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  • Damon on Genesis 13
    Some things have been popping out at me, this is my first read through, and I am seeing things that make me do a Keanu, and go WHOA... Parenthesis mine In verse 16 this "And I will make thy seed as the dust of the earth As Adam? so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall thy seed also be numbered. " Point being, read those last lines closely. "so that is a man mankind can number the dust of the earth. " What is 'the dust of the earth '? Easy. What is DUST? Answer Particulate matter. PARTICLES OF MATTER. God, was telling man Abraham, who 's seed he shall make 'as Adam ' about the Periodic Table of Elements 4000 years ago! And the last line "then shall thy seed also be numbered. " IMO, this is PROPHECY. God is telling Abraham about the numbering of his descendants during WW2. Don 't see the connection? According to wiki, the periodic table of elements became widely distributed in the 1930 's. What else happened then? The forced numbering of the descendants of Abraham!
  • Nick on Matthew 10:20
    This scripture is one of the most stirring of all, it clearly saith the god spirit can speak through us, does it mean just to empower us in speaking for the gospel , or to give us knowledge not of our own, or even to speck to our spirit without using language at all ? Direct to our spirit !
  • Cherie on Ecclesiastes 9:4
    Edmund, "The Old Testament Does not have Jesus or Heaven... "? Have you read Isaiah 53 lately, or the Psalms or any of the major or minor prophets? No, the name "Jesus " is not mentioned in the Old Testament but the Son of God, who became Jesus, is everywhere in the Old Testament and so is reference to His kingdom, which is heaven. In the four gospels, Jesus Himself makes reference to so many texts from the Old Testament, many which are prophecies about Himself and there are literally hundreds of text references from the Old Testament in the New. I have frustration with those who say the Old Testament is no longer relevant, when without the Old Testament, we would have no clear understanding of the plan of salvation, no knowledge of our origin, the creation of the world, the fall of Lucifer, the divinity of Jesus or the law that Jesus came to defend with his death on the cross.
  • Mary Ann on Exodus 12:29
    Why did the scripture specify the smoting of the first born cattle?
  • R.MAX on 1 Corinthians 11
    I use to persecute people who don 't eat pork, but it was reveal to me who am I to judge them that chooses not to eat pork? Because the part of the U.S. that I live they eat wild animals that i would not consider eating. About the long hair on man or no hair for a women been dishonorable... v16 clearly says it and summarizes the contentious debate of v1 v15
  • Joe on Genesis 37
    I am confused vs 28 says "sold to Ishmeelites " while vs 36 says "Midianites sold him in Egypt ... ". So did the Ishmeelites sell Joseph to the Midianites who in turn sold him in Egypt?
  • Richard Hauhnar on 2 Samuel 1
    Was Saul killed by the Amalekite or did he kill himself?
  • ROBERT MEDINA on Genesis 3:1
    All this happens before satan and his angels are thrown out from heaven?? I am confused???
  • Anonymous on 1 Corinthians 15:55
    Paul triumphantly declared that death would be swallowed up forever. 1 Corinthians 15 54 57 When the corruptible and mortal put on incorruption and immortality, these words will be fulfilled Death is swallowed up forever. Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting? Isaiah 25 8 Hosea 13 14 The sting producing death is sin, and sin s strength was the Law, which condemned sinners to death. But because of Jesus sacrifice and resurrection, death inherited from sinful Adam will no longer be victorious. Romans 5 12 6 23.
  • Sue on 1 John 3:16
    we barely can comprehend this kind of love for us. to lay down ones life for a child ,yes .for a true brother or sister could I really do that?only if I know where im going .I have true love and is their life more needful?on the other hand maby to die for one so they wont wake in hell
  • Steve on John 8
    Wait a minute. Jesus says in verse 15 that he does not judge. Then in verse 16 he says "if I judge... " So which is it? Does He judge, or not?
  • Martin on Acts 2
    Please read well the Bible and use the Holy Ghost to explain it. What Peter said is correct. He told people to be baptized in the name of Jesus. But do not think that when the act of baptizing itseft comes, that he did not use the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The meaning of what he said refers only to the fact that every think we do, we do it because of Jesus that God gave us as our savior. For example, if you say to someone "Come to Jesus ". Then do you think that this person will come only to Jesus and will have nothing to do with the Father God and the Holy Spirit? The ansuer is no. Then this is the same of what Peter said!
  • We must decide who we are going to serve! The God of the light or the prince of darkness? Who do you chose to follow? The Light or darkness?
  • Shantiel masih on Matthew 20:28
    Who will serve? ex. A little child cannot serve his mother but mother serve her child. It means jesus say "I came for serve ". It is a method of politeness when a powerful. Person serve weaker continuously POLITENESS
  • Rich on Acts 15:20
    Idolatry blood drinking are not too big of problems in Church. Strangled Meats though, they will have to start calling their local meat markets to find out. Fornacation? Some report, lots of Pastors viewing porn, and average church goer hook ups, but I hope is just exaggerated. These are the first 4 basics. Then the next 2 basics are Hear moses read 1 on the Sabbath 2 . 4 2 Most Christians meet on the first day of the week, not the 7th, and moses May be quoted, but may not be regularly read.
  • Henry on Psalms 91
    The psalm verses really keeps me alive anytime i read it n whatever or anyting i do i still remenber what he said in the chapter .. I luv the book of psalm n it encourages me alot when am down n sad n it boost my confident high that, the God i serve shall bless and redemed me from all rigthueoness Amen?
  • Chika on Psalms 91
    The very first sentence in this beautiful psalm says, He Who Dwells In d Secret Place of d Most high... But wot does this really mean...? I think we dwell in his secret place by constantly striving to live a holy and prayerful life..!
  • Johany on Revelation 4
    what is the signfcance of the seven spirits of God?
  • JOE on Genesis 1:26
    the phrase "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness " may be referring to the beings who came from somewhere in the universe and gave birth to mankind on earth. is it really that hard to believe? intelligent life outside our universe? the universe is billions of years old. I can 't possibly imagine we are the only intelligent life. if so, what a waste of space. I do not know of anywhere in the bible that says we are alone in the universe.
  • Clyde thomason on Psalms 45:9
    Does Luke 24 44 apply to Psalm 45 9? If so, Why wouldn 't Yeshua have a fleshly wife during his 1000 year reign? It stands to reason that if the Father has a son...why wouldn 't he have a daughter? ? I wonder if anyone has ever even thought about that. It seems very clear that Psalm 45 indicates that the Father has a daughter.Psalm 45 10,11. Think about it for a minute...what 's a King without a Queen? Scripture confirms this and doesn 't disprove it either. Your Friend, Clyde
  • OLIVIER on 1 Samuel 15
    Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.
  • Edmund lamb on Ecclesiastes 9:4
    Though Ecclesiastes is 1 of my favorite Books. It must be kept in a Mature readers Believers mind that it was written before JESUS......So to point out little inconsistencies is a little hmmmm What are u getting at? The Old Testament Does not have Jesus or Heaven, The New Testament does...u should expect it too be different..Solomon spoke of life..Jesus spoke of The After Life!!!!!
  • Joseph on Genesis 4
    Well, I have some of the same questions about cities , iron working and so forth. Also, if God put a mark on Cain, who was he protecting him from? Cain 's family? Who else was around to build the cities?
  • Olabode on Ephesians 6:11
    when the Bible says we should put on the whole Armour of God.My question is this what are the Armour of God that we should put on? The bible talks about several Armour of God. These include truth, peace, righteousness, faith, word of God bible , love, obedience, humility etc. After we might have put all these into practice, no evil will come near us.
  • Andrew on Matthew 26
    Judas the betrayer, asked Jesus as the other apostles, IS it I? not thinking that he will receive a direct answer, IT IS YOU.
  • Debra Tilstra on Isaiah 45:7
    The yin Yang of life...good evil, yes, God created good and evil just as he she said they did. These texts say God is speaking these things about him herself conflicting texts are all other people saying things about God. Why is it people pick and choose which texts they say are true, and try to reason others away? God created good and evil, end of story.
  • Scott on Genesis 2
    Standing out in the middle of this chapter is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Can anyone imagine such a tree anywhere but precisely in the middle of the garden? The entire narrative hangs from its branches. Without it the story would simply end here. It must have seemed the tallest thing in Eden.
  • P.M.B. on Job 1:6
    If these were angels, then you are saying that we become angels when we give our lives over to God, because John ch. 1 says that God gives us the power to become the sons of God?
  • May on Judges 2:13
    I am shocked! Why don 't the preachers know about this?
  • FESTUS NGWENAH on Job 38
    38 When the dust groweth into hardness, and the clods cleave fast together? Physicists wrongly believe that hydrogen and dust well pulled together to form stars and planets etc. Here God is showing that there is a greater force than gravity that can pull hydrogen and dust particles together to form hardness or other elements. Matter was not created at the Big Bang, God created matter before the big bang, if ever there was any big bang. Verse 41 shows that even animals cry to God and He hears them, He feeds the young ravens. We are of more value than the young raven, His son died for you, therefore we are more blessed. Job had little knowledge of creation, so God was teaching Him about creation and existence.

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