees heaven and all that is happening in this work from heaven. No, the all believers will not be in this worl d when Antichrist comes.they will be in heaven with the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit. Praised be the Holy Trinity. So, sisters an brothers be ready , Be clean and joyful, that day is almost here?
  • Alan on John 16
    13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.
    14 He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

    The comforter must be a great person who is always glorify Jesus in his holy scripture.. Did anybody read Koran? I heard that there was chapter marry on that scripture
  • Philomena Pters on James 5:14
    I have a question. Does "Elders" in James 5:14 mean in todays Church "Elders" or does it mean any believer?
  • BJ on John 15
    Having seen a couple of my friends lay down their lives at my command I have to say that john 15:13/14 fails to consider me having to face these brave souls families. where is the guidance for THIS?
  • TIM MATTINGLY on Deuteronomy 2
    Wow im just blown away now. By the probability it seems that there were real giants that lived in the land. It does seem however that there are anti bible opponents in archeology that are hideing the findings of many archeological digs. Why? Because it goes against their darwin theory of evolution. It would make the bible literal.
  • Bernard McCarthy on Matthew 24:30
    Why do most people think this statement about the "Son of Man" means some sort of "Retribution?. It is not! It is a confirmation of God's love for us, in that He will send a vision of His son to Earth again, in the clouds, which all mankind will be able to witness and recognise, no matter their religion! Each will see their perfect "Son of Man". And rejoice together knowing that their God loves them! Amen.
  • Anonymous on Genesis 25
    Romans 9:13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. 14 What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid. 15 For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.
  • Anonymous on Revelation 2
    Rev 2:9 Christ is talking about the people in Israel now calling themselves Jews when they are NOT the real Jews! Because when you read Jeremiah 14:1 The Jews are black people! A Jew is a person from the tribe of Judah. So what race of people Christ is talking about in Rev 2:9? Type Jesus Christ in google and your answer is everywhere!
  • If there was a war, how was this war fought, with what kind of weapons? How many angels died or what were the casualties? Normally, somebody has to die in a war and everything is settled afterwards, but in this particular war the losers are cast down to earth.
  • Messenger144000 on Matthew 22:37
    God bless you. If we love the Lord with all our heart and all our mind, then we will DO what He commands. Solomon said the most important thing we can do on this earth is to fear God and obey his commands. It is the whole duty of man. Ecc 12:13. So WHAT exactly ARE those commands?
    According to the bible is is the 10 commandments. 1John 2:3-7 says we have come to know him if we obey his commands and if he does NOT DO what he commands then he is a liar. That we are to walk as Jesus did. So Jesus kept the Sabbath day as was his custom, he kept the Passover with his disciples. He kept all the appointed Feasts of God. John writes that this is not a new command but an old one that we have had since the beginning. The 10 commandments~! Now we don't keep the old covenant 10 commandments with all its regulations and sacrifices. Now we keep the new covenant 10 commandments that Jesus kept as well as the disciples who were taught by Jesus. Jesus is the final sacrifice for all the daily, weekly, yearly sacrifices. So we keep the new covenant as Jesus taught us . If you are not keeping Sabbath the 7th day and if your church does not keep the feasts of God ,then you are not in Zion, the Church of God. So that means then you are worshiping God in vain. The bible clearly tells us the salvation comes out of Zion and that God dwells in Zion. Zion is the place where God's holy and appointed Feasts are kept....Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy.
  • Pete on Genesis 1
    Genesis 1:28. I believe Adam and Eve are the first humans created, however, why does God use the term 'Replenish' when telling Adam and Eve to multiply on the Earth?
  • Cozy on 1 Samuel 17:9
    What does this scriptures mean ?
  • Franco on Psalms 82
    Jesus Christ and God The Father (YHWH) are Together on The Throne in Throne Room of Heaven and Jesus Stated that He was going/has Gone to Prepare a Place for Us !!! Amen ? Amen !!! :D Jesus is the King of Glory and There is No Other Like Him and He's Coming Again with The Great Armies of Angels from Heaven and Every Eye Shall See Him and Every Knee Shall Bow and Confess That Jesus Christ IS LORD !!! :D

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