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  • Dennis Hauze on 1 Corinthians 12
    It seems to me that 1 Cor Ch 12; presents a challenge in that it makes adherence to the teachings of the Savior, as written in the Holy Bible, and acceptance of his sacrifice, the only relevant points to which we need to hold true. Also, makes the claims of some organized religions, to be the only "way" to salvation, and their Doctrines and dogma questionable, if not dangerous. Your thoughts?
  • ED on Isaiah 48
    John 2 months ago you asked what is GOD's name? I think I have found what GOD calls HIMSELF . Read Exodus 3:14 kjb JESUS even called HIMSELF by the same name, when HE said I AM the bread of life. I PRAY this helps my Brother! I'm looking forward to knowing you better when WE get HOME !! ~~~~<*))))><
  • Juan Pedraza on Psalms 84
    Today's text says: "The Lord God is a sun and shield...... Is the Lord God or the son of God? In 1Corinthinans 8: 6says: 'There is actually to us one God, the Father, and there is one Lord,Jesus Christ, meditate on this.
  • Bruce on Matthew 25
    word: comfort One another with these Words. The Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a Shout --- and with The Trump of God: and The Dead in Christ shall Rise First:: Then We which are Alive --- shall be caught up together with them in The Clouds: 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. When The Trump Sounds? / there shall be Mockers in The Last Time, who --- Walk after Their Own ungodly lust. Jude 18
  • Kevin on 2 Kings 7
    2 Kings Ch7 V. 3 What were the names of the 4 leperous men?
  • Tann on Colossians 1
    Why repeat? If there be any preperations for a Christian it is of Faith. Prepping like a prepper does not work. Trying to save even those of our own blood does not work, they have to choose just as a believer has. Warning is likened to Noah. Do not fear....may we continue to seek and abide in Jesus Christ our LORD.
  • Wolfen244 on Ezekiel 1
    Julee, essentially the 4 living beings of this chapter are identical - in many ways - to Isaiah's meeting with the 4 Seraphs, Daniel's dream of 4 beasts and of course as you mentioned the four beasts of John the Revelator from chapter 4 through chapter 6 as John the Revelator was "in the spirit". But what do they all mean? Read Chap 1 of Ecclesiastes and solve the easy cryptogram for the reasoning
  • Wolfen244
    Genesis 2:7 shows when man receives his immortal soul - upon the first breath of life. Interesting huh?
  • Wolfen244 on Genesis 2
    Genesis 2:7 shows when man receives his immortal soul. Interesting huh?
  • David Spreading the Lords Truth
    So we see that Satan has the power to Give All things in this world and the Glory of them ( Materialism and Worldly Glamour and Luxury) only that he may Lure the simple minded to chase after them and in the end be Deceived ? For their material possessions became their god ?and they served them ! Instead of seeking after The Lord ? No man can serve Two masters ? He must Love the one
  • Kurt Chappell on Ephesians 1
    Jesus preached salvation to his disciples, who were building a faith imperfect because we’re still human. Only God knows certain matters of faith. Some struggle and we could wonder ,” were they really born again?” Their faith is at least headed in right direction. Only the Spirit can perform these miracles. Exposure to authentic Christians who espouse His Word is a must, as this is Christ’s body.
  • Bruce vs 16-7th trump and to get there you have to go through the 6th trump,seal and vial? At the end of the test where all the people that are living and are alive during the 6th trump and that's everyone because we are all changed at the 7th trump. Vs 17 speaks of clouds, street Greek as in book of Hebrews and cloud is a group of people. Air, spiritual bodies, breath of life, new beginning. Wait
  • Bruce on Matthew 6
    Karen: He's telling His followers not to be concerned about food, clothing things of the world, that the non-believers seek. Things needed will be provided: Seek ye first The Kingdom of God---. He is guiding me, them, us, You. Are We seeking our wants?
  • Karen on Matthew 6
    Jesus says towards the end of this passage " For these things The Gentiles seek" . Jesus is clearly not talking to The Gentiles here nor advising The Gentiles to live this way. So who is He guiding here. ? The Jews, Israelite's. ?
  • Anonymous (verse 13) on 1 Chronicles 21
    Why did David choose not to fall into the hands of the enemy?
  • Jeff
    He will appear as the real Christ in order to deceive people to follow him. And people will think they are going to be "raptured up" . and in order to buy and sale you will have to follow him. the word raptured is not in the Bible . It was a dream Margaret Mcdonald had in 1800's. What is your thoughts? Thank you.
  • W.w on Ephesians 5
    sorry, what is the name of the man who is reading in audio?
  • BSP on Luke 12
    If we closely observe the ravens or birds we see that they are fed and are clothed with beautiful feathers. If Jehovah God takes care of these creatures, how much more so will he take care of us?
  • Geraldine Bulos on Luke 12
    Why worry? Remember there is GOD our GOD the Omnipotent, Omnipresence, Omniscient. Mighty of all. The LORD of all. Hallelujah!
  • Retta Goodwin on Genesis 1
    We were told to replenish the earth. Does that mean it existed before?
  • Dina on Proverbs 31
    Wonderful advice given by a mother to her son. What mother doesn't want her son to have such a wife? I fear that Solomon's mother raised her son's expectations too high. Could this explain his reason for having so many wives? He looked for the perfect woman all his life; he kept marrying and marrying. If his writings in Ecclesiastes are any indication, he never found her.
  • Jason Wells on 1 Corinthians 11
    Michael, about your comment on hair length, did you state that Jesus would have had short hair? Many of the Independent Fundamental Baptists like to portray Jesus with a crew cut, which is quite absurd. We have to rightly divide; Paul was writing to people in the body of Christ, not to Jews nor to Christ Himself. Per Leviticus 19:27, Jesus had long hair. He didn't break the law.
  • Hubert Guillotte on Luke 24
    Luke 24:47, Jesus said? Repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all Nations, beginning at Jerusalem
    This scripture was fulfilled and Acts 2:38 when Peter said repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost for the promises and to you and to your children and to all them a fa
  • Carlos Angel Rey on 1 Kings 3
    Famous story. How many know how to match them with their books?
  • Janice on 1 Corinthians 3
    I love you. A reminder from an older Christian who has been unwell since 18 but diagnosed later with a condition which is in need of medicine to control horrible pain. I love Jesus. I am still filled with the Holy Spirit even when medicated. Please believe Christ con use even the elderly, sick, and disabled, for His plan. He uses the weak. Does not illness teach us to lean more?
  • Tony G on Philippians 4
    Which verse of chap 4?
  • Daughter on Leviticus 18
    When the Earth was flooded and only the little family was there (the Ark), how did more people come about after the flood ended? I am curious because there were no other survivors except for the (blood) family.
  • A disciple on Psalms 15
    Bill; "..This is the work of God,that ye believe on him whom he hath sent. John 6:28" In the parable of the sower, who was responsible for every man's heart, what kind it was, and whether it was in a right condition for the Word to bring forth fruit? It takes WORK to change your heart from being beat down hard by the world walking all over it! It takes work to dig deep and get rid of the stones...
  • A disciple on Genesis 31
    Leigh (cont.); "..Did I miss something?" Abraham came into the land of Canaan by God's direction, to pass his days as a stranger and a pilgrim in a country that was to be given to him in the future; and as a watcher and a holy one to be a witness of the ungodly nation which God was about to take away. Jacob knew the high and holy calling of God on his family though his wife lagged a little behind.
  • A disciple on Philippians 4
    J. Lazzari; I think your question is, Are the things spoken of in this chapter a summation of the whole message of the Bible? Well, If God hadn't intended us to HAVE all knowledge except one small aspect of our walk in this life; then, perhaps Yes! But for knowing and understanding the LORD, and thereby ourselves as His children; (even in this ruined and humiliated state); we need ALL THE BIBLE!

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