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  • A disciple on Luke 6
    "And Jesus answering them said, Have ye not read so much as this,.." He that searches the hearts and the innermost thoughts and intents knows how He made us; and He debates with those who have His Word but don't understand it. God sent His Prophets, and Messengers to bring men His Word, with the expectation of understanding and obedience. How then does someone read or hear and not understand?
  • A disciple
    Servant (cont.); If we say that it was the Law of Moses or the Prophets that is the part that makes us unfit and useless before God; don't we by doing so speak against His Word, which He said, "If a man do he shall live, and if he do not he is cursed?" thus emboldening the simple to despise the Word of God! But it is OUR NATURE, CHARACTER and WORKS that makes us stand or fall before His Presence.
  • A disciple on Luke 4
    What is it about Jesus being the Son of God, that is such a thorn in the eyes of the wicked? The main thing the devil can't leave alone, and the thing that he perversely wants to bow down to him, is the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. The unclean spirits in people know that He is the Son of God, and it makes them cry out in terror. Meanwhile it is men that don't want to understand or believe.
  • BENWA ILUNGA on Psalms 95
    While it is said , " if you Will hear His voice , do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion...." Therefore I need my knees down and worship Him....! What about you ?
  • Maggie Short on Matthew 25
    How do I know if I'm being a good and faithful enough? I try to be and want to be, but I can't be sure that I am. It's frightening.
  • A disciple on Isaiah 48
    Steve Morrow; Great Scriptures! But do you know who the LORD was referring to? He was speaking to the disobedient and the defiantly hateful and hostile ones; NOT to His beloved Elect who seek to please Him with every thought word and deed, and to walk in truth and holiness before Him IN JESUS' NAME! Seeking to be holy and obedient, and preaching to others to do the same, is not of the devil!
  • Varoojan on Ephesians 5
    Regarding Epesians 5:4

    It is written: Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

    I'm concerned. I'm unemployed and trying to make money selling a full-length animated comedy screenplay.

    My question is, would I be in contrary to God's will or word writing a comedy? (the phrase nor jesting appears in verse 5:4) Please help.
  • Billy Joe Grace on Matthew 2
    Dear Mr. Stienburg.
    I honestly don't mind dissenting views, in fact, I love discussion. Especially spirited discussion, but I must ask you, why do you argue for an unprovable position amongst those with whom you disagree? Are you bored? Do you have a smidgen of faith you are ashamed of? You knew that you would be disagreed with when posting, so why did you?
  • Divine on Psalms 82
    Maybe it simply means what it says smh. Ye are gods, but man manipulates the meaning to satisfy his own human ego. Who else could God hold a council with? Other gods perhaps??? Stop analyzing and just read the words aloud. They make sense all by themselves
  • A disciple on Romans 1
    servant; you said,"..the good news of Christ is we don't have to work and keep the Law anymore.." You turn the grace of God into lasciviousness! Is that the Good News? Beware of false prophets, enemies of the cross, who speak not according to the Word because there is no light in them, and they seek to pervert the Word of God after their own ungodly lusts and love of this present evil world!
  • George Penton on Ezekiel 37
    I know a Jewish person who thinks that "David will be their king" means that David will one day return and be the messiah. What do y'all think of that?
  • A disciple on 1 Corinthians 1
    THAT NO FLESH SHOULD GLORY IN HIS PRESENCE (cont. 2) When you say that we must repent and sin no more; they say, Judge Not! When you say that Christ expects to come to us and find good fruit, and that otherwise why do we worthlessly take up space? They reply, No Flesh Shall Gory In HIS PRESENCE! But go back to the beginning: how are we supposed to be known as Man? Because we ARE MADE IN HIS IMAGE!
  • A disciple on Galatians 5
    How do we know its an Apple Tree, or an Orange Tree? Because of its fruit! How does God know that we are saved and really in the Good Tree? By the fruit! Not every one who says, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of God, but he that does the will of the Father. If we love Jesus we will necessarily also DO what He says. If we have His Spirit and grace really working in us, then we will reflect it!
  • A disciple on Luke 1
    "Whereby shall I know this, for I am an old man...blah blah blah" An angel appears from our of the right side of the altar of incense, and you become filled with fear, and you hear the angel begin to tell you something absolutely wonderful; and with your very next breath you can't help but show how you have to maintain this stubborn false realism, and demand proof an angel from God is telling you?
  • A disciple on Romans 1
    But will faith without works save us? How shall it be known what kind we are if not by our manner of life our spirit our WORKS? Faith without works is like a body without the animation of the spirit, DEAD AS A DOOR NAIL! Talk is cheap! Lip-service, sentimental feelings, SAYING over and over again, I Believe; but not thinking enough of Him whom you say you believe to be careful to DO WHAT HE SAYS?
  • Servant of God on Matthew 7
    Another day another school shooting in America. Thank God for our leaders offering thoughts and prayers for the dead and wounded else where would we be?
  • A disciple on Luke 1
    "Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee.." Many of us at first glance, have it hard to see the difference between Mary's answer and Zachariah's. But while the words of both were so similar, God knew what was the thought and intention.
  • A disciple on Luke 1
    "Zachariah said unto the angel, Whereby shall I know this?..And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God;.." It seems amazing to us how Zachariah could answer like that; to still be so willfully unbelieving even while experiencing a heavenly visitation! It is no virtue or superiority of intellect; but a moral error! We must be people who believe the truth.
  • Jimmy a disciple of Jesus on Romans 1
    the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation and guess what??everything else!!!what is the gospel of Christ?? the good news of Christ is we dont have to work and keep the Law anymore but just believe on Him..this is for salvation and everything else!!Just believe on him!! Im so free!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy a disciple of Jesus on 1 Corinthians 14
    well if God used a donkey He will use anyone!!! If more Men would be the leaders that God called them to be then maybe there wouldnt be women preaching but where are all the Men of God!!! Praise God for the Women that are doing the work!!! Where are all the men of God?????
  • Peter on Malachi 2
    I love this comment: "Did not God make one, one Eve for one Adam? Yet God could have made another Eve. Wherefore did he make but one woman for one man?" - It is our greed that makes us think that more than one wife will satisfy our lustful desires. The question is: Are men married to more than one wife around us really satisfied in that sense or are they still longing for more? ...Vanity of sorts!
  • A disciple on Hebrews 8
    Free to live Lawless? If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great the darkness! Do we then make void the Law through grace? God forbid! Nay, WE ESTABLISH THE LAW! Jesus DID NOT ABOLISH THE LAW; but came to make it completely filled up. Do you think that you honor God by despising and rejecting His Word? The Law and the Prophets are fulfilled in us who walk according to the Spirit.
  • A disciple on Proverbs 10
    "The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall." Proverbs 10:8 We want to be counted wise, and to have a heart like our Lord Jesus. Look carefully at the Master and study His manner of life, His speech, His behavior under all circumstances this is how we want to be, and to please our heavenly Father ALWAYS! If Jesus always does those things that please the Father, who does any man think he is, that he doesn't have to DO and BE in all his course in life, a living example of God's Law and the Testimony of Jesus Christ? Our regeneration and partaking of His Spirit is for the Spirit of God to use to convict the world and bring it Light that it might be saved.
  • Servant of God on Hebrews 4
    We must labor to enter into that rest? They did not enter, except Caleb and Joshua? Jesus, the High Priest did? God is the discerner! Who can enter lest God permits!?. To David, Today, if you hear God's word, harden not your heart. The seventh day, the day of rest, where one would die if he worked that day, by stoning! Yikes! So to sum up, the Rest to which God refers is entirely up to Him
  • Barbara Gaytan on John 3
    I believe that god gave his son to save us from sin and he died on that rugged cross to save us from hell! That's how much he loved us to die for us so why do we not live for him? I love him with all my heart soul body mind and spirit! He's my best friend that never left me when my earthly friends did. He's my everything!
  • Sharlett on Revelation 1
    WHERE? is it in the Bible where is says: that there will be nuclear bombs or war fair and the eyes of a person will dissolve before the body hits the ground?
  • Jerry on Acts 16
    Let me see if I can take a different verse 18, did Paul abused his authority? He was grieved mad about this woman following them. He cast the demon out because he was grieved, not because he wanted to bring God glory. God then put them in jail. Paul later asks verse 25 for forgiveness ...prayed and sang..praised God. God forgave and used their mistake to bring Glory!
  • Jimmy a disciple of Jesus on John 8
    how come no one is mentioning Romans 10:9-10...or even Acts16:29-31...we do have to be careful about false doctrines..what is repentance?? to turn away from the way we used to be...this is not to be seen in the carnal realm but in the spiritual!! Jesus said " the words i speak unto are spirit and are life!!Repentance starts in the Spiritual realm then is seen in the Carnal.
  • A disciple on Colossians 2
    Jimmy (cont.); But the way we come to Jesus in the first place is holy and good in God's view! We seek forgiveness and reconciliation through the precious blood of Jesus, and God's great love and mercy for us. Is the blood of Christ not powerful enough to make reconciliation for us? Is the blood of Christ not powerful enough to purify the believing soul from every sin and repair all sin's damage?
  • A disciple on 1 John 4
    "Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another." What makes people not love their neighbor or even their brother or sister in the Lord? If we are to love one another as Christ has loved us, then we must have the same character, nature and Spirit as Christ. Jesus said, that not understanding His speech is because of not being able to hear His word. That implies the need for a new creation, and having completely abandoned the old! That means a penitent and converted heart that henceforth longs for God and seeks His mercy, acceptance and blessing, and a mind no longer completely enthralled with self or the letcheries of its former life but being born anew, born from above, born of the Word and of the Spirit, TO BE THE CHILDREN, THE REPLICATIONS OF GOD! By this we know that we know God and keep His commandments, BECAUSE WE LOVE THE BRETHREN!

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