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  • Randy on Isaiah 57
    Could verse 1 be the rapture? And will there be so few that nobody notices? Remnant? Make every effort to make sure of your salvation. Have to be 'righteous'. Bible says sin is all unrighteousness. God be thanked that we were sinners, but have believed from the heart that form of doctrine that was delivered us. Now being free from sin, we become servants of righteousness. Jesus took away our sins!
  • Travis on Ezra 10
    does not The LORD hate putting away? is this not an increase of sin, seeing that God has not given a cause for divorce except fornication?
  • Bruce on Genesis 6
    Cheryl: All through Scripture Angels are referred to in The Masculine Gender. The Angels that talk to Lot are Called Men.They are always Called by Masculine Names. -when they rise from the dead they neither Marry nor are given in Marriage but are as the Angels which are in Heaven: Mark 12:25 / Zechariah 5:9 Two Women have Wings like a Stork. Two Female Angels? Found nowhere else in Scripture.
  • Cheryl on Genesis 6
    How is it that we say that the daughters of man mated with the Angels when we are also taught the Angel's have no sex , are they taking about men having sex with woman without marrying her and then saying the made giant children none as the nephilim dosen't make sense ?
  • WIlliam
    My question is where did Cain wife come from? Were she and her people also created by God OR: were she and they distance relations of Cain and Able. What were the time frame before Cain and Able was begotten. Genesis 2 verse 4 indicated the one day could be generation according to God's time frame. Could there have been several generations and many children begotten before Cain and Able.
  • Adrian on Genesis 8
    So the next time god punishes the earth will be with what?
  • Adrian on Genesis 7
    So what happened to cain?
  • Rev Autrey on Psalms 18
    Psalms 18:31 reads:"For who is God except our Lord? Who but he is a rock?" Most people say this is speaking of God the Father, but in Romans 10:9 Paul applies this Scripture to Jesus when he says that "Jesus is Lord" or "Jesus is the Lord." In other words, he is saying that Jesus is the God of the OT and not the Father. I know this is new information to many but it is true. Amen
  • Joyce on Philippians 3
    If we be in Christ then who can deny us but Christ the kingdom of Heaven. Once we have died, our bodies are only a shell left after our spirit has left either in rest or in Hades. It is not for us to say. The bible does not speak against cremation. Are we to be rotted flesh or ashes to be brought back together for judgement day? Does the body really mater or is it our souls that he wants?
  • Eugene Gregorio on Revelation 14
    Re. verse 20: " ...a thousand and six hundred furlongs." I see a lot of present day similarities and symbolism. Could this allude to the address of the White House?
  • Mary on Luke 16
    It is confusing, why did the lord commend the unjust servant? Does this mean the master thought that he was wise in falsifying his bills? Don't understand.
  • Jewell on Ephesians 1
    Being saved does not mean you are always saved. You must continue in the walk that God has for you. If you start a life a sin and turn away from God, you must rededicate your life over to him. Otherwise, you could be saved and do all kinds of evil and still be saved? No, you must continue the good fight in Jesus name.
  • Patrick sullivan on John 20
    Please tell me: Who can remitt sin but God alone?
  • Roger Austin on Revelation 21
    when we get to heaven our love ones that went before us such as grandma mary will my soul no her as grandma mary?
  • Donald williams on 2 Peter 1
    the lord said love one anther as he has love us,to be conpassion with one anther in love,kindness tenderhearted,lord said if stand on his word it will work for you,in all thing just stand still,?? the blood of jesus,amen,so we have to put christ first in our lives if we wan;t to live the life as dear children,in the kingdom of god,i pray lord let it be unto me according to your word almightly god
  • Morgan on Revelation 21
    Revelation very interesting, Is all nations allowed into the kingdom of heaven? well according to Chapter 21:12 only the twelve tribes of Israel is going into heaven. Is this confusion, I don't think so, from the beginning of the bible to the end it talks about on set of people who salvation is for. And these people has been downtrodden until this day, and I am not talking about the Jewish.
  • Morgan on Obadiah 1
    I believe its the end of the nations of Esau's during the end times. The wickedness of Esau's has reached our heavenly Father and Obadiah has made it clear. The bible says the earth is given in the hands of the wicked, who's the ruler of the earth? Obadiah talks about Jacob being the flame, meaning the ruler of the next kingdom. Israel is my first born!! Esau's are not Arabs
  • Nakawuki Joan on 1 Corinthians 11
    My comment is in form of question, how big or far does the hair of a woman would be by size so as to cover her head?
  • D W L on Hebrews 1
    Ales - I won't try to change you, but you haven't moved me. ( Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us (US =plural) make man in our image, after our likeness:)
    Matthew 27:46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
  • Gonzalo on Deuteronomy 31
    In our United States of that they will say in that day, Are not these evils come upon us, because our God is not among us?....verse 17.
  • Munya on Genesis 3
    1. Is GOD actually in three - a TRINITY? I think God is ONE - a UNITY? The fact that He manifests as Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit or His Written Word does not break Him into parts. I think defining God is limiting Him.
    2. Did we really inherit Adam's sin or we sin by our own choice or freewill? If we inherited sin, it's not our problem, just as we cannot be judged for a hereditary disease.
  • RayJay on Genesis 6
    Folks, be careful not to be mislead here. people take chapters like this, and create so many theories and use it to get followers. For example, is this talking about fallen angels? We don't really know here. "Sons of God" could have simply been Seth's line (people doing God's Will), and the wicked Cain's line. Giants could be big tall people or even dino's, we really don't know. Just be careful
  • Paul blanke on Matthew 12
    How do we apply "idle" to Matthew 12:36 as an example? The definitions are several, such as, useless, worthless, a waste of time etc. It seems quite important that we will be judged by what we say? Some will provide other promises that assure our salvation. We then have conflicts in our understanding. I think of the different computer sites that occupy our time with idle contributions.
  • Fred scanlan on Mark 2
    Jesus has the power on earth to forgive sins then proves it . This is a sign given to the world to believe that he will do what he says.What does it mean to have your sins removed and forgiven?If the world denies him as it does, how can its sins be forgiven?How can it ever know what forgiveness is, or know that He will do and keep His promise. His WORD is what cleanses us. A SIMPLE MESSAGE.
  • Lou on Psalms 1
    All these words point towards The Christ. Who walked in the way of holiness? Who took no part in sinful ways? Who stood apart from sin? Who delights in God's law day and night? Unmoved, unshaken, solid as Gods Word Is. Jesus Christ.
  • BSP on Job 7
    Verse 17~Who really are we as humans in God's grand scheme of things? This is a good question to meditate on.
  • Lou on Psalms 59
    It is good to take comfort in these words daily. For God's Word is the Bread of nourishment for us. But too remember, though David said them, so too do they point to Christ's time here on earth. Did the soldiers of the temple come seeking is arrest at night make noise like dogs throughout the city? Yes, but Christ, though taken, beaten and killed...became The Victor! Thank God for this.
  • Gazz on Matthew 11
    What does it verse 12 mean, there is violence in heaven, the violent take it by force???
  • Chaplain Rain on Hebrews 1
    Study to show yourself approved to whom? God, not man. Arguing the scriptures is futile and foolish, for we don't rate an opinion on the uncompromised Word of God. It says it all, perfectly. So drink of its passion and allow the fresh breeze of the Holy one to cleanse and set free, us, the reader. Daily God's love will flow from our healed soul and born again spirit.
  • Rose on Psalms 78
    I am a religious person and have faith in God. My husband and I are married for 19 years, together for 26 yrs. but am not happy in the marriage because my husband oppresses me. He does not value my opinions and he does not support me in getting a college education. Everything is about him. We drifted apart so much, I told him to divorce me. I know God does not approve divorces. What should we do?

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