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  • Jen on Luke 4
  • Tahni on Mark 2:22
    What does this verse mean? Why was the comment made after speaking of how we are to fast when Yeshua is not on earth. Does fasting make somethimg happen to the body which is beneficial toward receiving a renewed spirit?
  • Faith is the key to Salvation. In order to please God, we must first believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11 6 Someone above asked the question "how do I build my faith? " It starts by falling down on our knees. Prayer is our connection to God through His dear Son Jesus. The more we bow down to Christ, the more He reveals Himself to us, and will baptize us with the Holy Ghost, which is the Spirit of Truth. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10 17 Read the word of God and pray. Faith is saying Lord, I don 't see you, but I know you are real. I 'm going to pray and read your Word, until you make yourself known to me. We have to diligently seek God, and when we show God we are sincere, He will reveal Himself to us. This isn 't done with the natural mind nor can be. God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. John 4 24 Not what the eyes see, but what the heart believes. This is a faith walk.
  • No temptation or sin, can we always find a way of ESCAPE! I find I cant "always " find a way of escape, why is this? Would this be a normal weakness, as we all are sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Taking the scripture literally we could all be sin free! Blessings!!!
  • MALCOLM HARRISON on 1 Corinthians 13:13
    Charity is a gift. Love is an aspect of Charity. So what is the greatest?
  • Abel Sebola on Matthew 14
    it took Jesus word for Peter to walk on the many words are u expecting Jesus to say to u? Lord Jesus said Come...Peter walked on the words that he heard 'Come '..Jesus is looking for people who 'll come to him as he commented Peter, no matter how much u foll his still there to lift u up...thank u
  • Rev. Autrey on Isaiah 8:13
    Verses 13 14 "Don 't fear anything except the Lord of the armies of heaven! If you fear him, you need fear nothing else. He will be your safety, but Israel and Judah have refused his care and thereby stumbled against the Rock of their salvation and lie fallen and crushed beneath it. " Paul in 1 Corinthians 10 4 identified the Lord, the Rock of their salvation, with Jesus "For they all drank from the miraculous Rock that traveled with them, and that Rock was Christ. " Was Paul wrong? I don 't thinks so. He was simply stating the amazing truth that was revealed to him the God of the Old Testament was Jesus. When we understand this truth, it opens up the Gospel to us as we never before understood it. It explains to us why Paul erndorsed the name Christians for us. And it also explains to us why Jesus came to us as a Jew, the son of Abraham and David. He is the same God they worshiped and loved, and the same God they put their faith in. Jesus caused people to stumble and fall because they don 't know who he is. What I am saying is, if they knew him as their God, and the Rock of their salvation, they wouldn 't wouldn 't be so easliy led astray from him as the Jews of old were. Yes, God has two other personalities, the Father and the Holy Spirit, but they are not the way God saves us. You must address God as Jesus to be saved. As it says in Romans 10 "13 "For 'Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. " Let 's pray to Jesus!
  • Rebecca on Exodus 4
    I dont understand Exodus 4 24 why does God wanted to kill moses?
  • DavidicLineage on Genesis 1:7
    So, these unnamed waters that remain above Heaven. Anyone got a bead on their significance? Is that the battlefield this whole universe is prep for?
  • Rebecca on John 3
    I dont understand why did Moses lifted up the serpent... isnt suppose to be symbolize as devil?
  • Darrin Lofton on 1 Peter 1
    The Word of the Lord endureth forever. Jesus said "My Words are Spirit ". When the elements all melt in a fervent heat the only thing that will remain is Spirit. What is Spirit? It is what we are not. We are flesh, God is a Spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. He has given us a spirit, the eternal part of us from Him that will never die. This spirit will live eternally after this life ever connected to our soul. This spirit will be with God for eternity or be separated from God for eternity. The Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword able to divide asunder the soul from the spirit. The word cuts in between the soulish fleshly part of man and the spirit eternal part of man, and speaks to that spirit within us. Our spirit longs to return unto God, and it is eternal just as the Word of God is. Lord Jesus bless everyone who read this today with the knowledge of eternal Salvation through your spotless blood that was shed for us. Amen
  • It is written The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is no new thing under the sun Ecc 1 9. The dragon or beast or anything which is represented here is not anything new, dinosaurs did roam over the earth. In Revelation 13 14 we read that people will once again do what is revealed in this chapter. In terms of Bel , who cares what the actual name was. People give nicknames or short names every day. In terms of it being in the Apocrypha, why would God have left it in the scriptures for 1800 years after Christ and only be omitted in the last 200? Not only that, but if your spiritual eyes open, then you ll see these kind of demonic beasts all the time God Bless you all.
  • Vincent on John 15:19
    If he is talking about a nation of people then who in this world is hated the most or even back then who was hated the most?
  • Josh on Leviticus 18:22
    God doesn 't mention blasphemy too often,so when he does take special attention.God says it is an abomination and I totally agree without any hesitation.Humans were designed in the beginning Adam and Eve with perfect physiology.Anyone who thinks that a ** was designed to be inserted into an anus is not paying attention.It 's not supposed to go in there!Fecies and only Fecies was designed to come out of an anus,this cannot be disputed.The woman 's ** was perfectly designed to accept a man 's **,this cannot be disputed.Any questions to this inarguable point?I didn 't think so.God never intended men laying with men and women laying with women.God considered this a disgusting act long ago as we should also.What bothers me about the Rainbow Coalition is that they somehow believe that we must absolutely know that they are gay.Who cares!I don 't go around town telling everyone that I see that "I am a heterosexual! " Nor do I announce it in political campaigns or on a radio or TV show! If you are out there and you are gay so freaking what!You are the ones who will be judged by God in the end,which is the second death and will burn in eternal fire forever.I hope you think it was worth it.And for whomever labels someone like me with this opinion as a "homophobe " you are mistaken.The definition of "phobia " is to be afraid of something.I am not afraid of Gay people,I simply do not like their Sin and what they stand for and others like me don 't like their garbage being shoved into our eyes and ears such as Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on TV gross.If you want be Gay,keep it to yourself.
  • Prophet-Leonard Barrett on Ephesians 4:11
    I like this but you cannot remove a part of the foundation and except it to stand, JESUS the chief corner stone.will not please.Do you know what is a foundation if you know you will never try to removed it. Why do you think that JESUS be the chief corner stone? You must go my corner stone to step on the foundation and no one can. Matthew chapter 16 verses 18. I like this Ephesians 2 20. I like this Ben Weaver ' comment.
  • Thy word is truth on Acts 2
    There is no salvation message in Acts 2. They said What must WE do? Not one person asked what must I do to be saved. There is no mention of the blood atonement in this chapter. There is no mention of Christ dying FOR sins. This is their second chance to receive their Messiah that they had rejected. That 's why Christ said on the cross, Father forgive them for they know not what they do. He did forgive them and as a nation they turned Him down again in Acts 7. He was STANDING on the right hand of the Father ready to come back if they would receive Him. They rejected Him and He continued on with the Gentiles and will until shortly He begins to deal with the Jews when the rapture happens. Acts 2 is not how were saved. Read 1 Corinthians 15 verses 1 through 4.
  • Jackie on Mark 11:14
    What was the purpose of Jesus making the fig tree barren?
  • Chesterfield walrond on Revelation 7
    Question?are all believers aka christians servants. Of say in Revelation 7v3 The servants of God are sealed in their forehead. Ezekiel 9v4 is a parallel scripture from this you may conclude that the people who are praying against all the evil in the world are servants. Jesus also gave another example using servants.MaT25v14. Luke19v12
  • Beka on Matthew 7:13
    What does this mean though? I at first thought Jesus was refering to Himself the gate to heaven and the sheep fold but it seems to be preceded by descriptions of actions, like beware false profits. I am really confused?
  • Liz on Acts 2
    Do all things in the name of Jesus. Baptize in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit is the name of Jesus. God is a jealous God so if he is not Jesus then why would he say do all things in the name of Jesus? Why would he say that all power in Heaven and on earth is givin to Jesus? Would a jealous person want all glory to go to someone other than himself? Thou shalt have NO other Gods before me. Think on that.
  • Julie on Philippians 3:2
    so, how do we apply this warning today? i see that in protestant churches, circumcision is replaced, disguised, as "formal membership ", or covenanting with a certain body of saints. it is a kind of cutting away, member nonmember. the nonmembers refusing to put any confidence in the flesh, even giving up the privileges attached to membership, to remain in the truth that it is christ who has made us members by the spirit, and there is no higher degree of membership to consign oneself to. but rather, faith expressed thru love.
  • EveralSamuel on Genesis 3
    beautiful. I enjoyed verse 15 that placed the son of man in the future to challenge lucifer. But, if the devil knew this in the beginning, why did he had Judas sell out the son of man? Did YHW tricked the devil into introducing GRACE on earth.
  • Jason wilson on Acts 2:38
    If peter was wrong on the day of pentecost wouldnt the other disciples have corrected him?i think they would have!so how many times can you find where the trinity formula was used in the new testament? How many times can you find where Acts 2 38 was obeyed?
  • Victoria onwuegbu on Matthew 20:18
    Im speaking on a topic that says "NOT ME ' and the text is taken from Matthew 20 18. It was written in the old testament before Jesus was born. The book of Isaiah 53 says it all but, who will be the instrument to be used for other people 's destruction or downfall? It is happening in Nigeria and in the world today. People are being used to destroy other people 's joy and happiness just like Judas was used to betray Jesus. Everything that is happening in the world today had been written and it must surely come to pass but, who will be used to accomplish negative things definitely "NOT ME '
  • Innocent on Isaiah 43:26
    It is very powerful and gives assurance of the presence of our resurrected Lord and savior.If we re to put God in remembrance,does it means God can forget???
  • LARPEI TIMOTHY on 1 Corinthians 2:9
    Another infinite power of our creator.Do christians really thirst for such things? I am not sure of myself.God Help us crave and yearn for your devine promises.May we always Truly hunger and Thirst for things Above as stated by paul in his letters to the colossians in chapter 3.
  • Quintin on 1 John 2:15
    Can we love our wives? I know we must love our wives but I suppose should never put even our wives above the Lord.
  • I take it completely literal. I think women are to be quiet, not say a word in church and especially not teach men. They can teach younger women Titus 2 however. In the Bible times women were to be quiet, there were no choirs. They probably sang. It doesnt say not to sing, it says not to teach over men and to be quiet in church. Whats the problem? Its better that way anyway. Im a modern day woman, evangelical, where we have many women pastors mainly as children church pastors , but i dont agree with my church on this and that is fine. I like men to be the head of the home, over the wife not talking controlling and i like men to preach and teach. Women can sit back and enjoy. Nothin wrong with that. I dont know why so many WANT women to preach teach! Sounds so feminist to me. Just my opinion
  • Scott on Leviticus 19:28
    In my experience 'The Levitical Law ' was written to help us. I have many times found an answer, simply by asking "Why would God say that? " In this case just Google 'health issues with tattoos ' for several possible answers. Through Christ, I have been freed from the Law, that does not, however, mean that I 'm freed from the consequence. When God says don 't do it, it 's usually for your own good. I don 't believe He will condemn you for having a tat, but I am sure that He did not plan for you to die at 22 from a blood infection.
  • Amy on Acts 2
    To the person that said Acts 2 38 couldn 't save a tadpole that Paul was only speaking to the Jews, then what do u think of verse 39? It says that the promise is unto u, to your children to ALL that are afar off, as many as The Lord our God shall call. That tells me that the promise is for me also, that this IS the way to salvation

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