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  • Robert Sanborn Jr. on Matthew 13
    One thing I can take from ch.13:54-58 is that Jesus did do mighty works in his hometown but not many.Why ? Because of their unbelief.They could not come to receive their healing because they got offended by his teaching,not because he didn't have the power to heal.
  • Adeleye Wuraola
    Why is it mentioned in the Bible that Abraham gave tithe once but in the church today, tithe has become a continuous thing? Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, Job and etc never mentioned they gave tithe once but God still bless them. In most of our churches today, they keep emphasizing that, that it seems is the only way God can bless His Children.
  • Diedra Trivino on Lamentations 3
    This Chap. is it about a man crying about all the sins of jeureslume ??
  • Jacqueline hall
    GM...I have a question? What is the Courts of Heaven?
  • Charlene on Judges 6
    Again the Israelites deny their God to worship Baal and please themselves in whatever sin they choose. When along comes trouble, they all of a sudden remember where their "help comes from, it comes from the Lord". NOW they acknowledge God, repent and God forgives them AGAIN. How great is our God's mercy, grace and love for His own? But for the grace of God there go I. Thank you Jesus
  • Audra J Patterson
    can anyone tell me if there are any twin sisters in the bible?
  • Chumad on Deuteronomy 28
    how in the world did these people who knew what the curse was and still did not obey how could they not believe after all they had already been thru. something is missing.....who mislead these people?
  • Sammy chalefac Njukang
    Who Shallow Jonah and why? what was it future biblical significance?
  • Robert m.
    in pslam 91:4 , it says , he shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings. can you explain this ?
  • Kevin Pfaunmiller
    Where does it say about looking at your daughter's lustfully
  • Vincent on Genesis 6
    how many years passed from the creation of Adam to the Lords Commandment of Noah to build the Ark?
  • Gale Myers on Matthew 22
    Matthew 22: 30 seems to say that the family relationships we have now will not be continued in heaven. I do not dispute that, but I am a little confused by it. Many of us look forward to seeing our parents, our spouces, our children and grand children. Can you make this a little more clear for me?
  • Robert DeHaan on Psalms 62
    We live in a world of Satan s distractions, as the Bible tells us he is the prince of the air. This age of digital technology, Quantum Computers, information overload from cell phones to IPads. Talk of faster speeding of that information. To what end? It distracts most of the population from reading the Word of God. We need to fix our eyes on God daily. Praise Him who created all things.
  • DavidMember Sharp
    in the daily verse Psalms 62:1 greatly moved in this verse would mean what ?
  • Andrew
    In Genesis 6, who are the 'sons of God'? Angels fallen or otherwise ? Or something else?
  • Chris Johnson on 1 Timothy 2
    The question is Why do you think Paul addressed the behavior of women in church?
  • I, even I, am that Michael Isaac Dale: on Romans 12
    Hearken now, ye men, unto my Holy Father. No lie is of the truth: and no truth is of a liar. Know ye not that the wicked, full of envy as they await condemnation, shew false strength and courage as they desire to lead ye to their own eternal damnation? For they who hate Christ hate his chosen. So hate pride and learn of Christ. Confess your sins then believe the truth. Turn yourselves and live ye.
  • Stanjett on Matthew 9
    And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: Do anyone know what disease the issue of blood is?
  • Geoff - in Reply on Matthew 9
    Stanjett, Gary, gave a reference to answer your question. His heart may be in the right place, it's not the right answer. That refers to a woman's natural monthly cycle. This condition has been with her 12 years. The answer as to what it is, may not be important? It was witnessed by several people and that's probably the important thing to take away.
  • Stanjett on Matthew 8
    And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time? The devils recognize Jesus. And they know that in the end of days , that they will be cast into hell and tormented. Why they said before the time. Devils know the bible more than some of us.
  • GB
    Is paying 10 of the money you make to a church the same thing the people of the old testament did by giving agriculture crop to feed the poor ?
  • GB - in Reply
    So the principle of the giving of our wealth to a church is equivalent to what was given then? and giving 10 percent would be considered generous. That's what I understand or interpret it to be. Thanks for responding.
  • Gerald Flint
    Does anyone else ever have trouble staying focused during prayers to our father? I pray every morning and ok, sometimes I fall asleep before I can finish. I like it to be the first thing that I do before any other function but at times , I'm not even fully awake. Would I be wrong in this? Does anyone else feel that satan attempts to disrupt our prayers up to the father?
  • Stanjett on Revelation 22
    For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. Why no dogs? I want all my dogs to be in Heaven with me.
  • Marisa Pierce - in Reply on Revelation 22
    i thought that the lord came from heaven riding on a white horse and the angels followed riding horses, and Jesus commands all the fowls in heaven to eat the flesh of man who were deceived on earth during the battle of Armageddon? plus animals listened to god, Noah's ark! God commanded the animals and they followed suit, plus when our savior was born he was surrounded by animals and he is the lamb
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Revelation 22
    Then why does it say a lion shall lay down with a lamb and a little child shall lead them? I believe all animals go to heaven, for they never disobeyed God.
  • Adam - in Reply on Revelation 22
    "All animals"? Like blue whales, even though there's no ocean, or rattlesnakes, or annoying biting flies, mosquitos and ticks, or just the animals you like? We already know the Bible says nothing about animals going to heaven, because they don't have souls like people. People who love their pets are the ones who seem most interested in this, but of course since heaven is paradise with total love and happiness the last thing people will think about may be their previous pets on earth.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Revelation 22
    Where does it say no ocean in Heaven? The river in heaven has to go somewhere.
  • Kerry - in Reply on Revelation 22
    If there won't be pets a living thing , then just HOW will there be trees, flowers and other beautiful things ALSO LIVING THINGS to see and look at?? I BELIEVE "YOUR" no pets wish is what you "think" will be or not be in heaven, But for others that see ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE, there might just be these things because the LORD SAID, as I recall, will make us a house built JUST FOR US!!!
  • Seventh day is sabbath - in Reply
    Johan:Judas killed himself committed suicide one of the 10 commandments 6 says Thou shalt not kill..That means even yourself, God created us and who are we to decide when we should die? A person does not go to heaven or hell when they die, but go back to dust which is what God made man from Genesis 2:7 Jesus Crucifixion made provision for eternal life but didn't guarantee it,we must be obedient

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