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  • Leah on Genesis 11:3
    What does this mean? I want to understand Gods word better.
  • Gordon w. on 1 Corinthians 15:51
    Sit with a minister, elder body is God given from the start, each body of flesh, yet was God is concerned about in giving us the ability to choose or not is ours...did so out of love for us ...god is concerned about your soul as you should be also. Our bodies are just a compartment to carry our souls as it were, for when we die we go to the ground from where we were taken...biology shows us that we disenegrate there, yet your breathe of life is what makes you a living Soul in Gods eyes, each one has Gods notice and if he created us, he surely can re-create us ! Yet He promised this would happen when the time of his re-appearing shall come. That s why Christ the Son of God willingly gave His life, and more importantly, has Risen again in what ? SPIRIT be with His Father in show us from words in scripture he will do just that! Yet you realize that the dead are risen first by Christs own words! There are only a chosen few that God has called to his side that were still alive on earth. Nobody goes to heaven when they die. But it sounds nice too say and teach, God made us and he can re-Make us. There is so much more to this but it will have to wait.......please dont worry, about what kind of body God may give us, cause this is all we know, these bodies we have....imagine being a spirit though!! Wow...
  • JCs on 2 Peter 3
    hi was just seeking for bible verses on the day of the Lord and wepons of warfare they not showing up ty The weapons of warfare have been diminished to one verse ? I really use it when i share so wondered if you knew ty GB
  • Ambrose Okech on Hebrews 4:8
    Somebody must surely tell me: who was being refered to here, joshua, or Jesus? Even if Jesus is the Greek translation of the hebrew word Jesus, how then was it used in this context for the translaters to opt to use 'joshua' now? How different is it from all the use of Jesus throughout the new testament? Think of it, even if joshua indeed gave them rest, the israelites would still need this rest reffered to in this chapter. So it refers to jesus, coz, if Jesus gave them rest they would need none. They also need this rest coz they did not get it then...........from the giver of rest!!
  • Bonyah Isaac on 1 Peter 3
    Verse.18 20:The passage does not teach that Christ went and preach to some imprisoned spirit in hades.It is saying that Christ was put to death in the flesh he died like all humans die ,but made alive by the Spirit.This means he died and was raise do life by the Holy Spirit, Rom.8:11 .Through whom that same Spirit he Jesus went and preach to the spirit in prison.So it was the Holy Spirit that did the preaching.But who are this spirit in prison?? They are simply the sinners who disobeyed God in Noah's day.In the Bible sinners are seen to be in Prison. Isaiah 42:7,61:1 . The Holy Spirit also the Spirit of Christ preached through Noah to those disobedient spirit.It shoul b noted that the Holy Spirit had been preaching in the past,present and will continue to preach through Holy Men of God. 2nd Peter 1:20 21 .Eph.2:17 says "Jesus came and preached peace to the Jews and gentiles".Jesus personaly ddnt preach to the gentiles.Rather the Holy Spirit which is His Spirit spoke through holy men of God.So the entire pasage simply means that Christ,through the His Spirit in Noah preached to those peoples who were under the bondage of Sin.Again it has a connection with His ascension and the pouring of the Spirit when He through His Spirit in Holy men preached to both the Jews and Gentiles.The passage can never mean Christ preached while He was dead to dead spirit in Noah's time.For it would contradict with what the Hebrew writer wrote"After death comes Judgement".There is no 2nd chance.
  • Mark on Mark 16:16
    Any Lutherans out there? This verse was referenced on my infant baptismal certificate. I was on my to hell until I was born again by power of the Holy Spirit! Then, I decided to follow Jesus example in belierer's baptismNote in the following verses what evidences follow a true believer. Look in the book of Acts to discover shipwrecked Paul's fulfillment of these prophetic verses. Luther risked his life on what the scriptures taught and did not believe the educated religious leaders of his day. The KJV Bible is the most reliable English version out there. Study to know the truth!
  • Ambrose Okech on Exodus 20:4
    Verse 4 clearly talks about graven images and i'm getting a picture of how God detests such with a passion. Read on its own or in conjunction with other scriptures on graven images, it cannot escape one's notice that they are expressly forbiden. God is a jealous God. So where do catholics get their authority to form graven images and shamelessly place them conspicuously in their places of worship with impunity? Definitely not the bible!
  • David on Revelation 9
    Abaddon is not the Anti-Christ but the king that rules over the Anti-Christ, in other words the Devil is released at this time to begin instructing the Ant-Christ. The Anti-Christ starts his three and a half year long rule over the Earth, at the same time the two witnesses spend three and a half years reaching out to the People of Israel. This time period is the second half of the 70th week of Daniel. As this period starts the Church Gentile dispensation age has finished. The church people are still on Earth and God still wants them to behave the same and still wants Gentiles to be saved but the beginning of this age is because God has changed his witnessing back towards the Hebrew nation. Concerning the mark of the beast beast - a living creature that has no living soul - not of the lineage of Adam , neither a tattoo of a computer chip for financial purposes will stop an individual from choosing Salvation, stop them from making a free will choice. Remember in a few more verses, God even places a mark on His People. Do you think God is going to Tattoo or chip His People? This is a spiritual mark. If it were anything physical, I would tend towards something along the lines of a "joining of the mind" which would remove all chance of a free will move towards God.
  • Tonguino Alexis on Luke 10:42
    "There is only one thing needed"...This was Jesus' response to Martha.That one thing needed is saving one's soul,in other words Salvation.Also,continually feeding the soul with its desired food,which is the word...The word of God. Now,why didn't Mary join Martha for the preparations? It's clear in verse 39,which says "Her sister,Mary,sat at the Lord's feet,listening to what He taught.This tells us that,Mary was more concerned about saving her soul and knowing the word of God,rather than running after worldly pleasures to satisfy the flesh,which stands for the preparations the bible talks about.Beloved,I encourage you to embrace the freely given salvation the Lord has brought to us.
  • Ohmboy on Genesis 34
    Doesn't the Bible Uphold treachery in the sons as a kind of honor? Who was the real Dinah? As with much of the Bible, we are given a 'sanitized' version of events. Can we ever know the real story, Sans Faith.
  • Brian jay on Revelation 14
    can we all go to heaven ?
  • Judy on Acts 15:29
    abstaining from blood. does this mean that blood transfusion is wrong as it gets blood into ones body as does ingestion through the mouth?
  • Word on 2 John 1
    Deborah..who would be the "us" you speak of John forbidding? Re-read Verse 1 and 13?..... "The elder unto the elect lady and her children" Is that you? See 1 John 5:13 and please think deeply every day why that indeed is written to "believers". Us. Note it is not written to non believers!! "Know" why. It is why He wrote it to them, us. "Ye" In that verse would be the believer. Eternal. GLory to God. Thank you Jesus. Ps are you going to tell me PETER found your children walking in truth? Context Light.
  • Matthew on 1 John 5:4
    The analyses mentioned are very good but none speak about the wording of the passage, in particular the use of the word 'whatsoever' which denotes anything ranging from human beings to animals. Could someone shed a little light on the usage of the word please?
  • Ian on Exodus 11
    If they borrowed the spoils of Egypt when do you think they will be repaid? I think this is still an outstanding debt. I assume it will be repaid in the future. Jesus took refuge there, Abraham was blessed there and then the people of Israel borrowed wealth from Egypt. There must be a reward or repayment ahead?
  • Dee Fero on Joel 1
    Is Joel giving us Harbingers or warnings of things to come? Disaster after Disaster is hitting America, could these be warnings from our God? Are we seeing emotional, financial, Spiritual and natural warnings? I think so.
  • Newton on Daniel 6
    I think if we could get half the faith that Daniel had and trust God and stand up for what we believe in and not worry about,what the world thinks. God would save our family's.Don't worry about what the world thinks. If we cannot be now, What is Jesus going to say in the end?????
  • Joseph on 2 Timothy 3
    Question, 2 Timothy 3:12 "I'm making it a priority to commune with the lord and pray to the Heavenly Father everyday. I'm confused, I believe in Jesus Christ and know that I want to commune and pray I'm gonna be persecuted? Is it because I'm just doing for myself to be saved? Am I deceiving myself? Please help. Age15
  • Jaimie Braswell on Revelation 22:18
    Bless us all. I prefer to believe that God wants us to read and study so that we may come to our own interpretations. I believe he enjoys the banter but to try and force others to your own interpretations is not the goal. It is one man's understanding to himself with God is sacred. I mean, how many religions pray to the God of Abraham?More than I can count, but I believe a man finds God on and in his own environment.The similarities I find mind boggling. I don'the know how anyone can deny that.
  • Garrison Adamu on Ephesians 4
    For the sake of Jesus GOD foregive us, do you know because of you GOD can foregive someone? try it today.
  • Mike D on Psalms 119:93
    My thought on this verse went to John 6:68, where Jesus turns on to His disciples and ask them, will you also leave me, to which Peter replys, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. David knew this. It was his past experiences that that formed his resolve. It is the hard times that form us, not a bumpless ride through life. Trials are in fact a blessing as they have several benefits. They draw us closer to the Lord and each other in the fellowship. They produce holy living at times and as we see here they increase our love and dependence on God's word. David finishes the verse, for with them thou hast quickened me. Perhaps this the most important part of the verse. Spiritual life comes only through God's word.
  • Mike D on Psalms 119:93
    My thought on this verse went to John 6:68, where Jesus turns on to His disciples and ask them, will you also leave me, to which Peter replys, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. David knew this. It was his past experiences that that formed his resolve. It is the hard times that form us, not a bumpless ride through life. Trials are in fact a blessing as they have several benefits. They draw us closer to the Lord and each other in the fellowship. They produce holy living at times and as we see here they increase our love and dependence on God's word.
  • George taylor on Acts 8
    The Holy spirit spoken of,is it something have to be prayed for,or when one ask the Lord inti their lives,they automatically receives the Holy spirir?
  • Lola on Psalms 13
    We all have doubts in our lives,sometimes everyday,and we ask or cry out to God, why or where are You? When we are going through the tragedy of a love one this often happens. But in the midst of it all Our God Has not forgotten us. We are feeling lonely but He is there through it all. The feeling of doubt takes a hold of us for the better and thinking God is far or hiding from us. But surely He is the only one who can take us through all lost,grief,loneliness,temptation, whatever the test, struggles, situation,circumstances, sickeness, only God can . So we cry out because of our doubts but we in the end we believe in God and give Him praises and thanksgiving. All glory be to God for His everlasting Love, grace,mercies,goodness, kindness. Whatever the test, situation, circumstances, sickness, God never fails through distance He may seem,He is right there fixing it for us. Praise God. Lord Jesus we often doubt You when we become lonely , sick and otherwise Lord, but please Dear Lord help us never, not to believe in Your words and promises knowing that You will never leave or fosake us,and that You will deal with us bountifully. O Praise God. We have doubts God but our belief lies in You.God You know us and the truth about us. Amen
  • Tydings chunga on Acts 19
    i trust in god every time r u the one trust in him ?
  • Ish on Isaiah 48:13
    Just recently the New Horizon spaceship took a 9 year, 3 billion mile journey to the planet Pluto, traveling at 34,000mph. That entire journey took place somewhere in GOD! Putting that journey in the frame or man's understanding, can you even begin to imagine the eternity of the existance of Our God? No! God is immense, vast, immeasurable, bondless, measureless, infinite, unbounded, illimitable. In 1Kings 8:27, it is written that the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain him. There are about 200billion stars in just the Milky Way galaxy, the sun being just one star. There is an estimate of more than 100billion galaxies in the universe. So I guess that Our God should be able to handle our earthly situations which seem to us to be so monstrous. Those of us who do, must stop trying to put God in a box. He who created the earth by his power, established the world by his wisdom, and stretched out the heavens at his discretion, is more that qualified and able to handle anything Satan throws at us. After all," All things were made by him and without him was not any thing made that was made".
  • TruthSeeker on John 3
    John 3:16,17 indicates that God loves the world, and sent Christ to die for the sins of the world - but according to my pastor certain people are picked by God to be saved and the rest have no chance of salvation so did Christ only died for the sins of those that were predetermined by God to accept His salvation?
  • Elder on 1 Kings 13
    God identifies the point that Jesus made as recorded by the apostle Luke in chapter 6 saying, how God is kind to the unthankful and the evil." Paul in Romans nine quoted God from Deuteronomy between chapters 6 and eight wherein God stated he will have mercy on whom He will. Jesus moreover said, "to whom much is given much is required." Could this be why God restored the wicked king's hand but slew the disobedient prophet ?!
  • John Hodge on Luke 17
    This chapter is reminding man, to get ready because His coming is very near. God also displaying His, Unconditional-Love to mankind, still asking that old question 'Adam where art thou? Throughout the ages He's asking that same question in Luke,asking where are the rest 90 in giving 'Thanks' to God and His Son for His Loving-kindness and spite of our un-thankfulness to Him. In the days of Lot and Noah man god is still materialistic things until now! God sill loves us and giving us time to repent and be prepared for His soon returns to this earth.
  • Bryan on Genesis 1
    Why does some interpretations say heavens and why the plural?

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