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  • Anthony Alexis Adoasi on Acts 4:12
    Who can deny it? If you seek to deny this, then look at yourself very well and answer some questions as to how you have lived your whole life if it were by your might. If you did not know, now understand that he has been watching you just waiting for you and caring for you that you might choose him and put the enemy of the brethren to shame so that your glorious life in heaven shall be assured. Amen
  • Chares on Proverbs 20
    Sarah, Read 1 Thessalonians 5 22 Abstain from ALL appearance of evil. If you had to look at drinking and say is it Godly or Evil, which would you choose? Evil, therefore, we are to abstain not only from consumption but ANY appearance of it. You shouldn 't even carry any items that would reference drinking.
  • Frederick on Jude 1:6
    Where did they go, and what did they do?
  • Rev. Autrey on Matthew 26
    Jesus said in Matthew 26, verse 29, 'I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father 's kingdom. ' This verse has confused the Church for many years. Who is the Father? Is he another God, more superior and powerful than Jesus. Many think that he is. But the answer is, the Father is God 's other personality, the way God makes his decisions. Within the mind of God, conversation is always taking place. The Father talkes to the Son and the Holy Spirit, and vice versa. This is what Jesus meant when he said to Nicodemus, 'I assure you, I am telling you what WE know and have seen, and yet you won 't believe US. ' The WE and the US are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three constantly talk to each other within God. This is how God makes his decisions. But when God speaks to us, it is always as Jesus, the Son. This is what we see talking place in this verse and all through the Gospels. So by saying 'In My Father 's Kingdom, ' Jesus was saying that within God, God 's other personality made the final decision. Again, this is how God speaks to us. 'Hi, I d like to say good day to you. I am Jesus. The Father sends his greetings, too. ' And when we ask Jesus to show us the Father, he says, 'When you see me, you see the Father who sent me. The Father and I are the same God. ' Then Jesus says, 'By the way, The Holy Spirit says hi, too. The Holy Spirit is also God. ' Al praises to the Almighty God!
  • Bob on Colossians 3
    This book along with the rest of the bible is amazing, and teaches us many things. AGREE?
  • Bob on Colossians 3
    This book along with the rest of the bible is amazing, and teaches us many things. AGREE?
  • Dr. tony on John 1:1
    how did "word " get turned into "son "? in other words, how did "word " become another word for "jesus "? point "word " means "law " not "jesus. "
  • Angel on Psalms 127
    I don 't understand this verse! Anyone know ?
  • Mike on Matthew 16
    Just wanting to know if it 's too late for me,I was baptised,stood in front of the church,and said I 'd follow Jesus.and I back slided.cant help but think I 'm going to realy scared.can you help me please???
  • Marissa Mabe on Leviticus 18
    I have read the part about not marking the body a million times. My boyfriends wants to get a tattoo but how should I explain to him that the bible says not to?
  • Anna on Luke 14:26
    God doesnt want us to " hate " anyone as we understand hate. The word " hate "in biblical form means to love less. Why would God say honor your father and mother then tell you to hate them? That wouldnt make any sense. God wants to be first and He is supposed to be as the Creator full of love mercy and grace none of which we deserved. Love your neighbor as yourself but put God first! Blessins!!!
  • Anonymous on Hebrews 11
    I truly embrace this "Now Faith " word. I stretch my faith into the unseen path and will command that which is not to be. I believe that God had already fought the battle and won. If this faith worked for Sara, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses. Why can not it work for me also? I trust God this "Now Faith " is in actrion.
  • Child of GOD on Ruth 1
    The whole subject of the Word of GOD from Genesis 3 15 to Revelation 22 21 is Jesus Christ. He is the Red Thread that binds the Word of GOD here he is portrayed as the Kinsman Redeemer. Like Boaz he is near kin to us and thru him we have redemption he pays for our redemption. Also Ruth is a love story not between Ruth and Boaz, but between Ruth and GOD. How many women would do all that her mother in law told her to do even when she knew that her mother in law was instructing her to do the best thing for herself and her future? Ruth did it because she loved GOD first and knew that her mother in law was instructing her rightly.
  • Jose on Hebrews 4
    Why do so many christians in America keep sunday as the day of rest? I know that somewhere in hisstory the catholics changed the sabbath day to sunday, does that mean that sunday worship christians are worshiping in vain? My mother raised us as pentecostal and she walks a very straight line when it comes to her faith in God, and I have been a witness to the power of her prayer in peoples lives especially my own but she does not keep the sabbath. At this moment I do not visit any church because I find my self at the cross roads of these two days.I have read alot of literature about the Christian sabbath and what goes along with christians who keep it like not celebrateing Christmas and not eating certain foods ect. So bottom line is does God acknowledge you as a Christian regardless of the day you keep?
  • Harriet Nabirye on Psalms 8
    Psalm 8 6, I am humbled by God 's love! He gave us authority over the things that He made with His hands! Who is man in the sight of God?
  • If the souls of the Believers who have died are already with Jesus, why do they have to rise? Their souls are not in those bodies. The Scripture is referring to the dead bodies. They will rise and be changed to glorified bodies and reconnect with their souls. Remember when Jesus came back and showed Thomas the marks in his hands. It was the same body, only glorified.
  • DW Kern on Revelation 21:8
    There is a very uncomfortable play on words here. A Whoremonger by definition is a promiscuous man. A promiscuous woman is not covered here and I find that very relevant as todays faithless false teachers and Luciferian world leaders take much advantage of this and it has become close to the number one weapon used to justify a Christian walking away from the faith as any smart person would . This bias causes Christians to sin and there it is right in the word of God. Why is this issue never addressed? And why doesn 't God himself deal with this? Example Lesbianism. Most men do not have a problem with it only with man on men. Hitler was the same lesbians were fine because they could make war babies. Christian men fall into homosexual sin because of lesbianism and no one calls it for what it is. Homosexuality is what it is and nothing else. Hollywood capitalizes on this with tremendous success yet it is never addressed in the church ever except when it is used as propaganda for homosexual delivery evangelization!
  • Jordan on Genesis 1
    I think Genesis I is communicating to me about me and who am I and why am I here. Most of the time I do not read the Bible literally. I wait and pray to my Father, Lord God to open my eyes to its understandings. Some verses can take years of prayer. In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. And the Word was God. In God was life. And the life was the light. The light was with Jesus. And the Light was Lord Jesus. In Lord Jesus was the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God was with Jesus. And Jesus was the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is within my living soul. And I am alive. I am life? The life that was the light of all men. The light that shineth in darkness and the darkness that comprehend it not. Nothing was made without God. All men have the light when alive. It s about how you use the light that was given you when you re alive in life. Can anyone see what I see?
  • Donn on Psalms 103:20
    I agree with Linda. Think about it. What is "the voice of His word. " It is His word being spoken, right? When we speak His word, the Angels "fulfill " it, or, make it happen. Just last night I spoke the word of God over a sinus infection, declaring that infection had to go because sickness is the curse of the law and Jesus has redeemed me from the curse of the law, so Jesus has redeemed me from sinus infection and so, infection go in the name of Jesus. Suddenly I was aware that an Angel was standing next to my bed and reaching to touch me. Instantly the infection left my sinus. I mean instantly. And this morning it is still gone. When you believe the word, and speak the word in faith, the Angels, who are mighty in strength, fulfill the word or cause it to become a reality for us. It is astonishing and I LOVE it.
  • Exile on Genesis 1
    A question that arises after reading Genesis chapter 1 is, what realm or dimension did the events of day 1 take place? The reason for this question is because the firmament wasn 't created until day 2. In verse 8 God called the firmament Heaven. The firmament is also the open space which surrounds our earth where the birds fly in, and the firmament is also the open outer space which the sun, moon, and stars exist in. We see the evidence for this in verses, 14 thru 17, and verse 20. I believe that the events of day 1 took place in a spiritual realm of existence. What is commonly called the big bang I believe took place when God created the firmament in day 2. As the firmament was created, in entered the earth, the water, the darkness, and the light from day 1, into the realm or dimension of existence which our present universe now exists in. Amen.
  • Andrew on Exodus 22:18
    What the ??? This is crazy. Why is everyone interpreting the bible and looking for ways to judge others. Focus on yourselves, and let god worry about everyone else.. kill the poisoner inside of you. That 's your true enemy. Other people 's paths are their business and YHWH 's and noone elses. No one can poison you unless the poison is already within you.
  • Monica D on Ephesians 6:4
    My husband and son stays into with each other. Husband don 't think anybody in the household is right about anything. When you express your feeling a person is lying. Times are to the point of someone getting hurt or dying. I the mother becomes bitches and whores because I know for a fact he wrong. The last one of my children is not as strong as the rest of the family and he tries not to react to things but if you keep pushing him more like provoking him his anger becomes violence and his daddy think in his mind that he is not provoking his child. What do I do?
  • Mongo on Genesis 5
    I don 't question how long everyone lived. The information is too specific. What I find odd is that the Bible doesn 't include the ages of Cain 's lineage outlined in Chapter 4. Were both Lamech 's alive at the same time? I guess it will remain a mystery, as everybody on earth except for Noah and family died in the great flood. So I guess any knowledge Tubalcain shared was lost as well I don 't think Noah and family were metal workers .
  • Mongo on Genesis 2
    Why is it that the God of the old testament is not all knowing? He 's constantly realizing things that should be obvious. In this chapter he realizes Adam is lonely then realizes he 's still lonely after creating the animals. Finally, it occurs to God that a woman might do the trick. Unbelievable.
  • S Stephen on Genesis 1:1
    Science says that the universe was created by two highly energized beams of immense size of light hitting each other, forming matter and anti matter. Matter formed was more than anti matter and after anhilation of anti matter, the balance matter expanded rapidly and created this universe. This is the big bang theory. 1. Some body must have concentrated and energized these beams and also directed it. 2. I oppose the theory that more of matter had formed in the interaction, as theoratically equal quantities are to form. Further if that theory true the quantum of energy required would be astronomical times that required for the matter formed. Therefore matter and anti matter must have been seperated. This could not have happened at random. Who has done this?
  • Wayne Risley on Genesis 1:3
    Wow. God called light into existance before he created the light generators. Stars. Where did the light come from. Where will the light come from in Revelation. I leave that for you to think about, but it is awesome. When were the angels created? WHen were the heavenly host created? Is there a different order of spirits than angels? What is Satan? He is never called an angel? God did not create light, but he did create darkness. Why?? What is purpose of evil? What is the purpose of sin? Where will there never be sin?
  • Elder on 2 Esdras 1:38
    Could you tell me who those people of the east are ?
  • Pamela on 2 Timothy 1:7
    For me, this Scripture is saying, trust God. Let Him lead me. Let His Word resonate in my mind, heart, soul. He created all things, all creatures, He is all powerful , all knowing, everywhere. I lean on Him believe in Him. Whom should I fear ???
  • RAJuniel on Genesis 2
    How excellent is our God in creativity and wisdom! The question that comes to mind is WHY ARE HUMANS ATTEMPTING TO REMAKE RECREATED WHAT GOD CREATED AND COMPLETED? He put into "law " and "rested " on the 7th day. There are no amendments, vetoes, majority votes, ratifications to these divine laws. This stems from verses 1 and 2 "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. 2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. from Genesis
  • RAJuniel on Genesis 1
    A great revelation is that God stated that we and everything created "creates after its own kind ". There is no transference of material, meaning we are who we are and we were that before the foundations of the world. Therefore, we shall not be or bear anything other than that which God called us male, female, herb, tree, fruit, etc. Do think or do otherwise is perversion. We are what the Creator deemed us. Example Can a computer call itself a printer? Or, if it happened to stop working, can it be made reincarnated into a printer?

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