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  • Bro. Daniel FC on Galatians 2
    To: Irene 123 Part 1 Are you saying that God destroyed the antediluvians in spite of the fact that they had no laws to guide them in righteousness? Is God unfair? Sin is the transgression of the law 1John 3:4, and the wages of sin is death Romans 6:23.
  • Bro. Daniel FC on Galatians 2
    Part 2
    Why would Cain and Abel bring sacrifices, unless God instructed them to? Most likely the first family received other instructions/laws. Adam and Eve were commanded not to eat from a certain tree, under the death penalty. They disobeyed and sin entered into the world. That is why Christ had to die, to atone for their and our sins.
  • Irene123 on Psalms 37
    To Mary on Psalms 37 - The word of God is a real help in time of trouble, isn't it? Our pastor spoke on Psalms 37:7 several months ago - " in the Lord and wait patiently for Him". He will give us rest through our prayer life, and we wait patiently for Him to answer those prayers - KNOWING that He will!!! Praise the name of Jesus!!!
  • Zepton Greaves on Nahum 1
    I would like to know if you have a commentary based on the King James Bible? And who is the Author?
  • on Matthew 11
    I have been studying Elias in Matthew 11:14, After looking up scriptures I believe that Elias may be Elijah, because Malachi 4:5 says he will be sent, but then when I read Matthew 11: 14 it says "And if you will receive it.... this is Elias. So I don't know because "it" would not be a person, it would be more spiritual. Does anyone know about Elias?
  • QWilliams on Numbers 5
    Jane, Leprosy is still here today! Qe may ask, why is there so much cancer? Sin has covered this earth and especially America. The sins of today, has become good and Not many want to Repent. We must separate our selves from this evilness and shine our Light in this darkened World.
  • Karl on Genesis 1
    to Lynda - man is made of the dust, we are made in GOD's image - what are we?
    Our soul, a divine spark in his image, within a temporal body, we have the choice to embrace the temporal shell or the creator/father, one to corruption and spiritual death, the other to the one who gave that soul life --- any help?
  • Richard Brown on Joel 3
    Joel 3 in the Hebrew Text includes only the text as far as verse 5. The remainder of the chapter as presented in the King James Bible is missing. The remaining verses (vs 6 to 21) are in Chapter 4 of the Hebrew Text, which has not been included. Have I missed something in e.g. BIBLE OPTIONS?
  • James Tan. on Revelation 17
    Could that Babylon mother of harlots be none other than Mecca? If we looked at the haj in Mecca.. the sea of ppl from above churning around the Kaaba resembles the sea. Babylon is none other than Mecca.. worshipping the meteor that fell from heaven which is found in the Kaaba.
  • Caroline Pagtalunan on Genesis 1
    In Genesis, when 7:11 - 8:6, I would like to know about what calendar they were using to approximate the month and year of the flood. How long was the flood on the earth 7 months?
  • Karl on Matthew 8
    to Tjohn, before the LORD's grace can heal you, you must heal that which you wounded and bind up that which you tore down. In other words grace must first be shown to have a place in your own soul before it may find a place to abide - heal, that you may be healed. any help?
  • Ryan ELDER on 1 Corinthians 13
    Without using my faith to love everyone including my enemies, It profits me nothing. Faith works by love which comes from the love of God. If I don't love my enemies, meaning co workers I don't like, my bosses, evil family members, evil church members, ex spouse, ex boyfriend girlfriends, rude customers, rude clients, someone that you will NEVER forgive etc, My prayers will be unanswered. Jesus said to forgive and treat them as if the offense never happened. Easier said than done, but by faith in his grace, and love, it's possible. How do I know these things? Because I've experienced then all. God forgave me of my sins, so why can't I do the same for others? That will get you sent straight to Hell, That bitterness, and in forgiveness. Faith in God's love produces righteousness, peace, joy in the holy ghost. Pray in the spirit with tounges so the holy spirit can strengthen you, and Give you a unfeigned love for God, and people. You can do All things through Christ If you allow him too. God bless, I love you, and keep your heart right before God, and talk to him daily not with your lips, but your heart and conscious, and you will achieve some fascinating results in life. To God be all the glory!!!!
  • Lynda Olsen on Genesis 1
    Being that the father,son and the holy spirit are one and God made man in his own image, leads us to believe we are all ONE together. Pure Loveis God so what are we?
  • Tjohn on Matthew 8
    I have prayed for healing. I am afraid the sins of my youth has come to haunt me. I cry daily and am fearful. I know my faith is not what it should be. Can someone advise me on how to make it stronger? I need GOD to heal me.
  • Anonymous on Psalms 91
    All references to diety shall be capitalized. I'm having a difficult time placing the pronouns. Remember theSon of man and us? The Father in Him and Him in us makes us unified. Symbolically, Whom is speaking to whom? Psalms 91 :14
  • Word on Mark 13
    Verse 15 and what's on a house top? A watchman. And why shouldn't he go down? Because the false messiah isn't whom he is waiting for so he is in watch for the true Christ at the 7th trump.
  • Sisi on Genesis 1
    God created what on the 5th day?

    Fowl, whales, and sea creatures - ANWER
    Beasts, cattle, and land creatures

    Genesis 1-24

    And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so

  • to Jaime - I always thought it referred to a one of Jesus's parables -the tares from the wheat, but much more a separation from the sincere faithful from the merely superficial faithful, in adversity faith shines stronger and fades not - any help?
  • Michael j. bucella on 1 Timothy 6
    Where is the Father in vs. 14,15 and 16 ?
  • Doug on Revelation 18
    This at or near the middle of the week and or up to the return of Jesus. any thoughts?
  • Felicia on Luke 22
    Verse 42
    Jesus came down to earth to seek and save us. That cup He had to drink could have been our salvation, peace, healing, deliverance, redemption, etc. What would have happened to us if He didn't surrender His will to God? Thank you Lord Jesus for being so willing to die that painful death for us. Lord you gave your life for me, please help me give mine to you willingly. I thank you Lord.
  • Jusdfy on Genesis 2
    Apple is good to eat....why is it used to symbolize good and evil knowledge?

  • Where's the ones that have trusted in the creation of God? FORGOTTEN.
  • Alise on Hebrews 6
    BOOM! V1 let's go on to PERFECTION. Many say no one is perfect, well not in the flesh, but in the spirit we are perfect. It's in the word! Let us not keep repenting and putting Jesus to an open shame before those who are watching us! He's coming for those w/o spot or blemish right? Sounds like he's looking for perfection to me. It's in the word. Let's allow God to perfect us!
  • in verse 3 it says , except there come a falling away first; what does this mean in reference to the text and verse. am I wrong or does this mean a falling away of the church?
  • Most people mistake kindness for weakness, if I remember correctly Jesus Christ was placed on a cross murdered to death shamefully for what??? For being rude, Jesus was ruder than everyone because he didn't care for nothing than the love of God!
  • Wayne on 1 Peter 1
    Judith l, what are the many paths to understanding the Journey of life?
  • GREVILLE G. LIBURD on 2 Timothy 3
    "....As personal, esoteric visions reveal life s foibles, So moral vision must then come from God, and not from human source, As human standards change, and are problematic to enforce. Or, tell me then, man s moral wisdom comes from whence?" What is the Source of Wisdom and Moral Judgement? "GOD KNOWS There is absolutely nothing that God does not know, Within every nook and cranny of this tainted earth below. And every star, and every heavenly acre, and every angel and heavenly host, And every whisper of Creation must honor the Holy Ghost. God is good, and His mercies endure forever, God is slow to wrath, more kindness He will deliver. God is gracious and kind and merciful, even in righteous anger His longsuffering shields earthly ingrates from danger. Shall man by searching find God? No, God is unsearchable, His absolute goodness is not carnally discernible. Can man find redemption through research or reason? No, Faith in Jesus Christ, God s Son is the only way to go. But this is not a task that Christ-less minds can do, It happens only when Christ s Spirit dwells within you."
  • Mari on Hebrews 4
    I go w KJV bible.
    Read Numbers 15 32-36 (0T). Then Exodus 16:25 (OT.) Now how do we re!ate 0T to NT? Bible teaches Sabbaths were a shadow of things to come. NT Matthew 12:1. Also Colossians 2:16. Jeremiah 31:31-33 GI es some indication. " I wil make a new covenant. I will put my laws inside of them". Isaiah 28: 11-12 is talking about the Ho!y Ghost w speaking in tongues. Acts 2:1. Jesus is our rest 7 days

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