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  • Charlene Campbell on 1 Samuel 1
    When the Father call his children we have to know the Father's voice some people don 't know the Father or the SAVIOR'S voice. If you listen real good his sheep will know his voice, and you have to know how to answer his calling like "YES LORD " "HERE I AM " "LORD JESUS I AM YOUR SERVANT WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU ". We are here to serve the LORD not the other way around. Are you ready to serve the LORD? WE ALL HAVE A JOB TO DO AND THAT IS TO WORSHIP AND SERVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!
  • Sammy on Genesis 1
    Just curious what was there before all creation?. Where was God?.
  • Raymond on Matthew 13:55
    If Mary had other children, then why did Jesus tell His mother, while he was on the cross, "Behold your son? " And why did he tell John, "Behold your mother? " If I was a son or daughter of Mary, or a brother or sister to Jesus, I 'd be upset, that my brother ignored me, and gave my mother to someone else to take care of her. I believe the brothers and sisters the Scriptures is talking about, are Jesus ' cousins. A lot of societies, even today, refer to their first cousins as brothers and sisters.
  • James on Isaiah 29:12
    Why do you people like to force your own interpretation to the bible? Yet you are quick to say that the bible has been corrupted, but whatever verse seems like a verse you can manipulate to your own destruction has not been manipulated? How on earth can you not read the preceeding verses and subsequent versesin context to understand what Isaiah is saying? He talked about the learned and also the unlearned. He was not talking about a supposed prophet that is to come outside of the Jewish people to get a fictitious book. Wake up from your slumber!
  • Ann johnson on Acts 2
    verse 38 Just what part of "every one of you " do you not understand? Every one means all. This is what you MUST do.
  • Carol on Deuteronomy 24:4
    Does this mean, in plain english, that a man or woman should not remarry their x if they slept with another person after the divorce because they are now defiled?
  • Moses Njenga on 2 Timothy 4:7
    Many begin the race, not all finish the race caurse its a faith race, the devil is after your faith, caurse its the only thing that overcomes him. Will the LORD find faith when He returns?
  • Lois on Acts 1:5
    Is speaking in tongues necessary to show evidence that you have the holy ghost?
  • Tim belau of kincumber nsw on Proverbs 26:5
    well.. if a fool said to me "there are no absolutes! " then i would say "and your absolutly sure are you? " thus i didnt argue with him i just showed him that he was being a fool cause his statment already contains its own absolutes... i shut his mouth using his own words.. vis a vis jared hard!
  • Lorraine on Romans 8
    I am often reminded in Romans 8 that even though I may not be perfect, each time I repent and try to walk stronger in Christ I stand stronger not to go against Romans 1 1 32. I would hate to not be in God 's grace when I pass away and try hard to do what is right to stay in his grace. His son paid for my sins with his blood. What helps me to stay stronger longer is a 30 second question? Is this sin with that blood shed for me. Most of the time the answer is now. There is a song "Would you take upon the nails of this man " Yes, and by no sinning I am doing that. I am telling Jesus that his death on the cross means everything to me. I am the sinner and should be on that cross. Romans 8 helps me to remember this. My prayers go out to all those struggling with this righteous and unrighteous principle. Maybe looking at your hand and seeing Christs hand with the nails in it can bring you humbly to your knees. Just because we are all forgiven of our sins doesn 't means we should willingly commit them. Go with Christ everyone.
  • Melvin on Romans 2
    is smoking cigarettes a sin?
  • John Pqrry on 1 Samuel 3:3
    I am a little confused that some versions say, "The lamp had not yet gone out ", but others say, "The lamp had gone out ". Could you clarify please?
  • Joe on Exodus 31
    Peter I cannot say what is right for you, but for me, I try very hard to keep Sunday as a day of rest reflection. Thererfore, I limit my physical activities to simple personal needs i.e. making pancakes. Remember, Jesus his disciples picked corn on the Sabbath because they were hungry. Also Jesus healed on the Sabbath saying something like "is it wrong to do good on the Sabbath? ". If my neighbor were in distress needed help on the Sabbath, I would gladdly help him. If the same neighbor wanted help in planting a garden on the Sabbath I would offer to help him the next day.
  • Fear not! on Luke 17:34
    We are sons! consecreted made holy For how long? Evermore. THE OATH!
  • Fear not on Luke 17:34
    Walking in darkness! Do not forget to make your eye single. Jesus is the LIGHT of LIFE. Life? Did you miss that? He saves all who reach out immediately and to the UTTERMOST. This is on Gods scale. No human can comprehend how "saved " that is. Only that it cannot be more sure. Hebrews 7 25 28. Fear the end? Read, it is no joke Romans 6 22 But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.
  • Ar on Isaiah 42
    God s name is Jehovah a d nobody has removed it. The Israelis, having in mind Exodus 20 verse 7 changed it to Adonai when talking about God, which means the Lord. The Greek translation is which means the Lord. You must be a Jehovah witness and I would suggest that instead of teaching wrong and criticizing other believers, when you knock at a door, talk about Salvation. That s what Jesus taught us to do. Tell me, how many times did Jesus use the name Jehovah when He was here on earth? He always referred to God as our Father. Even our daily prayer says Our Father who art in Heaven...I hope you understand what I mean. God Bless you
  • Jean-claude yobo ziagbo on Ephesians 4
    in which book is it clearly written jesus christ power and authority above all?
  • Al on Genesis 4
    there several points that makes me wonder what is going on with the bible. The mark of Cain is one that makes me think why would Cain be worried that some other people would cause him harm? Why did God not question that, but instead,gave him a mark to protect him? Where did his wife come from? I don 't think that Adam and Eve other children is the answer. I am not sure of what would be the answer but I feel that there is something going on that have been reviled to us.
  • Rhonda Smith on Psalms 37:25
    Is there a place on your website to see verses that are related to each other? I just looked up Ps. 37 25 and I know there are similar verses in the Bible that relate to this verse. Thanks !!
  • Mike on Luke 8:40
    Were the people who were waiting for Jesus, the same people who told Him to leave?? And was they 're sudden change a result of the witness of the man by the tombs?? Thankyou
  • Chloe on Genesis 49:21
    is the commentary only the small paragraph? me and my friends are studying Genius 49 and we were just wondering if that is all that we can really find out about Naphtali. The paragraph did clarify some information for us, thankyou.
  • Michaela on 1 Corinthians 6:9
    Im openly gay but im also saved. am i still going to hell?
  • Christi on Psalms 19
    What is the Great Transgression?
  • Silas on Jeremiah 1:19
    we serve Him who is all powerful, all authority belongs to Him.The Grandmaster who brought this universe into being and oversees happenings on this earth, He reserves the ultimate privilege to avert otherwise an almost predictable situation and when He does that frickle minded man comes back to realization that He still exists. This is the Man who has put out that promise in Jeremiah 1 19, that we would come out victorious when we find ourselves confronted with life 's hostilities, are you indemnified by this perpetual promise or do you doubt this Man?
  • Christina Galay on Lamentations 3:10
    I am a nutritionist preparing a presentation about how far off we have come from God 's plan of how we feed our bodies. I see the serpant as always evil in the bible....why is a lion sometimes portraying evil and sometimes portraying good? Or do I have it wrong.?
  • Maria S Diaz on Psalms 1
    Can someone clarify what "the false ones go from trend to trend any wind of doctrine " Does this mean to be changing religions?
  • George on Genesis 1
    Who is us, our? God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost.
  • George Hartwell on Mark 13
    I do not understand. This chapter is talking about the end of the world. In verse 30, Jesus is telling his listeners that it will happen in their lifetimes. The end of the world should have come by now but it hasn 't. Could someone clarify this for me, please?
  • Rev. Autrey on Luke 1
    Luke 1 recor, 42When Elizabeth heard Mary s greeting, the child leapt in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and exclaimed with a loud cry, Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. 43And why has this happened to me, that the mother of my LORD comes to me? 44For as soon as I heard the sound of your greeting, the child in my womb leapt for joy. 45And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfilment of what was spoken to her by the LORD. Notice that Elizabeth used the word LORD to mean GOD. This means that Elizabeth knew that Mary was to be the mother of GOD. The people had waited a long time for the appearance of GOD AS SAVIOR to deliver them from their enemies. But we know that the real enemy was their many sins. This is what Elizabeth was talking about. So when the people refered to Jesus as LORD, they meant that they considered him to be God. The sense that the word LORD means GOD has been lost in today 's religious world, but this was not so in the days of John the Baptist and Jesus. What I am saying is, we must bring it back. Paul said in Romans 10 that we must confess "that Jesus is LORD OR GOD " in order to be saved. He goes on further to say that we must also believed that Jesus raised himself from the dead. And he tops it off by saying that anyone who prays to Jesus by calling on his name will be saved. Please consider this! "
  • Randy on Acts 2
    The Bible is to be interpreted by the Bible. This said, as for Peter baptizing only in the name of Jesus is a misunderstanding of Acts 2 38. Compare it with Romans 6 3 "Or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death? " Also Galatians 3 27 "For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. "

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