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  • Den on Genesis 2
    I believe there is a difference between "created" and "formed" as to 'man'... in the Scriptures, ie.. "created" being in spirit and "formed" being in "physical". It will always be a "mystery" to man until God reveals "its truth", in 'His time'... ..what do you think?
  • Romans 14 KJV on Revelation 6
    Why do you think the crown wearing rider of this white horse has a bow but no arrows?? How then will he go about conquering to conquer?? He will do it with "PEACE". What did Jesus say what will happen when they proclaim peace??. The rider here is indeed the "antiChrist". Remember Satan mocks flips everything God proclaims.. Always rightly divide and match scripture with scripture..
  • D. Wms on John 15
    John 15 tells us that we must stay connected to the "True Vine" which is Jesus the Christ, ask yourself "am I connected to the Vine?" You will know by the fruit that you bear, you will know by the love that you show, you will know by the life you live, others may ask of you why are you so happy and at peace. Live by the ten commandments, live by the fruits of the spirit and stay hooked to the Vine
  • Cheryl Upton on Psalms 23
    The waters must be still or the waves and noise of a fast moving river will so frighten the sheep that they will fall in and the weight of their wool will drag them under. What weight do you need to shed today beside the still waters where Jesus will provide all that you need? Talk to Him and ask for relief. Stay by His side, always, and you will receive relief and understanding.
  • Bruce on Isaiah 7
    Many were Stoned? Most Died in Peace: Nathan, Simon, Malachi, Haggai,Micah, Elisha, Obadiah and Hosea. Jeremiah and Habakkuk Stoned. 10 Out of 22 Listed on Chapter xxx11 of The Death of The Prophets.( Only 2 Stoned Out of 22)
  • Keith on Luke 4
    Steve, did you have a question?
  • Keith b. on John 10
    Christians accept Jesus Christ as the son of God by faith. I accept the fact that I have a brain , actually, by faith. I have never SEEN my brain, but the proof is there, because my five senses, brain and heart life are alive! His miracles and our faith in his word are all we need. " Without faith, it is impossible to please Him! " Sir, does that answer your question?
  • Steve on John 10
    One of the biggest hurdlesof all is that Jesus,the Christ, is the Son of God. But why?Are we not Spirit as our essence. "The flesh profiteth nothing"Jesus stated plainly this truth because that was his "state of being" and what his miracles certified.As we know,the spirit is not subject to death,unless it is for Judgement of the Father. "Fear him who can cast into Hell, where there is only death
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 7
    verse 48 above: And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven. 49 And they that sat at meat with him began to say within themselves, Who is this that forgiveth sins also? 50 And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace. ( Wow! Wow! Wow! Jesus 'willingly' and 'freely' gave FORGIVENESS and SALVATION. )
  • Mark Diffin on Isaiah 7
    Alex (or anyone) - could you please give me a list of all of the prophets that you are accusing Israel of stoning to death, and your source. I am not aware of a single one - maybe you can elucidate me - or maybe you are making it up - like so many other accusations against Israel?!
  • Neil, in Canada on Matthew 5
    The unforgivable sin is simply “ unbelief”.....which basically is saying the Bible is not the Holy Spirit is a liar....What.must I do to be saved?...To which Jesus replies....... just believe...only one thing....not Ten.....” whatsoever is not of faith is sin...and the Law is not of faith. To believe in the NT Greek means
    1.Acknowlege Jesus
    2,,submit to Jesus
    3)..Trust Jesus
  • Bruce on 2 Samuel 12
    Alex: Where do You Find Scriptures that Prophesied 12 Times: Solomon Comes Out of David's Loins? The Holy Ghost is Not a Grandson Or a Child. Private interpretation Only Leads People to The Wide Road. The Holy Ghost is Not, H.G
  • Steve on Luke 4
    From wence does the Devil appear? To and fro upon the earth, as stated in Job. God expelled him from Heaven, and his kingdom is amongst us on earth. His job is to turn people away from the peace of God, and towards the utter and inherent misery in Devil. He is full of subtlety, the most subtle, as in the garden of Eden. Those void of the true knowledge of life will fall into his deception, yes?
  • Teri on Acts 2
    was there a time before the HS was given, like the O.T., there had to be people saved? And those who were are part of the dead in Christ, that will be resurrected on "that day."
  • Bruce on Matthew 8
    Will this is Interesting? Why Response would be Just a Great Storm. That's what The Rest of The Verse Implies But The Word Used Means Earthquake. I Guess The Sea was Moving Like an Earthquake? Just a Big Storm.
  • Patricia Jackson on Matthew 8
    What is meant by a great tempest?
  • Gps on Luke 4
    Was Christ passing through the angry crowd the same incident as in John 8 or did it happen twice?
  • Hanson001 on Romans 13
    Man, being mostly cowards, will usually take this chapter as obeying all authority whether it is evil or not. If you are honest, that's what most of you have seen. Why doesn't anyone ever quote verse three? "For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:"
  • Alvin adams jr on Daniel 10
    Wow longer i am following the words of jesus...i am now at a jewish temple..and when i drove up.... i new i was whole life i new i was missed placed...yes....i feel the presence of jesus with me...i met god.. he touched my forhead..and jesus smiled and when i met his mother mary..she told me,,,,,,,god gave you a talent.. you need to go,, out and use it? healing it is..
  • Anadelgado on Genesis 8
    Nuclear war? Very close! Dear Jesus give us a new heart to love you truly, work on obedience, charity, fix my negative n help me to love my brethren before the door closes!
  • Lorrie on 1 Corinthians 11
    Am I correct in that these paticular scriptures is in regards to The Lords Supper and not fellowshipping dinners at the church?
  • Bruce on Matthew 5
    Saul: 8 Months After Salvation, I'm Decorating and Singing to a Tree. I Stopped, Something Not Right. After Reading The Word and a Year Later. At Church They're Decorating a Tree. I Mentioned to Them(Mostly Women)that It's not Right and what The Bible Says. They Said, They Know, But It's Fun,The Kids Like it/ That's Why, now You Know. And The Church is a Little? Lost. I Still Say Merry Christmas
  • Bruce on John 20
    Where in The Bible are The Scriptures to Support, 12 Times it was Prophesized that Solomon would Come out of David's Loin, in The Old Testament? The Meaning of Solomon is Not Comforter. It Means Peace, His Name Shall be Solomon, I Will Give Peace and Quietness Unto Israel in His Days(1Chronicles 22:9)
  • Bruce on Matthew 5
    Most Pastors don't Know what this Sin is? Some Say It's Not Asking for Forgiveness, Just Ask Forgiveness You'll be Fine. Or Today We Can't Commit That Sin. The SIN is Speaking Evil of or About The Holy Ghost. Calling Him Something He's Not( Matthew 12:24-27) You don't Need a Hard Heart, It Will be After This Sin. Once Committed You Can't Call it Back. Call Him:Holy Ghost, or Spirit /Not Grandson
  • Walter on Matthew 5
    To Edward Beck,
    Yes, Jesus makes no mention of a sin He will not pardon. Didn't Paul murder believers before his conversion?
  • Dave on Revelation 21
    Why do you all think the LORD is so weak? " new Jerusalem is within us". The New Jerusalem is EXACTLY what HE said. A 1500 mile cube within a diamond sphere. That "teacher" will regret his teaching some day as he is leading people, weak people, to doubt the LORD.
  • David on Revelation 21
    Why do people who don't understand a passage always say it is subjective. The Word of the LORD is real and literal. Don't act as if a thing is too much or too great for the LORD. The city is as described as a 12,000 furlong (1500 mile) per side cube with a wall ( a sphere) of jasper ( diamond) around it. Do the math.same size as moon and the moon. Aliens? Try fallen angels to fool us
  • Bruce on Genesis 1
    The Written WORD is NOT The Living WORD of God?Lo I Come(In The Volume of The Book it is Written of Me----:(Hebrews 10:7) All Scripture is Given by Inspiration of God (2Timothy 3:16)Take The Helmet of Salvation and The Sword of The Spirit which is The Word of God(Ephesians6:17)Where do You Get These Living Words?If they Don't Come from The Bible?
  • Jones Henneh on Joshua 5
    It gladden my heart to know firstly, that my enemy is dispirited because I have cross over.
    But what amazed me the most, is this awesome question asked, What do you see when you know your enemy is dispirited? He that is for you or against you?
    And finally, the heart of a true worshipper when he comes in contact with his savior, His heart cry is, what will you have me do?
  • Jonas Teuma on Daniel 11
    Everyone, please checkout the sites,, and, also checkout the youtube videos "Daniel unsealed: World history's response to biblical prophecy" and "Turkey and Islam to invade Jerusalem? Sign of the end!"

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