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  • Nana Agyeman-Duah on Wisdom of Solomon 2
    Where in the current bible were these wisdom written about Solomon?
  • Nommie on Hebrews 4
    why is ever comment above running away from what chapter 4 is talking about? Olabode you are talking about grace, are you eliminating chapter 4 's truth and replacing it with grace. we shall find grace in chapter 5, there is a lesson in chapter 4 which is missed by a great multitude " God 's rest " we are referred to Genesis, God rested and sanctified a day and rested on it. why are we paying title if we only relay on Grace.
  • What is meant by filthy language ?
  • Johnson on Malachi 3:8
    If malachi 3 8 is yardstick for christian giving today, then all of us are robbers.......who robbed god? The passage is talking about levith that suppose to pay tenth of From chapter 2 of malachi and answer the question by ueself....
  • Randy Jay Rance on Exodus 29
    Hello there my question is a serious one that nobody seems to want to explain fully ? What was the full potential of offering up the fat Ex.29 13 and other verses. I have heard it explained that the Israelites " liked " the fat being that it wasn 't good for them, God would have them offer it up to Him and Yes, it was a pleasing aroma to His highest Majesty. Can you confirm, or deny this thought or add to the hidden depth of offering up the fat. PLEASE, Thank You Sincerely.
  • Oluyemi on Acts 9
    Can someone who has always been doing good and has never sinned? But did not beleive or know Christ go to Heaven. For examples people that were born and die immediately these people did not accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savious. Some were born disabled always doing good. Did not accept Christ as there Lord and Saviour.
  • Emmanuel on Acts 28:30
    'Own rented house ' for the same reason he 'ate no man 's food without paying for it ' ?
  • Yeye on Genesis 28
    Jacob was blessed because not only did Esau sell his birthright which was now Jacob 's and he deserved to be blessed. But Isaac was about to bless Esau when he knew God had said that the elder will serve the younger. Jacob tricked his father into believing he was his brother and God probably loved his creativity. Who knows? Esau may have actually held on to all his father owned which he came to actually possess when Jacob ran away. However, the spiritual blessing is not one to give and God supplied Jacob with both. So what he had in the end came directly from God. And you must admire Jacob 's creativity. Sometimes, God does allow things like that to happen. He would not stop you, but your actions may have consequence. Like Saul when he disobeyed God and lost his kingdom. Or David when he commited murder and lost the fruit of it. Rebecca saved her family, I think. Like Joab. He may have killed Absalom and David never forgave him.But he saved Israel. These things come back to haunt us. Solomon killed him because he had killed too many innocent people and had been part of a rebellion the same reason he killed Absalom.
  • Overcomer on Revelation 2
    Who is The LORD in the Old Testament? Those that are not reading the Old Testament should start reading it. Who is The "First and Last " Rev.2 8 who was dead and is alive for evermore? FIRST AND LAST,LORD OF HOST,CREATOR,KING OF ISRAEL,and so on. Read Isaiah chapters 44,45,46.....
  • Frieda Colon on Psalms 8
    Who are we that GOD concerns himself with us? O how Excellent is name
  • Noel on Genesis 5
    we read in the bible that Adam and eve had two sons..Abel and Cain.but Cain was flee from the presence of his mother and father,,and he went as far as he could, then why his seed multiply ? were did he find woman to be meet.
  • Barry on 1 John 4:3
    just about every cult out there for example Jehovah 's witnesses do believe that Jesus came in the flesh, to them jw s and the cults Jesus was just a human being. Just because you believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh does not mean that you have the Spirit of Truth you will more likely have the spirit of error operating in your life Everyone that confess that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh has the Spirit of Truth. Do you believe that Jesus is God ? And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. 1Tim 3 16 KJV God was manifest in the flesh God was manifest in the flesh God was manifest in the flesh Be blessed in Jesus Name
  • EDDIE CEE on Exodus 14
    And the LORD said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward Here we see the Lord reminding Moses of the promise covenant He had Made with Him when he was assigned the task of leading the children of israel to the promised land. Exodus 3 12 And God said, "I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain. The Lord instructs Moses to go forward as whatever cries that he might have wanted to bring to the Face of the Lord were overwritten by the promise made earlier that " I will be with you " , some of the things we keep petitioning the Lord for , have already been granted. Its time to trust the Lord and move over to dry ground because God is not a man that he should lie. Everything the word promises over your life shall come to pass. Trust in the Lord .
  • Richard on Galatians 5:4
    I think it suggests that it is imperative to know, understand and abide in grace through faith in what Jesus Christ has done for us. And realize that we cannot contribute to our salvation aside from believing the saving message that Christ paid for ALL sins and that God approved of the payment and has put sins out of his sight. It also appears to suggest that it is possible for someone who believed the gospel of the dispensation of Grace aka Paul 's gospel, aka the gospel that saves today, to fall from grace and no longer have Christ righteousness attributed to ourselves? I 'm still learning and studying and can 't say this is what I believe. It 's just one of the ideas or possibilities that I 'm considering.
  • Ian on Acts 1
    If only they had waited they would have received the promise, they disobeyed. If they didn 't get the promise what did they get??? 4 And, being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me. 12 Then returned they unto Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is from Jerusalem a sabbath day 's journey.
  • Thomas on Hebrews 4
    Is Hebrew chapter 4 telling use to rest on a certain day? I know that the Sabbath is on Saturday and Sunday is the Lord 's day and that is why Christians worship on Sunday.
  • Camila on Genesis 1
    wait how was there all darkness at the beginning if nothing existed?
  • Peter on Genesis 5
    For arguments sake, if a guy is 700 years old and he meets a nice girl who is only 500 ', would it be inappropriate to ask for a date?
  • Ber on John 12:32
    I just heard Dollar teach that the men that is italicized in this verse does not appear in the original greek. It is the translators addition in to the KJ version of the bible. Is that true? what do you think does "all " implies in this verse?
  • Linda on 1 Timothy 2
    Christians, if you 're against gay marriage, why aren 't you also against women preaching?..Stop cherry picking.. it clearly says a woman is not to teach or preach in church.. "Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man rather, she is to remain quiet "! Last I looked quiet means quiet..and No teaching means No teaching!
  • Maruku Hakatori on Isaiah 1:18
    What 's like wool that was purple?
  • Brianna on Matthew 6:4
    I was just reading this scripture and wanted to comment on it value! What are the motives behind my giving? Are they purely out of love and a desire to help? There is no need to look for man 's approval. The approval and the reward are all from Jehovah.
  • Brianna on Romans 14:12
    I enjoyed Gayle 's comment. Definitely want to rely on Jehovah God in this time of the end. This scripture highlights to me that we have a measure of responsibility for what we do in life. In one aspect in particular, there are many pastors and priest teaching many different things. But do we not have access to the Bible to see for ourselves what it teaches? Would not we be at fault for following false doctrines because we did not take the time to verify our beliefs from the scriptures? This scripture encourages me to be a diligent reader of God 's word. I am accountable for my life. ME!
  • Brianna on 1 Corinthians 8:3
    A nice scripture to keep in mind! Does Jehovah God really distinguish from mankind those who are loyal to him, and those who are unrighteous? OF COURSE! Like wise, those who are unrighteous are known by God as well. Everything is open and exposed to God.
  • Adrian Donica on Luke 24:5
    I found it a bit unusual, knowing that Jesus is alive, to have the same verse repeated so many times, was that just to make the point that Jesus was and still is alive?
  • JB on Genesis 1
    I have a two fold question for all you Bible scholars. 1 When GOD divided the light from the darkness what really happened spiritually? 2 We know that GOD is the light, so who is darkness? Clue darkness is certainly not GOD and darkness is also not Lucifer....Who was the Arch angel of GOD.
  • Tee on Mark 7
    Why did he always tell them not to tell when I think he knew they would?
  • Stan on 1 Timothy 2
    St Paul was the first messenger to the Gentiles so what he had planted should also be reaped in this end time because he had not sown confussion.We are at the end of gentile dispensation and we should harvest what he planted.If we go back to old testament where did GOD ever dealt with women priests or messengers?Yes she can have a gift of prophecy to edify the church but she cant be a messenger or lead an assembly because GOD is not author of confusion.So people don 't try to reason with the word of GOD and St Paul is clearly giving an example that Adam was formed first and was not deceived.Who are you to empower women when GOD said she shall be subject unto her husband?
  • ASHLEY on 2 Kings 17:16
    who are the host of heaven?are they the so called fallen angel 2kings 17 16
  • Ephrem on 2 Timothy 3:2
    What does it mean when it says "Men "? All Humans or Mens in Church?

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