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  • Mary Ostendorf on 2 Timothy 1
    Why do we still have so much fear and so little mercy?
  • ISABELLA SAGARIAS on Luke 14:2
  • Motdaugrnds on Leviticus 26
    I need to know if these 7-year Sabbaths are applicable now in 2015 after Jesus gave His life for our salvation . I am a farmer living off the land. Should I sow harvest only 6 years and let everything rest the 7th year?
  • Motdaugrnds on Leviticus 26
    I need to understand this chapter and the chapter just before it as to the "keeping of Sabbaths" in the land. I'm a farmer and would like to know if this working reaping of the land for six years, letting the 7th year rest still applies to those of us born after the death of my Lord Jesus. I know the 7th Day "weekly" Sabbath still applies so am wondering if this 7th "year" thingy applies now too. And if so, when should I start counting the years? I moved onto this place in 1995 thus, would that be the 1st year and then on the 7th year, being 2001 be a year when I do not work or harvest my fruit trees veggies?
  • Motdaugrnds on Leviticus 25
    Seems this chapter is a precursor to Christ's giving His life for our salvation. So question: Is this chapter, specifically where it refers to the sowing reaping of the land a 7-year time span with the 7th year being holy applicable to those of us who farm in this century? If so, please explain verses 4-6 as they seem to contradict themselves. And I know the Scriptures do NOT contradict themselves thus, I'm not understanding these verses.
  • Felix on 2 Corinthians 7
    I think sorrow is not part of repentance but it can lead to repentance. What do you think?
  • Dougie the Biblical Minister on 1 Corinthians 13
    What happened to "love"??? Is this chapter no longer known as the Love Chapter? Has greed overthrown "Love" to instill one's mind with the thought that nothing is more important than to give, give, give, thus somewhere, someone in their greed, boast that the greatest of faith, hope and charity is charity? The Greek word "agape" is translated all other love except Chapter 13. When one replaces the word charity with love, the chapter makes more sense. When charity is used, it sounds as if the writer has their hand out to take, take, take. is a God of Love... NOT a God of Mammon and charity implies that those receiving charity places charity above all else, which will inevitably give them more wealth mammon . Be not swayed by the Master of Deception and know it is indeed Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest of which is Love. As we study verse 3, it is plainly revealed that profit is the goal, whereas charity profits those on the receiving end with more mammon. But Love profits with more love. God is Love. One cannot serve God and mammon Matthew 6:24 . Just as one stated that charity starts at home, Love also starts at home.
  • Ubong N. Adiauko on Deuteronomy 22:5
    Adam answered and replied to God saying 'the wife you gave me, when God asked him hast thou eaten of the tree I instructed you not to? In the case of Due. 22:5, there was and there's still a clear specifications in the issues of man not adoring himself with women apparel and vice versa. God knew human mentality that His word can be questioned and He spelled this law out through moses. It was to be observed physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise, unlike Adam telling God ' this wife you gave me,' meaning that God should have instructed Eve also. God is Truth.
  • Greg Aguilera on Hebrews 4:2
    They heard the gospel preached as well but did not mix it with faith. So how do we mix the word with faith? Well lets look first at the children of Israel they heard caleb and joshua but they didn't mix faith with their report but instead they mixed faith with the evil report. How? They talked about the giants in the land instead of the report of faith that they were well able to take the land. Mix faith with God's word and say what God declared, We can do all things, My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory.
  • Neighbor on Acts 2
    Hi everyone I pray that God will bless you all abundantly with the only saving gospel which is Repentance, Baptism in Jesus Name and receive the Holy Ghost which was spoken of in Acts 2:37-47 by the very apostle Peter that Jesus gave the keys to the kingdom of heaven too. Hallelujah it works... Read it in Matthew 16:18-19 it won't hurt to ask God on your own free time on your knee's asking if this is real ? To fill you with the Holy Ghost, I promise you all it's THE REAL THING.... God Bless
  • Glory to God on Ephesians 2:6
    Does anyone have ANY tiny glimmer of an idea of what this is actually saying to the saved? It's astonishing light. Not only are we going to Heaven? what does it say. There is no greater power than that which allowed and CAUSED this to happen. God Himself!! This is no joke or verse to be undermining in darkness. Pure light of life. FACT. None more serious?! He did this! GOD. If you are born again? Rejoice forevermore. 1.LOOK where you ARE seated! 2.Please note WHOM "hath" put you there.--not you and it tells. 4.HATH!--not debatable, over and done, no maybes. 6.Raised together? - Learn what that means for maximum Light. 7.Who is "us"? 8.Do not people see total nth degree past tense all over this verse? Happened. 100 unrebukable fact unless you do not believe? LOOK WHAT GOD HATH done for His saved Sons and Daughters and believe it. THANK HIM. You did none of this because it surely tells whom did. You asked mercy at best? THANK whom "HATH" made this fact. Sword of Truth. Glory to God forevermore. Amen
  • Justice Anonye on Ecclesiasticus 1
    Is the word of God not what it is? Surely, the word of God shall forever remain true.
  • JP on Revelation 1
    Considering this was written almost two thousand years ago to 'shew.. things which must shortly come to pass', isn't it taking things a bit far to interpret them as being about current or future events? I think it is, and that we Christians should attempt to go beyond popular far fetched theories that do us more harm than good. May God bless us in our studies, in Jesus name. Amen!
  • James on Genesis 4
    I have a question about Verses 14 and 15. Why would he need a mark on his forhead? Who is going to find him?
  • Chinonso on Exodus 20
    My concern lies within Exodus 20:4 5. The Bible says: "Thou shall not make thyself any graven image, of any likeness of anything in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, or in the water under the earth." Verse 5 says, "Thou shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them for I the Lord is a jealous God... "I am a Core Catholic!" Then, my concern relies on whether the "Images Chaplets" and other 'Sacramentals' used by the Catholic Church Worldwide violates this particular Law since they only make use of them bow down to them in acknowledgment of God in Heaven, and not for any other god on earth or anywhere else. In fact, I have heard so many Christians of other faiths like: The Lords Chosen, RCC, Assemblies of God Church etc criticising Catholic Church and their Doctrines. Some even go a long mile condemning them aptly reckoning it as an "Occultic Church." But still, the same people, 'll take pictures, enlarged images and keep for themselves, make larges format prints and place in their Churches even at their altars without using them in God's glory. So who is doing the right thing?
  • Aaron on Daniel 8
    I agree with most of Bob K's intreprtation of Daniel chapter 8. The one thing in my opinion I differ from Bob is I don't believe the first beast is coming from the Holy Roman Empire. He's coming out of the pit of hell resurrected by Satan. Remember the people wonder at the beast because he was wounded and came back to life? My opinion the anti-christ is Nimrod. Right out of the pit of hell restored head back on!
  • Ra-Moan on Genesis 3:18
    Genesis 3:21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them. You can punish chastise a child for disobeying, but can you cruelly and unjustly punish that child? GOD made us like HIM, to have desire and have to deny it.
  • Sabbatismos A. on Deuteronomy 22:5
    Everyone seems to pretend not to understand the post by Abbas James, where he said God speaks before things happen. None is seeing that someone here is implying that God gave the command to Israel because of the heathen nations around. Even the person didn't bother telling us what was meant by the "pertaineth", he just finagled away from it. Another appealed to "Women of God" who wear what they like and do great things... someone even said it wasn't addressed in the NT. Was the Bible supposed to be "NT re-addressing what is addressed in the OT"? Is the NT the "two edged sword" of God Almighty? Why is none defining the "pertaineth" and the "abomination"? And, why do we disagree that unisex clothing was never started by Christians-strictly defined? Where is a woman seen listed among those who go to war in Scriptures, and what weapons were they to use that might have differed from that of men? Which weapons do American women armies use? When did women start going to war?... Why are we deceiving ourselves, modifying the innerrant and unmistakable Word? Let me ask this, pls: now that a woman can be modestly adorned in women trousers, pls, how can a man be modestly adorned in male skirts? Thanks for your answer. Greetings from Nigeria.
  • Lilian on Deuteronomy 23
    Jesus have come to give us life. Thanks to Jesus for sheding his precious blood to us in order for us to have life in abundance. We are save by his Grace and not of what we have done. Our job now is to believe Jesus that he is our Savior and obey his words. Without obedience to his words and be Born Again in Spirit its impossible for us to enter into the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is within us. What a lovely Holy Father and our God is faithful to his words and promises. Because of his mercy and love to us he has anointed us with oil. When God is with us who can be againsts us?.. I will continue praising God and thanking God for everything he have done into our lives for he is worthy to be praised. Amen
  • A.Zithulele on Matthew 24
    I would to have a clarity on Matth25:20. Why Jesus warned them in that way? And why it shall be terrible for pregnant woman and nursing mothers?
  • Pat Clark on Isaiah 54
    I love this particular chapter in Isaiah... but the verses that speak to me the most are 1 2... At one point in my walk with God I'd reached a place of indecisiveness, and I didn't know when it was that the Lord wanted me to do? I was yet rather young in the faith at the as I search the scripture for answers, God directed me Isaiah 54 and kept me right there for quite some times...I didn't know what He wanted me to see until after reading, and studying this chapter over and over again. The first two verses seem to be highlighted in me spirit man so clear ! As a child of God, being saved by is my reasonable service to share the good news of salvation with other that know not of God's free gift unto salvation, and of the price Jesus paid that they might attain His gift... In verses 1 2 this is what became clear to me, is that God is saying to his people, that there are "so many people out here" vs1 more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the Lord . Vs 2 "Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitation:spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes" This spoke volumes to me. There is a lot of work to be done, people are dying without knowing they have a Savior... in vs 1 He's letting us know that there's more "children of God then a wife could ever have "
  • Baby Ray Everett on 2 Chronicles 1
    When was the ark moved from Jerusalem 1King 8, to Kirjathjearim? Verse 4. Book,chater and verse. Thank you
  • Lowell Nellson on Ephesians 6:12
    I am in agreement with CDFROM 'S comment. This is the verse I am familiar with...NOT ONLY! Beware of false prophets - Many reside in high places on this earth. Need I mention Hitler? Who would starve, kill and maim for personal glory, power, and wealth in our world today?
  • Word on 2 Peter 3
    Faith Edet God was first speaking of the world that was, actually it was an earth age before this one we live now in the flesh. Earth was created beautiful Isaiah 45 vs 18 and then it got destroyed in Jeremiah 4 vs 22-27 God with His wisdom created earth written in Proverbs 8 vs 23 to 31 and then Satan wanted to be a god Ezekiel 28 and in Revelation 12 Satan stole a third of Gods stars, Gods children, and did cast them to earth Matt. 13 vs 36-44. To put this all together we lived on earth where Satan stole one third of the children in a political move to overthrow God but God got mad and shut off the lights then He turned on the lights He separated the children of darkness from the children of light. In Genesis 1 vs 2 the word was is 1961 in the Strong 's hayah and it translates became without form and void. Anyway 1000 years is just 1 day and how long is the day of the Lord going to be? 1000 years. Just thoughts that might help you.
  • Perley Sasuclark on Hebrews 6:2
    What is the "doctrine of baptisms " mentioned in Hebrews 6: 2? It is, first of all, one doctrine not three. It is, however, a three-fold manifestation of the one doctrine. First, it is the doctrine of water baptism as represented in the ritual washing in the Temple worship and John 's baptism. Second, it the doctrine of spiritual baptism as when one has been baptized into the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ by way of His cross. Third, it is the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, whom Christ said He would pray the Father to send to all who believed in Him to act in His stead. The first baptism is an ordnance of the Church and signifies the new birth. The second baptism is the sacrament of the new birth which is accomplished by the faith of man working with the grace and mercy of God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the Cross. The third baptism is the power of God that enables man to operate on a spiritually higher level in Christ Jesus. It is the "law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Now you don 't need to accept my definition and you may refute my reasoning. However, I want to remind you that a three-legged dog can walk just not as good as a dog with four legs.
  • Rick on Genesis 5
    Interesting math work: Adam was around to see Methuselah 's day, but not Lamech 's and 1656 years from Adam 's day until the great flood started... On that note: Methuselah was 969 years old his death age in the year of the flood--I wonder if he died with the flood? He would have been the only one mentioned in here old enough to have possibly seen the flood, with the notable exceptions of Noah and his children.
  • Ann Bordelon on 1 Corinthians 14:38
    Where did the word "still " come from? I have always heard it quoted as such! But I cannot find that! We aren 't suppose to " add to " His Word so I 'd like to know.
  • Faith on Psalms 46
  • Brianna on James 5:12
    The Bible makes things real simple, but sometimes we have to make it complicated. Jehovah God encourages us to be truthful, and direct. Imagine how easier life would be if we were direct instead of all this indirect, passive aggressive behavior so common today. Also, Yes I do agree with you Mike, If your yes is yes, and no is no, then what more do we need to swear on something?
  • John madden on 1 John 1:6
    If were in the dark guess who ant thier..?..god..he is light. He dont have communion with darkness ..this is not class 101..but basic truth Darkness is fellowship with evil

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