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  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Acts 5:33
    Hello. If you truly care about him. Along with him saying he would listen to you about God. What I would say or start with is: "Why does he worship satan and where did he learn about him from"? As this could have come to him in many ways like music, family, trend, etc. Then just try to tell him the truth that satan does not care about him or anyone but himself. The devil knows he is already damned and just wants to destroy as many lives as he can. Here are a couple Bible verses I looked up showing that satan is the enemy and is already damned.

    Matthew 4:1-10 , Jesus being tempted by him in the desert.

    John 16:11 , the devil(prince of this world) has already been judged

    Revelation 12:7-9 , satan being cast down to earth

    Revelation 20:1-15 , satan cast into the lake of fire

    Jude 1:6-9 , fallen angels and Michael Archangel contending with devil

    John 8:44 , devil is the father of lies

    Galatians 5:19-21 , lusts of the flesh(what the devil wants people to do)

    Along with the others who responded to you. All else I can really say is be careful. Pray to our Father and Jesus Christ to lead you. Maybe try to read through the Bible with him. Show him that Jesus Christ is the only way. He may turn from satan or you may have to leave him. You will be in my prayers. God Bless.
  • Chris - in Reply on John 10:36
    That's an interesting explanation you've given: "No matter what other scriptures you may read you can not change this truth or alter it. It's unchangeable just like God is unchangeable. So you use the light of this truth to understand more truth. If you add to the truth it becomes a lie."

    So we have Matthew 14:33, "Of a truth thou art the Son of God." And Luke 1:32, "be called the Son of the Highest."

    According to your understanding, using these verses to the exclusion of any other verse that could add to the understanding that Jesus is the Christ, the One born of God & called the Son of God, we would have to overlook portions such as John 1:1-14 as 'secondary' & unworthy for inclusion into the primary meaning & understanding of Jesus Christ. So if you consider the John 1 portion as changing or altering the Truth about the Son of God, then how do you arrive at that conclusion? And if it indeed does so, & we thereby do disservice to the Word by including it with God's Son, then I ask, what do we actually do with such Scriptures? Could this Word of God, both very God & with God & then becoming flesh to dwell on the Earth, not actually pertain to Jesus? Then to whom & how are we to read this & understand this? I've tried looking at with all the possibilities I can, but still it hits me as I read it. Even if I don't understand how this can happen, do I have to conclude that this portion has some other meaning?

    Using your Romans 6:23 example: "For the wages of sin is death" as all we need to know about this Truth. So if I then read Isaiah 59:2, telling me that my iniquities have separated me from God only, but not consigned me to death, I would be perplexed.

    Or Mark 9:43-47: for me to escape hell fire for my sins, all I have to do is to remove my hand or eye or foot that consigns me to hell. Rather, to help me understand further that my sins result in death (both physically & spiritually), it helps to know that I'm separated & also to deal with the trigger for my sin.
  • :) - in Reply on Acts 5:33
    Thank you so much, so tell my testmony send verses and stuff because a lot of pple say i have powerful testimony it may help but dont get to close to him ig and if we do talk, talk about God is what ur saying? because im down to do it anything to get him to God. and pls pray for him hes name is Devin Matthew Doher
  • A. on Psalms 90
    Can you tell me why He, God is so mad with me?? won't even respond when intercessors pray for me or when I do? This dilemma need help when promised that he does nothing but good, the enemy is allowed to rob me of my days causing so much pain & suffering. And constantly calls me and the neighbors out of our names and not having control..He be shouting and yelling all the time....not even having mercy on anyone praying for me and won't supply any of my needs. I'm a leader that he treats like I'm not. I thought it was against the law to get lied to, when he won't do any work either I don't want a not right Lord, why don't he leave us alone, even called somebody a reprobated mind and sit and meddle at her all day long making her days embarrassing, and sits working every ill to a neighbor touching in that final decision and promised not to lie and say " so" real heavy every time someone wants to talk about how I go through wrongful in turmoil, and partial and don't care, say he isn't that way in the bible, and deal with mind with a law warring in my member and see about nothing. Promised to supply but right non chalantly to give a negative answer when it should be gentle, He acts like he's declining in spirit, defames a character alot..and keeps touching in mind healing it up. And act like a vicious spirit sitting jet haunting my life. And is Loving kind but not here and left unpeaceful.. In no mercy, I pray on top of that as a Missionary. Pray, Lost folks do not receive in the spirit.. A storm hit like it was a churning sea making life hard for me. Thank you and amen
  • The Ongoing War in Our Minds - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 4:17
    Familiar spirits are evil monitoring spirits sent from the pit of hell to monitor your ancestors all the way to you.

    Morning Prayer: Binding the strongman

    This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it! Today I rest in the embrace of my heavenly Father's love for me. My father loves me. He spoke me forth from before the beginning of this world, and said this is my child, never rejected! I center myself in Jesus Christ, and I proclaim I am forgiven. There is now no condemnation for me because I am in Christ Jesus!

    For this day, I renounce all fear, doubt, worry, unbelief, discouragement, depression, pride, arrogance, gossip, [insert here what's troubling your mind],

    and in the strong name of Jesus Christ I repent my sin and I take back any ground I have given the enemy in my life!

    TODAY, I renounce all fear, doubt, worry, unbelief, discouragement, depression, pride, arrogance, gossip, [fill in your specifics] , and in the strong name of Jesus Christ I repent my sin and I TAKE BACK any ground I have given the enemy in my life!

    I thank you Jesus for walking with me all day today, and I praise you for your unsearchable love and majesty. Help me to be an instrument of your Peace. Amen"

    As we pray this part of the Morning Prayer, we are entering the strongman's house and binding him and his work in our lives. As we repent our sins and renounce the ways that we have given the devil a foothold, we will begin to live in the Freedom and power that Christ died to give us.

    The battle with Satan is largely in our MIND. The devil wants control of our minds because if he can control our mind, he can control us. The way we reject Satan and his lies is to repent Of believing the lies and renouncing them.

    Renouncing simply means: to verbally reject something. We speak our rejection of Satan out loud because he, unlike God, cannot hear what we think. He can only hear what we SPEAK OUT.

    Let me know how it goes, ok? Mishael
  • :) - in Reply on Acts 5:33
    so i thank u 4 adivce and u know wat imma take it how do i push him away tho? like im srry i dont really know ive never done that before im the clingy kind ik it isnt bible related but yea
  • Rob on 1 John 4
    Here we have a verse 1 John 4.15

    There are others like it .

    But where is the verse that says we need to believe in the deity of Christ ?

    Thanks for your input !
  • Mishael - in Reply on John 1
    There's not really a doctrine about pets in heaven. However, if you ponder long on Noah's Ark; we know God cared about humans having animals. They loaded up the Ark with animals and when the Ark landed everyone left the Ark and went forth and multiplied.

    So the animals were preserved.

    This day, Jesus is the new Ark of God. We must be born again to be taken up in the clouds to meet Jesus. We have to be in Jesus.

    Maybe I'm an old fool, but I think there will be critters in heaven. I kinda asked The Lord why he made cats and dogs, once? I said they have not much use except to serve and be held for hours. Lol.

    Some people worship animals so that's not a good thing. The Bible does say the Lion will lay down with the lamb?

    I think we're going to have to wait and see what heaven is like. I'm excited about a transformed body that doesn't hurt or get tired.
  • Rob - in Reply on John 10:36
    One explanation for how to read the scriptures is like this .

    If you truly hear and understand a truth like ( the wages of sin is death ) for example . Then it's absolutely unchanging. Gods word endures for ever never changes Just like God never changes .

    So no matter what other scriptures you may read you can not change this truth or alter it . It's unchangeable just like God is unchangeable .

    So you use the light of this truth to understand more truth . If you add to the truth it becomes a lie . That's how Satan works he says hath God said ? And adds more to what God clearly said .

    Often I see people changing truth , because they never heard it correctly to begin with .

    Jesus said to him that hears shall be given more .

    It's all about having ears to hear what God says .

    This is child like faith in trusting the word of God because Gods understanding is in searchable and infinite. The spirit of truth is spiritual , and wicked people will never understand.

    The real issue today is all the false doctrines and interpretations that have had many years to deceive people

    One of my most earnest prayers have been don't let me be deceived, as Jesus said in Matthew 24 , beware lest any man deceive you . I do believe what he said . I'm not deceived ether . He answers my prayers .
  • Lori on Haggai 1
    The question that I have is How many temples have there been? There was Solomons' Temple which was destroyed by Jeremiah's time. Israel came back 70 years later The Lord stirred up King Darius to give permission to have the temple built up again. So in Jesus' day when our Lord visited The Temple; was this the temple they built when the jews came back from Babylon? Have there only been 2 temples? One more question;Is there anywhere in the Bible where there's an order to build a 3rd temple? Are not we The temple of God? isn't God's Holy child Jesus Christ the Messiah the Only acceptable sacrifice to God? Sorry that was more than 2 questions.
  • Ed Kidgell - in Reply on 1 John 1
    I'll address your questions in order:

    Hello, I see you say you believe in once saved, always saved.


    Eph_1:13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,

    Eph_4:30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

    We are sealed until the day we die or are taken up at the rapture ie. for ever.

    If so, how do you explain Jesus's warning to Christians to avoid sin? If Christians are already saved then why try to avoid sin anymore?

    This is something we should always be doing. We have a choice when confronted with temptation. Avoid sin. This has nothing to do with our salvation - we are justified by faith, not works. Actively committing or avoiding sin is a work.

    And how do you explain Jesus clearly saying that blasphemy of the Holy Ghost won't be forgiven in Matthew 12:31?

    Define 'blasphemy of the Holy Spirit'.

    And do you think Christians are robbed of their free will to sin when they become a Christian. If so, how do you explain even angels in heaven having freewill to sin, like satan, but human beings don't on earth?

    Our free will is not affected by our salvation, otherwise there would be no warnings against sinning. We are free to do as we please, or as God pleases. Choose wisely.
  • :) on Acts 5:33
    So imma teen and kinda have a bf well bsf/kinda bf we dont exactly know but, i love him yes, in friend way and others as well but he worship Satan and i ask God "Why did u bring him to my life?"I really wanna get him close to God becaise hes not bad person just wat he supports and praises gets me to back off. So what are some ideas to help me get him u know to see God is good, because he said he would do it for me (like stuff for God or learn about him) but i dont know what to do exactly, im a children church teacher but thats all ik ro do is teach bible stories.

    So any ideas to help me get him to believe in God or should i just dont talk to him?
  • Shaking Heaven For a Miracle - in Reply on Revelation 12
    By staying married to him, he is sanctified by your belief in Jesus Christ. It sort of makes you the priest in the home.

    As such, you can go into your closet and pray for his salvation.

    I recently saw that film, called War Room. Great representation of how to pray people into the Kingdom. I found it at Walmart's sale dvd bin.

    I'm praying for a resistant family member too. Keep praying every day, and expect to see a miracle. Trust in Jesus.

    I'm praying hard for some people who are the hardest heads and hearts I know. We have to shake Heaven with our prayers! I know some day I am going to receive a good report. I know it! I know it I know it!

    Those altars they have in Israel are solid. I can see it in scripture. Well we need to grab on it, lay on it, soak it in tears, sleep beside it; wake up and shake Heaven again.

    Did John the Baptist pray? Red letters>

    Matthew 11:12 ...the Kingdom of Heaven suffers Violence, and the Violent TAKE IT BY FORCE.

    Jesus said that. IF we want to shake out a blessing; get with it. Grab onto the horns of that altar and give birth to a miracle.

  • Chris - in Reply on John 1
    Page 2.

    Revelation 4:2: yes, that does show John viewing One sitting on the Throne, but when you read further in Revelation 5:6-9, we also see Jesus (God's Word sent to be made human, but now ascended to sit at God's right Hand). And we know that Jesus & God are there in Heaven by this verse & also Romans 8:34. So God's Word was made flesh & called "Jesus" but raised as 'God Who is also Man' in that Body fitted for Heaven, even as we shall be in that day (1 John 3:2). And yes, it was God's Plan from the beginning to have His children enjoy intimate fellowship with Him. And God is His Fullness (i.e. the Father, His Son & His Spirit Who are God in Unity) do enjoy such fellowship with His children. Each cannot feel differently about us (i.e. God cannot have fellowship with us, but the Son says "But I don't like that person, let's have a chat about this Father"). God is One & that Oneness is seen in His expressions of His Son & His Spirit & in their Unity & complete agreement.

    Jesus as a 'created Being': Jesus' Sacrifice as a Man does indeed have spiritual consequences but cannot be seen as a spiritual Sacrifice. He was fully human & fully God, yet laying aside some of those Divine qualities for the purposes of the Incarnation & Sacrifice (Philippians 2:5-11). To enable us to be convicted, to draw us to repentance, to give light & understanding, to renew us & fill us, to sanctify us & to raise us up to the heavenlies, is the work of God's Spirit. And Who is this Spirit? The self same Spirit that is part of the Father & the Son.

    1 John 3:9: that's a separate subject that can be discussed if you desire, as its meaning needs analysis. Though the concept of sinless perfection is concerning. Blessings.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 100
    The better question is: I have this talent and how can I lift up Jesus so all mankind can be drawn to Him.

    Let's not be undercover Christians anymore.

    When I listen to Mozart, I just wonder how God could bless anybody that is deaf with that kind of talent? Mind boggling.
  • Mishael on Ephesians 5:9
    Jesus called himself The Son of Man.

    Acts 7:56

    And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.

    Hebrews 2:6

    But one in a certain place testified, saying, What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man, that thou visitest him?

    Revelation 1:13

    And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.

    Revelation 14:14

    And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.

    This is the Son of Man! How can we with our unclean lips, speak His name without bowing the knee?

    It blows my brain how people do not reverence Him. Debate him. Chip away at his Deity. He is who HE said he is.

    At least Isaiah 6:1-8. We see a PROPER response to the Lord of Glory.

    Also, I spotted another LET US scripture in Isaiah 6:8.
  • Chris - in Reply on John 10:36
    Rob, just to accept that "Jesus was Born of God" would be fine for all of us, except for the fact that we still have to deal with the other Scriptures that also expand on this. Are we then interpreting those 'other Scriptures' incorrectly, or maybe they shouldn't even be there, is what we're suggesting? And how do you deal with them? How do you interpret them. If I focus only on Jesus' Birth as a fresh creation of God, albeit from a special, holy Seed, I still have to, as an extensive Bible reader & believer, deal with these other Scriptures. If I choose not to do so, then I would be living in a bubble of my own doing. If I want to understand a teaching from the Word, I endeavour to consider all Scriptures pertaining to it & then establish its meaning (of course, the proper "dividing of the Scriptures" is essential). I don't come the other way: first decide what a doctrine or teaching should mean & then find the Scriptures to support my belief. To me, this leads to error & then often, to multiple errors.

    The classic one is on God's election of mankind to salvation. As you know, there are some views on this, all supposedly based on Scripture. The bottom line is, what basis does God use to grant salvation to one person & not another. Should we all then adopt the hyper-Calvinistic approach & leave the matter with God & not preach the Gospel since the one elected to salvation will come to Him regardless of any effort from us? Or is there another answer when we search the Scriptures? There may be nothing conclusive to be found, but a determination is made based on what we learn, & so the Gospel is still preached so that all men (both elected or not) may hear & decide. God does not tell us that in His foreknowledge He makes his determination & we may never conclusively say it is so, except we might use what Peter concludes in 1 Peter 1:2. Now, is that sufficient for us to rest our understanding on, or do we disregard it since it did not come from the "Mouth of God"?
  • Laura - in Reply on 1 Thessalonians 4:17
    Thank You so much all I can do is try God himself would have to break into my heart and soul to be that person he want me to be I'm not perfect I'm just a sinner trying to find my way to him I'm so blinded by my hurt and disappointments I can't see I just don't think he really want me I know in my heart I'm not worthy of Him I'm tired if I went to sleep tonite and didn't wake up tomorrow that would be fine but only if i knew GOD would take me home with Him i'll be ok
  • Liz Brown on John 1
    Do pets go to Heaven? I cannot find any references in scriptures.
  • Chris - in Reply on Luke 17
    Hello Jeanette, thank you for your detailed account of your experiences in your Church Fellowship. It was very sad to read it, as the absence of Christ-like love & empathy for one another, must be a key component in a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led Church. The evidence of the pastor's indifference & his wife's treatment of you, do not bode well with me & did trouble my spirit much. The fact of his sound biblical teaching seems to negate his otherwise carnal behaviour to you & maybe to others (though I guess there are still only a few who attend). Then the question: why do the visitors not stay? What are they perceiving that might not be sitting well with them?

    I feel that you have been very faithful to the pastor(s) for a very long time, given the distance to your home, car problems, & other issues. Many would have not persevered for so long. You do not mention if there are any other Fellowships in your city that may be suitable or you may have visited. I am not familiar with the Apostles Doctrine Church of God, as I don't live in the U.S., but I could suggest you visit a fundamental Church, like a Baptist Church, Church of Christ, an Open Brethren Church. Or if you desire a Church that emphasises & demonstrates more of the outward spiritual Gifts, then an Assemblies of God Fellowship might be suitable. So by my suggesting the above, of course means that I believe that your on-going experiences at this Church & your own grief & lack of growth in the Lord, are sufficient reasons to leave. Yet, as you have been in much prayer over this matter, it still remains your personal decision before the Lord & no one can push you to separate from the Fellowship.

    Maybe even some one else reading your account now, who lives in or is familiar with the St. Louis area, can help you with suggesting a good Bible believing, Christ-centred Church, that they can direct you. I googled & found some. Again, I am so sorry to read your story & pray the Spirit's help to you in the days ahead.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 28
    God is at work drawing people,and to see becoming like them that go down to the pit,is to recognize a difference in perspective of people in this world.Only salvation halts the progression of any sinner on their way to a deserved damnation.What hope/expectation do you have because of your relationship with Christ?Has he paid for your sins,and then you add your efforts to his?God has forbidden this false pride filled gospel.Ephesians 2:8&9 God hears,helps and holds his believers.Each saved heart has a unique song of praise,which pleases Almighty God for eternity.
  • Alex on John 1
    Alex comments on why Jesus ALWAYS refered to himself as the SON OF MAN,Its simply b/c Christ is gona be born in humanity,Thats y Jesus, the sower of the GOOD seed wants to sow his Precious seed in the hearts of everyman MANKIND. The mystery of the Kingdom of God is Christ in you but the only way we can get CHRIST n us is by a seed th WORD hearing and understanding brings on conception n gestation My lil children of whom i travail in birth Again till Christ is formed in you, thus he is gonna be our Son our spritual Son,our fruit unto God as Paul said,The Child is the Promise th H.G. THATS Y jesus said that which is born of the spirit is spirit thats our new innerman the H.G. The CHILD of PROMISE another CHRIST THAT IS FORMED IN US VIA HIS SEED THE WORD. That was the great Promise that God made to Christ I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven thus CHILDREN OF PROMISE WHICH ARE SPIRITS TH H.G.plural, many as the stars of heaven IN MULTITUDE Thats y he always refered to himself as the SON OF MAN, mankind is gonna birth a baby Christ which is the H.G. THE child of Promise, Mankinds fruit unto God thats y the sower of the good seed wants to sow his seed in your hearts that it might initiate a birth of CHRIST IN YOU THUS HE IS TRULY THE SON OF MAN. She brought forth a manchild that is gonna rule ALLNATIONS which is the Child of Promise th H.G th ISRAEL of God.They say that its recorded 88 times in the NEW TESTAMENT he refers to himself as THE SON OF MAN,he was trying to tell us something but it was hid from the wise and prudent but revealed unto babes ( the WOMAN WITH CHILD IN Revelation 12 ) thats the great mystery humanity is gonna have a BABY CHRIST which is the H.G. Unless ya receive the Kingdom of God as a lil Child you will in no wise enter there in . Thats y the new birth is so important,being bornagain of an incorruptible SEED even by the WORD of God that liveth and abideth for ever impling the living WORD his VOICE etc, UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN ISAIAH SAID GBU
  • Jeanette White - in Reply on Luke 17
    Page 7

    The pastor preaches sound doctrine, his teachings seems so perfect, and that no one questions any issues. Pastor cannot tolerate any questions if it seems challenging to him. Yes, my last youngest daughter and I have prayed, and fasted many of days, asking God to direct us. To let us know if the sin is in us. And if we are blind. And if we are open our eyes and help us change and submit. But God's word keeps jumping out at me because I have written it in my heart. And we hold no grudges and totally forgive them if it is them. My daughter and I just want to be all that God wants us to and get to heaven. The scripture says, no greater love than this that a man would lay down his life for a friend. He called us friend, even in our sin. Do I stay and suffer this out or is God trying to direct me? Our church Apostles Doctrine church of God, Sunday 12 noon, Tuesday 7;30pm bible study, Wednesday 7:30 prayer, Friday 7:30pm bible study, and Saturday 1pm prayer. Our conference call number is 1 (617) 829-6488. Anyone can tune in and do not have to announce their name.

    Thank you for listening to the summary.
  • Naomi Burford on John 1
    I want to know if God do allow people getting tattoos ? I always want to get small tattoo cross and John 3:16.

    I just confused about people said Yes God do allows and some people said no.

    I want to follow God's words.
  • Pat M. - in Reply on Acts 5:33
    Psalms 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:5, Psalms 127:3, Exodus 20:13, Genesis 9:6. These verses show that God created us and everyone has great value including the unborn, as the verses indicate. I think Satan is behind a lot of lies in the world today including blinding a whole population to vote for mass murder of babies. I think it's absolutely sick and pure evil. God created life and is pro-life. How can anyone honestly say God wants us to destroy the life that He so beautifully created.
  • Dave on Acts 5:33
    Is it right for a Christian to vote for leaders who support abortion?
  • Hugo Zyl - in Reply on John 1
    God bless you brother Chris

    Thank you again for your reply. Excuse me, I did not explain myself well when I quoted Ecclesiastes 6:11. The NIV Bible reads "The more the words, the less the meaning, and how does that profit anyone?". My point was just that we should keep our words few to enhance the meaning and be clear.

    Your second paragraph, which begins with "I realize...", I agree with completely. But why do we have to cut God up into different pieces and say They are different Persons in the Godhead. Why can we not see it as one Person just having different jobs. For example, I am a father, a son, a husband, etc., but still I am just one person. Is it not possible that God is expressing Himself in the same way? And we misunderstand it as being different Persons in the Godhead?

    In your 3rd paragraph you wrote "So we see the Father in Heaven, His Son (Word made flesh) at the Father's right Hand & His Spirit who indwells the believer & convicts men". This appears to show different Persons, but look at what the apostle John saw in Revelation 4:2 - And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne. / ONE sat on the throne and no other deity next to It or at Its right Hand. And concerning the Spirit indwelling the believer: Was it not God's purpose from the beginning to have intimate fellowship with His children; God in His fulness, not a third of the fulness.

    I am not so familiar with Jesus Only ideas so I cannot comment on that.

    And last; you asked: "If Jesus was just a created Being, what difference is there between Him & the pure, spotless sacrificial animal?" Answer: Jesus is a spiritual sacrifice which can touch our spirits, making us repent, filling us with God's Spirit, making us sinless and not needing any more sacrifice for sins. (1 John 3:9 - Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.) Hallelujah!

    Peace & Love in Christ
  • Taris daniel on Ezra 9
    WHY are some people so full hate?
  • Chris - in Reply on John 10:36
    Rob, I doubt if any one would disagree with you about the Sonship of Jesus & even how He sometimes referred to Himself, as the Son of man. And you are well aware of where we differ in this matter by the Scriptures we've cited.

    The essential point is that, in the volume of Scriptures you quote to support the idea that Jesus was a specially created Being by God & not coming out of the Essence of God to be a man, what do you, as a student of God's Word, do with the other Scriptures as we have given you, to show otherwise?

    I knew someone, not a believer but an ardent reader of the Bible. He knew & believed that God was a God of Love but just could not understand why false writings were put into the Bible showing God sending Israel out to the Promised Land to utterly kill every living thing there. He just could not reconcile God 'instigating & encouraging murder'. So he carefully proceeded to rip out those 'erroneous' pages from the Bible so that his further reading of it would be in line to his understanding of the Doctrine of God. I'm certainly not suggesting that you have done as such - I think much better things of you - but your reservation to explain away these Scriptures we bring to you to show the Divinity of Christ, both pre & post incarnation, is notable.

    You can certainly keep on writing that Jesus is only God's Son revealed on Earth & nothing before this, but one would have to wonder what you are doing to those other Scriptures that show otherwise. Do you re-interpret them, avoid them, obliterate them, etc.? In love & concern, we long to learn from where you get your ideas from - & I'm assuming that you're not a JW (as I would approach this discussion differently). If your ideas come from reading the Word, the same one we all read from, then what happens to the other Scriptures that also give us an added view of the pre-incarnate existence of Christ? This is unavoidable - we are constrained to deal with them as the Word of God.
  • Marilyn on Isaiah 43
    Would some dear Christian friend advise me on how to pray and fast?

    Thank you so much.

    Love everyone on here, Hope to see you all on the new Earth someday.

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