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  • Stanjett on Matthew 17
    3 And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him. How can Moses and Elias which was dead be talking to Jesus? They were resurrected and brought down from heaven for this purpose.
  • Elmer dicimulacion
    why in KJV Luke 6:16 "Judas the brother of james", and in other translation is "Judas the son of James ?
  • Sparkle Johnson
    What does verse corrithians 7:36 mean
  • Rodney on Matthew 7
    Verse 6: An indication to exercise discrimination when giving or offering charity to those less fortunate. Should we give example to non-believers or followers of other religions if in dire straits? or is this just supporting the devil his evil doers? It is written 'love thy neighbor as thy self' but is this for neighbors who are believers in Jesus Christ? Lots to consider here...
  • Shirley Hemsley
    who were the two people in the Bible that G-d stopped time
  • Stanjett on Genesis 5
    Why should I go read these men, Dr. David Jeremiah or David Daniels when I got the word of God in the King James Bible?
  • Stanjett on Amos 5
    18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light. Even so God, come.
  • Patty Tozi on 1 Timothy 3
    Have you ever asked yourself what Life is suppose to be about? Do you show Love to orhers? Your Father in Heaven sacrificed His Son to Suffer for our Sins on this Earth- so at the ending of our Life we will be able to come straight to the Throne! Works- Prayer- Faith- and much Love everywhere you go. That shows Jesus's Love and Compassion- Given by His Father because of His Love for You!! LOVE!!
  • Stanjett on Jeremiah 31
    22 How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man. ? what does that mean? compass means to go around as "Moses and the people compassed the mountain of God many days.
  • Moe
    what is the meaning of Luke 12 vs.3,4 ?
  • Tammy Myrtice Ramriez
    The law of God what does it really mean?
  • Paula Inniss
    What is the thinking on once saved always saved?
  • Patty Tozi on 1 Timothy 3
    Are you improving your life or disgrading your life? God wants the Best for You! Are you honoring His Will? Don't feel sorry for yourself- go and take a challenge that you can control and do!! Watch God's Light give you the Strength to go into the unknown- you never believed you could do. Don't let yourself down. Achieve it! Watch the effect of it on your mind and body. Than go again. Success!!!
  • Ed Daniel on Isaiah 1
    Peter says that God is "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." Is this our attitude? Or do you wish to see sinners burn in fire? Our goal should be to get as many people into a relationship with Jesus as possible. Paul even went so far as to say that "I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some." Save sinners, and let God judge.
  • Sheri
    Hello. God bless you. My question... I have a 10 yr old daughter who loves the lord, and believe maybe homesick??. she really wants heaven., while asleep, or while praying.. she leaves her body, and sees herself outside of her body. while she's out of her body, someone calls her name, afraid she comes back to her body.
  • Jo on Daniel 7
    Verse 25 the wearing out of the saints hmm...and to think to change times and laws Sat sabbath changed already to Sun hmm... I wondered does the wearing out the saints dismiss the rapture theory? Much study is still needed.
  • Dc Reynolds on Isaiah 56
    Why cant God promise me anything? Why is he always talking about how good its gonna be after what seems like our lifetime will be over? Let me ask you this.. WHERE is God in my lifetime to be my Father like he promised? Was he with the disciples when they gave their lives up? Did he prosper them like they were his people? They left their famlies, and jobs for him. Then what was their reward?
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Isaiah 56
    God promises us eternal life but you can't expect the road to be easy in getting there. It seems that the prosperity gospel is what you have been listening to? Empty yourself of "self" and ask God "what can I do for you today" not "what can God do for me today", if we are too full of "self" then there is no room for God.
  • Linda Templet on Genesis 6
    Do you Understand what you are reading? Who was Noah? A PREACHER of Righteousness. What was going on during Noah's days on this earth? The very same thing that is going on in our world today. The SONS of GOD were taking all the WIVES that they chose. We live in a world today that influences and persuades the children OF God to just get a divorce if you don't like the wife you chose. UNFAITHFULNESS
  • Stanjett on Isaiah 54
    carbuncles? I don't know what they mean in the bible but I do in my life. They are a cyst, of which I had one once and had to have it cut open and drained. It is in the bible only one time.
  • Stanjett on Isaiah 53
    1 Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed? Me.
  • Dennis & Judy Strawn
    Where in the bible does it speak of if you are visiting with a friend about the Lord Jesus and they aren't accepting what you say, that the Holy Spirit will take it from that point?
  • James on Hebrews 4
    Greetings, I would appreciate an answer from anyone who's able to provide one for the following question. -In what Chapter and verse in the "King James Version" of the Bible was Jesus asked, " Why Moses gave a certificate of divorce?" Thanks,
  • Stanjett on Isaiah 42
    23 Who among you will give ear to this? who will hearken and hear for the time to come? Me.
  • Anthony Fontaine on 2 Corinthians 2
    We must first understand the text in its truest form. To start, focus on the word "CALM". What is its root in the HEBREW text? How can it be applied to my life today? I believe that if I can find the real meaning to the questions I've asked I will be able to apply that truth to my personal walk with Christ. Pray my strength!!!
  • Maxann Eftink
    If a man and woman decide to get married but not legally but rather dedicate their lives together in holy matrimony under God, are they married in the eyes of God without committing sin? Or do they have to have the marriage documented and legal binding in order for it not to be sin?
  • Shane
    In some states common-Law-marriage is recognized, others there is no such thing, but even in the new testament of the king james, they asked Jesus why Moses gave a certificate of devorce?clearly couples performed the act of marriage in a ceremony in some legal fashion involving some kind of certificate.....
  • Adam
    My personal opinion is that if you truly commit to your spouse 100 percent and conduct a ceremony in front of witnesses and if you say you're married and believe you're married then I believe you are. I believe Adam and Eve were married in this way, but they had no witnesses other than God and animals. The question is why not have it legally documented, because of fear, concern, or something else?
  • Maxann Eftink
    In Matthew 19:5 it talks about man leaving father and mother and clinging to his wife. I was wondering, back in those days, in order to be married in the eyes of God, did the marriage have to go through an established government to receive documents for proof of marriage like they do today?
  • Kevin Mack on Psalms 109
    In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and word was God. John 1:1. So the bible in essence is God and Jesus RNA and DNA sequence, and when spoken out loud by a believer it never returns void, but accomplish what it is sent to do. What part of Gods body are we aloud to omit ? Pray this prayer of defence against Gods enemies and ours that's why it was written !!!

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