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  • Larry Taylor on 1 Thessalonians 4
    How did this teaching of the apostle Paul ever come to be called the Rapture? The answer lies in the word translated "shall be caught up" (Greek harpagésómetha). In Latin, this word is rapere, from which "rapture" is derived. Free of any arcane or mysterious interpretation, it simply means "to be caught up," "snatched," or "seized."

    The trouble begins when people confuse this meaning with another definition of rapture that has nothing to do with the biblical concept: "a state or experience of being carried away by overwhelming emotion; a mystical experience in which the spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things." When people blur these meanings, a picture develops of a strange, otherworldly experience preached by fire-breathing preachers to compel sinners to repent before God's wrath burns them to cinders.
  • Joe on John 2
    T Bennett,
    It is by no means disrespectful. In fact the opposite is true. First, “What have I to do with thee?” Is like saying what do you want me to do? Second, when Jesus refers to Mary as “Woman” the Greek translation does not denote any disrespect. In John 19:26 while Jesus was on the cross he was deeply concerned about her sadness and grief, yet again he refers to Mary as “Woman”. He loves her as he does all of us. There was certainly no disrespect.
  • KJB on Acts 2
    "Chaz could I share some Bible(KJB) with you? Acts 2:38 couldn't save a tadpole. The theif died under the N.T. Check the Bible not your pentecostal preacher. (John 19:33) But when they came to Jesus, and saw that He was DEAD ALREADY, thy brake not His legs: Jesus died before the theif my friend. You say so what. Ok. (Heb 9:17) For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth. See he died under the N.T. Uh oh. Now look at the context of John 3. Water baptism isn't even mentioned. The first birth is always water ( Gen 1:20, Pr 5:16-18, Isa 48:1). Nothing like a King James Bible to clear up false doctrine. Check (Acts 2:38). It is a bunch of Jews (verses 5,14,22,36) in the chapter that require a sign ( 1Cor 1:22). And if you get arrested for stealing, is it in order to get stealing, or because you had already stolen. Pray about that and see what you think. Amen."
  • Gary on Malachi 3
    Where does it say in the BIBLE, that the Tithes have to be one tenth?
  • Richard Ober on Revelation 5:13
    Under what extraordinary circumstances do the demons, fallen angels, and lost souls in Hades ascribe blessing and honor and majesty (glory, splendor) and power (might and dominion) forever and ever (through the eternities of the eternities)to someone they have cursed and rejected? I can understand how they will bow the knee but not what's described here.
  • Victor quong on John 4:53
    How did he know the hour?
  • Chaz on John 14
    Oh but Jesus is God: Colossians 3;16 Paul stated that for (Who was manifested in the flesh?) God! Ish 9;6 He shall be called what? (amoung other things..) The Everlasting father, the Prince of peace, the MIGHTY GOD! In Jn 14;8 Phillip asks show us the father. Jesus said, Have I been with you so long and thou hasnt known ME! In Matt it states that and his name shall be called Emanual.. being interpreted as WHO? GOD WITH US! If U understand his duality then u understand the Godhead. If u understand that we were seperated from God with no recourse. So, this God,this Emanual,this prince of peace, this Mighty God. Robed himself in human flesh,compressed himself in the womb of a virgin girl and was born as all sacrifices were, in a stable,in a barn! Lived 33 yrs, had a earthly ministry and went to Calvery and rose on the third day!! No my freind, he just isnt a messsenger he is the message! Thats why neither is there salvation in any other name, thats why we are baptized in his name. Thats why we pray in Jesus name and thats why we believe on him! He is the Father that created, the son that redeemed through calvery and is his own agent to his own church today In the Holy Ghost (still him by the way). Wether u call it the H/G, the Holy Spirit orthe spirit of Christ its all in him all teh fullness of the godhead bodily.
  • Chuck on Hebrews 6:2
    I dont understand the laying on of hands meaning i know some think its still being done today in the same pretense of healing as in the old prophets and disciples although i know all is is possible if God permits it but i dont think He does so my ? is where does it say in the Bible that this is still available today or does it i am just wanting to expand my knowledge of Gods word
  • Anonymous on Psalms 37:23
    A good man: One who has been granted righteousness because He has received Jesus' sacrifice. If this is not true then my question is, how does one know when he has achieved enough goodness on his own to merit God's blessings? Steps are ordered by the Lord: I believe this is in reference to God giving direction to the believer by revealing His Word to him/her about a situation(s) or by giving information needed to be victorious in whatever situation one is facing.
  • Daniel on Genesis 18
    Angels are always given one job to perform. There were 3 so what were their jobs?
    1. The destruction of S'dom.
    2. The destruction of Amorah
    3. The recuperation of Abraham
    G-d was standing at the entrance to Abraham's tent, where we read, that he turns to G-d and politely requests that the Lord not abandon him, as he had to go quickly and receive the 3 guests.
  • Light on Colossians 2:8
    Two factors to to consider when pondering this verse; 1.No MAN will take Jesus sheep. 2. We are not of this world (now) therefore cannot be spoiled by it. Old man DIED, not of the flesh but Spirit. Not under Law, but Grace if saved. >>>>John10:27-28 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
    >>>>This V speaks of the "World"? 1 John 3:1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. >>>>>>>>>Hebrews 10:39 But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.>>>>>Fear Not Stand Fast. This speaks of wolves who come to kill. They cannot kill the saved. Life Eternal is why. It can't be shaken.
  • Cranos on Psalms 121:1
    What is in the hills?
  • Joseph Gakura on Acts 2:21
    This is easy ,just calling the name of the LORD JESUS.
    Believe and confess,this is good.

    Can God? God can.
  • Kevin on Job 40:15
    the behemoth was not a crocodile or hippo. It was clearly a dinosaur. Clearly, we don't understand all, this was not either due to the details description in the remaining of chapter 40 and the leviathan in chapter 41 was a dragon. Read Daniel 14. Not included in the King James but in the catholic bible. Just a few details to focus in on. The scales, the tail as a tree? Yes the croc has scales, but neither have a tail as large as the Sypris tree.
  • Frank on Numbers 5
    i don't understand the first four verses of numbers. jesus walked among the sick and people with blemishes . why would his father in heaven want them outside the area of the tabernacle?
  • Chaz on John 3
    The scriptures indeed speak of water baptisim. 1st baptisim doesnt come after salvation it is incorporated in the package deal! It is by water bapisim that the old man is destroyed, it is by baptisim that we go down with the old and arise in the newness of life! The theif on the cross didn't have to be baptised, they were still under old testament law and would be until the day of Pentecost which is the birth date of the church. Notice old testament practice called for the preist to make sacrifice at the alter, but all it did was pust the sins of Isreal ahead one more yr! Jesus was that sacrifice and it is by that name, by that blood that we are all redeemed! No folks except u/r born of water and spirit! look at Acts... everytime salvation was carried out the same thing was done. Acts 2:28 was the message of salvation. It still is today, ru repented are u baptised in Jesus Name hve you recieved the Holy Ghost? (baptisim is for what for what? Its for the remission of sins. Thats what the word says. Acts8,9,10,19 here diciples of John were re-baptised, why? because it had not been done correctly. God bless yall.
  • Sherif mohamad on John 14:9
    SEEN here Means UNDERSTAND Not seen as in SIGHT. AS we use that word in our daily life as in ( do you see what i,m saying ? ). He did not mean that he is GOD , because He already said in MARK ch 12 v 29 ( Hear O ISRAEL, The first of all commandmants is ,the lord OUR GOD is one lord ). JESUS IS NOT GOD , but he is one of the MIGHTIEST MESSENGER,s OF GOD .
  • Elizabeth Caird on Psalms 55:22
    I am not certain what is meant in the King James Version by 'burden'. Is this a material burden? What is the original Hebrew word and what does it mean? I have had a problem over this. Thank you in advance.
  • David Kabz on John 14
    John 14:12 This verse still disturbs me to comprehend,which works does he mean? Is teaching,making miracles, or he meant somthing else? Which works can I perform greater than him? Help me p'se.
  • Arnel orpeza on Exodus 3:14
  • Ben on 2 Peter 3
    I believe it means exactly what it says. Yes Jesus saves, but Jesus is not the minister of sin. How can your sins be forgiven if you have not repented and forsaken your sins first. If you trust in Jesus, you must also trust in the all the word of God, you must trust in the words of his apostles and disciples and the disciples of the apostles because they are the ones of whom you read about Jesus from. We are saved by grace, and not by our own works, it is the work of God in us through the power of his word and of the Holy Spirit. Why else would the apostle that taught us that we are saved buy grace have said that where sin doth abound, grace much more doth abound, what then, should I sin so that grace would abound?, God forbid. (heavens No). I should not sin because the grace of God is working in me and through me to overcome the sin of the world so that I can show for the person of Jesus Christ to the world, so then if it is the grace of God through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ working in me, it no more I that is doing the work but God in me doing it. If I take the credit then it is no more God working in me and I have fallen from grace and am depending on my own works to save me. That is how James could say I will show you my faith by my works, as he believed that God was manifesting his works through him.
  • Linda on 1 Kings 15:14
    As to Asa not removing the high places out of Israel, could that referring the fact that he did have control over the ten tribes.he removed all the idols here he had the authority?
  • Shanna on Genesis 3
    When the first man, Adam, deliberately disobeyed God’s command, He said to him: “In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return.” (Genesis 3:19) Where was Adam before Jehovah created him from the dust? Why, he was nowhere. He simply did not exist. So when Jehovah God said that Adam would “return to the ground,” he meant that Adam would die and return to the elements in the ground. Adam would not cross over to the spirit realm. At death Adam would once again be nonexistent. His punishment was death—absence of life
  • Matt on 1 Timothy 2:12
    I don't understand why we christian insist to go against the word. Our thoughts and ways are not GOD and all we have to do is to obey. The problem is we try to reason out because we think that it is good but with is not so.We take one verse and say,how about huldah,deborah,mirriam etc. etc. but can we support a verse that can say we are correct? DISOBEDIENCE is the reason why (adam and eve) there is Genesis 3:23 and 24. God bless!
  • Becky Adedokun on Nehemiah 1
    Nehemiah did five things after he received the report about destructions of Jerusalem. He was sober and sat down with repentance heart, he wept for their sins, he mourned with contrite heart, feeling regret and sorrow for days for Israelites's sins and their offenses against God. Nehemiah also denied himself of pleasure of food by fasting which also was for days and he prayed seeking for forgiveness of the nation of Israel. Isaiah 66 verse 2b says "But this the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word." Believers in Christ, all people alike should do these five things in seeking God's mercy upon our nation for restoration, healing and blessings. God is looking for a contrite heart and humble spirit. The question is, will you pray for this nation like Nehemiah?. It was him alone that pray for Jerusalem at that time, me and you can pray for our nation, homes, schools and body of Christ in like manner. God said, He will look on us and restore, heal and safe us. The question is what did you with bad news you heard about this nation, homes, schools and about things happening in the body of Christ. Complacency have taken over. Let us take up the task to be concerned with the situation of our nation, schools and homes; Amos 6:1 and Isaiah 32:11, let us meditate prayerfully on these bible verses and pray for Holy Spirit to ignite our prayer life to pray for our nation this year 2014 and henceforth.
  • Brianna on Proverbs 28:26
    I definitely appreciate this scripture. Why you ask? Well, it serves as a great reminder on how trusting in ourselves will not always lead to success.

    Think about how many people truested in their "hearts" and made decisions based off what they thought was right. Alot of the times those decisions did not lead to good outcomes.

    I am reminded that I do need assistance in guiding my life if I want to be successful! I have accepted Jehovah's help, and have never been disappointed.
  • Brianna on Mark 3:11
    Lloyd Martin: You have a point! I always thought about this. The demons themselves knew who Jesus was. Jesus clearly said that the father is greater than he is. Sooo, how are people today so confused!?!?

    Anyway, I also thought this was an interesting scripture since the Identity of the Messiah was such an issue at this time. The demons knew who he was, and verbalized it so no doubt on lookers heard. Yet so many failed to identify the Christ. Hmmmm.
  • Mike on Mark 16:18
    The scripture does state to test the spirits to see who they are from and not accept any spirit that is contrary with the Word of GOD. This scripture is only mentioned in Mark,I wouldn't build a church doctrine off of one Scripture?
  • Joseph on 2 Chronicles 15
    i have been praying for many years now for God to change my situation and am still on it .why is it hard for God to answer me please?
  • James on Genesis 2
    why does God say he made man and woman in the first chapter and then again say in the second chapter man should not be alone and then create woman from Adams rib? Seems to contradict each other.

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