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  • Irene123
    To anyone out there; this is just a query, not a 'judgement; why are some messages posted under chapters that - have nothing to do with the said chapter? And also, very few give chap. and verse refs.; they just quote verses and think everyone knows just where to find them - ? You can, of course, with a concordance.
  • Iene123 on Psalms 91
    To Tia Bonner - You did know the WHOLE word of God is His standard? Isaiah 59:19 - and that the 'standard' is that Word?
  • Irene123 on Malachi 4
    For some reason, the last half of my 'reply' to John Grays got cut off. It was a question for him - "Do you read the Bible?
  • Irene123 on 1 Peter 5
    Did no one notice v. 13? "The church that is at Babylon .........saluteth you;........." Peter wrote this; he was the pastor of the Mesopotamian church at Babylon. He wouldn't have sent this salutation had he not been it's pastor. Nor does this name apply to Rome, simply because the Apostles followed after Jesus and would have used 'disparaging' remarks. This was the actual Babylon.
  • Kurt on Esther 4
    We have a commandment to stand up, like Ester, for our persecuted family of believers. Go on missions to poor countries, helping Christians. May the USA again, be one nation under God, ready to cease evil slaughter of Christians. What shall God think and do if we stand idle as our brothers die? May God unite our country under his guidance, Amen. Kurt.
  • Bruce on Matthew 2
    3/2/16,Linda:God knows beginning to end.What will happen to everyone and everything in creation,every moment. Nobody is going to be a threat in Herod kingdom! Not even a baby!Kill them all! No one will be king but me.
    If we don't pray for help,we get? Jesus prayed to the Father for us John17:20-21,Fathers will Mark14:36,have not--we ask not James 4:2
    You have not because you ask not James 4:2
  • Marat on Acts 4
    Your answer Annah to the question: Who was the high priest when Peter and John were arrested at the temple? is incorrect. The correct answer is Caiaphas. See John 18:13, Annah was father-in-law of Caiaphas who was a high priest for that year.
  • Irene123 on 2 Samuel 13
    excerpt from a book, "Amnon Had a Friend." What is it that overwhelmed all the good things in Amnon's life? His failure came about because of his choice of friends. The power of friendship to make or beak us cannot be overestimated." 2 Corinthians 6:14.
  • Andy on Psalms 89
    With my mouth, I will make known your faithfulness.... does all your work colleagues, even your clients know of your faith?
  • Irene123 on John 21
    V. 6 - tells me - we can do nothing in the spiritual realm, i.e. reaching souls for Christ, which is our MAIN purpose in His life that is in us, without Him - Acts 2:38 (v. 37, "what must we do?")
  • Irene123 on Ephesians 6
    V.17 - We need to take the SWORD 'off the wall', out from under the pomegranate tree (Saul) and take it to the red-light district, take it to the mall, take it into the schools, take it on the job. "If God be for us ..............." So maybe they will threaten you - "who can be against us"? But let's do it with love, not condemnation. To do it with love - we need to PRAY for His blessing.
  • Bee on Psalms 1
    I love God. I try to keep peace. I also do some good works with a joyful heart ...BUT...I keep fleeing from place, and do not prosper. Does that mean I'm ungodly "like the chaff the wind drives away"?
  • Irene123 on Malachi 1
    To Ch. Fiorruci - how do I receive the Lord Jesus Christ for my eternal salvation? What do I need to do?
  • Dustin Badger on Deuteronomy 13
    Would you really stone your own child to death for suggesting their might be truth in another god? I cannot take this as advise or wisdom. Please, can someone explain.
  • Bruce on Matthew 7
    Authority to judge? He doesn't say don't ever judge but be careful how. v:2-5,to who v:6,watch out v:15,how will you know v:16. Just like sheep will get tangled up or stuck in mud. Don't say I will never be in that mess I would never say or do that! I'm glad I'm not like you! For by what judgment you use you will be judged. By their fruits you know v:20. Don't push them deeper but lift them up!
  • Bruce on Luke 7
    Nick: John, baptized Jesus knowing he is The Savior!
    John is Now setting in a dirty smelly prison cell, probably bruised and bloody, where the food isn't so great. Wondering, is this the one? Is there another? So he sends his disciples to ask are you the one? The flesh needs confirmation.
    Blessed assurance He is the One !
    Peace like a river!
  • Tom on Genesis 1
    Can someone please help me understand? In verses 26-30 God creates man and woman and they are told to multiply and fill the earth and are instructed concerning the benefits He has made for them. But in chapter 2 vs 7 our creator forms Adam because there is no one on earth. I've always been confused by this but embarrassed to question God's word. Thank you for sharing.
  • Irene123
    To Rev. Autry of 2 yrs. ago on Jeremiah 3 - that - was just beautiful; I'm just sorry it took me so long to see it. I am Jesus name; are you?
  • Irene123 on Jeremiah 32
    V. 9 - why did Jeremiah buy the field of Hanameel?
  • Irene123 on Jeremiah 30
    Who sets on what throne - is not pertinent to salvation. That's all God's business - AFTER we are saved - Acts 2:37 (what must we do?); 2:38.
  • Joyce Ballentine on Mark 8
  • Bruce on Galatians 1
    Ben:Whoever preaches another "way" let him be accursed.period Not??? There is only one way, the narrow way through the blood of the lamb. Revelation 20:15
  • Irene123
    To Barbara on 'Christian' commandments - ALL the O.T. commandments that were FULFILLED IN JESUS are Christian? Those are the 'moral/ ones. The ceremonial ones that applied to the Levitical temple service were abolished in Jesus. The 10 commandments are moral. and common sense, such as - a 'white' lie is STILL A LIE. There is no such thing as a white lie. Common sense.
  • Felicia on Psalms 91
    Verses 13-16
    Isn't it a blessing to set our love upon the Lord and to know His name? Then He will deliver us He will set us on high We'll call upon Him and He will answer us He will be with us in trouble He will honor us And with long life will He satisfy us and show us His salvation. Lord Jesus, you are good to us! May your name be praised From everlasting to everlasting you are God Amen!
  • Karl on Exodus 20
    to Coral - it is confusing isn't it? Not just the question regarding the translation from Hebrew, but also that specific commandment. My take on it is they're both right, the KJV translation is reverentially accurate, not always perfectly literal but reverentially correct. The second part of your question, tough one, the answer can only be distilled from the entire text of the bible - any help?
  • I do not understand what vs 23 and 24 are saying. Would someone please explain?
  • Karl on 1 Chronicles 1
    to Delroy - I'm reading chronicles and I have to admit it can be hard to get through. Read through the books again, the message is "hidden" in the text. The lessons are not only in what is said, but how it is said. We will see the "lessons" reflected in the text when we learn to see ourselves through the text. The same for all the bible I reckon - hope that helps?
  • Coral g. brown on Exodus 20
    Is it thou shall not kill or is it thou shall not murder. There is a very distinct difference. King James version says kill. Niv version says murder. Many people's lives were ended during the displacement of people occupying the land God had chosen for his people. Were they killed or murdered ?
  • Irene123 on Ecclesiastes 6
    To Joel 4 mos. ago -read 1 Kgs. ch.11 .....? This will explain his depression.
  • Sandy on Genesis 2
    Rebecca Why does Genesis 1 and 2 seem to contradict?
    I think chapter 2 is explaining chapter 1 in more detail. Irene123 I don't think the fruit is important. I think the fact that Adam and Eve were tricked into disobeying God. The important issue. The SIN is DISOBEYING GOD! It's not what you do.

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