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  • Colin Lambert on 1 John 5
    1 John 5 7 is truly the most maligned verse by cults and other religions. A Muslim dies, believes that if he has been sufficiently good will go to heaven. He therefore believes that he is at least a two part being. A body and something that goes to heaven. He must believe that he receives a glorified body because if he has been martyred he will receive sixty virgins. If the Muslim believes he is at least a two part being then why does He struggle that One God can live in relationship as three beings? Trinity is only a descriptive term used to define 1 John 5 7
  • Colin Lambert on John 1
    Hi Chatuana, Are you saying you don 't believe in the trinity? Did God leave heaven to the angels when He came in the flesh? At the baptism of Jesus did God leave a recording in heaven before He became flesh, left a mannequin in the water to be baptised and then zipped back to heaven to descend in the form of the Holy Spirit? One God in three persons seems to be a better fit. I say this with respect wanting to understand your theological position. Colin Lambert
  • Insight 777 on Hebrews 9
    This chapter is teaching the law of Moses not the law of Jesus. 17 For a testament is of force after men are dead otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth. WHAT? Jesus taught the words of God that have no truth unless you are dead, do you believe that? Love and Peace mean nothing while people are alive, can that be truth? Open your eyes. Jesus does not want his followers to believe in blood sacrifice. Blood sacrifice is demonic. Jesus sat at Jacobs well and said that those that drink of that water shall always thirst. Jacob is Israel. Israel believes in blood sacrifice, the Passover blood. Israel killed Jesus the true word of God and they want him to stay dead. People that want to believe the death of Jesus saved them are doing it for their own selfish motivation. THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THE JEWS THAT HAD JESUS NAILED TO THE CROSS. They want the DEATH of Jesus. They want the death of pure love. To be in the body of Jesus one must be love. Love does not want the death of Jesus. It was mentioned, John 3. 5 it says no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. That water is NOT from the teachings of Moses, Jacobs well. It is the words of God from Jesus, his water not his blood, that will save you.
  • Jon Bovelgoush on Genesis 1:2
    Genesis has served to address questions held my many. How could you begin to explain what can not be understood? Genesis has done that for many who had no understanding of science and in times before there was an opportunity for education. Genesis fills in the void that is ignorance. It is certainly not a historical record but it is certainly filled with good lessons and principles that should not be wasted even though our understanding of the world and the universe has expanded in modern times.
  • Colin Lambert on John 1
    Jesus derived his humanity from Mary and His divinity from God. The incarnation is truly a mystery. Did Jesus have a human spirit or the Holy Spirit in His incarnation? Or perhaps a measure of the Holy Spirit or a measure of both? Oh my aching head! Christ was the second Adam and was as Adam should have been sinless. Jesus didn 't inherit original sin because He was sinless. It seems to me that the Spirit of Christ has always been the Holy Spirit. At His water baptism when He was also baptised in the Holy Spirit I suspect Jesus simply had more of Him.
  • Word on Genesis 1
    As Jesus said. Have you not read? No you wouldn 't of cause you asked the question of verses but my notes and verses are posted below. 2 Peter 3 vs 5 to 7 is a good place to start. The companion Bible appendix 146 will help you if you want to see. But I only plant seeds for people they can believe it or not its just seed to the right path.
  • Denis Yoka on Exodus 2
    Do not let anyone intimidate your Size or challenge your greatness because your greatness will be affirmed, confirmed by signs and wonders. Great, you will become even if you didn t born in greatness. How to become great? First of all by the principle of adoption, when a great adopts someone, the man become great Pharaoh adopted Moses and Moses became great adopted by the courtyard of Pharaoh, Moses behaved as the one with greatness out of major for the big things. The principle of adoption is when you are adopted you benefited the name, the power, the idendity, you live in his environment with the same conditions the one who adopts you is a father the adoption is a strong notion our lord Jesus Christ is the son of David because of Joseph not of Mary Joseph was from the Judah s tribe there is no difference between adopted son and biological child. To live in the God s atmosphere,legally,lawfully adopted because of the blood of Jesus Christ which speaks against other blood the blood of Jesus was pours in my behalf, was accepted before the foundation of the world, this blood of Jesus creates new things,promotes someone, brings confusion to the wises, brings greatness. God takes null things and make them great If in 2013, you were null, in 2014 God will make you important if October you were null, November, God will make you very important. God adopted you because he has got a plan project for you.While God adopts you, you must be accommodated with the authority of God, the live of God through Jesus Christ God can give you the supernatural conditions that can influence your natural conditions as Peter walked on the water, as others were disappeared from jails. The one who adopted you, he erased your past and your future is very clear you were at prison, but not now you were malefactor, but not now. The one who adopted with sovereign, he didn t request the permission of someone because he wants you to reveal him to the others. The vision of your life must be complied to what god wants fulfill in your life your thirst, ambition must be to minister for God s interests in his manner because men will intimidate,challenge us you will be discouraged so let us minister for God s interests, as God wants us to deal, in all social s position Moses tried to minister for God without the process of God. The will of God is to do good, so do not fend, there is someone who wants to learn you how to success according the adoption Moses kicked and hid the deceased the greatness of Pharaoh is a small level the greatness of Pothiphar is the small level God said to Moses Now go out with the angels, with the authority of God, with the staff this kind of exit is different from the authority of Pharaoh. Now you can go out with the anointing of god, with his staff God wants to encounter you in your thirst to be useful, to impact the world God wants to encounter you in your dreams, vision to be useful in the God s system. God wants you to be a missionary in your job, with a little job but with the greatness. God wants to give me the greatness irresistible force that sustain me in front of my enemies. God wants to give you a superior portion, furthermore he wants to see your engagement in the kingdom of the heaven. Use your position to minister for god not only for your family. God has the power that lives and rule forever. Where they deny me, God wants to affirm me God will impose me God will impose me because the devil can t decide on my life the devil is not alone on the ground we have also the one who brings life and life in abundance If the devil has already destroyed, it is late term Jesus the life and the resurrection comes to give me the greatness. Never be intimidated because the one who sustains you is greater than all who fighting me. To minister in a new model, never loose occasion to speak about Jesus Christ to live for Jesus Christ, to be presented for Jesus Christ. In the office, to hunt the spirits of slander. To deliver your opponents at home, they will recognize that you have something in you. The same Moses, his greatness not only on words but on signs and wonders also. Signs, wonders are current because God is alive and the false exist and travels faster than the wind. The true must exist because the false is there where the false is there, the true also must exist. I have to be authentic in the authenticity, God wants to come with signs and wonders. God wants me to be confirmed by the signs and wonders, throught that others will understand that God exist
  • Loretta on Proverbs 3:9
    i got an increase on may pay should i give my whole pay check or just the amount it is increased by? need urgent answer
  • Yaw O. Danso on Galatians 4:10
    Gal. 4 10 when thought of in occurrences in modern times, is very sad. These days we have Mothers ' and fathers ' day,valentine day, etc. We are all witnesses to how passionately these days are observed in almost all countries and communities all over the world. Let us ask ourselves and be very honest with our answer do we observe religious days with such passion? The answer is no. Paul 's comment in Gal 4 10 is as relevant to us in these end times as it was to the Galatians in Paul 's era. We have to stop and think.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Revelation 22
    Hello Pawan Upadhyay When you speak of good souls are you talking about those who have followed Acts 2 38? The only people that is going to heaven during this dispensation are those who follow Acts 2 38 and have lived a saved life. I believe the innocence of children will also enter in. You have people that are good people. However this does not mean they are going to get into heaven. Just because you are good this does not secure your place in heaven. This is a misconception that many preachers have lead people astray.
  • Oshidashi on Exodus 22:18
    Dear fellow Christians, have you read about Jesus killing anyone? Did Jesus order his disciples to travel the world, read Exodus, and kill all witches? After asking Jesus truly in my heart and reading the Bible, I try to live with Him everyday and I do my best to always follow His words. This hasn 't brought me to the conclusion we should kill all witches around us or to even have the confidence to judge over someone 's life as if I we 're wiser than Him. And Jesus teaches us to love our enemy. Is love killing someone? Through thousands of years of civilization we have become capable enough of dealing with this in other ways, which truly show love to our enemies, like the Lord said we should act.
  • Stephen brown on John 21
    John 21 Verse 7 Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher 's coat unto him for he was naked Question ? Who was naked ? Was it Jesus ? I do not believe it was Jesus because the he was not in capital letters.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Genesis 1
    Hello Word I would like to ask, Where is the scripture that backs up your claim that there was another Earth age where all of us lived with God before Adam was created? The Bible I am reading tells me that there is one Earth. The new Earth will not come until God destroys this one. God created the first man Adam out of the dusk and breath the breathe of life and he became a living soul.
  • Godwin kwasi ahor on Jeremiah 17:9
    WHY? did GOD love whear HE is in human? but bad is in human, why
  • Godwin kwasi ahor on Jeremiah 17:9
  • Alamba on Genesis 32
    Why? The verse were Jacob buried the idols Rachael stole from her father,not include in the chapter.
  • Vance on Job 26:7
    There is a void in space above the North Pole. It is huge it 's considered a gap between galaxies. Others have been found but none as big as the one North of us. The Earth is hanging on nothing it would seem. The pillars of the heavens are also quaking. Gravity contains vibrations going at the speed of light. Seismic readings "Quakes " are also vibrations. Gravity is the pillar of Heaven. It is quaking. The earth has no pillar to the north because it 's basically void of matter so it has no gravity to hang on. Just nothing. You can interpret things however you want that 's fine. Why don 't you want people to believe the Bible?
  • Dorothy Marie on Luke 23:42
    The thief that said this to Jesus, was doing exactly what Romans 10 9 says! He acknowledged who Jesus was, and believed in his heart. He confessed With his mouth! The other thief refused to believe unless The Lord Took Himself off of the cross, and take them down with Him. ......... That would have been nice, wouldn 't it!?! But the thief that believed, Is is Paradise with The Lord, from that day forward! How wonderful that Would be!! Hallelujah!!
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Revelation 22
    Hello Pawan Upadhyay I am not sure who you are addressing. However, I am a woman. Humbly speaking, the whole conversation started on 10 09 14 at 2 44 am with you saying that Jesus soul was talking in Revelation 22 1. I was merely correcting you stating that Jesus soul was not talking at this time. I was the one that corrected you stating that John the Apostle was the writer here. I believe I stated on 10 25 14 at 4 33 am that Jesus Christ did give John these visions. However, Jesus Christ was not the only one that was speaking. I did not read anywhere where these Beasts were protecting the throne. If you have read it, what were they protecting the throne from? Satan and his angels are gone already. The Bible just states that the beasts were giving honor and thanks to God.
  • Ar on Daniel 9
    TO Art Regan 's Daniel chapter 9 verse 27 remark I really couldn 't follow your thoughts. It 's a confusing remark. Do you mean to say that with Jesus Resurrection everything finished? In What period are we living now? Are we now waiting for judgement day? Can you be more specific about it?Thank you.
  • Laura on Deuteronomy 22:5
    I 've never seen Jesus nor any of his disciples depicted as wearing pants! His garments were described as robes in the gospels. The Bible also says, "But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head it is the same as having her head shaved. " 1 Cor. 11 5. What 's with all this legalism? Where is the freedom in Christ?
  • Wayn Barnes on Psalms 22
    How do we know that this Psalm prophesies the coming of Jesus? Rather, it puts the cry of a person who has walked in the way of the Lord into poetry of such beauty and passion that God could not fail to harken to his servant.
  • Art Regan on Daniel 9:27
    Hi, names Art.liked what Rodney had to say.Can l offer some views? Conside the church age as within a set of brackets, ie 3.5 years of Christs ministry ....... 3.5 years of tribulation for a seven year period.Our K J says "the "and not "a " at Dan 9 27.When Christ made the statement at Mark 1 15 could He have been saying the the time has began ? If we remove our gaze from the set of brackets the church age then we seem to have the 7 would mean that the resurection they must have also gone into Heaven as its appointed once to die then the judgement of they who awoke will actualy occur at the same time as the future event that most of us are waiting for. Regards to all, Art.
  • Pawan Upadhyay on Revelation 22
    Respected sir,These beasts protect the throne of the king of heaven.Same thing,I am saying that God showed the location of heaven to jesus christ.And angels of jesus christ shown location of heaven to john.How can john understand the language of beasts?
  • Sheila on Matthew 14:10
    it was a good verse,but i wonder why the lady wanted to cut his head off?
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Genesis 4
    Hello Truth Seeker Where is the scripture that backs up your claim? Because the word of God that I am reading, to sum it up, states that there was not a man to till the ground therefore God made man. Then he stated that man should not live alone then he made woman. See in Chapter 1 God had Moses write what happened and then in Chapter 2 he had Moses write how he done it. I did not see anywhere where Moses wrote that God created a woman before Eve.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Acts 2
    Hello Karen Praise the Lord. Well it is true the Spirit of the Lord God and the Holy Ghost is one in the same spirit. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God. Ezekiel 36 27 And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statues, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them. On the day of Pentecost and forward God did just that. Acts 2 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Ephesians 1 13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise. This scripture in Ephesians is talking about the Holy Ghost. Now this next scripture is dealing with the church of God that is already saved, 1 Corinthians 3 16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
  • Betty on Acts 1
    So, after receiving Jesus as our Savior and redeemer, is it required to have a baptism or are we baptised with the Holy Ghost and not necessarily water?
  • Zelda Mans on 2 Maccabees 7
    If possible, please tell me the town or city where this torturing took place?
  • Stephen bailey on Revelation 18
    "... blood of prophets, and saints and martyrs... " the verse does not say "on her hands was found... " or ... "on her head was found... " which would denote guilt for their murders... It says. "In her was found the blood of prophets, and saints, and martyrs... " as in denoting bloodlines. Who else in the entire world, has a blood line that is connected to such a wide array of prophets and saints and martyrs ?? We are a nation of every other nation on earth. Ee are home to the descendants of generations of believers. Their blood courses through our nations veins.. THEIR blood IS OUR BLOOD.. THEY ARE IN US.. That is my belief on the meaning of this passage.

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