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  • Jean marie on Job 1
    Why did the conversation between thr LORD, and the sons of God, only state what transpired between Satan and our LORD? Surely the others present would have understood the cunning comment Satan made in responce to the praise of Job by our LORD. Job was surely an innocent, however, if the sons of God were angels, why did they not take alert to the sarcastic comments of Satan? I believe that the sons of God are human. . Otherwise the Lord would have had God intervene in the test of Job. This was surely a test of Jobs Faith. Even more, this was a test of our Lord 's purity of knowledge by Satan. Even though the Lord and our God favored Jobs faith, Satan took a lifetime away from Job to test the word of the Lord. The game of chess between our Lord and Satan emphasized the value of the pawn Job , before all of Gods sons. A lesson of faith discussed between two powerful spirits... check by Satan ... and check mate by God. Quality control known in modern day terms.
  • Tony on Genesis 1:5
    God could not have been talking in terms of the sunlight because it came later into the creation time frame. So what is the Light and secondly what is the darkness and why does God call them day and night?
  • David Oluwalonimi on Genesis 3:9
    God ask this question not because He want an answer He doesn 't knew but to 1 let Adam knew he has abandon his position 2 let Adam knew He was aware of we could reframe the question,Adam where do you suppose to be where are you?Adam it is fellowship time where are you?
  • Martin on 2 Corinthians 12:2
    What does he mean when he says, such an one caught up to the third heaven. Could this mean that there was or is 3 different earth ages? Could there have been a earth age before the one that we are in now? I know that there is still one more to come.
  • Okokoh on Revelation 12
    LET ME QUICKLY COMMENT ON THIS NIGEL MCMILLAN 's. if Mary never did, then the dragon never did too! and who is arguing with you that she was Mary now?
  • Al on James 1
    Verse 8 mentions a double minded man. What is a double minded man?
  • Joseph Z. Kollie on 1 Corinthians 14
    I have talked to friends about 1 Corinthians 14 34 15 to give their opinions on women presiding over congregations, but I almost got insulted or was insulted. Is there any further interpretation on these verses apart from what they say? I do believe that women can minister like house to house ministering or evangelism. But for a woman to pastor a Church, I have not found any scriptural justifications.
  • Ben Levi on Deuteronomy 28
    The Bible is a history book and we must read it as such. We all know the Adam and Eve story, the Moses story and the Noah story. We must read the bible from beginning to the end and in order. Page 1, 2, 3, etc. that is the first thing. Then we must keep in mind as you read, what the mindset of the people as you read. Duet. 28 speaks of curses and blessing. If the children of Israel followed what GOD commanded them they were to reap the blessings. If they did not, they were to reap the curses. Those people did not die. The next generations were still under this curse. Where are these people that are known to all the nations of the world as a byword, Coloured, Black, Negro..Deut.28 36,37 Deut.28 48 Deut.28 64.. These people were cursed by GOD.. where are they.? Scattered to the 4 corners of the earth. KEYWORD... SCATTERED!! It should be easy for us to see that the ONLY people that were Scattered all over the world was the AFICAN. Yokes upon their necks! Deut.28 36... Serve other GODs.. There are other chapters of other books n the Bible that tell of other curses that are upon the children of Israel.. I beg everyone, young and old, of any race or creed.. to READ from the beginning without skipping through and knowledge will follow and then you must read it again and again.. May GOD add a blessing to my words and may he bless me also. Peace be upon all who read with an open and just heart..
  • David Charles Hagert on Genesis 6:4
    I really have no ideal just what is being said here? One thing I do know is angels from Heaven did not come down to Earth for sex! That is the Heavens of Gods, that is where also the angels who are with God reside and no where else especially Earth. The angels talked about here are from Earth. We all are sons and daughters of God,some good, some not so good,and these were the latter. Gen 1 26 We all are created in the image of God,so if born in that image we must be sons and daughters of the living God. Now there is evil spirits in the world and they inhabit our human bodies,which is what the Nephilim are. Jesus casting out many demons in his day. This is just my interpretation.
  • Weldon on Revelation 19
    Revelation 19 introduces us to a great celebration after the defeat of the mother of abomination. then verse 7, the celebration is now taking a different dimension. Why? it is because the wedding supper of the Lamb is read and the bride I and you is ready. the question now comes, are we ready?
  • Diesel on Revelation 13
  • Damon on Deuteronomy 7
    Jean 's comment Way to bring race into something that doesn 't require it. You have at least TWO issues with your post. Firstly, no where in the book I am reading does it mention skin color. Nice to see racism still alive and well in the World. And secondly "All the nations cast out in verse 1 were Black Gentile people. " An outright lie. considering that just a few chapters ago, it stated bluntly, that the Israelites not Hebrews, ISRAELITES KILLED EVERY SINGLE PERSON FROM AMONGST THOSE GOD COMMANDED THEM TO KILL. Done with ignorance, and stupidity, and people perverting the Word of God to suit their own ends. When you stand before the Lord, and he asks you why you would do such a thing, I wonder what your answer will be?
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on John 1
    Hello Cecil, verse one is letting you know that the Word is God manifested in the flesh. Verse 3 states that all things were made by him. Verse 10 states that he was in the world and the world was made by him. Who made the world? Genesis 1 1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth ". Verse 14 is what ties it all together "The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.... " Who was made flesh? Jesus Christ was made flesh and dwelt among us. So when the scripture in verse one states and the Word was God, verse 14 is letting you know who the Word was. See no man could look upon God and live therefore he clothe himself in flesh and dwelt among us. Read many answers I gave in Acts 2 concerning the oneness of God.
  • Bernhard Gerhards on 1 John 5:7
    Thank you Lord Jesus for saving all our lifes, given us your word, sending us your Holy Spirit, so you can live in everyone of us at the same time, to lead us, to console us, strengthen us. Look at Romans 1 20 the "Godhead " is clearly seen in Nature.. when God created this World, he must be clearly seen in everything he has made.. i see the "three " that is a Oneness in everything that exists, example in Light, the Base are 3 Colours, from this all Colours are possible.. the Base of Music a chord has 3 notes, we have past present and future in time, you know the expiriment 2nd year Highschool "Triple Point " Where Ice, Water and Vapour are together at the same time? the Base is always three, or here proton, neutron, Electron, or did you ever try to cut Quarks into Half? It 's not possible, it 's always one third or two third. the strongest structure is a triangle.. each code word in the book of Life DNA has 3 Letters. or on TV Screen you have 3 primary Colours. what is light? very fast! see Maxwells theorem Electromagnetic radiation uses Three. So God 's Fingerprint is shown in all Creation. TRINITY. Jesus is with us, dwelling in us, he said i send you the Holy Spirit.. hope this helps each of you a bit further.. you could also ask God himself, you are his Children, made in his Image.. just look at your Body parts, they base is always three Parts.. humble yourself, open your heart and let the Holy Spirit move in you.. then you will know.. not by logic, but on a higher level in Spirit and truth in your Heart.. you only have to ASK. May the grace and Peace of our Lord be with you.. in Jesus Name, Amen.
  • Frances on Proverbs 31
    and what happens when the wife does everything as 10 31 says, but the husband treats her with disrespect, tells other people, even in a court of law, that she does nothing takes her ideas and takes the credit for them with other people. Where does the bible say what a virtuous husband should be like, what he should do?
  • Pastor E on Haggai 2
    Chapter 2 asked us a question Will we become clean so God can bless us? God will shake things up and cast things down if we Truly serve Him. Our enemies will be utterly destroyed before our eyes. Nothing can stand in the present of God especially when a "whole lot of shaking " is going on. He said YOU be HOLY for I AM HOLY! Let 's not touch any dead stuff in our life, but remain clean and receive God 's Love, Peace and sanctity.
  • Wendell radford on Revelation 1:8
    It has more meaning in Hebrew . I am the Aleph and the Tav , the beginning and the ending says Yahuwah Elohim Shaddai , who is and who was and who is to come . Read Yochanan John 1 1 5 . Read Mattityahu Matthew 26 26 27 . Read Yochanan John 6 54 . Are you one with Father ? have you crossed over and left your baby 's milk behined ? The Way Wendell
  • Lindy on Isaiah 58
    Verses 13 14 are 2 of my favorite. I wonder, though, what precisely does it mean to "ride upon the high places of the earth "?? "and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father "??
  • Maria Victoria Torres on Job 36
    Re the 'trivia question 's correct answer ' provided by the online King James Bible Website re Eliahu being Inspired by the Spirit in his apeech the reference being Job 36 3. Not only is this wrong, I agree with Brenda 's comment of 2 04 2014 that this chapter in fact the whole unbroken series of chapters from 32 to 37 where Elihu speaks uninterruptedly is totally misunderstood even by the above Matthew Henry commentary, for the simple fact that the Lord Himself on appearing to Job acknowledges he does not 'know ' this speaker "Who is this that drakeneth counsel by words without knowledge? " and thus dismisses all that he said in that long stretch. It is encouraging to reallize the Lord himself put an end to so much distorted theology. Job did not have to answer him! Brenda challenged us to discern whose instrument he was I say he was used of Satan. Look at v4 where he claims to have 'perfect knowledge ', look at the fiery dart he throws at a man who 's lost his 10 children in an instant and everything else on earth '...thou hast fulfilled the judgment of the wicked '. Look at his gross error of imputing to Job he might try to deliver himself by means of a great ransom v.18. There he also claims the WRATH of God is on him. Only somebody who stands for the enemy speaks that way ...
  • Pansy Blackwell on Psalms 6:5
    What do those of the practice of Catholicism opine about this verse?
  • Gilbert on Luke 23
    28 But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. 29 For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck. 30 Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us and to the hills, Cover us. 31 For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry? Why would anyone want to make the words of Christ be for anyone or any purpose other than what he spoke that they meant. When we all know more innocent children have died from abortion than at any time in the history of the world. Jesus knew this day would come and couldn 't die without warning the women of the world of what men would push them to do.
  • Brenda on 2 Samuel 18
    Absalom had 3 sons and a daughter, so why did he say he had no son in remembrance of him? I understand David 's grief. We raise our children to the best of our ability and yet sometimes they still stray.
  • James A. Williams on Hebrews 2
    I feel that it is one of the needed chapters in the Bible. It says to me " Why One of Us ? For God 's Son took on human nature to free us from Sin and Death. Hebrews 2 18 is a real good Memory Verse.
  • Lynn on Exodus 3
    His name is LORD?????
  • Haji on Genesis 1
    Genesis 1 27 GOD created man male and female. Genesis 2 21 23 God created first Adam and took his ribs to create a woman name Eve. Can anybody ex plain with this???
  • Van on Malachi 1
    Who am I to to think of God Almighty in terms less than awesome. Did He not speak me and my fellow man into existence. Did he not make woman from the fifth rib of Adam? Are we not all finely tuned creations of power way beyond our grasp? When I reflect on my yesterday 's and the forgiveness stacked one upon another I am further amazed and outwitted! Flabbergasted is the word! When I think about heaven and being part of the manifest GLORY appearing in my vision and senses I am the more amazed that My Father would allow me to register wonder at His creation! And be enamored by the declaration of His words of 1st Corinthians 2 9. "As is written , eye has not seen nor ear heard what God has prepared for those that love The Lord!
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Acts 20
    Hello Judy, I do not know if I would use this scripture to be the base of my decision on telling someone to sit down from teaching, choir, ministry, etc. In Ephesians 4 11 12 "And he gave some, apostles and some, prophets and some, evangelist and some, pastors and teachers For the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ " If a person is still living in sin, for example Homosexuality, adultery, fornication having babies out of wedlock then the pastor has the right to sit that person down. How can you edify your congregation when you have sin up before God 's people? You cannot teach someone that homosexuality is wrong if you have a homosexual couple over the choir. This is not of God. A person s who is allowed to continue to sin and hold office is a hindrance to those who are trying to live right, especially a novice or a baby saint coming into the church of God. Read St. Matthew 18 15 thru 17. then verse 18. Then read Romans 16 17 18. I hope this answers your question. Also in the Old Testament God killed a pastor of a church for allowing his sons to sin over and with God 's people 1 Samuel chapters 2, 3, 4. Pastors have the responsibility to not only teach and uplift the congregation, but to correct and reproof through the Word of God. God states he hates sin then the Pastor has the right to let the people know. However, the same goes for the pastor he has to be right with God first. He starts out with obeying Acts 2 38.
  • Evan bowling on 1 Corinthians 10:16
    So do Christians believe that they actually eat the flesh and blood of christ because..god says partake this for this is my flesh and this is my blood. actually flesh and blood? Or a representation?
  • Max Sanchez on Genesis 3
    Christ isn 't even in the Old Testament. He doesn 't appear until the New Testament. Christ wasn 't even born yet. How can you apply Christ Flesh , the Holy Spirit God as a representation of "Let US make man in our image "? That 's plural. God is ALL. You can 't superimpose Christ in Genesis thru the Holy Trinity for the explanation of God being plural. The serpent talked and also when God cursed him "thy belly shalt thou go upon " is implying he either walked or flew before it slithered. Why couldn 't God find them in Eden when he called for them after they ate the fruit? They created them and couldn 't find them in the garden until they made themselves known?? Does anyone question what they are reading or just regurgitating what was told to them?
  • Brenda on 2 Samuel 13
    In the book of Leviticus it plainly states that such an act such as the one committed by Amnon, is punishable by death. He raped his sister!!! How perverted is that? He schemed and laid in wait for her and then threw her out of his little nest. Filthy and inexcusable.

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