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  • A disciple on Revelation 1
    "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty." Revelation 1:8 The farther we go down to the end, and the Day of the LORD so near at hand the more the world thinks its getting smarter and smarter, by rejecting all knowledge and conviction of the truth of God in Christ the more surreal and detached from reality this generation becomes, by so much does it show the perfect and divine power of the word of God, and fill up all that was foretold it would be like when the Lord returns. Daniel 8:13 "Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?" As all the ages and centuries past seem unreal and detached from today so is TODAY become the perfection of evil and corruption that every other age has been but a foreshadowing. Whether the cataclysm of Noah's day, or the catastrophe of Sodom where only Lot escaped all these were but figures of today, the final and true end of the world!
  • Brother Daniel FC on Colossians 2
    To A disciple: Excellent point; you say, “the way to the holiest was now opened to all through Jesus” our High Priest. Which means we do not need another intermediary or another sacrifice: The Ultimate Sacrifice has been offered. Jesus is our Intermediary to God. Now, if all sacrifices will cease (only) when Jesus comes and takes us home, how “FOREVER” are they? Death will eventually be destroyed.
  • Brother Daniel FC on Colossians 2
    (Cont’d) Do you think that 2-3,000 years extra qualify them as “forever”? Here are more examples of not quite forever “forevers”: Exodus 21:6, Leviticus 25:46, 1 Samuel 1:22, 1 Samuel 13:13, 1 Kings 12:7, 1 Chronicles 28:9, Jeremiah 17:4, and others. I agree with you: it is a terrible thing to reject Jesus. We need to preach The Good News more faithfully and pray more fervently for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God bless you too!
  • Janet on Galatians 2
    Daniel I understand what you are saying but I don't agree with you totally and I do not agree with you to compare Paul and Peter on a platform like this someone young in faith can get confused. . The important thing is that Peter needed to be corrected. How should Paul have done when others joined Peter to do the same? Or don't you think he should be corrected?
  • Avigayil on Hebrews 12
    I am curious about the final verse. The baptism of John (repentance) is of water, but the baptism of Yeshua is with fire - which is the giving of the the Holy Spirit. We see here that Yehovah is a consuming fire - which is His Righteous Judgment. So what is the lake of fire then? Is it a physical place, or simply refering to the Judgment of Yehovah?

    See 1 Corinthians 3:15
  • A disciple
    Daniel (cont.); as far as the Shkinah' not shining any more: apparently someone had an idea once, and spoke it out as if it were a fact; and so all (or rather, Many) of the churches have grasped on to this; but the truth is, that the Shkinah' was NOT continually abiding on the Holy of Holies; but only appeared as in the times mentioned in Scripture. Any thoughts?
  • Deborah on Matthew 13
    Do we all know that anti-christ will come first before Jesus Christ returns? So many either dont believe, or haven't been taught ....
  • Jeff Berry on Genesis 2
    Cheryl (I'm having problems uploading regardless what device I use), 1 Corinthians 15:45a "And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul..." I think your original question was "when did man become a spirit?" The answer is at creation. The spirit died because of sin but the spirit is born again when we are saved. 1 Cor 15:45 "the last Adam [was made] a quickening spirit."
  • A disciple on Genesis 2
    Cheryl; We are not only flesh and bones, but living souls. It is the spirit in us that animates our bodies. The spirit is the life and the breath; and the life is in the blood. To think that a man is only a body makes no sense: for how then do you account for the decay and corruption that consumes a dead body? The spirit of a man present in the body shows he is alive; and the spirit absent, death!
  • A disciple on Psalms 11
    Bill; Haven't I tried to be friendly? Haven't I written good things by the Spirit and according to the Love of our Saviour? Why do you insist on being an adversary, and seek to catch others in something that you might accuse? I shake off my feet against you: notwithstanding, be sure of this; that the kingdom of God has come near to you. I just keep going on with the Lord!
  • A disciple on Genesis 2
    Cheryl; "If not a man be born from above; he cannot SEE the kingdom of heaven...unless a man be born of the water and of the Spirit; he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven... The words I speak unto you are Spirit, and they are life." The Preacher wrote; "Who knows the spirit of man which goes upward? and, Then shall the spirit return to God that made it."
  • A disciple on Job 25
    "Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?" God has sent His Son into the world in the flesh to give His life to save the world. Jesus Christ came in the flesh to reconcile us to God, to undo the works of the devil in making men sin, and by breaking the bonds of sin and darkness by His own blood. There is NO OTHER NAME UNDER HEAVEN given among men whereby we must be saved!
  • Cheryl on Revelation 12
    When was Satan and his followers cast down to Earth , if in Genesis it said the Earth was void in the beginning and man was not yet form ?
  • A disciple on Genesis 3
    Jevon; Adam means "Red" as from the ground he was taken from and created. The first murderer sinned against God, against his brother whom he slew, and against his own moral consciousness; for God came to him beforehand and said, Why are you wroth? and why is your countenance fallen? If you do right won't you be blessed? but if you do not right sin is at the door. Cain chose to be heathen instead!
  • A disciple on Psalms 11
    Bill; you asked, "Are you saying that God chooses you for salvation and you can thwart his will and be lost?" Yes, I believe so! Why else would He warn us so much about being doers of the things He says, and of the need to take heed that no one mislead us? As long as we continue faithful with Him, He withholds nothing that we need to grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus and endure unto the end.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 11
    A disciple, Are you saying that God chooses you for salvation and you can thwart his will and be lost?Can you answer this question with a yes or no?"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."John 8:36
  • Jevon on Genesis 4
    What is a murderer? IS it the one that says Am I my brother's keeper or what is it at all?
  • Jevon on Genesis 3
    I have a questions also that I was getting to. How did this come across my mind. Because I thought about it many times...what is the commandments, law, precepts...who broke it look like it was me as well as Adam a human being isn't that what's adam name means?
  • Clint on Hebrews 4
    WE seam to miss what we are being taught in chapter 3 and 4 Do you obsearve the sabbath day or is this just another day? We must rest and it is a holy day unto GOD it looks like we take it as unbelief, also as he speaks to us we do not observe it because of our unbelive
  • A disciple on Psalms 11
    Bill; Didn't the LORD Jesus die on the cross for our sins? Doesn't the Father command us to repent and be a new kind? Doesn't He expect us to obey? Isn't that why we are converted, to cease to do evil and from henceforth do right and not be as the hypocrites? Either we have a work of grace wrought in our hearts or we don't; and the day will declare it whether it is reflected by our manner of life.
  • A disciple
    Audrey (cont.) further, the idea that the Old Testament was a type foreshadowing Christ, WITHOUT the first elements of salvation being known makes no sense, and is simply not true. Didn't the Lord many times rebuke the stupidity and hardness of heart of the hypocrites, who strained at the gnat and swallowed the camel? He told Nicodemus, You're the Teacher of Israel
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 11
    A disciple, Your emphasis on works is in agreement with the world view of "good enough to go to heaven". Works are easily and often feigned,right?So you are saying that God chooses you for salvation and you can thwart his will and be lost?That's not saved by grace or the sovereign will of God.
    So why would Jesus have you armed, rather than clothed?
  • A disciple on Psalms 11
    Bill; you wrote: "To what end did Jesus make a whip?" I'd say, To give them a stinging rebuke they won't soon forget! I've always loved that part! There are a number of great examples of the Lord showing us how normal things; which some would angrily'protest, that they are not fitting for a Christian to feel or do; would indeed be perfectly appropriate. "Child education starts from the bottom up!"
  • Brother Daniel FC on Colossians 2
    To A disciple, sorry to state the obvious: Can you try sending part 1 again?
  • A Christian on Matthew 10
    To:A Disciple, I agree with Emanuel Fernandes. There is nothing wrong with watching sports as long as it does not keep you from God. If you are watching when you should be at church, THAT'S WHEN YOU SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED. By the way "A DISCIPLE" are you a Catholic or what?
  • Ramona on Genesis 2
    Good morning, I am looking for clarity on verses 4 and 5 please. It sounds as if there were some form of entity before God created all of this???
  • Vanessa Gadsden on Psalms 11
    I think because of a like of understanding many don't have a clue of what it means to enter into the Secret place of the most high cause I have heard people asking the ?.what an where is the most high place God
  • A disciple on Psalms 11
    Bill (cont.) Just adding; Do you remember the story of when Jesus was invited to lunch with one of the Pharisees, and a woman came in and washed His feet with tears? Jesus told him that he who loves much is forgiven much, and who is forgiven little loves little. The woman's perfect heart brought her to Jesus' feet with repentance and love, and the Lord accepted her; but not the cramped Pharisee!
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 11
    A disciple, So is the need for a sword a mystery to you? To what end did Jesus make a whip?People are "dead in trespasses and sin".Sinners are quickened by the Holy Spirit, and then can hear, as the born again saved for all eternity.God is sovereign in saving whom he pleases. When Jesus said "It is finished", all that was needed to save was done by him.We DO in return for what he has DONE for us.
  • Sean tabb on Exodus 20
    IRENE123: where do you get your supporting scripture or instructions to worship or "keep Sunday as the Sabbath?"

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