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  • Mark verrell on Job 26
    "dead things are formed from under the waters " what is this, is this speaking of fossils what came before ADAM and EVE? is this all living things "crept out of the deep " did man evolve from what came from the deep and turned to dust eons before man was created from the dust? plants and animals were completely formed at CREATION, the sun and the moon also were completely formed at CREATION I don 't know what is " dead things are formed from beneath under the waters "?
  • Robert on Baruch 1
    This is my first time to read the Book of Baruch. Isn 't it not inspiring for the people who excluded this book because of non importance. If they truly understand Revelation 22 18. What 's up?
  • Katie on Ecclesiastes 5:7
    most of our dreams, and certainly most of what we say, is based in vanity. we want this, we desire that. we dream of riches, we dream of fame, beauty and what are these things but vanity? remember above all to fear God.
  • Grant on Acts 2:36
    Hey Trinitarians If Jesus were God, why didnt he resurrect himself, also at Rev 3 12 if the speaker is God, who is Gods God? Please dont fall back on " it 's a mystery " " thing either.
  • Moses Njenga on John 15:20
    Church stand for Truth and expect persecution from the world, stop yapping that hatred is directed at you, this is a continuation for it hated HIM first, and now HE lives in you, what do you expect? Good news is that we shall overcome because HE did.
  • Matt Rosas on Genesis 8
    How is this even possible?
  • Matt Rosas on Genesis 11
    When did the whole world have one language? This seems
  • Rev. Autrey on Isaiah 63:8
    If you do not know that Jesus is the God of the Old Testament, listen to what is written in Isaiah 63, verses 8 and 9, 'He said, 'They are my very own, surely they will not be false again. ' And he became their Savior. In all their suffering he also suffered, and he personally rescued them. In his love and mercy he redeemed them. ' I ask you, who is our Savior but Jesus? Who has rescued us from sin and death but Jesus? Do you see the point? I can go even further. In verse 16 the people said to God as Jesus, 'Surely you are still our Father! Even if Abraham and Jacob would disown us, Lord, you would still be our Father. You are our Redeemer from ages past. ' Saints, let 's look at Jesus the way the Bible does. This verse says that Jesus is our Redeemer, the one who purchased our freedom from sin with his blood. But then it says that Jesus is our Father. So let 's look at Jesus the way the Bible does. But some will say, what about the Father of the Gospels. The answer is, God has two other personalities besides Jesus. They are the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Father is the way God directs his affairs, and the Holy Spirit is the way God inspires us to believe. But in all cases, Jesus is the personality through whom God speaks to us. Jesus often spoke of the Father and the Holy Spirit. But if you look closely, you will see that any direct words spoken by God are always through Jesus. God bless you!
  • Debra on John 1:18
    John 1 18 tells us that no man has seen God at any time. Had people seen Jesus? Yes, thousands of people have seen Jesus, therefore Jesus can not be Almighty God, who is Jehovah. That does not take away the fact that he is divine. Having the nature of or being a deity. As the son of Almighty God, Jesus was sent forth by God. Jesus demonstrated on a small scale what he will do for all of mankind in the near future on his Father 's behalf.
  • , , , image on John 10:30
    Joh 10 30,31 I and my Father are one. Are so united that the Father is pledged to keep the sheep of the Son. These words the Jews held to be blasphemy, and sought to stone him. Compare 8 52. Memo What Do You Think of John 10 30? I have the authority to give my life, and I have the authority to take my life back again. ... Judas Conspiracy for he has anointed me I and my Father are one You go, and do likewise. He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he .... understandeth believe the works that I do in My Father 's name, these testify of Me. understand
  • Shay on Hebrews 3:4
    Since any house, however simple, must have a builder, then the far more complex universe, along with the vast varieties of life on earth, must also have had a builder. And since we acknowledge the existence of humans who invented devices such as airplanes, televisions, and computers, should we not also acknowledge the existence of the One who gave humans the brain to make such things? Yes, all glory and honor should go to Jehovah God.
  • Charles Ekwenye on Psalms 23:1
    Wooo. It gives me joy whenever i read this. It makes me feel that all hope is not lost. Do you know what it means for the Lord to be your shepherd? It means he keeps watch over u and i. That no matter the circumstances he 's always by your side for your protection . So my dear make God your priority in life. i bet you, you will never lack.
  • Obinna on Psalms 83:18
    Toni what is a ghost? Can a Ghost be holy? Is the holy spirit a person? Jehovah said... Jesus said..., have you ever seen or heard where the Spirit said? If u are rightly disposed then you will realize that Jehovah our God is one God, also one lord Jesus Christ, and not THREE!!! 1cor 8 6
  • Moses Njenga on John 14:27
    This is the Commander to His troops 'I don 't want you to be in fear, for you are of no use to Me that way,remember Gideon 's army? The world as it has always been is a war zone, only this time I will be present with you and so will be My peace, don 't forget what I did to the devil at the cross, give him a licking for he 's no match to you ' And the Church said Aaaamen.
  • Quartus on 1 Samuel 3:13
    I tried to find other verses in the Book that states the same tone but couldn 't. Could you help me out? Thanks
  • Getu Gutema on 1 Corinthians 2:1
    Thank you. How many types of wisdom?
  • To Tsidi collect yourself woman! You have already destroyed your marriage and now you want to destroy your sister 's too? The devil is having a good laugh on your account. How can you expect God to bless and agree to this marriage? Look what it says in verse 9 of same chapter. That 's where your answer is. Run , run as far as you can and Repent for even thinking for what you have put in black and white. May the Lord have mercy on you.
  • Shay on Matthew 5:48
    It is possible to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect in a relative sense. Jesus was here discussing the subject of love, and he told listeners to imitate God and be perfect, or comlete in their love. How could this be done? By expanding it to include their enemies.
  • Peter Sam on Genesis 4
    I do not get it, god favoured Abel over Cain, the one god favoured namely Abel was killed. Now I beg to question, why the one god favoured got murdered, why didn 't god protect him? So what are we to deduce from all this? God 's favoured was murdered, god did not bring him back to life but instead populated the world through a murderer, a sinner. Whose fault we are the way we are today? We read that Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead, Lazarus and sinner like any other in his day, yet god the creator did not do the same for someone he favoured. This is my conclusion, the bible was hijacked by Europeans, edited based on their own world view and shoved at as. King with thrones, long bearded white man on a throne, white angels etc. It is important to see through all the editing and see where this is all man made, god does not behave the way it says he does in the Bible.
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Luke 13:11
    It is a pity we 've come to regard demon possession as sicknesses that require physicians.Have we come far apart from the faith that turns impossibility to all possible manner?As much as sickness is bad, physicians are good to cure but only God heals.Let us therefore be completely loosened by our faith in His power.
  • Ursula pithphere on Acts 12
    prayer is the key to us Christians , we should pray the way we take our meals. am blessed hope you are also?
  • Moses Njenga on Romans 11:33
    That 's why the things that comes from the LORD passes human understanding, can you explain HIS peace? HIS ways are higher than ours.
  • Tsidi on 1 Corinthians 6
    I 'm luv with my sisters husband who vows he will never leave me and even thinks our relationship is God sent,I also think we are meant for each other and we even pray God blesses our relationship.If we get married,will we be hell bound?
  • Doug Casto on Genesis 2:2
    God ended His work! Does this mean He still did some work? Please explain!
  • Dal on Job 42
    The great truth of this book is that it disputes and corrects the idea prosperity ideology.God owes us nothing for our faith and hope in him but we owe him everything for his love for us in Christ Jesus.God said Job was perfect and upright and God cannot lie.He was perfected through his faith in The Redeemer that was yet to come but Job knew still lived.We are no different.Jesus our high priest makes intersession for us when the devil comes to accuse us as he did Job.For our sake God tests us to make us see our utter dependence upon him.Sometimes our lives are not long enough to see the restoration that Job saw but God is faithful to restore all and bless us in eternity.Remember the man born blind that Jesus healed.The disciples asked who sinned,this man or his parents?Jesus replied neither but that the power of God should be revealed.We should be oh so ready to comfort our brothers and sisters in Christ when they are afflicted and in temptation because of pain or illness or grief.We should be like Jesus himself who though he was God,wept in his grief.I thank You now Heavenly Father for the wounds that heal.
  • Rev. Autrey on Mark 12
    How many Christian Gods do we have, one, two, or three? Jesus said that we have only one God. This is what he said in Mark 12 29, 'The first commandment of all is, Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is one God. ' But most preachers ignore this by preaching two Gods when they say that the Father is a separate God from Jesus the Son. Then they go on to say that the Son is a lesser figure than the Father. This is pure paganism. Paganism is the worship of more than one God. This false belief was introduced into the Christian church in the 4th century by a false preacher from Alexandria, Africa by the name of Dr. Arius. The church condemned it, but it did not die out. Aranism spread to Northern Europe, England, and finally to America. And we see it in our churches today. The problem is, it sets up two Gods, and takes us away from the worship of Jesus by saying that he is not our God. Since Jesus is the way God speaks to us, if we miss Jesus we miss God. And if we miss God, we by default make Satan our God. Please consider this!
  • Rev. Autrey on John 16:24
    The fact that Jesus is the God Abraham and the prophets prayed to is proven by what Jesus said in John 16, verses 23 and 24, 'At that time you won 't need to ask me for anything. The truth is, you can go directly to the Father and ask him, and he will grant your request because you use my name. You haven 't done this before. ... ' Do you see the point? Jesus was saying to the disciples that they had never prayed to the Father because no one in the Old Testament was aware of his existence. All they knew of God was his one personality, YHWH JESUS. But early in his ministry Jesus introduces them to the existence of God 's two other personalities, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus said to Nicodemus, I assure you, I am telling you what WE know and have seen, and yet you won 't believe US. Then in John 14, 15, and 16 Jesus tells us about the work of the Father and the Holy Spirit. What I am saying is, there is only one God, and he is one entity. But this entity has three distinct self expressions that we call persons. The Father is the way God directs his affairs. The Holy Spirit is the way God inspires us to believe. But God always always speaks to us as Jesus. If you have trouble understanding this, please ask the Holy Spirit to help you. May God bless you always!
  • Christi on Psalms 23
    I have always wondered about the phrase, "I shall not want " because when I was younger, I desired so many things in the world, physically and emotionally. However, the verse came to be my life verse, whom have I in Heaven but Thee? and there is none on Earth I desire besides Thee! I have many health problems now. I have went from doctor to doctor, and am still facing a line of doctors. Oh for a look at His face! All sorrows will erase! I have even had many doubts at times about salvation. That will erase too! Hallelujah! I love this proverb that someone said "If you must doubt, doubt your doubts and not your beliefs! "
  • Amos Taiwo on Micah 7
    Where is Jesus Christ mentioned in Genesis to Revelation?
  • Scott on Revelation 9:7
    I see what you mean. Looks like a golden crown?

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