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  • Ab Zimmerman on Revelation 21:14
    Are the names of these 12 apostles indicated in Revelation 21:14 mentioned anywhere?
  • Alan on Revelation 13
    Re: Chimwamo. The author of the Rapture disagrees with you. Emmanuel Lacunza makes it quite plain that only Roman Catholics are to be raptured. As he is the author of the rapture who has the write to change what he state? Apparently pre-Millennialism does. People need to be well versed in Roman history in order to see these two beasts for what they are.
  • Carlos E.Williams on Isaiah 9:6
    I believe and the government shall be on His be on
    His government means.government means that to have
    domenion to have rule over a city or state.but during His time.What did it mean when Christ was born and walk into His ministriy or what exactly did Isaiah when the Lord showed him the chosen one?In it's simpless form that a child would understand?Because as I share this word not a soul would like "what'?is the mening of shoulders would it be to carry,like carring us on His shoulders?As they march on to CALVERY known as the skull?
  • Joanna on Genesis 6
    In answer to the questions about Genesis 6:17..and what about fish in the arc, the answer is in the text! " destroy all flesh wherein is the breath of life: from under heaven and everything that is in the Earth... Fish and underwater creatures would not be described as having BREATH of life?..and in the EARTH may be referring to dry land....
  • Kalimuzo Phillip on Acts 4
    God exalted Jesus to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above all names which is JESUS and the Holy Bible says that *at the name of JESUS EVERY SHALL BOW AND EVERY TOUNGE CONFENCE THAT HE LORD*. So, why do people name themselves or their children *Jesus*?
  • Diane Jauber on Genesis 7:15
    Does this mean that other people as well went into the ark in verse 7:15? They went with Noah into the ark, two and two of all flesh in which is the breath of life.
  • Createams on Genesis 5
    Bobbie only the sensor knows (LOL)but what do you think of Genesis 5?
  • John on John 2
    who is this jesus that you people are talking about? is this bible just a story book?
  • Tucker Taylor on Song of Solomon 2:5
    Not knowing it was a bride to her new husband, saying, "I am so in love that I feel faint and need some food and drink to regain my composure," I have been interpreting the quote to mean, "I am so love-sick (and so heartbroken) that I need the diversion of food and drink to make my thoughts go in other directions than my plight of unrequited love."

    So I really missed the meaning! But, on reflection, if one didn't know the context, my earlier mistaken interpretation makes sense, n'est-ce pas?
  • Lois Neal on Matthew 28:9
    Why would they take Jesus' feet?
  • Bobbie Zaremba on Genesis 5
    When Cain slew his brother Able and was cursed by God because of it, the Bible states that he went to the land of Nod and 'knew his wife who conceived Enoch'..... my question is where did Cain's wife come from? So far, in the Garden of Eden, God created Adam and then Eve out of Adam. They had Cain and Able...(and later Seth.)... nowhere does the Bible talk about God creating anyone else. So I wonder where Cain's wife came from? And where did the land of Nod come from East of Eden??
  • Ernest on Luke 1:37
    If a dead person can be alive again,then what is it that HE can‘t do?Nothing!
  • Markschmidt on Exodus 12
    David's Exodus Chapter 12 comment on 1/31/2013, 9:55am...

    Exodus 12:2 mentions "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you." What month in our calendar does this refer to? Also this chapter states "And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening." Since the scripture clearly states that the Passover shall start on the 14th day of the month why does the date change every year? God's calendar is solar not lunar like our present one and that's why the dates change. God's year begins at the Spring Equinox. The sun would rise and the rays would shine up the temple steps into the Holy of Holies. And Gods day commences at sundown and ends the following sundaom. This shows the day begins in darkness but always ends in light. That being said, if the spring Equinox is at 2am local time it is that day we begin to count from. On the fourteenth day at sunset begins Passover for Jews AND CHRISTIANS ALIKE!!!!! God said forever throughout your generations. This never changed. Where Easter appears in Acts 12:4 was a mistake by a translator which has never been corrected.
  • Eric on Exodus 24
    (Exo.24:10) what the children of Israel saw, is feet of God? or shelkena groly of God.
  • Steve on John 14
    Vicky's John Chapter 14 comment about verse 2 on 10/13/2013, 8:35am...WHAT AM I MISSING? I have always believed this was talking to us as believers giving us comfort and assurance that He is preparing a place for us in His heavenly realm. From where do you get this interpretation, or idea that this is NOT the Church to whom He speaks? Clarify my confusion.
  • Julia on Job 1
    In chapter one of Job verse five, Job prays for the sins of his sons. Is it all right to pray for a loved ones particular sin, even though you know they need to ask for forgiveness?
  • Joe on Revelation 18
    I am confused. Babylon is reckoned to have fallen sometime around 600 BC (date is debated) however Rev 18 was written by John sometime much later( xx AD). Mathew Henry's comments make no mention as to the Babylon in Rev 18 being symbolic of any time in the future - beyond John's time.

    So, is Rev 18 referring to the historical fall of Babylon or is there some future meaning to be understood that I have not grasped?
  • Juanita on 1 Corinthians 7:4
    so, does that a man can make a woman have relations regardless how she feels (illness, diabetes)? Does this give him the right to lay down with another woman because she is can not give herself to her husband
  • Walt on Genesis 48:20
    who is 'thee' in this verse? God make thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh: and he set Ephraim before Manasseh. I can not make any sense of it or find any commentary. Everyone speaks to the order only.
  • Rick on Romans 1
    Rom 1:28 says God gave them over to a reprobate mind. If you are given over to something that has a mind, which dead matter doesn't have, then who do you suppose the reprobate mind is? I Cor 5:5 tells you who that reprobate is, for the adulterer there was turned over to the same reprobate mind that Paul is talking about here. And I Tim. 1:20 says the same of Alexander and Hymenaeus.
  • 1145 on Esther 10
    why did Mordecai refuse to honor Haman?
  • Andy Buluran on Luke 6:45
    I just want to share about the "heart"
    When Adam & Eve ate the knowledge of good & evil, my conclusion is that all people have the good & evil that stored up in the heart.
    So the heart dictating a man what to say or to do, according to what is in the heart. It is the storage of "good & evil".

    Now, what will happen when the man's heart transplanted by another heart? What wil happen to the good & evil that was stored up in his heart, will it be change?
  • Brooke Padgett on Luke 7
    Or had the Spirit left John at this point and that is why he didn't recognize Jesus?? When before John exclaimed " Behold the Lamb of God!" Or leaped for joy in Elizabeth's womb when Mary entered the house,he already had the Spirit and the Spirit recognized Him then, so why the need to question?
  • Allan josiah on Matthew 27

  • Velvet on Jonah 1
    I heard a minister a few years ago on television, teach that when Jonah came out of the fish, the stomach acid from the fish, took all of Jonah's hair. His skin was red, and sensitive to the sun. Is that anywhere in the study of Jonah?
  • Diana on Ephesians 3:15
    In this family there is a special relationship to God. There are no outsiders, not in heaven or in earth. That family is related by the blood and covenant. His named is placed on the family to identify who they are . His name has some power and responsibilities with it. What is the name of the family? There is only one name and that is Jesus.
  • Teresa on Exodus 16:36
    I'm thinking that this verse,"Now an omer is the tenth part of an ephan." Can this also be a correlation to our tithes offerings which is a tenth of our giving back to the Lord for blessing us too?
  • Theo on Psalms 16
    Psalm 16;2 my goodness extendeth NOT to thee;

    What does this mean?
  • Doris Harrell on 2 Corinthians 10:12
    It is offensive for us to compete with each other in any manner. There is no place for such wordliness amongst God's servants. Do we not all serve the same God? Is not all of our goals the same one. To glorify the one True and Living God!
  • Theo on Galatians 3
    In verse 13 Paul says, "it is written ", where is it written?

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