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  • Davie on Job 1
    the meeting of the sons of God with satan was not on earth,but in the presence of God,remember satan is the accuser of the brethren,does he stand on a hill and shout up his accusations to God in the 3rd heaven?no,of course not,there are 3heavens,even though lucifer was cast down,he still exists in a spirit dimension unseen to us,the prince of the power of the air,read JOBch1:6 the sons of God came BEFORE THE LORD,in heaven
  • Mary on Malachi 3
    Do a person on fixed income have to pay tenth for tithes?
  • Dennis Meyer on Matthew 12
    In reply to Dave, if you can show me where the Father or the Messiah just do something at random then it might not make any difference to when the resurrection happened. Look at all the prophecies concerning the flood, or Israel going into captivity, or concerning the birth, or the return of the Messiah. I don't believe they just took place at any random point in time, but fall at specific points in time as appointed by the Father or the Son.
    Vern, I believe we should go back to the foundation of the statement which is found in Jonah 1:17.
    Can someone answer me this, why is it when you celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or a holiday like Christmas, one year its on a Mon. then the next year it will be on a Tues. and continue to change year after year. Why doesn't Easter do the same thing? Shouldn't the same logic apply?
  • Margaret on Mark 2:28
    What do I think of Mk 2:28? Rev. 1:10 Gen 2:2 Ex 20:8 7th day is His day not first day. However I am not a legalist...for I am under Christ. I go to church on Sun. and I go to church on Sat. I go to church because I love God not because I am bound to the Law. Thank you.
  • Margaret on Mark 2:28
    What do I think of Mk 2:28? Rev. 1:10 Gen 2:2 Ex 20:8 7th day is His day not first day. However I am not a legalist...for I am under Christ. I go to church on Sun. and I go to church on Sat. I go to church because I love God not because I am bound to the Law.
  • Kelly on Matthew 3:10
    "Indeed the axe is already laid at the root of the trees; so every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire."
    what does this mean?
  • Betty Asantewaa Arthur on James 3
  • Timothy ezekiel on John 3:16
    what a love,what a sacrifice,what a humility that GOD could manifest himself in the form of flesh just to save mankim
    nd better acknoledge thiS
    awesome sacrifice?I LOVE THIS JESUS
  • Tripple ''a'' on Isaiah 29:12
    Let clear 2 u dat d message in d bible is nt secretive as contain in 2nd peter chapter 1 vs 20 which says first of all you must understand dis dat no prophesy of scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation, why u pple are tryn 2 mislead others , dis very chapter Isaiah 29:12 prophecies d coming of d gr8 prophet which wil nt learn 4rm anybody bt 4rm God, as mentioned in d lost book of d bible nd 4getn book of eden chapter 20 vs 1-9 I quote there was also at Jerusalem one man named Zaccheus who was a school master, nd he said to Joseph, Joseph why dost thou nt sent Jesus to me dat he may learn his letter? Joseph agreed nd told St Mary; so they brought him (Jesus) to d master who as soon as he saw him says Aleph, Beth even jesus refuse 2 pronounce beth he was threatened 2 whip, nd after dat Jesus began clearly nd distinctly to say Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth nd so on to d end of alphabet.
  • SamstarBudon on Psalms 23
    My dear' how close are U to GOD befor d Troble come? Am nt saying dat if U're close to GOD U will nt hav any Troble But, I beliv dt GOD will Answe U befor It get to wost and at his own Time ( his own Time dos nt matter how Long d Troble Lingered ) but, what Matter is for GOD to do It best and beyond Human Understanding. THAT IS WHAT THE BIBLE IS TALKING ABOUT GOD's TIME.
  • "Sir I'm sorry you can't read 4th grade English. " I THE LORD HAVE DECEIVED THAT PROPHET,"(Ezekiel 14:9). I agreed you made a good point. If you will read ( I doubt it) let these Scriptures (KJB) flip your wig, and pray about this about 10 years. (2 Sam 24:1) And again the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and He moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah. ( 1 Chr 21:1) Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel. Now you know the Bible doesn't contradict. (Job 1:12) And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in THY POWER; now look at ( Job 2:3) "and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou MOVEDST ME against him, to destroy him without cause." You want a hint to the answer? The LORD's axe is sharpened on the Devil's grindstone ~Havner. "
  • Marie c. on Psalms 127
    I dreamed these words a few months ago: they made their bed in hell; last year I heard that my spouse e is committing infidelity against our marriage, and the source has showed me proof; I have not made a decision yet, but have put it in god's hands, because god came to me in another dream previously be still and don't say anything, that this battle is not mine, its the lords; then came dream, they made their bed in you think god sent this dream or otherwise?
  • Stella fay fitch on Zechariah 5
    ephah what does this word meneg?
  • Lloyd Pritchett on Mark 14:3
    If Simon was a leper, why were people with him in his home?
  • Daniel on Exodus 2
    If it is written that Moses looked all around and saw that all was clear to slay the Egyptian then how come all of a sudden it was known to all and sundry. The Egyptian had been killed and buried. So no signs left! What Happened? …. And so ……
    The wife who had been cavorting with the Egyptian was, to say the least a rattle mouth and it was she who told the neighbors what Moses had done, thus the statement as to the fact the murder was now known to all.
  • Daniel on Exodus 2
    What is the story behind the slaying of the Egyptian? After all he was not just any one. He was a designated overseer, so what exactly was going on that so infuriated Moses that he killed the man? Moses approached the scene where he sees an Egyptian coming out of an Israelite's house. The husband came home and is offended by the situation. The Egyptian, on top of everything, then beets the Israelite. Not only had the Egyptian taken advantage of his position by coveting another man's spouse but on top of it thrashes the husband for his "impertinence".
  • I believe that we can only have faith in God if we know Him because how can we trust/believe/have confidence in anyone and we don't know them? the key to having faith is building a personal relationship with God and getting to know Him through the Bible/the Holy Spirit/the five fold ministry/your own personal experiences with Him.
  • Samson was commanded by God that he should never cut his hair (for what reason(s) I do not know) but to be commanded to not cut his hair clearly shows us it was the norm for men to cut their hair; Sampson was about to become a one of a kind kind of guy and his hair length was not the norm. The bible says it's against nature to be homosexual and it says it's against nature for men to have long hair. Asking the question, "how long is long?" is all too often the same as asking, "Can God make a stone so large that even he can't move it?" Those are Satan questions, clever words to deceive - same as when he said to Eve, 'you shall surely NOT die." There were many things that God overlooked ... until the cross and there after. If you're a Christian man and you're wondering what 'long hair' means, perhaps you're just looking for an 'out'? If you're struggling with what constitutes 'long hair' on a man, maybe just get a crewcut or a cut around the ears and the back above the collar and be done with the questioning ...
  • George Hartwell on Genesis 1
    What I want to know is - what was the source of the light in verse 3, since the sun and the moon and stars were not created until verse 16? Also, without the sun, it would have been to cold and dark for the vegetation referred to in verses 11 and 12.
  • Robert on Luke 14
    If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

    Can you understand what he is saying? Would you be able to be one of Jesus disciples?

    Unless you have suffered, been ridiculed and hated you can't understand what he is talking about.

    He is telling the truth!
  • Akhil poranki on Genesis 1
    the word subdue in the 28th verse brings the meaning 'use it'. that is what i have understood, is that right..........?
  • Cisco on Hebrews 1
    Folks claim the Bible says Jesus is God. Really?
    Why then do the scriptures proclaim --that God was over Jesus in authority. The power Jesus had was given to him by God. Jesus had no power except God GAVE it to him. Read the scriptures.
  • BroadwayErik on Leviticus 20:13
    You can interpret this any way you feel. The only fact of it is that the Old Testament was written by the ancient Israelites thousands of years ago, in a society extremely different from ours. It is easy to take this verse out of context and manipulate it to your liking. Would not you be better off studying the history of the Old Testement and try and analyze what they were ACTUALLY talking about? just a thought.
  • Patty on Psalms 118
    Where is the quiz? I look forward to the quiz as part of my study. If I don't get 100% then I read the chapter again and again until I achieve 100%.

    Please put the quiz in. Thank you
  • Ar on Acts 2
    My humble opinion for different opinions given on this chapter is:
    A. - Please remember Jesus last words before He went to Heaven
    Mark Chapter 16 :15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
    16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

    B.- Peter's name was Simon/Simeone

    In Aramaic his name was Cephas, which means stone: Peter ,/ Petros which in Greek means stone from the word (petra)

    The foundation of the church is built on the Rock who is Jesus Christ See Ephesian 2:
    20And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;

    C. - I will remind here that we are all equal in front of Jesus ,please look into Corinthians Chapter 1:10 Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.
    11 For it hath been declared unto me of you, my brethren, by them which are of the house of Chloe, that there are contentions among you.
    12 Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ.
    13 Is Christ divided? was Paul crucified for you? or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?
  • IKECHUKWU AGOHA on 2 Thessalonians 1:9
    That bible portion is self explanatory. The word "destruction" means to destroy, to remove, to cut off, to annihilate, to exterminate, to obiliterate. So when the bible therein, said that the wicked shall under go eternal destruction, it simply mean the wicked shall be destroyed entirely. For instance, let us assume, that you have some of your cloths that are no longer useful to you, when you put them into fire, will the cloths remain the same? NO. The cloths will burn to ashes. Let us also cite the example of noah's day. When the bad people where destroyed, did the bible record that they went to hell fire? No. They were destroyed entirely. So this bible portion suggests total destruction, which means that the wicked wont receive any punishment in any place of torment, rather they will be destroyed. Psalms 37 verses 9, 10, 20, 34, 38.) JEREMIAH 25 verses 31 to 33,) 2PETER 2 Verse 9, ) and PROVERB 2 Verses 21 and 22, Will help Us to understand the meaning of that 2thessalonia 1 verse 6. And also help us to understand that, there is nothing like hell fire. Hell means grave, and not a place meant for bad ppl only, both bad and good people go to bible hell. Example, Jesus . Acts 2 verse 31. And also the thief that died on the tree with Jesus. Luke 23 verse 43. He will be resurrected from the hell or grave. Acts 24 verse 15. Bible said therein, the unjust will be resurrected, which means that thief is among the unjust that will be resurrected in the last day.
  • P.Samuel on Isaiah 4
    How the Church(7womens)will tell we will eat our bread, and we will wear own shelter take our reproach? all the churches in this world is one universal church it is compared to 1 women there is mentioned 7 womens and JESUS CHRIST has shed his blood and made it pure, now church is without reproach, if JESUS CHRIST has shed his blood how can the church(womens)tells take our reproach?
  • Dave on Matthew 12
    re pat & dennis Does it really matter which days it happened on? Does that change your beliefs in the resurrection, I would hope not. But the calendar we use today is not the same as the ones used in the time Jesus was in the flesh, the only thing that matters is do you believe with all you heart that it happened, I do, and because he did these things I will live with him in glory for eternity, and so will any one else who truely believes
  • Raul martinez on Genesis 9:25
    Porque canaan tubo que ser maldecido por noe; Por ver la desnudez de su papa?
  • Janice on Genesis 11
    OK, someone explain this to me please. Terah fathered Abram, Nahor, and Haran.

    Haran fathered Lot.

    Did Abram and Nahor marry their nieces?
    Sarai and Milcah, the daughter of Haran. referring to vs 31.

    Looks to me Sarai, was Abram niece instead of sister-in-law. I know further in the chapters she is referred as being Abram's sister as well.

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