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  • Jeff Berry on Genesis 3
    The Word of God deserves more than just a cursory reading. Did God create darkness or is "darkness" the result of the creation of light? The word "created" in Isaiah 45:7 is more accurately translated (the) "one-creating"
  • A disciple on John 3
    "That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life." What do we have to do then to "Believe" in Jesus? For many of us when we first get saved, we don't know a thing except that we have to repent of our sins and change our life by following Jesus with all our heart. What if someone's on their death-bed after a lifetime spent running behind other saviours and following other gospels "instead of" Christ and they cry out in torments and horrible fear of death and imminently God's eternal judgment and they cry to Jesus to save them? It's an awful risk to take, to wait till the very end and then in utter desperation hope that there's a God and a Jesus to help! The Lord said that He wouldn't turn anyone away who comes to Him with a good and honest heart and sincere repentance. So we hope for the best but take the precious Promise also as it is a most solemn warning for those who do not take a course in life, but think they can push it to the last minute. God have mercy on us all!
  • Charles Northup on 1 Corinthians 10
    We must remember it all was written by God and has to agree as one writing? The Father and The Word and The Holy Ghost and these 3 are one.
  • John on Mark 10
    Thier are more places in the Bible that talks about this and if the partner does thier part in a marriage very seldom will the other leave, but most want to only go have way in a marriage and think about them selves you have to give it 100% and don't think about yourself. What did Jesus do did he think about himself or others???
  • A disciple on Hebrews 2
    servant (cont.) The Born From Above are passed from death to life, from the power of Satan unto GOD. Remember how Cain's countenance fell, and he became so angry that he killed his brother? Because his own works were evil, and he was not respected by God because of HIS HYPOCRISY AND FALSENESS OF CHARACTER! It wasn't Abel who was the liar and the hypocrite! It was the one who despised the Saviour!
  • A disciple on Genesis 37
    Funke; I don't see it as wrong in any way for the righteous to speak to the LORD about the wicked and what they're doing. Don't they make our lives a torment by their lawlessness, and aren't they the cause for so MANY weak Christians to fall into sin? Joseph wasn't a "tattle tale;" but he DISAPPROVED his older brothers' ungodly behavior; especially with regard to the Family Heritage of Faith!
  • Evangelist kathleen on Mark 10
    according to Mark 10:12. What if the woman has proof she did nothing to make her ex husband commit adultery, why then is she commiting adultery by remarrying?
  • Kanaka susheela on Genesis 4
    Dear brother praise the Lord .....
    Genesis 4....In the quiz ,for the second question you have given the answer' Seth'..
    How Seth will become the brother of Cain?

  • A disciple
    "He that loveth his brother, dwelleth in light, and cause of stumbling is not in him." What is the Spirit of the Law? and what is that same Law which is established, made real and apparent, as a done fact? "Thou shalt LOVE the Lord thy God with all thine heart, AND thy neighbor as thyself? which we do by walking in the light in truth without hypocrisy! Jesus came to completely make full the Law!
  • Eric on Ezra 1
    Question? Cyrus the king, was he not the son of Ester??
  • A disciple
    Vicki (cont.) As I said, I am NOT convinced, nor do I as a rule subscribe to the human thinking that the Bible is written some kind of code, that men may (by their own vanity and imagination) make it to mean whatever supports their INSTEAD OF CHRIST theories. Ya know what I mean? The word of God is truth and pure and holy; and God reveals Himself through His word to the humble and the obedient!
  • A disciple on Ezekiel 38
    Rusty; Did you know that Russia and Iran are RIGHT NOW positioned on Israel's Golan border? and NO NEWS COVERAGE! Also, the things going on in the East: "Tidings from the East shall trouble him, and he shall go forth in a fury to utterly make away many...and arms shall stand on his part... and he shall devise devices and cause craft to prosper; (etc.)? Lord Jesus keep us all safe and come soon!
  • Vicki on Genesis 1
    Is there anywhere the Bible says an original earth was prepared for angels to inhabit? I don t see it. Anyone who may have read the aforementioned book, tell me what you think. I m also still open to young earth creationism.
  • Bruce on Matthew 24
    Steve: We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God. Acts 14:22 / Immediately after The Tribulation, The Lord will send His Angels to do what? Matthew 24: 29-31 / We Glory in Tribulation---Knowing Tribulation worketh patience. Romans 5:3
  • Servant of God on Luke 18
    These days are harrowing as inequities mount to a fever pitch, between nations, between religions, between parties, father against sons, morhers against daughters, ect. Jesus tells the young man after he tells him the Way: Why call me good? None is good but God. Within man is a grand conflct between good and evil, and the Master does not walk the earth to speak Truth. PRAY aiways to God!
  • April on 2 Samuel 14
    Yeah, I agree Disciple.I know alot of people still today struggle with pressure to look good in order to fit n,wear what's n styleuse our bodies to get stuff,this can take away a persons character,Did GOD make a mistake in how he made u?,people don't get to see the REAL you,imagen what HE sees when he looks at us,we ARE beautiful,not bc of our earthly appearance,he LOVES you,if only u could c AMEN
  • Jacqueline T. on Psalms 27
    What happened to my "Verse Of The Day"? It stopped coming several days ago.
  • A disciple on Ephesians 4
    I have to ask the moderator(s); Do you take liberties to EDIT the posts? Why are there great portions missing, or not posted at all? The rules of the site are being kept with all good conscience. The Word IS a two-edged sword to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart: if something said cuts one way, it cuts both ways, doesn't it! Isn't that the service of God to show men their sins?
  • A disciple on Luke 13
    "And again he said, Whereunto shall I liken the kingdom of God? It is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened." The one who fills his heart and mind with the Word of God, the one who lets the Spirit preside over him in his innermost being; this one will eventually be fully all that the LORD God intends for him to be, in character and behavior.
  • Al on Psalms 23
    How do we understand verse 5?
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies
  • Mikey on Matthew 4
    Question number 3 has an incorrect answer...Jesus was tempted 3 times, how ever the question ask how many days...not tempted did Jesus spend in the wilderness...What do you all think of this?
  • April on 2 Samuel 6
    Wowsers!,I hope I don't put my body where it doesn't belong,it's interesting to think back then there wasn't JESUS,so sin was handled differently,when I would read God kindled his anger,then some consequence would occur,death of some sort usually,I was wondering is it really saying he was upset then let go and instant consequences?or like he didn't just stew n being upset with whoever?just curious
  • April on 2 Samuel 4
    Chell, ALL, I was thinking and I've read many comments throughout some of these chapters,and I got to thinking,David was ANOINTED as well,he as well was chosen by GOD through SAMUEL,so intrestingly enough,Saul at one point didn't know David had been annointed,4 it was done in secrecy,Saul feared for his life,later Saul figured out GOD Was n fact with David,so why would he try to KILL HIM? W/B/L.
  • A disciple on Proverbs 1
    Brandie; It is so glaringly apparent that the Churches are teaching FALSE DOCTRINE! God was not more severe to the people of old time under the first covenant, than to the people from the time of Christ's first coming; but for Jesus' sake He waits for the fullness of the Nations to come in.
  • A disciple
    Randy (cont.) And with regards to Christians imitating Christ; WOULD TO GOD IT WERE EVER SO! Jesus said, "I HAVE GIVEN YOU AN EXAMPLE, THAT YOU SHOULD DO AS I HAVE DONE TO YOU." What exactly do you suppose is the meaning in being called "CHRISTIAN" if its not CHRIST-LIKE? The disciple is NOT above his Master, nor the servant greater than his Lord; if they have done these things to Jesus; so to us!
  • A disciple
    Mr. Zielski (cont.); and further, the Lord Jesus Christ NEVER had to give up the Holy Spirit! If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His. Jesus being glorified and sitting at the right hand of the throne of God in the Heights, has sent down the Holy Spirit into the hearts of those who obey Him!
  • A disciple on John 4
    Mr. Zielski; "Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?" Jesus Baptized not but His Disciples did! Paul was not sent [specifically] to Baptize, but he did actually baptize! Jesus said, "He that believes AND IS BAPTIZED shall be saved; and he that believes not shall be damned." If you don't know what it is for, why don't you rather ask; instead of making up doctrine?
  • Tiki on Genesis 1
    Are we only supposed to eat fruit and herbs?what about chicken,fish and beef?this is in reference to verse 29 30.does each day begin with the evening,how will I know the true sabbath?
  • Tiki on Genesis 1
    Does verse 29and 30 mean we are only to eat fruit and herbs?what about meat poultry and fish?Does each day begin in the evening?
  • Stephen F. Zielski on John 4

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