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  • Segun Afolabi on 2 Chronicles 6
    who do you think is the ruler of this world ?God or Satan
  • Fred Scanlan
    What are the 1000 foreskins' given to Saul from David after this massacre? How demeaning, yet proactive. Without an clear answer, I would say that it would not be circumcisions', for if it were, the Philistines would have not perished!

    In the Viet Nam conflict, this would become a common practice of castration. Castrating the enemy , even removing the ears, carrying them around ones neck as a trophy. The atrocities of war, searing the conscience.

    Each generation shall learn and shall not pass until all things be fulfilled!

    Jesus asked His disciples , "who do men say that I Am"?

    The power in the confession of such men, will cause the world to turn upside down. That the prophecy once again as the sands that flow through an hour glass, will once again never ever end and shall prevail, as long as heaven and earth exist. The lunacy to think outside of the prophecy is walking in the darkness that soon will come to those who do not believe! They have killed the prophets, but remember He has reserved the best for last! Jesus shall return in the power of His might with all His Holy Angels!

    If you do not believe the prophecy, then you are the enemy, neither can you belief the trinity found in the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. Repent and be Baptized
  • JesusTheWayTheTruthAndTheLife on Ezekiel 28
    This second part of this chapter cannot possibly be referring to satan because God tells Ezekiel to take up a "lamentation" upon the king of Tyrus. "Son of man, take up a LAMENTATION upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him......"


    A lamentation is defined as "a passionate expression of grief or sorrow." Just why would he be "lamenting" over the supposed destruction of satan if this were the case? We lament or there has always been lamentations for humans and cities being destroyed...never satan! It's all in the Bible regarding the examples and principle of what lamentation was and scripture doesn't contradict INTERPRETS itself. I find that just one word that we find insignificant in scripture actually is the key to bringing clarity to the passage.

    I do believe God is speaking in symbolism to the king of Tyrus but to an actual person. It's poetic like most prophetic words given to the children of Israel were poetic. In Hosea, God is speaking to them and calls them a backsliding "heifer". Is He saying they are LITERALLY a heifer? No!

    The first half of the chapter still can't be referring to satan because God is saying this prince of Tyrus is saying he is God when he's but a man and we know satan is not a man! He goes on to say that when God sends men to slay him will he tell them before they do it that he is God? They will see he is just more man because he will perish like a man. Once again...this cannot be referring to satan because this is not how his ending will be according to RRRevelation.and in Isaiah .

    I ifirmly believe the Bible is a spiritual Book and spiritual language can only be understood by the Spirit of God revealing what things mean in the Word so we aren't misinterpreting things. Also context is very important!
  • Deborah (McCrea) Snow-Robison on Amos 3
    Why? Does it say Amos3:13-Amos3:16.
  • Melissa Viles on Ezekiel 22
    Which concordance has the word sostanza in it meaning evil
  • Debra Kay Gibbs on Job 42
    How many years did Job go through this suffering?
  • Johannes Figglebottom on Jonah 4
    Who is this Jesus/ God character? I have been trying to read up on the Bible and it's characters, and a friend of mine told me that I have to read Harry Potter before reading the Bible because Anakin Skywalker from Harry Potter is one of the 27 disciples of Jesus from the Bible. Is this true?? I cant seem to find any evidence of it. Any help is appreciated.
  • Jade
    Is Heaven and hell, right here on
  • Junnybug
    I have always believed in the 10% tithe giving but recently saw a vidio concerning a pastor talk where he said that the title was under the law and once the Jesus fullfulled the law the 10% was also fullfulled. And that now we have what he called the "Spirit of the tithe" where we still give as we feel led to and where we feel led to.

    How do you feel about that.

    Also heard that God instilled the tithe BEFORE the law was given to Moses to Abrham, Lot and others... so if so wouldnt it still be in affect even though the law was fullfulled?

  • Junnybug on Genesis 3
    Genesis 3:14 ..... upon thy belly thou shall go........ Does this mean the serpant originally walked with legs and feet?

  • Junnybug on Genesis 2
    There is always those who say the seven days of creation are literal and those who do not but in Genesus 1:4 my eye caught, "These are the generations of the heavens and earth........ So I am thinking it is not a literal seven days?

    Your thoughts?

  • Alice
    is it wrong to wear deep neckline dresses? is it wrong to show a lot of skin for girls?
  • Dgjot on Matthew 22
    How do you know if you've been "chosen"??

    I got "saved" in 1974. Am I really? Have I been deceived/deceiving myself the whole time?

    Yes. God loves us. Jesus loves us. But God will not allow the rebellious or unrepentant person into Heaven.

    I've come to the realization that I am nothing more than a poser. I am a blasphemer. I have repeatedly questioned God, "Why, why, why do you allow evil to run over us?" I have accused God of making mistakes, and being an absentee father.

    When I see how the good things of God/Jesus have been perverted and destroyed, I shake my fist at the sky and say, "DO SOMETHING!" Is that faith or blasphemy?

    A while back I went through a peculiar supernatural event: every day I felt as if I was standing on the edge of the Lake of Fire.

    It really creeped me out. Then, every morning when I'm waking up, I have the most horrible/shameful/terrifying/wicked thoughts. I'm pretty sure the Lord is trying to tell me something but I don't know what. Am I doomed or is this just a warning?

    Jesus said that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this world or the next. Is there a difference between willful blasphemy and blasphemy done out of ignorance? Or is blasphemy just blasphemy, period.
  • Phil Jackson
    The bible is very clear that Jesus Christ was from the tribe of Judah..

    What 'qualified' him to be of this tribe?
  • Fred Scanlan
    Who has made himself ,what the Lord wants and expects?

    It is impossible to know His will for us unless we make ourselves available!

    Much like the stone mason , who has an image of what too build, yet He will never know the image until He starts to lay the stone.

    The stone is heavy, it is in no certain size, or shape, it is difficult to begin his work, for it is so uncertain!

    The final outcome is unknown, yet he looks at each piece as it lays before him.

    There are some pieces that will need to be reshaped, and now he begins to see what will take shape!

    His hands are sore, his back is weak, His spirit however overcomes it all , as what will become His work will forever be seen!

    This is, you see , His work.

    This stone He lays with His hands is guided by the unseen!

    If only you could see the unseen, than you too would become His workmanship!

    Repent and be Baptized
  • Names of Jesus A_C
    Advocate - 1 John 2:1

    Alive for Evermore - Rev 1:18

    All Knowing Psalm 139:1-6

    All, and in All - Colossians 3:11

    Almighty - Revelation 1:8

    Alpha and Omega - Revelation 1:8

    Altar - Hebrews 13:10

    Altogether Lovely - Song of Solomon 5:16

    Amen - Revelation 3:14

    Ancient of Days - Daniel 7:13 & Daniel 7:22

    Anointed One - 1 Samuel 2:35

    Author of Eternal Salvation - Hebrews 5:9

    Author of our Faith - Hebrews 12:2

    Balm of Gilead - Jeremiah 8:22

    Banner over us - Ps 60:4, S of Sol 2:4

    Bearer of Sin - Hebrews 9:28

    Before All Things - Colossians 1:17

    Beginning and Ending - Revelation 1:8

    Bishop of our Souls - 1 Peter 2:25

    Blessed and Only Potentate - 1 Timothy 6:15

    Blessed Hope - Titus 2:13

    Bread of Life, my manna - John 6:35

    Bridegroom - John 3:29

    Bright and Morning Star - Revelation 22:16

    Brightness of His Glory - Hebrews 1:3

    Buckler - Psalms 18:30

    Captain - Joshua 5:14-15, Hebrews 2:10

    Changeless One - Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8

    Chief Among 10,000, S. of Solomon 5:10

    Chosen of God - 1 Peter 2:4

    Christ - Matthew 1:16 - 1 John 5:1

    Comforter - John 14:16-18

    Consolation of Israel - Luke 2:25

    Counselor - Isaiah 9:6

    Creator - Romans 1:25 - Isaiah 40:28

    Crown of Glory - Isaiah 28:5
  • James
    In Acts 10:9 what hour of the day is the sixth hour?
  • Alan Lee on Leviticus 1
    What significance was the difference in the placement of the sacrifices around the alter. Why the dove feathers in the ashes?
  • Bob on Matthew 27
    I am fascinated by the stories in books and on TV of Mary Magdalene. So many details about her life with Jesus, but in my search, she only appears 11 times in the NT.

    The first is Matthew 27:56 when Jesus is dying on the cross. The last is St. John 20:18 after His rise when she tells the Disciples what He said to her.

    Where do all these stories about the lives of her and Jesus before the Cross come from?
  • Trinity?
    What is the trinity?
  • Daryl Glass
    What does it state in the Bible about Isarel forming a new Country and the 2nd comming ?
  • Tony breedlove on John 19
    I am trying to understand if Jesus went to hell and if so why. I am 78yrs old and was saved at 19 yrs old. I have studied the Bible all these years and am just now trying the figure out. thank you.
  • Rae Casinger
    what were the seven churches?
  • What is the verse that comes from this? St. Paul (pardon, it might be Pete, I don't know) read what verse of Jesus preaching and came to the same conclusion? Thank you ahead of time.
  • Donald Wayne Spurgeon on Genesis 4
    Where did the wives come from if not from Adam and Eve for Cain, Enoch, etc?
  • Jeannie on Job 16
    does God know when we will die
  • Gina Jennings on Deuteronomy 20
    I have a question, Are there Prophets in this day and Time ?
  • Ronnie g bishop
    My question is should a gay couple be allow to attend a spirit filled church as a couple? I know they should never hold any position in a church while living this kind of life. I have always wondered about this.
  • George J Hanson on Luke 21
    Is not Luke 21:36 Proof of a pre-tribulation rapture? Pray you may be found worthy to escape these things. Escape what the Tribulation just described. I believe scripture as a whole makes a pre-tribulation rapture clear. Jesus taught it in John 14!
  • Fred Scanlan
    Try to imagine, standing eating hard bread, waiting for the angel of death to pass over your house.

    You have just sprinkled blood on your door with hyssop, and covered your doorposts with the blood of this same lamb.

    God hardened Pharaohs heart! He hardened it to this point, that He would see the death of the children under His kingdom!

    This is not a fable, as many would like to believe! This is the revelation of the prophecy that would come in the life of Christ, the savior of the world!

    Do not think that God does not have the power to change hearts for the worse! If He can move hearts for the worse, what will be your outcome?

    Will you continue to deny Him as Pharaoh? Or perhaps you are like Pharaoh, and think you have all the power!

    I remind myself again, that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God! There is none righteous ,no not one! That if not for the shed blood of Christ, we too would have the same fate as the little children in Egypt!

    Repent and be baptized

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