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  • Michael on Malachi 2
    "Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers?"

    We are all part of the Body of Christ, no one more than the other, all are one. One Father, One God, the LORD of LORD and KING of KING's Jesus Christ.
  • Karl on Genesis 24
    Does anybody really read scripture anymore? In Exodus 24:10, Moses and 70 elders "saw" GOD, where did the same experience of the prophets come from - was their "vision" corrupted by their own perspectives or intentionally enhanced to suit their audience? Does anyone read past the words on the page anymore - or just reflexively quote verse without seeking the deeper meaning? Can you see beyond?
  • Marion on Exodus 20
    I don't understand. How is it that everyone agrees that we should keep all the Commandments
    and yet, make excuses, in my opinion, about the 7th day? "Remember the 7th day to keep it holy." On my calendar the 7th day is Saturday. Please explain how this one commandment is
    broken? When were the generations given permission, by our Father in heaven, to change this
    commandment? Please help!
  • Athenkosi saint on Genesis 1
    verse1,In the beggining God created heaven and,when God creates any thing under HIS fermament HE creates it perfectly.Verse 2,The earth was without form and void.The question is,What made the earth formless?and when did the old snake lusifa thrown down on earth?Betwen Verse1and2 it is were the Angel of war that was being asigned by God to wrestles with lusifa.we call that lusifiric era.
  • Irene123 on Proverbs 1
    To Frances on Pro. ch.1 - I hope you read Acts ch. 2 also )Acts 2:37-38 - :men and brethren, what shall we do? .....................)
  • Word on Revelation 9
    The scriptures tell the day of the Lord is coming and that the locust are swarming just before and I think that swarming from Egypt to Syria to Iran is happening and 2 Theesalonins 2 tells us exactly what will happen and that day will not happen until Satan, the son of perdition stands in Jerusalem claiming he is God I bet he even preaches he will fly you Away. Rome and man made ideas of whatever?
  • Ulu on John 4
    Why do people assume the Samaritan woman was 5 times divorced? Maybe all her husbands died and they were all brothers, unable to give her children. Maybe the man she is in love with now is not allowed to marry her because of cultural differences. Jesus accepts her just as she is and she becomes a great evangelist.
  • Sean on 1 Peter 5
    God always send the right words at the right time. So going through a togh time on my job. It's small things simple things that will not make a bit of difference. These things let us know that satan rampid. example we are eating lunch at this very moment. my coworker is listineng to a segment that is true indeed. the problem is the voulume is up so everyone heres and every other word is cusing. Fu ! this and fu ? that put in yor ear phones please. simple problem solved This scripture is just reassurance that God is still at work. The right word at the right time. Love Dad and Thank you!!!
  • Skylar coleman on Wisdom of Solomon 3
    Is this meaning that if you are born from an unmarried couple or a ** that you have no chance to become pure or proceed into Heaven?
  • Felicia on Matthew 16
    Verses 13-17
    There are many people who profess to know Jesus. But do we truly know who Jesus is? Or we also know Him like the people in Jesus's days, He is one of those influential people? We must know the Lord experientially. He says if we obey His commandments He will manifest Himself onto us. Our knowledge of Him is our strength, security and peace. Holy Ghost, do for us like Peter.

  • Sabbath keeper and Wife on Revelation 14
    Where does this 5mos thing come from? Even thinking that the 3 1/2 year period is shortened to it does not fit. Thinking along the lines that are being thought is exactly what the beast is trying to do, thinking it's all future and not now. It's another deception of Rome. You can't be sealed unless you know the truth. Keep commandments of God and LEARN what testimony of Jesus is,Revelation 19:10 prophecy
  • Karl on Genesis 1
    to Jim, were there humans/proto-humans before Adam and Eve? I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who wonders at what it says in Genesis. I'll get in trouble for saying this, but my opinion is that the garden was created literally as a garden in which the LORD 'seeded' Adam and Eve, human but uniquely imbued with his holy spirit, and you know the rest, cast out among temporal humankind, any help?
  • Karl on Luke 3
    to Marilynn - will our pets see salvation? Yes!, as we hope for our own redemption, we must also show our own humble grace to those animals/souls under our dominion. As JESUS said to his disciples, "freely ye have received, freely give". If you would deny salvation to another, how could you hope for our own?
  • Isaac on Luke 17
    from that event there is a lesson of tithe. Ten were heal right? one came back to say THANK u. I found out that Jesus now bless and prayed for him initially he didn't he only sent them. so when we pay tithe from what He has bless us with he add more and increases it, remember also when you say thank you, you enroll for more blessing. 1 return, and he was enroll for more blessing.
  • Jim on Genesis 1
    in Genesis 1:28 the statement, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth, were there people on the earth before Adam and Eve or something else?
  • Marilynn on Luke 3:6
    All flesh, meaning not just man's but all living things. Is this telling us even our beloved pets will see salvation? I think so!
  • BaNathShal Ahayah on Exodus 3
    The ONLY place in the Bible (A Hebrew Israelite History Book), where the Most High God, the Great I AM reveals HIS NAME: I AM THAT I AM (in ancient Hebrew is (Ahayah Asher Ahayah). What's amazing is you never see it again written throughout the Bible...I wonder why? Shalom.
  • Karl on Hebrews 11
    to Harry, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for", submission to GOD's will, in faith. As opposed to "with faith is the substance of things hoped for", a selfish faith seeking one's own will. True faith must begin with submission to the LORD. Man's will must yield to the LORD, not the LORD to man's will. (hope that helps?)
  • Irene123 on Genesis 2
    To Jusdfy on Genesis 2 - Why the apple? That's man's "adding to" od's word. It's not to do with anything important at all concerning salvation, but it 'can' cause a person to believe other 'add ons' (or detractions) from His word. THAT'S why there is Acts 17:11. God didn't say what the 'fruit' was - just for this reason - so we wouldn't worship it. People will worship anything.
  • What's your thoughts? on Acts 4
    To me, Acts 4:12 is one of the most important verses in the bible. For those not familiar with the bible or Christianity may see/read John 3:16 and think 'okay, believe in God, but who is God/god?' There are so many "gods" being shoved in our childrens' faces, especially with the Muslim population on the rise, BUT the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ... Not allah
  • Irene123 on Romans 2
    To LU2677 - yes, the "hearers only" are the ones take Romans 10:13 and leave it at that. They "confess with their mouths" and go no farther. So why did Peter bother preaching Acts 2:38 after the people asked, "What shall we do?"
  • Irene123
    To Corine Duval - "how do we know ............."? You're questioning God, Corine. Remember Zacharias in Luke 1:18? He asked a question, which showed his doubt, instead of JUST believing God. Remember, Zach was a Levitical Priest, had been for years, was trained from childhood in the O.T. scriptures. And he questioned God. He should have known better. a God that cannot lie; just BELIEVE.
  • Irene123 on Acts 15
    Did anyone notice v.2? Here's the Biblical record of the very 1st church council. Which proves the church began in Acts 2 and not in Matthew as some denominations say.
  • Irene123 on Acts 12
    To Albert on easter - first off, since you don't go along with easter - why capitalize and make it - IMPORTANT .....? 2nd off - I'm with you on this. 3rd off - our church calls it Resurrection Sunday, nor do we have egg hunts.
  • Irene123 on Acts 1
    To Nisa n Acts - Yes, Acts is an 'extension', but more than that - it is the very beginning of the Church of the Lord JESUS Christ. His last instructions to His disciples were chapt. 1, then Peter preached the very 1st sermon in ch.2. In Acts 2:38 Peter gave, in this sermon, the one and only way we are to be saved. Notice v.37 - "what shall we do"? V. 38 was Peter's answer, from God.
  • Bill on Psalms 35
    first???jesus was first!!from the start. yes jesus said love your emneys, but war is also love, to protect oneself or others but pray for there soul,so they have a change of heart
  • Karl on Genesis 1
    to wahyu - yeah, those passages are one of those ponderables in scripture, perhaps it was meant to do just what it does, give you pause for thought. Reading scripture, you will often be faced with the choice - taking it on faith, or wandering down a goat path away from the truth. Walking in faith at such a crossroad can only strengthen your faith as you walk in the true path. --- any help?
  • Irene123 on Matthew 27
    To Lois - I like your 'assessment' of the color. And too, it could be that scarlet and purple were interchangeable back then - in that area. I don't 'think' it matters; it doesn't appear to apply to salvation .....?
  • Irene123
    To Word - one year ago - quote, "They, the elect read the book and didn't listen to man's preacher". Are you saying Christians are not to follow 'any' preacher; just to sit at home and read?
  • Wahyu on Genesis 1
    See the different between Genesis 2:7 vs Genesis 1:26-28 ? God have different way and purpose in creating a Man. Created vs formed from dust, dominion overall earth vs garden keeper, male and female vs male only, without God's breath vs with God's breath (living soul), be fruitful and multiply vs no multiplication command.
    I'd say Adam was not the 1st human on earth. What say you?

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