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  • Bruce on Revelation 6
    Alex: Verse 8: ---And Power was given unto them over The Fourth part of the Earth to Kill with a Sword and with Hunger and with Death and with The Beast of The Earth. The Rider on the white horse is? Does Our Lord Ride with The other riders toKill and Destroy? That's what Happen on The Other side, 25% of the Planet. The First 4 seals are Open. 5? 6? 7?
  • Michael Conrad on John 10
    And how many who have come after our LORD are also thieves and robbers? This may not be taken well but my only intent is to be truthful. I find that in most of our denominations today we find men who claim to speak truth about Jesus Christ but subtily preach a gospel that does not save but instead only tickles ears. Not that we who are in His word should be surprised because we were warned.
  • Anthclafton on Matthew 7
    Isn't christ saying to judge with equal measure? Using the same standards of course his standards. Written long ago from his laws in the first books then the other prophets? Seems Christ is pleading for our study and meditation. Ask it shall be given and also seek.
  • Rev Autrey on Genesis 1
    This is something to consider: Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." But in John 1:3 Jesus says that he is the one who did this. So who is right?They both are because God is Jesus and Jesus is God. John 1:1 says it like this: "... and the Word was God." And too, this is what Thomas meant in John 20:28 when he called Jesus "My Lord and my God. Amen.
  • CMS on Matthew 11
    Are we supposed to learn ABOUT Jesus
    or From Jesus ?
  • Valencia on Exodus 3
    When Moses said to God I come unto the children of Israel and shall say unto them the God of your father's has sent me unto you and they shall say to me what is his name? What shall I say unto them? And just reading that the Lord God Almighty said to Moses "I AM THAT I AM and he said "Thus shalt say unto children of Israel I AM hath sent me unto you." WHEN I READ THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT MOVED!
  • Confused on Genesis 11
    I am having a real problem with this chapter. "confound their language" "scattered them abroad"

    Does God segregated them, one from another, and change their languate in order to keep them from plotting and planning evil and working together to go against his word? God's intent seems clear that they were to live apart. So are all cultures a product of this action by God?
  • Servant on Genesis 10
    The bible carefully sets forth the generations. Is it so that the line of David can remain pure and to assure that Mary's roots can be traced back to the beginning as clean?
  • how can the “kingdom” be repopulated (Ezekiel 47:22) if all who are alive and remain are resurrected at the end of the trib?
  • Max on Genesis 1
    Why are some phrases italicized? E.g. in verse 30, "there is" is italicized. Is there some special significance to that phrase? If so, it seems to me that it should be extended to make the context clearer (e.g. "wherein there is life"), and perhaps hyperlinked so that those wishing to connect more deeply can find further avenues of study.
  • Rosalind on Psalms 23
    With Him with who can be against me? No one!
  • Jonas on 1 Timothy 1
    Why are people forgetting the weightier matter of paul's instruction on the Spiritual Warfare? The War according to the prophecy (the sure prophecy).
    Is it because God they say Loves all and that salvation is by grace and not of works?
    Where will change come in together with the melting of the elements and the love not the World and the ye are not of the world and the gospel of suffering? THINK
  • A Reader on Genesis 11
    Once again, 'God' curses his beloved creation of man to live in separation and confusion. Why? Because people wanted to build a great city and tower to reach the sky (which is all 'heaven' refers to). If this story is true, isn't this single act by 'God' THE reason for all of the disparate beliefs throughout the world, THE reason for every conflict that has occurred? Seems a little harsh to me
  • Ross on Revelation 1
    I am wondering how it can ever be possible to preach the gospel to the whole world and all who are in it, if everyday we are adding babies everywhere? I am a firm believer and am ready to meet my maker and most of the time wish it had happened already. I can't seem to find the reason(s) why we are still waiting. The world is in very bad condition and getting worse each day, why does God terry?
  • Bruce on Mark 3
    Dewey: Does verse 9 say, have a Boat Ready just in case they try to throng Him ? Where does it say He used The Boat? ---You said: And Jesus went out in The Boat--- what Verse or is that speculation?
  • Ray Jay on Exodus 1
    Ahiests use Exodus 1:11 to discredit the Bible because it indicates that Ramesses is the Pharoah at this time, and if so, the Egyptian chronology doesn't match with archeology and discredits Jews being in Egypt. However, how do we know that this is Ramesses? Maybe this pharaoh simply named the city after Ramasees? The documentary PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: The Exodus, brought this to my attention.
  • Brianna vs. 18-19 on Psalms 127
    If people would turn to their God Jehovah, how much better would the earth be? Everyone's trying to look for solutions in Human Governments, money, and science. Yet the world gets worse not better. God promised that if we would call on him and fear him, then he would be near to us and rescue us.
  • Stephen B on Luke 12
    5 And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit? This has nothing to do with your 'height'. This means by thinking you can not add one second to the years of your life.

  • Gary Lindblad on Ephesians 2
    Was wondering,,,,what is the secret to getting a comment posted?? I have sent a few, but they are never published ?? My comments are biblically sound,,,,,, I just don't understand it. Maybe I should say I am Steve morrow or Irene. It's kind of discouraging. Gary
  • Susan on Luke 3
    I don't have to imagine a God fearing Bible believing preacher. I listen to one frequently. His church is "tiny" compared to today's churches, but people flock from all over the world to listen to him because he is never afraid to speak from the Word.
  • Jeannie Myers on James 4
    We are to judge not the heart but the actions and by the fruits of others. Politics and Christianity the two MOST valuable things we can speak about are almost being hushed in this society today. God said to also put the Armour of God on daily, are we doing that Christian? How else can we expect to go out there and fight the fiery darts of the wicked? They come from all directions.
  • RayJay on John 5
    43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.
    44 How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?
  • Joey on Psalms 82
    Stop taking one verse and making something new out of it. It's about being judges, God is the ultimate authority and JUDGE; He is telling us as he has in other verses and there is an entire book named "Judges"...."don't you know you will "JUDGE" angels"?..."I say this to your shame, is there not one among who can "JUDGE" among the brethren"?.. We are judges NOT gods. There IS ONLY ONE God, period.
  • Jim Nickles on Philippians 4
    After reading chapter 1 of Philippians the bible questions section to the right asks , Who wrote the book of Philippians? Correct answer Paul and Timothy. At he end of chapt.4 it is inserted by this site that Epaphroditus wrote it.Is this in error or am I mistaken?
  • Jan on Genesis 1
    verse 29 Every herb bearing seed and fruit is human meat. What about verse 30 animal meat and fish meat are humans suppose to eat?
  • Stephen B on Matthew 11
    Does Jesus care? Oh, yes, HE cares for me!
  • Vanessa on Deuteronomy 6
    This is so moving, just to say it out loud everyday, Love thy Lord God with all your heart with all soul and all your might, Amen! God first always, he loves us the greatest and he should always be our first Love, who else of us would send their only son to die on a rugged old tree to be battered beaten bruise, nailed, scourged and shamed for all the worlds sin? Glory be to God in the highest
  • Lenzie on Isaiah 55
    Julie-your call out: earth, wind, and fire in conjunction with your commentary suggests a hint of witchcraft? The " beggarly elements Apostle Paul warned of? I hope not, but if so be careful.... you are quite right about M. McDonald, pre tribulation "rapture" is not in the Bible... Nope, works won't work...all colors are heavenly colors, there are seven as there are seven spirits of God-it is the Lord's bow and is not native to the earth.... I am not sure how you are processing Ecclesiastes....?
  • Nikita on Ephesians 1
    Can anyone help me with this crucial question:
    - can Salvation be lost or not?
    -Once someone is saved, is he sealed for ever?
    - what happens when a believer stops believing altogether, looses faith in Jesus as their savior? can they still have eternal life?
    - what about those who believe in Jesus as the son of God but not the savior? will they receive salvation as per John 3:16?
  • Dennis J Isreal on Isaiah 7
    When God Gave Isaiah The Prophecy 700 Years Beforehand, That His Name Would Be Called Immanuel:Isaiah 7:14 Matthew 1:23 Emmanuel Why Did Joseph Change Our Saviour's Prophesied Name Emmanuel To A Greek Translated Name: Iesus Jesus, which means Hail Zeus??? I've Often Wondered Why The Church Doesn't Experience All Of God's Promises Christ Endowed Gifts As They Did When They Called Him EMMANUEL CAUSE GOD WAS WITH THEM, THAT'S WHAT EMMANUEL MEANS THAT GOD Would Be WITH US THE Same As With Them: TODAY YESTERDAY FOREVERMORE!!! !!!

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