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  • Mike on Matthew 23:9
    what about the commandment HONOR THY FATHER MOTHER. how do all you Evangelicals explain that ? dont say that was the OT because Jesus said obey the commandments
  • Peter on Matthew 2
    God knows everything before it comes to pass and prepares a solution for those who deligently fear and obey Him. The three wise men brought provion in terms of money gold which Joseph used for upkeep of his family as they stayed in Egypt before the death of Herod. What a mighty God we serve?
  • Ex 17 7 fell in the wilderness would that refer to their mouths, tempting the LORD, saying, Is the LORD among us, or not?
  • Sophia on 1 Chronicles 28
    I love how the Bible is its own interpreter. Notice the two phrases before that one "if thou seek him, he will be found of thee ... then it says "but if thou forsake him,he will cast thee off forever. In this verse David is talking to his son Solomon who is to come up after him. He is giving him some instructions. I believe the phrase "cast thee off " is referring to distance. Meaning as long as Solomon would seek the Lord he would be close to Him or we could say "in tune or sync ", So much so that he knows right where God is, but if Solomon chose to walk his own way and not seek after God 's way and will, there would be "distance " between him and God. It 's like that verse in the Bible that says " draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto thee. We are either close to God or we 're not! What creates distance you ask? ...SIN... even though God loves and is love God is also Holy,Just and righteous.
  • Sophia on Genesis 1
    3 1, there are three parts to God yet there is ONLY one God. What are the three part, you ask? Here they are God the Father, God the Son,God the Holy Spirit. This is known as the Trinity.
  • Anonymous on Genesis 15:1
    Why is the self publishing tool ad on here is called New Age?
  • Grant on Acts 24:15
    Catholics think that when a person dies they go to heaven or hell. I say to these unbelievers what about the resurrection? If souls are in heaven, did Paul get it wrong? He said there is going to be a resurrection for EVERYONE. In their reasoning they catholics think that the souls in heaven will have to go back to earth and be judged again!!! Not a bible teaching!
  • John ebejer on Genesis 6
    How did the food not go bad after 40 days? Also what did the meat eating animals eat.
  • Tet Laraquel on Genesis 1
    From verse 1 to 25, seemed only God was doing His creations, but on Verse 26 it seemed He was talking with somebody else. He said " Let us make man in our image..... My question is, to whom was God talking to?
  • Brigitte on Bel and the Dragon 1
    We can discern if this is coming from God or the Word of God simply and easily. I learned to just ask myself basic questions... for instance, the simplest question would be: How does this (whatever/whoever, etc.) make me feel? If your answer is "Good" then it most certainly is from God. And vice versa!
  • GregG on Leviticus 1
    How did we get to chapter 18 from chapter 1? One reads the scripture and says, "It has to be done in this manner!" Another reads and says, "How could anyone live like this?" Still more read this and vacillate between the real and the spiritual, prioritizing their responses and obedience.
    Look beyond what is written, and see the deeper message. There are layers, and it is the honor of kings to discover them! God uses imagery all throughout the Bible, and yet you stick on issues of the day, and go no further.
    I live with no condemnation of my past, and all hope for my future, and treat others the same. God just wants you to believe in Him, of Him, and Who You Him. Start with that, and everything else fades away.
  • Mark Raymond on Romans 9
    Concerning verse 13. Why does he say "It is written, abel i loved and cain i hated"? Does it mean that God hated cain because of his attitude in sacrifice, compared to Abels sacrifice? And with the hundreds of translations of the Supposed spoken word of God. Whos authority does the Righteous God of the universe, endorse as being the true written word from god? Theres so much contoversy about the different translations and whos right and wrong in the interpretation of the words of god.
  • Victoria on Acts 2:17
    Well, the reason i even researched this is because i keep having dreams of the end of the world. I am 21 and it started when i was about 18 and hasn't really stopped since then. They can vary of the "reason" the world is ending. But the most recent years I've been dreaming of God coming back, and being angry with everyone.In my dreams there are people that are just rejecting him and i can't always remember exactly what happens all i know is that God is sad and angry at the same time.Its almost like i felt how he felt for just a moment. Some times the dreams are horrible and ill think about them during the day. I tell my boyfriend about them which helps,. But i can't help but think. Is God revealing these things to me? or am i just um how do you say, tripping? lol
  • Chuck on Ezekiel 13
    Respond to concern sister comments. This is what this means [18] And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the souls of my people, and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you?

    Sew pillows — A figurative speech, expressing the security, which they promised to every one that came to them.

    Kerchiefs — Triumphal caps, which were made by these prophetesses, and put upon the head of every who one consulted them, and by these they were to interpret, as a promise of victory over the Babylonians.

    Stature — That is, of every age, whether younger or elder, which usually is seen by their stature.

    To hunt — All this is really spreading a net, as hunters do, to catch the prey.

    Will ye save — Can you preserve them alive, whom you deceive by your promises?
  • Agnes on 1 John 4:4
    our Lord and our saviour shall never leave us nor forsake us,greater is he that dwells within us,than the one that is in the world!,which man or foe can stand against him?!,with our master on our side,the one that has already overcome the world,we are acheivers,conquerers of all things!.Blessed art thou o lord our God!,praise,Honour,glory to be to him our Lord Jesus Christ now and forever more!.
  • Georges Jean on 2 Kings 19:35
    Could it be that this verse was a metaphoric explanation for God's Power to destroy His enemies or was it a literal version of God's Angels? Whether this is a literal translation, I have to say that the numerical mentioned and the action are right.
  • Gale Taylor on Isaiah 11:6
    This is proove that God's creature's are in heaven with us. That he loves them even more than we do. THERE are many other verses to support this idea. That they are tane enough thst a child will lead them . Who is God's child?. JESUS . Face it he put more animals on the Ark than people. God states he knows when one sparrow falls. Look it up
  • Kiganda jobreaker on Genesis 6
    i am still doing research about Genesis6:1-4,but i don't believe that it was angels that came from heaven and get marriege,cause the angels can't have sex! ok,if they did it,are they still sons of God? and why the writer used the word "sons of God and yet we have in mind that those were rebelious angels?
  • Faustin on Deuteronomy 22:5
    The bible says in the book of Genesis that after the fall, he slew a lamb and He clothed them, I am sure that what Deut22,5; 1Peter3,1-6 and 1Tim2,9-15 are just manifestation of what was done in the garden, God isn't a controversial God but He knows why He is saying so!!! Look around you how women are portraying themselves as "Sex appeal" with their tight and squeezed jean and legging? Do you think they are godly like that? I am not sure according to the word, they just look like sexual tool and you don't even desire marry such women unless for sexual avidity! Lord have mercy because the word of God prone holiness and that is the only thing people are afraid of and by the way they want to dilute the word! Also weak pulpit, those that are there for money making will never speak the truth, afraid to loose their money they make out of church goers! Only a true child of God will recognise the word without doubting it!!! God isn't a "theological entity, bible school or bishop" He interprets his own word and give it to those that yearn for the truth! Shalom
  • Abel D. Guah on Jonah 4
    Why did Jonah get angry with God for changing His mind (God) from destroying Nineveh?
    Can anyone help me?
  • Ali on Matthew 7
    22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I [am] God, and [there is] none else. Isaiah 45:22

    DO NOT WORSHIP JESUS (PEACE BE UPON HIM). Worship only one true god, creator of the heavens and earth, your creator and creator of all things living and dead. Creator of Jesus , Moses, Abraham and Mohammad (peace be upon all of them).

    If you worship jesus (peace be upon him) or any other but god, jesus will say to you:

    "depart from me……"
  • Renee on Galatians 5
    Vs 22-23 is a blessing to me, because this where Christ wants everyone of His children to come and be more like Him. Ask yourselves what is your fruit like, what kind of fruit are you producing everyday. Are we short patient? Are you kind? Are we gentle? Examine yourselves.
  • Cynthia on Judges 19
    Had the whole tribe of benjamin gone bad that no one came to this woman defense while hearing her screams from this abuse. Was her husband such a coward that he just didn't go out in her place. Why is Israel trying to find the tribe of Benjamin wives after killing all the women. ?
  • King daniel on Psalms 34:19
    The word 'afflictions' doesn't actually mean illnesses,sicknesses or diseases but it also means troubles(of which diseases are included). Many are the afflictions of the righteous...Who are the righteous ones? 2cor 5:21 says, anybody in Christ Jesus, the one who is born again is the righteousness of God. Rom 5:17 reiterates the same thing. So you may be born again now and probably going through some heat right now,may be in your finances, business, physical body, academics, marriage, relationship, ministry, etc. But you know what? God's Word is coming to you now. Do not be discouraged, do not fear, do not cry. Maintain your composure because God will surely deliver you out that trouble. Hallelujah! How? By continuously speaking what God has said about you concerning your situation, in His written Word. You can start with this same verse. Forexample: one with an affliction in his/her finances keep saying(psalm 23), "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..." Dont stop talking it, just keep saying it. And God's Word will surely prevail. Hallelujah!
  • Makeda on 1 Corinthians 7:15
    I do believe that marriages can be restored with prayer, honesty and a willingness to work it out. But how can one do that and yet still be in love with someone else other than the husband/wife?
  • John Baker on John 8:44
    I see some good comments...yes I think the Cain line comes to play here and how interesting it is that the coronation stone of David has been in N Ireland at/around time of Jesus. Do you think Jacob lost it or left it behind?? NOT LIKELY. These false jew moneychangers were getting called out by Jesus and he was probably killed for it
  • John Baker on John 8:41
    Whoa hold on Tim...Mary and Joseph?? I think you need to put this into the proper context friend. They were talking about Abraham...millenia before Jesus pal. Mary and Joseph had exactly zero to do with the Jew moneychangers Jesus was addressing. He was calling them out as illegitimate in their claim as "Gods People" and not descendents of God's chosen line of David....evil fakes and devil's folk is the way we read it in the unmolested versions in Greek.
  • Toni on Proverbs 3:2
    There are many people who believe, when someone dies, it's simply "their time to go.." But those people should read this verse. Keeping God's law and His commandments will add time to our lives, and will allow us to live out the 70 years God promised us. Those who are not living by God's words and are living in sin, are getting their lives cut short. You want a long, peaceful life? Serve Jesus and keep His word and laws all the days of our lives.
  • JESSE IWEANYA on Luke 20
  • Ethel ware on Hebrews 10
    good or bad,are we in the last days? REVELATIONS 6:5,6,8 The third seal,represent inflation and famine,The balances or scales are related to commerce trade The word penny represent about one days wages. wheat and barley considered necessities of life, A Measure about a quart, the price that was given was about ten times normal , The command hurt not the oil and the wine .May indicate restriction on the effects of the famine in this early parts of tribulation. The seal brings death to the fourth of the population of the earth, through war, famine, and pestilence Death take lives, Hell holds them for judgement, MATTHEWS 24:7-13 My favorite is v13 But he that endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

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