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  • Pastor on 1 John 5:7
    you have to remember folks---God is a spirit!!!!! and the spirit became flesh!!!!!! in Mathew 28:19 name is singular not plural!!!! any way ( father,son, and Holy spirit) are not names they are titles !!! have you been to school to know that? also the word of God says that there is one God and if there were another he would have told us and there is no other setting beside him if so he would tell us!!!!!!!!
  • Mapula Moffat on Ecclesiastes 1
    There comes a time when your creator says time up then you exit this world.Who were you serving all along?Is it God or mammon?Decide now if you choose everlasting life or everlasting death.Jehovah have compassion over your life.
  • Joseph on Psalms 46:10
    In the original text it means to give up to him, "let go" and the word know is "trust in your heart" or in turn Love God. Remember the song to know know know him is to love love love him?
  • Riley on Ezekiel 28:14
    If i understand this right, the stones of fire are related to all the other angeles, all nine orders. his holy mountain refers, i believe is God;s throne you were blameless in your ways,God created him to be perfect above all angeles. the covering might refer to the ark of the covenant?.
  • Maurice Potter on Mark 1:23
    How could there have been a man with an unclean spirit, in the Synagogue?
  • Yien Mathew Chol Joak on Luke 15
    Luke 15 is such a wonderful and an amazing passage that sums up the mission of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It further a rebuke to those who think that the Lord Jesus came for the righteous. No matter to which degree, we are yoked and burdened with shortcomings and sins. He is yet Gracious and Merciful. The challenge is; Are we unto the task and humble enough to accept His offer and seek his forgiveness?!
  • JME on Matthew 5:37
    How can we make promises when we don't even know what the next second holds in our life? Father is all knowing only he knows what our future holds. How presumptuous it would be for us to pretend to know the future when only our Father knows!
  • Muriel on Proverbs 1
    My comment on the above chapter,,is a testomany of being obedient to the word of God,,,,,yet we know the history of Soloman the second wiseth man in the bible,,,700 wifes amongs other things!!!!!Would one call that wisdom?
  • Evans on Ecclesiastes 1
    Let us not be too much concerned with earthly things! We should rather be thinking of eternity. The question we should be asking ourselves is 'where will I spend eternity?
  • HAVE MORE FAITH IN JESUS on Hebrews 10:26
    Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.>>>Galatians 5:4 Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.(NOTE:no one is ever justifed by the law now as per Galatians 3:11-13)>>>>Romans 10:3 For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their OWN righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.Romans10:4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.>>>Now, Listen to OUR LORD JESUS say it, and believe on the FATHER. Why? He said it's needed.>>>John 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. Praise him now!! Peace be with you!>>John 11:26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?
  • Clyde turner on Isaiah 44
    Isaiah 44 once again tells us there is only 'ONE' GOD WHOM IS GOOD AND GOOD " ONLY "!!! and there is no other "WAY" to heaven, but thru HIM WHOM is GOD...The Living Word of GOD shall never perish and if planted in ones heart,hand,eye, and upon tongue for GOODness sake and goodness sake "ONLY><> if thy right hand is filled with anything that is not of GOD and HIS Goodness; for 'HOLY' be THY name!!! Then it is better we cut it off than go down in the fire thereof and eat of the ashes we are self have produced.... It is better we cut it off while it is still called Today ??!! Fore we know there is only 'ONE' redeemer of our soul, Him Whom is GOD and GOOD !!! AS it Says plainly in verses9 & ><> 17 thru 23.......... Let us not be left a shamed but instead be redeem like HE told us HE would do so in HIS LIVING WORD.... Let US do so while it is still called ' TODAY '...!
  • Vickey Hunter on Genesis 1
    I love the reading. It goes to show how powerful and awesome my God is. How would God know how to create all of the world?
  • Vickey Hunter on Genesis 1
    I love the reading. It goes to show how powerful and awesome my God is. How would God know how to create all of the world?
  • Fritze Flink on Job 1:6
    Ok, so THIS particular part of the bible is not to be taken literally. But the others are? Or some of them? Which ones are, which ones are not? I am confused. Also to who has authority to tell me which is the one or the other...
  • Anonymous on Leviticus 26
    God is letting us know that if we turn our back on HIM,He will turn HIS back on us, HE is a GOD of promise HE keeps HIS word.America, we need to run to GOD. read 2chron. 7:14 GOD ask for so little of us and yet HE gives us so much.were would we be if it were not for HIS love?
  • Joe on Romans 1
    If Moses had said it, or Matthew, or Mark, or Luke, or John, or finally Paul said it, would it make the verse any less divinely inspired of God, or the rest of the Bible for that matter? I myself have at times found myself at odds with what the Bible says in certain verses and caught myself trying to justify some of the wrong things I’ve done by reinterpreting what I‘ve read. This is wrong. Trying to justify a life style by blotting out, rewording, not agreeing with it, or saying God didn’t directly declare an act to be sinful is also wrong. Plus, calling a life style sinful, is not the same as judging someone. Jesus said in Matthew chapter 7, verse 1 “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” In John chapter 8, verses 10 & 11. “10 “When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?” 11 “She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.” Jesus called what she was doing sinful without condemnation and told her to stop sinning. Lastly, the woman didn’t try to justify her sinful lifestyle by woefully announcing that everyone else there was just trying to “judge her“.
  • Mawulikplim mcfrancis on Romans 10:17
    Please let us ask,when was faith mentioned of? Let look at Galatians 3: 23-26. Faith has come if_you confess and received Christ.
  • Mawulikplim mcfrancis on Romans 10:17
    Please let us ask,when was faith mentioned of? Let look at Galatians 3: 23-26. Faith has come if_you confess and received Christ.
  • Steve on Genesis 4
    Just wondering, Cain and Abel were Adam's sons, where did the other people come from??
  • Bishop Ronald Martin on Psalms 19:2
    Day by day and night by night God has a word just for you...don/t miss it.It could be leading your life and certainly allowing us to have fellowship with our Creator which is why we were please God greatly to pray ( talk to God ) and meditate day and night on his word as God talks to us.Jesus asked his deciples.." Who do you say Ii am " ? And when Peter said " you are the Christ..the Son of the living God !! Jesus replied " well done..flesh and blood did not reveal this to you , but the holy spirit !! Thus , God has revelation knowledge for all those who are saved and obeying his word...God/s unlimited knowledge has things to tell us that he has never told anybody..why? Because he loves us no more tha he loves Enoch ,who stayed in fellowship with God and according to the book of Jude , Enoch was told about the 2nd coming of Christ way back in my friend..what does God want to say to you ? Day by day and night by night our Lord wants to share something with us..don/t miss it! May our Lord and Savoir Christ Jesus bless you and your family...from Bishop Ron
  • Mario Newman on Genesis 1
    God created man and woman on the 6th day. But Adam was created after the sabath day (7th) is this not correct? Did'nt Cane's wife come from the 6th-day creation?
  • LogicMan on Psalms 19
    Sheree if you are making a claim against evolution or the original formation of Earth, you are contradicting yourself. You are correct in stating that something cannot come from nothing, but in the bible that is exactly what God does- he poofs Earth into existence out of nothing. And evolution is a lot more rational of a theory, because it involves gradual change from primordial sludge to modern animals rather than the "poof from dust because of God" theory the Bible presents, along with all of the irrefutable evidence for evolution. Also- even if your reasoning made sense, then where did God come from? If something cannot come from nothing, then the same logic must apply to God.
  • Frankf on Genesis 2
    verse 27 and 28 of genesis ch.1 says that god created male and female to go forth and multiply upon the earth. what connection does this have to genesis ch.2 verses 7and8. here he made a garden east of eden. is this man different than the male and female created in genesis ch.1?
  • Frank on Genesis 1
    to whom is the lord referring when he says lets make men in our likeness. is he referring to his angels? this would be the only explaination that seems to be sensible to me.
  • Steve on Genesis 2
    Its just amazing that God created the earth and we need to thank him everyday for our life..Genesis is so interesting, can you imagine or picture the earth in the beginning?? Just so thankful...
  • ecclesiates 3:21 its refearing to thatWho is certain that the spirit of the sons of men goes up to heaven, or that the spirit of the beasts goes down to the earth? and meaning god give every living creature a soul/ spirit for a reason, and meaning who says that animals should just rott here when they die and we should go to heaven, what makes us more loved than animals, if we go to heaven then so they!!! By Kezia Foley Murray Aged 13
  • Daniel on Exodus 20:4
    Does that mean that all art is evil? I'm not trying to provoke any resentment. I just want a deeper understanding to know if art or having art (that you don't worship) is a sin. It kind of seems like it is.
  • Dena on 1 Timothy 5
    Wine is fermented/which is good/very good for the digestive.RedWine is very high in antioxidens/which is good. Also a dr told me to drink a small glass before bed. Said it was good for my heart. I can't see one bad thing about it. Would Jesus have given anyone something that would hurt them? I'dont think so. I just wish I liked it more. But....To much of a good thing can be bad.
  • Michael H on Leviticus 18:22
    I would just like to understand why we christians are so worked up about this ONE Leviticus verse. As a christian I am told this verse is very important, but I am not told that Leviticus 12, 13, or 15 (those whole chapters) are important. Why don't I have to follow those anymore but I have to follow this one? Why is this word of God more important than those other ones? Just to be clear... I understand the other verses in this chapter (no "nakedness" with family). But that does bring up a good point, why the wording change. Am I to believe it is ok to have "nakedness" with men as I would with women? I just don't understand.
  • Jjr on Malachi 3:8
    In the book of Malachi I understand that God was conversing with the priests. Weren't the priests misusing the tithes and offerings effectively robbing God ? Also if I were to give my tithes to God in order to get a blessing, does that make God some kind of servant? Where I say to God, here I've paid you, now you owe me. I really don't think God was speaking to us, but to the priests, or am I wrong?

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