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  • Ando on Revelation 13
    Verse 18 The microchip stores all your information being your 6 digit DOB Date of birth your 6 digit mesh block or location eg area code, first parts of your landline state phone No and parts of or full post code and you 6 digit ID No hence the name VERI chip as in verification or RFID CHIP as in Radio Frequencies IDENTIFICATION chip.for it is a number of a man and his number is 666, this is how these chips are programmed and under this criteria mathematically they can chip the entire human population. There are chips out their that have a lethal dose of poison so whoever rebels against antichrist can be terminated at the push of a button via satellite radio frequency. No one can buy or sell with out a currency these chips have built in bank accounts maybe the future new world currency???
  • Maurice Curran on Revelation 18
    Revelation 18 verses first three verses Question, Can you explain what happened here and why? Who or what was Babylon the great? Why would such a message be needed to make this announcement? Is there a warning of any kind here?
  • I do not quite understand verse 14...Why is the hope of the godly not endure?
  • Enyinnaya Cosmos on Ezekiel 5
    Actually,yes.i concur to what Matthew Henry wrote concerning this chapter.But at the same time,i also want to remind us that we are in the position of Israelites,now. "How ? " Someone may ask.Because Israelites were people God loves.They Israelites also knew that.They knew how God has led,fed,protected,etc. them in the wilderness of suffery.God also gave them His Law and promised to make them His Treasured Possession Exod.19 4 6 yet that was nothing to them.God was helping them through the law so that they might not sin,according to Moses Exod.20 20 God Is holy,His people whom He called by His name 2 chr.7 14 must also be holy Lev.20 26 .in everything they were rebellious and that was why The wants to teach them a lesson.Therefore today we must be careful.most of us call themselves "christians ",but our lives do not reflect to godliness.This is our time to repent and accept Christ into our hearts today.So that when God "sees the blood,He will passover us " Exod.12 23.May God help us,Amen.
  • Thy Word is truth on Acts 2
    Acts 2 38 couldn 't save a tadpole. This is a message to Jews verse 5, in Judea verse 14, in Israel verse 22, on a Jewish feast day Pentecost verse 1, see also Lev 23 15 16 . No one there asked "what must I do to be saved? " They asked "What must WE do? " This verse is speaking to Jews who had crucified their Messiah and God was dealing with them as a nation. Please don 't go to hell in this verse. Read the rest of the Book. You will find that everyone else in this book is saved before Baptism.
  • Nini m on Exodus 22:18
    people, God 's Word is His Will or Plan. Do not add to God 's Word, do not subtract from it. Do God 's will. Obey. Dont be like King Saul whom God rejected because he chose to do what he 'thought " God was implying and ended up disobeying God. Suffer the witch NOT to live God knows exactly what He meant with this. What about those people they hold in bondage? Jesus fought with Sadduccees and PHarasees NOT the Spirits Remember Ahab who was ordered not to spare Benhadads life and chose to do 'his will " Disobedience. Thats what it is called. Whose will are we supposed to do anyway? What we feel is right or the perfect will of Godl. Do Gods will not what you think is right. Obey
  • Peter Ankeli on Matthew 13:25
    Alexander Christian in his comment above is trying to sow tares here, but unfortunately for him, we are not asleep. How does judgement day mean destruction of Paul 's followers. Who are Paul 's followers? Even if we appear to follow Paul we only try emulate him as we saw him emulate the Master Himself, going all the way and limits to please Him. This is worthy of emulation. Known or unknown to you, there has been and will be a genuine body of believers till the close of 'time '. Never try to make mockery of Truth and Wisdom, becaus eit will show your foolishness. You can not sow weed here because we are awake.
  • Nancy on Proverbs 24:21
    Liberal politicians or progressive ones that are vacillating in their ways and thoughts perhaps?
  • Dave on Genesis 1
    Why are science and the Bible so at odds over dates? Both the date of the creation of Earth and the date of the creation of man are vastly different depending on the source.
  • Christi on Proverbs 23
    My husband and I are going on a 2 night stay in Helen, Ga. They have wineries there and craft beer. I wanted to try some of this. Jesus also turned the water into wine. And many accused him of being a wine bibber why would they unless he drank some? Not really sure about this one. Matthew Henry 's comments sound like you can go to Hell by drinking wine, etc. Jesus forgives all sin, Would I go to Hell by tasting wine?
  • JJ on Acts 1
    I don 't fully understand verse 18. Who is it they are referring to here, Judas? Can someone please explain?
  • Bill on Revelation 18
    So many Christians confused! SALAVATION is a gift from God. Once one accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior, they have automatically established a RELATIONSHIP with God. FELLOWSHIP with God is distinctly separate from Relationship and coms AFTER Salvation. Enoch, a type of the rapture, was taken because he WALKED with God not because he believed in God...Of course, he believed in God but, that was not the reason he was taken Raptured! . There are two types of Christians Those who are saved but, CARNAL as Paul states in I Corinthians 3 3. This Christian is not in Fellowship with God. The other, is saved AND walks with God! The Bible refers to him her as a FIRSTFRUIT as opposed to CARNAL. Only FIRSTFRUIT Christians will be Raptured! A Firstfruit Christian starts their day with asking themselves, "Will what I do today and what I plan to do tomorrow PLEASE God? " and conducts themselves accordingly. There no works prior to Salvation that count for anything! Rewards, which being in the coming Rapture of the Bride of Christ Firstfruits is included as such, are based on a Christian 's FELLOWSHIP WALK with God...same as Enoch.
  • Bardo Bustos on Proverbs 22
    I love the book of proverbs..God has really been shaping and molding my heart so much thru this book that it has definitely saved my life many times....keep praying and seeking God...if God can change my life for the better...God can also change you 're life around.....if you like what you been getting then keep doing what you 're doing...however if you 're sick and of being sick and tired.and you feel like nothing you do ever goes right???then don 't wait!!!seek God he " waiting on you...dont give up be winner..and and go to heaven
  • Leslie on Ruth 3
    Where do you guys get that Ruth had to sleep with Boaz? Did you not read the book? She gets up and leaves before anyone sees her. It was a proposal.
  • Sylvia on Ezekiel 45
    While we are not required to make blood sacrifices because Jesus had paid it all. But must he bear the cross alone? We are to still sacrifice ourselves just as the lamb pure and holy. Without restraint sacrifice we cannot live holy as he has commanded us.
  • Bill on 1 Corinthians 7
    verse 12 "But to the rest speak I, not the Lord " interesting, is he demonstrating some humility?
  • Asante charles on 1 Kings 1:11
    who was the solomon mother?
  • Asante charles on 1 Kings 1
    what do you think of 1 king 1?
  • Grant on Hebrews 1
    Many translations of the term worship can mean kneel, prostrate, kiss, bow down to, or give obeinance. Why were tbe angels of God performing this act of respect? He was a king. Ps 2 6 Dan. 7 14 Jn 17 24 . He was appionted and given rulership and was made king and made better than the angels. Phil 2 9,10. However, when he had finished destroying the last enemy of our world, he returns or gives back to his Father the crown and sits at the right side of his Father. 1Corn.15 24
  • Mike on Matthew 1
    As to the blood line of Christ. I am more interested in the line of Mary, as Joseph is not the father. Where do we find the blood line of Mary? We know that Christ is of the House of David, so Mary must be too?
  • Al mahoney on 1 John 5
    Please will you varified and confirm or show me how to find some definate information that 1john 5 verse 7 8 was not a part of the original writing and has been taken out of scripture?
  • Anon on Matthew 7:13
    Why would the broad road to destruction need a gate on it? All of Adam 's children are born onto that road to destruction. Romans 5 12,18
  • Mitchell Wright on Prayer of Manasseh 1
    This was defenetly interesting...only one problem. 1 when was is made? new or old testamant? 2 Why isn 't it in the bible.... 3 What is the true purpose of this prayer? 4 if this was just a prayer, why is it considered a chapter? 5 why are the other apocraphal bible books not included? a did God what them removed? b if they were once added then removed why? c if they were never added why? d these all seem interesting but why arn 't they in the bible, i mean what is their history? I thought it was Good!!!
  • Andrew Carnegie on Leviticus 11
    Since when do birds have four feet? 11.23
  • MockingBird on Psalms 12:5
    James 2 5 Hearken , my beloved brethren , hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He hath promised to them that love Him ? I do not have to be poor any more in spirit soul and body. Praise God !!!! I am sheltered in the arms of God. God has risen !!!!
  • Uwem etuk on Matthew 12:32
    Does this statement give credence to possibility of forgiveness of some sins after life ?
  • Bruce (not almighty) on Genesis 15:5
    OK, I know that Morgan Freeman is Atheist but... picture him when you read the interaction. Abraham isn 't the dimmest bulb on the planet but he 's not the brightest either. Much like Bruce. Give God the credit, and perhaps he had attitude when he said this to Abraham, "You will still be counting when you die before you can count the number of stars or your offspring! " So are we good Abe? See if God, our loving God is truly God then he has surely earned the right to have a little fun and attitude with our dumb asses! My God is an Awesome God and He blows our puny awarenesses away. We will never be able to comprehend the mind of God, we 're not built that way. But the simple things will confound the wise...
  • George Hartwell on Genesis 8
    When all of the animals got out of the Ark, what did they have to eat? The carnivores would have had nothing to eat because all the animals that were not on the ark would have been killed. The herbivores would have had nothing to eat because all the plant life would have died. In a worldwide flood, all the fresh water would have got mixed with the sea water, so fish which live in either one or the other would have died. It looks to me as though the author of this particular myth did not think of these things. Has anyone got any comments on this, please?
  • Rob on John 14:22
    I love the Basic English Bible translation. How is it that you will let yourself be seen clearly by us and not by the world? It is a question billions of people are still asking, and through the Grace of GOD I can witness that Jesus has the power to be revealed to believers, to fix a broken hearts and sheppard lost souls. Have faith, repent, and ask for Jesus to show Himself to you. We have a wonderful and loving GOD. Amen
  • Illah on Numbers 23:19
    to ionna 's comment on uppercase 'S ' and lowercase 's ', in the original language of jesus, that is ARAMAIC, there is no uppercase n lowercase letter!!!???????

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