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  • Maureen T Bamidele on Psalms 91
    Our God is a God that fufill His promises. In this psalm He promise us good health, protection and long life. I hold firm to it, it 's my psalm of consolation, I read it always, I beleive it, it covers every aspect of one 's life. So what is Ebola? Trust in God it will not come near our dwellings in Jesus name. I recommend this psalm for everyone, it is a good therapy.
  • Benjamin Gonzales on Revelation 12:11
    Powerful passage for sure!! God has shown me that most understand the blood of the Lamb, but leave out the power of the testimony?? We at best get up and give a good sermon, yet the alters remain barren?? Would love to have at least on person be allowed more than 2 minutes to share how God has transformed their lives. Chances are someone if not many will recieve hope from this!! 1 Peter 3 15 Respectfully yours, Benjamin Gonzales
  • Paul on Leviticus 19
    v. 1 9 Don 't blend fabrics in your clothing. My Question WHY NOT ?
  • Gabriel on Genesis 4
    I wonder, why the name of true God Jehovah has been removed from his word "the bible "?....Lord its just a title, like doctor or attorney, its not a name, the son of Jehovah has a name... "Jesuschrist " why remove the name of his allmighty father?
  • FREDERICK on Psalms 118
  • Caitlin on Genesis 28
    Why was Jacob blessed even though he tricked his father and took Esau 's blessing?
  • Don on Isaiah 53:2
    How could Jesus Christ attract and influence thousands upon thousands of people as a mortal if he was weak and frail and unappealing? I believe that as a man, he was the opposite, that not only was he humble, full of love and joy, that Christ was fully majestic, strong, commanding, beautiful and inspiring to behold. I believe that Sean 's comment is right on the mark and is inspired "...when the Lord was crucified he had no beauty in him. His face was disfigured, bloody and bruised. " This is what Isaiah was speaking about. Isaiah was not saying that our Lord and Master was not our ideal in every way as he went about doing good, day by day. Isaiah was referring to how our Lord appeared during the horrific events at the conclusion of his mortal life the atonement, the scourging, the carrying of the cross and the awful crucifixion. Otherwise, the manhood of Jesus Christ 's was inspiring, motivating and thrilling to behold. And I know that he still is!
  • Hugh on Revelation 3
    Revelation 3 8 the last part of the sentence when it says, "has not denied my name " would someone care to share their thoughts on this ?
  • SIMON OKHASO on 1 Timothy 5:23
  • Chris Martson on John 2
    Who is it that setteth the sun in its place and maketh it to shine?,or thee earth in its course and the rotation thereof? Is it not I sayeth the Lord? and is it not I that shall be exalted in all thee earth?.
  • Jeff on Genesis 2:24
    if adam and eve were created as we certainly know they were and the only two people on earth at the time,how would adam have known what a mother and father were or even a family unit a son leaving his parents ?
  • Lala blue on Matthew 24
    my comment to you all is coming from christ and christ alone. why is that you dont fully understand.the point is to be ready ,to prey for wisdom and understanding in those days.tho we may go threw things in this world for or saviers sake . is it not that christ did the same for us the he no die a great death dor or sins to be justified. why or we so much better than the one WHO MADE US? we all should be glad that we ca die for such a cause . we all die why not die an honerble death and DIE FOR CHRIST! so now i ask why is it that im 14 and God has blessed me to speak to you n u yall have not heard threw all your living?
  • Pat on Revelation 1
    Iam confused about the ten horns............who or what are they? Rev. 17
  • Pray-er in Canada on Proverbs 31
    Crystal read the comment above yours Matthew Henry 's . It is very long, so click on where it says "click here " to see it. Since your husband knows everything, I wonder why he didn 't take the loving time to explain it more fully for his wife, treating her as Jesus would. Hmm?
  • Renee on Proverbs 3
    "She " ....wisdom....why a she ? I mean I think it 's great ! I 'm a woman Gods wisdom "she " woman "she " LOL! Sorry gentleman D ...But seriously though I don 't understand the masculine feminine with the words ? Kind of confusing . Why is Wisdom feminine . God bless
  • Graham on Acts 10
    In the last part of verse 43 Peter preaches "That through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive REMISSION OF SINS. " Similar words are also found in Acts 2 38, where Peter preaches to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the REMISSION OF SINS. Could Peter be preaching two different ways of receiving remission of sins? Please notice that in Acts 10 43 it says through his name whosoever believes receives remission of sins. I believe that through his name in verse 43 is referring to baptism in the name of Jesus. Please also notice that the gentiles received the Holy Spirit and was baptized in the name of the Lord which of course is the name of Jesus. In Acts 2 38 Peter preached repent be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the Holy Spirit. Acts 2 38 and the gentile conversion in Acts 10 are in perfect agreement.
  • Tony on 2 Timothy 1:13
    You failed to mention an important word in this scripture. The word form which means in Greek tupos which means pattern. Your words can be sound put if they don 't follow the pattern then they are useless. If you desire to be a true Christian you can 't divert from this pattern. Are you a true Christian?
  • Sherif mohamad on John 10
    I and the father are one does not mean that Jesus is GOD...You took this out of need to read from verse 23 30....what he ment is they are ONE in purpose Mark 12 v 29 when Jesus said " The LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD " and that is the FIRST OF ALL COMMANDMANTS " . And when he returns back, He will tell people like you who used to call him LORD and used say that he is GOD READ THIS Matthew ch 7 v 22 23......22. Many will say to me in that day, LORD, LORD, have w not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? verse 23 And I will profess unto them, I never knew you depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Inquity means twisting the word and GOD 'S LAWS.... LIKE YOU GUYS SAYING THAT JESUS IS GOD OR HE IS THE SON OF GOD..JESUS NEVER SAID THAT he is GOD NOR did he say he is the son of GOD, and he never said " WORSHIP ME " .
  • Word on Mark 13
    there is a destruction and it is not the little ram sack burning by any roman. This is the destruction of the end at the 7th trump when Christ returns with a rod and hail stones mixed with fire and the earth is shaking. But before that happens antichrist comes,instead of Christ, to deceive the whole world and they chase after him because he looks like the Lamb with power but speaks like the dragon. Why? Because he is the dragon. Oh! No Roman ever caused the destruction that is going to happen on the Lord 's Day.
  • Rashied Bin-Hakeem on Deuteronomy 18
    Jesus, Prophet? or Jesus, God? or Jesus, Prophet God Holy Spirit?
  • Rakoo on Colossians 3:20
    does this mean obeying whatever car, spouse, house etc. they decide for me?
  • Mike on Matthew 3:6
    In the comment above it says The acknowledgment of sin, repentance and baptism are prescribed as conditions of pardon. I do not see where we have to be baptised in water to be saved. Baptised into the holy spirit I see but not water. Is there something I am missing?
  • Daniel on Revelation 7
    In verse 4 to 8 it tell the names of the 12 tribes, but it leaves out Dan and replaces him with Manasses. What happened to Dan and who is manasses?
  • Crystal on Proverbs 31
    im very new to the bible and it is hard for meto understand anything in it. my husband ob the other hand knows everything without even looking at it, he told me to read this part..can someone please help me try and understand what this means?
  • Grant on Revelation 3:12
    Trinitarian alert If the speaker at revelation 3 14 is your God, who is Gods God?
  • Jeff T. on Proverbs 3
    Someone asked the question in these comments 'how did the gospel ever come about since everyone or all were sinning? '. The Gospel is the good news of salvation that is offered to all. It is offered from God and not man. Yes, the 'all have sinned ' refers to all men, and 'all have sinned and come short of the glory of God '. The 'Gospel ' is the good news that we do not have to pay for our sin. Jesus died to pay for our sins, therefore He is the source of the Gospel, which thankfully has nothing to do with 'sinful ' mankind. However, we are charged to spread the 'Gospel ' and the fact that we are all sinners in no way stops us from doing so, nor does it change the message of this good news.
  • Michael on Leviticus 27:14
    Interesting verse. How does a man sanctify his house? He just asks the Lord to bless it?
  • John Ritter on John 8
    for Steve 's chap 8 15 16: For I am not alone,but I and the father that sent me. get it? cool right.
  • Rev. Autrey on Psalms 74:12
    Psalm 74, verse 12 reads, 'But you, O God, are my King from of old. You bring salvation upon the earth. ' But wait, didn 't Jesus say to Pilate that he was King? And doesn 't the Book of Revelation call Jesus the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? This means that Jesus is the God and King this verse speaks of. That is why the wise men came to Bethlehem saying 'Where is the newborn King of the Jews. ' Folks, we can 't have it any other way. Jesus is our God and King. Those who say this is not so are only fooling themselves. They have been deceived by Satan so they can 't receive the salvation Jesus offers. Our job as followers of Jesus, is to first accept his saalvation ourselves, and then, to tell others about it. Yes, the Psalms are right in saying that Jesus is our God fron ages past, and he will be our God fron ages to come! Here is Satan 's deception. We say we love Jesus. But in the same breath we say that he is not the same God the Psalms speak of. We say he is a lesser figure who emanates from God, or comes from God, but is not God himself. But in doing this we deny the very God who came to save us. What a tragedy! This is just as bad as what the Jews of Jesus ' time did when they had him put to death for blasphemy, or for calling himself God. Wake up saints! May God open our eyes to Accept Jesus as our God!
  • Melanie on Jeremiah 12:16
    I thought we were not supposed to swear at all by heaven or earth according to Christ in the New Testament. Now what made the change from Old ways to the New ways? SO, I wonder am I taking "swear " out of context in my mind. "As the Lord YHWH lives " sounds like something the Father or His Son, Jesus, would like the sound of but so many people with too much time on their hands for them, it was "As the World turns " and so, I say, "Be not of this world,nor of its patterns, but come out of it and be separate. " AND in HIM there is no shadow of turning. As surely as YHWH lives, He convicted me about wasting my time on American soap opera T.V. if only I could be a linen sash around His waist.

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