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  • Allen Walker on Colossians 1
    Nice Love the service , could you program it so we can share?? Others do.
  • A disciple on Matthew 26
    "Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests, and said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you?" Even if called as One Of The Twelve, the Light continually exposing our nature must cause us to either repent and seek His mercy and healing, or harden us into a selfish traitor. Jesus received Judas as a friend, but Judas forsook that friendship.
  • Servant of God on Luke 19
    Zac. was the chief politician of his day. But he was just, by his own confession and was worthy that Jesus should come into his house. Fast forward and what is the message of the chief politian? Shameful! Yet does the church support him. Jesus would not, I assure you for he knew the heart of man by his words and deeds.this is important as our nation is in jeopardy for the abundance of lies today
  • A disciple on Matthew 25
    "Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps." NO DOUBT but every Christian wants to be loved and received into the kingdom at the last day; Right? All get excited to hear good teaching and expounding of the Word; all want to put that Word into action in their daily lives; Right? But is that really the truth about every Christian? Apparently for many IT IS NOT! How do we get that OIL?
  • Dennis Hauze on Isaiah 61
    Symbolism and metaphor abounds in Isaiah 61. What then is the spiritual meaning of the "oil of joy" reference in verse 3, and why that metaphor?
  • Lorease on Revelation 1
    Bill, to answer your question. Who is the angel of Jesus Christ? In Revelation 1:1, the angel of the church speaks of the Pastor.
  • A disciple on Genesis 25
    "And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?..and he sold his birthright unto Jacob..thus Esau despised his birthright." The Scriptures declare clearly what kind of man Esau was; yet most find fault with Jacob for his scheming, but hardly say a peep about Esau the heathen hater of the LORD. God knew what kind both men were, and chose Jacob.
  • Kenny j on Proverbs 15
    Steve: have you not heard of tormented Spirits/men??? why do you call a man "wicked" as though he is "wicked intentionally"???? or did I misunderstand your comment?? kenny james
  • Bill on Revelation 1
    Who is the angel of Jesus Christ? ( Refering to Revelation verse 1).
  • A disciple on Luke 14
    If we only go by what is the language of the Scriptures of truth, and forget for a few minutes all the things many teachers and pastors have SAID was the meaning; then we see that its not unlawful to actually be just, and therefore to claim that one is just. God gave us a whole Bible so that we would be just and true, toward Himself and toward each other. How else can we learn to discern judgment?
  • A disciple on Matthew 22
    "But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise: and the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them." Why did the Lord so often speak of such negative things and the way men are? Why did He not talk about happiness and joyful singing like so many modern Churches do? Because we are in a world that threatens to destroy us!!!
  • I AM on Proverbs 15
    Tell ye, what is the Name of Jesus Christ? For his Name shall be called Jesus as he is the Deliverer, sent by God. And he is certainly the Christ, the Son of the living God. Yet, what is the Name of the only begotten Son of God? For how can a man call on the Name of The LORD if he does not know his Name? Or how can a man be saved if he will not confess the NAME of The LORD JESUS CHRIST?
  • Hallelujah Howdie on Psalms 89
    In my bible there are stars beside 6 verses. Does anybody know why?
  • A disciple on Proverbs 15
    Steve M; It is not a wicked heart which has departed from the LORD, who expounds the Scriptures and the Doctrine of God with wisdom of the Spirit teaching! If I speak not according to the Word, show it! But if I do teach what the Teacher has taught me so that I should "feed His lambs and feed His sheep; why does that offend you? Judge righteous judgment and put away envyings and strifes!
  • A disciple on Proverbs 15
    Steve M; "These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." What things? The words that the Apostles were proclaiming and teaching in the Name of JESUS CHRIST; which they had not up to then heard nor understood! Except we receive them as a little child we cannot be saved!
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 15
    everyone else reading this,do you possess everlasting life now?Have all your sins been paid for?Is there anything to keep you from entering heaven?If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.John 8:36 Our service to God is out of gratitude, with nothing to merit salvation.Heirs by grace of God only.
  • A disciple on Matthew 20
    "Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good? So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen." When the Lord goes out into the mountains and the wilderness, seeking His lost sheep; when He finds it, He puts it on His shoulders and brings it home rejoicing. Why would some of the ninety nine grumble and murmur?
  • A disciple
    "...I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." (cont.) The Lord Jesus Himself said, Are you yet without understanding? Do you not remember...? How is it that you do not understand? Woe to you Pharisees, hypocrites...who have taken away the key of knowledge; you don't go in yourselves, and they that do, you hinder!" Psalms 119:73
  • A disciple on John 8
    "...I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." Jesus said that His Elect, in whom He has wrought grace and truth and given of His Spirit, SHALL NOT WALK IN DARKNESS, BUT SHALL HAVE THE LIGHT OF LIFE! How then is it a stumblingblock to some that we should walk in holiness and truth and understand the Scriptures and our time here?
  • A disciple on 1 Corinthians 2
    "Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts." Isaiah 28:9-11 WHO HAS KNOWN THE MIND OF THE LORD? They that turn to the Lord with with a true heart, so that the covering of darkness cast over their heads is removed! Those who receive the Kingdom of God as a little child! Those who love out of a pure heart, and a good conscience, and faith without hypocrisy! Ask and you SHALL receive! Believe and obey, and God will make you the man or woman He intends you to be, "After His own heart!" How shall anyone even be able to learn knowledge unless they have ability to understand? The Lord has many things to say to us, but He has to wait till we are able to bear it. This requires RECEIVING HIS WORD in a good and honest heart, grown up and matured through trial and proving faithful exercising one's self unto piety and walking in Truth, in OBEDIENCE to the Spirit of Christ.
  • A disciple on Matthew 19
    "..Who then can be saved? But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." It is impossible for men who trust in anything of themselves; who they are, what they are, or in their wealth to be saved. But NOTHING is impossible with God! All hindrances and obstacles and misconceptions can be overcome, and men can be saved when God does it!
  • A disciple on Proverbs 15
    Steve M; throwing verses at someone to cut them in pieces is nothing that Jesus or any of His servants ever do! How do you not recognize good and sound explanation of the Word? Don't you examine yourself when you read, and likewise pray for understanding and grace to work it out in real life? The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal; that all the members may benefit!
  • A disciple on John 8
    "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12 What was it that made the "devout" Pharisees so hotly pursue the Lord Jesus, and then the Apostles and disciples after Him; instead of kissing their lips for giving a right answer? He that has the Spirit of Christ, will also know Him.
  • A disciple on Revelation 19
    Steve M; I see you wrote me about every ten to fifteen minutes: What exactly is it that you want to say? The Scriptures you write are the Bread of my life and all my soul's delight. I trust in the mercy of God, and know how unworthy I am of the least of His mercies. But He HAS had mercy on me! And I love Him with ALL my heart! What is my fault in your opinion, that you so pursue me?
  • Wayne on Matthew 17
    John, what don't you understand about the fish and the coin? Nothing about the fish dying and selling the dead fish for a coin. Jesus simply says open the fish mouth, take out the,band pay the tax. Pretty clear cut .
  • Jeff Berry on Matthew 17
    Unlike the next chapter where Jesus uses an hyperbole to teach a truth (...if thy hand...offend thee) here He is speaking metaphorically. "If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed..." Do you have any "mountains" in your life? I do. And today I "say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place"!
  • Laurie on Psalms 100
    I remember as a child going to Sunday School, that my mom insisted I learn a Psalm by heart. I chose Psalms 100. I recall the last line in verse five of the King James Version as being "His true endures forever and ever." I like it written this way so much better. Where is the King James Translation that says it this way? Or am I mistaken?
  • Vicki on 1 John 3
    Son of David, would you by chance be Catholic? I know they don t believe we can know we re saved until we die and that is false and directly contradicts Scripture. See 1 John 5:13. Salvation is a gift, we do not earn it by how we live. We receive it as a gift by faith in Christ. That may RESULT in changed behavior but it s not changed behavior that saves. See Ephesians 2:8-9.
  • A disciple on Psalms 7
    Steve M; Neither Jesus nor any of the Apostles or Prophets ever went around only speaking Scriptures without teaching the sense and the meaning of the Sacred Text. We need to know what the Scripture means if we want to expound it to others; for how can someone believe in what they can't understand? When the Ethiopian Noble needed help understanding the meaning of the Scriptures, Philip explained.
  • A disciple on Luke 10
    "Who is this guy???" It is shameful and horrifying how easily some think they can talk so flippant and disrespectful about the Son of God, who came to earth out of pity FOR YOU to sacrifice Himself IN YOUR PLACE to bear the punishment of YOUR SINS, when He had done nothing wrong! Christian has nothing to do with paradigm of religion. The ONLY WAY God said we can be saved is through His Son Jesus.

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