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  • Irene: but in those days after that "tribulation",the sun shall be darkened-- And then shall he send his angels,-- But of that day and that hour knoweth No man--- neither the Son--Mark13:24-37. We must through much "tribulation" enter into the kingdom of God.Acts14:22. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall "tribulation",or distress,or persecution---Romans 8:35
  • Irene on Galatians 5
    Isn't that a beautiful verse? Thank-you for sharing it with me and anyone else that sees it. I knew about Numbers 6:24-27, and I've seen this one, but it didn't register for some reason. Have a good day, Bro. Dan ........
  • Bruce on Matthew 24
    You won't answer because it's not found in the Bible. What was His Name? "Was" that question sounds like blasphemy. He never was a was He has always been and will always be my Lord and Savior! How about you? John 6:44. Call upon Him, you might be changed? 2Corinthians 5:17
  • Paula H, God's baby girl evangelist. on Psalms 27
    This whole chapter amazing! Keys to safety and faith in protection are: salvation, strength, whom?, They stumbled, pavilion - resting place, confident, rock, Lord took me up, secret pavilion, hide me, and finally: "wait".

    The commonality to faith in GOD IS TO WAIT THROUGH ALL OF LIFE. Follow the steps of peace road or don't move.

    The Peace is in God's word and Spirit.

    On Peace Rd 42 yrs.
  • Brianna on 1 Corinthians 1
    Vs. 31 - A Good reminder. We shouldn't think to much of ourselves. We have much to boast about if we center our life and conversation on Jehovah God. Could we ever run out of good things to say about our creator? Surely not!
  • Bradley on Numbers 33
    Is anyone able to breakdown the numbering method they use? For example, they say threescore and ten palm trees which I understand as 70. Since threescore is 60 and add ten, you get 70. Is this how others understand it?
  • Norm on Matthew 24
    Bruce, Let me ask you one question: and if you can answer my question, I will answer your question. The Son of God who was crucified shedding His blood for many: what was His name?
  • A disciple on Mark 12
    "By what authority doest thou these things?" The "Rulers" of the Jews had encircled Jesus, and began again to attack Him; but what do they think who they are, that they can place themselves above God's Anointed and only begotten Son? It's not that they don't know who He is! It is an evil intention! The parable of the Husbandmen speaks to everyone whom God has "let" His Vineyard to manage for Him.
  • Paul on Romans 8
    It is amazing to all the negative comments i read about
    President Trump, it makes one wonder ,how he got elected is their not one good thing, to say ?
  • Irene123 on Galatians 1
    To Bruce - May I ask you an 'honest' question - with no hidden agenda? I just take it from your comments and lack of mentioning it - that you don't believe speaking in tongues as the evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit is for these days? You have the right to your beliefs with no one 'commenting' on them. Jesus is our judge.
  • Bruce on Matthew 24
    Norm: Jesus Christ is now live in the flesh. Where in the Bible, is that found?
  • Irene123 on John 9
    To Matt. - in saying everyone's memory has been stripped away - are you referring to vs. 1-2 ..... ?
  • A disciple on John 3
    Zeneida; NOT EVERYONE is going to be found written in the Lamb's Book of Life! but those who are truly born from above and converted. We CANNOT just live any way we want! We are bought with a price, and are duty bound to live, no longer to ourselves, but to Him who redeemed us by His blood on the cross. "Except you repent' says Jesus, 'you shall ALL perish."
  • Sakana on 2 Thessalonians 2
    I may be misunderstanding, but if "gathering to Christ" (v1) and "falling away" (v3) is same event, v3 doesn't make sense, "the rapture can't happen until the rapture happens." The falling away (apostasy) will be believers falling (leaving their first love) from worshipping true Christ. Why do they? Satan (1st) will look like the Lamb (Revelation 13). We wait for true Lamb (2nd). Patience. (Luke 21:19)
  • Irene123 on Acts 2
    The 4 gospels laid the foundation for the beginning of Jesus' church. The church began in Acts Ch. 2 with the first message by Peter, then the question, " ..... men and brethren, what shall we do?" Peter's answer, "Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift if the Holy Ghost."
    This is salvation.
  • Bruce on Galatians 5
    123:V:22-26? We are all drawing closer to the grave, young or old. Most are on that wide road. Few find it even harder to find the Narrow Road. We who are redeemed by The Blood of The Lamb, are the only Light the world will see,if they don't see Christ in us???Called:John 6:44,forgiving : 1 John 1:9,Baptized with fire:Matthew 3:11,Changed:2Corinthians 5:17, you "will" know, "impossible" not to know!
  • Irene123 on Acts 9
    The disciples that were there, that sent for Peter - why could they not have prayed for her ? Jesus said, " ..... greater works than these shall ye do ..... ". Being fairly new in their walk I suppose they hadn't the faith as yet ..... ?
  • Martha on Exodus 9
    In verse 12 why did God harden pharoahs heart?
  • Old Joe on John 15
    I find this verse difficult. Paul wrote, " to live is Jesus to die is gain". Being in my seventies, I look back and think how difficult it has been to live for people while acknowledging the blessings bestowed to myself by our LORD. Physical death would be so much easier. Did Christ possibly mean 'dying to myself to live for others' ? Christ, in reference to himself and death he knew lay ahead of him, definitely demonstrated a love and felt a love which is difficult to attain of ourselves without the Grace and help of God via the Holy Spirit. It is imperative to add, "Thank you Jesus for the love you bestowed on me through your death on the cross".
  • Bro. Daniel FC on Galatians 5
    To Irene123: P.S. Jesus was 12 when He began teaching in the temple (Luke 2:42). Why should you be surprise if the Holy Spirit wants to use a 12 year old girl to teach you something? I see you're making comments on comments all over the place: are you learning anything, or you're
    just teaching? ...
  • Irene123 on Numbers 25
    I may be wrong on this, but - the Israelite man brought the Midianitish woman into the tent; the tabernacle was a tent and most, not all, of Israel was into Baal worship so the tabernacle was 'nothing' to them anymore ..... ? That's how I've been reading it. Because of the ZEAL of Phinehas, I don't think this had happened before. This was just too much for him.
  • Bro. Daniel FC on Galatians 5
    To Irene123: How quick you are to judge and condemn. I hope you are not speaking from the abundance of your heart. I raised one daughter and two sons as Christians, and I would not dare to be a stumbling block to anyone: not even you. I really wanted to see what Anne might have to say. Perhaps, her mom or dad was in it too?
    I'm sorry Irene, but you got it all wrong. Hope to hear from you, bro. dfc
  • Bruce on Matthew 27
    Irene:11/19 Your post,centurians asked. Something you read in another book! 3nd time! What line are "you"crossing? we are to live by every WORD of GOD:Luke 4:4. not other books! Satan is a roaring lion, a powerful demon,he can use the littlest thing to drive someone into the lake of fire! Using The Lord's Word correctly has everything to do with someone's salvation. Is He calling you.John 6:44
  • Love Yeshua on Revelation 7
    Sabbath keeper and Wife where does it say the 144,000 are virgins?

    4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

    9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the Lamb, clothed with
  • Jean-marie Gaugo on Joshua 24
    Who is the provider of life ? Is it not God ? Who is the savior which walked before the the host of the children of Israel to deliver them from the criminal hands of the wicked peoples ?It is the Lord. Why Joshua can ask to the children of Israel to choose whom they will serve ? Joshua was in doubt because of the incredulity of the children of Israel: they seemed unthankful unto God they had intent to leave God for doing idolatry works despite God has delivered them from mighty enemies. God is the provider of our life that is Him we must serve. Jesus has paid our debt on the cross that we might be free from biggest enemy Satan and the condemnation. If we choose not to serve God, Jesus, because of incredulity and ingratitude, we shall surly fall in the hands of the enemy who will destroy us. Remember what the Lord Jesus says in Matthew 12:43-45.
  • Irene123 on Acts 2
    I was going over the back pgs. for Acts ch. 2. I took note of some of the names - Nene was the only one I've seen on this site in the last year and she's been gone several mos. Others are - Bible reader, Robert, Nathan, Kings Kid, Born Again, Carol Ford, Rev. Jazzy J, neighbor. What happened to you guys ..... ?
  • Brenda on Revelation 1
    Hello, and how are you all Doing? I am me that's who I am nothing more and nothing less! I believe that I have things to do for GOD, as everyone who loves GOD has things to do! I don't believe in violence accept if I have to defend myself if someone tries to either kill me, to scare me or to hurt me! My favorite subject is GOD, his words inthe Bible, and how he created a new , his image,
  • A disciple on Mark 8
    "How is it that ye do not understand?" To those who oppose and contradict, there IS NO SIGN GIVEN; but to us who believe and follow Jesus, "Blessed are your eyes, for they see;" and ALL THINGS THAT THE FATHER HAS GIVEN TO JESUS, HE MAKES KNOWN TO US. Why do the haters of the Lord seek a sign, when they have no heart for it? And why do those with eyes to see, so easily act as if they didn't know?
  • A disciple on Genesis 38
    Comparing these two chapters (38, 39), what instructions can we take from these two very different men? They were brothers according to the flesh, but one was righteous and one was evil; one was mistreated and hated, and the other was a friend of the world and a fornicator. It shows also, how that Christ came in the flesh, but not according to the flesh: spiritually Jesus was NOT a son of Judah.
  • Bryce on Tobit 1
    This book was not part of the Bible because it teaches false believes that are in contrast to the rest of the Bible, such as burning incense and ashes to get rid of demons. WHAT?

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