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  • D.J. - in Reply on Philippians 4:17
    Hey Chris,

    We have examined the Scriptures and come to different conclusions. This is the beauty of the Word of God. Let us all keep learning and growing in His word.

    I will leave you with some final thoughts and questions concerning these particular topics.

    The information concerning the two separate and distinct accounts of the creation of man and the separate instructions given in Genesis 1:26-29 from that given in Genesis 2:4-7 can clearly account for the creation of mankind in general and the creation of Adam in particular.

    If we are all ancestors of the singular man Adam you say accounts for Genesis 1:26-29 AND Genesis 2:4-7, how have we such distinct and separate races upon the earth after 6000 years of interbreeding?

    One race mating with the same race does not produce another race or all the races; neither does migration.

    If we are all derived from one man, than we would only have one nation to speak of because we would all be of the same lineage! How then do we in the third dispensation of time (when we are all with God again) still find a distinction between the house of Israel and the other nations? In Revelation 21:24, we find the different Kings of the nations bringing their glory and honour inside the gates? (i.e. they live outside the gates; and we are all with God at this point in time.

    We are ALL of the family of God, i.e. of one blood (Acts 17:26, 1 John 1:7); but all are NOT of the same lineage.

    If God makes a distinction between the lineage of Adam and the nation of Israel from every other NATION upon the earth, shouldn't we!
  • Patrick on Mark 7:21
    Mark 7:22, what is an evil eye?
  • Dolly ANDERSON on Song of Solomon 1:1
    In my King James Version Bible, the Book of Solomon is found. In my new Southern Baptist Sunday School book, it is called Song of Songs. When did this happen?? Never heard it called Song of Songs!! I don't like anything changed when it come to GOD'S WORD!!!
  • Terry Sykes on Genesis 3
    I am looking where it says, follow man's law until it goes against God's law, then follow God's law. Can you help me out?
  • Peter- message to on Genesis 1:25
    I am saying this now but why has god hasn't stopped coronavirus? is it impossible to stop or is it the evil devil

    Peter Mcaleer
  • Peter on Genesis 3:1
    Now here a little project for somebody that mat find it interesting. Consider; what Adam Knew that He learned from God. For example He talked with God as he named the animals; and so he had to think in order to come up with names; and so he has some mind development from that. etc. So He had to even figure out how to talk to EVE with more than those few words and the bit of mind development that he had from the other things. So the project is how would Adam a caveman living in a cave as there were no houses and and some caves even have good drinking water; protection of course and shelter etc but how does he develop how he can communicate with his wife? and others. How s do we develop when we do not have very much to develop by. For example Adam probably pointed at things sort of like when God took the animals to him to name. So they probably started to name things in their habitat a cave man with limited language of sounds that we can only guess at. So I will say like a caveman; and my image of Cavemen are tey used grunts and short words as thats seems to be how we even starts to develop and so maybe the question is would cavemen know long words with meanings? If yiu have good eye sight; and youn like studying the bible; give it a try.
    I had this thought recently, and wanted to share it with everyone for comments, that I feel God has been impressing on me about His Return. Matthew 24, 25 were not just written to give us information about when Christ will return and what conditions will be like. It was written also to warn us to Prepare for His Return.

    The example of Lot's wife is very clear. She had a strong emotional attachment to what she was leaving behind. She didn't want to be separated from them. Her yearning, her longing was so great, she didn't want to leave them behind. She was, perhaps, having second thoughts. In fact, was she a reluctant follower?

    So, when we hear the Trumpet Call, the Shout of the Archangel, and we see Jesus in the Clouds as He starts gathering His Elect (Christians) from one side of the sky to the other, and the Heavens begin to fill with the rumble of those that were dead being raised with us who are alive, praising and magnifying God, and the thunderous sound of swords clanging as they slip out of their sheaths in preparation for battle, and the Word of God is held high to lead the charge; will we be emotionally ready to leave everything behind. Will we be able to release the emotional grip we have on our spouse and answer the call, as Jesus announces with a loud voice to "Come up Here"? Will we be able to let go of the hand of the mother we love, as Jesus appears in the sky? Will we be able to leave our children behind without looking back with a strong desire to take them with us? Will we be able to let go and rise to the Heavens without hesitation?

    Two will be in the field, Jesus told us. One will be taken. Pray we won't be like Lot's wife, whose emotional attachment to her material possessions, friends, family, social life, were greater than her desire to obey and follow God's instructions Genesis 19:17.

    Perhaps this is something most need not worry about, but are we ready emotionally to let go of everything we hold dear, to answer the Call? Luke 17:32.
  • Mishael on The Holy Spirit on 2 Timothy 1
    Jesus spoke many times about the Comforter to come. Especially near the end of his earthly life. He knew we would need Holy Spirits ministry for every part of our lives; especially for ministry.

    Tongues is for the edification and strengthening of your inner spirit. Sometimes you may feel deep groaning inside. I rock myself. I was praying in tongues, as were hundreds of others: it was a corporate prayer. (Your natural mind does not comprehend what your spirit is saying. Give voice to the groaning.) We finished praying and it was time to go home. The nice looking couple beside me asked me if I knew what I had spoken? I said no. They asked did I want to know. I said ok. They said I was praising God in Hebrew. We chatted and they invited me and a church friend to a Passover dinner the next night which was beautiful. They washed my feet :O

    It's not an every day thing. You feel an unction in your spirit when the Holy Spirit alerts you to. If you're "standing in the gap" for someone (interceding), you need to pray right then if called to.

    It's not weird. Have you ever felt like groaning? I don't know one word of Hebrew. If someone was speaking it my natural mind wouldn't recognize it. It's mysterious but always calming. As my love and trust for the Holy Spirit deepened, I was ok with anything He wanted. I'm a servant as best I can describe.

    There's a lyric in a song that best describes it. It's about a holy man living in a cave who sings to the Lord. He's got no shoes, little food but sees the most incredible things..... The singer met the SONG, and he understood. He dies.

    That's how I feel about the Holy Spirit.

    If you've had failed relationships with male figures; you have to lay all that on a invisible altar; walk backwards to the door,

    Turn and walk away. Ask the Holy Spirit to cover those memories. In my experience the sting of those memories are never felt again.

    That'd how He is. He's gentle. He knows YOU by name.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 3
    Kathleen, you make some good points & they are almost a reflection of my grandfather's view on water baptism, where his opposition to it was so strong, that he forbad any of his children & wife to go through its waters.

    And as much as I would agree with you on the 'greater' importance to be baptized with the Holy Spirit (& after all this is the hallmark of the believer, & that which seals & secures him/her eternally), what then do you make of the NT Scriptures that still demonstrate water baptism? Of course, we have Jesus' Own Command to His disciples in Matthew 28:19,20 (& I give a few Scriptures relating only to water baptism); Acts 2:38-41; 8:38; 16:33; 19:1-6; 1 Cor 13:13-16. And these were not just Jews only but Gentiles as well. And in any case, once a Jew turns to Christ, Christian baptism is still necessary to demonstrate the act of conversion.

    How do you interpret these portions?

    The only occasion that I could anticipate that a Christian would not need to be baptized in water would be where there was no one (e.g. an evangelist or personal witness) to share the Gospel with the unbeliever, & that enquiring soul, from the reading of the Word & moving of the Spirit, receives spiritual re-birth. A good example of this are the Apostles, (except Saul who was led to the Lord by Ananias (Acts 9:1-18)). We never see any testimony or reference by the apostles to their water baptism. Why not? Because they were baptized with the Spirit at Pentecost & were never led to salvation. So, it seems that the one that leads a soul to salvation should ensure (i.e. obeying the command) that water baptism takes place forthwith as a testimony of the great transaction. Sadly, our Churches pay little regard to this clearly defined order & folk are baptized according to their wishes & even decades down the road. There seems little sense to me in doing it this way & may just be a form of 'works' in case "I don't make it to Heaven".
  • Andrew Kingsly Raj on Amos 3
    Walking Together

    In this chapter we see the people of God going in an opposite direction from the Word of the Lord causing a separation in their walk with the Lord. In making application we see today that if we chose to act contrary to the Word of our Lord we will fail to walk together in fellowship with our Lord. How about you? Do you obey the Word of the Lord? Let us learn from our text today and the example of Israel to understand that two must agree, if they are to walk together.
  • Chris - in Reply on Philippians 4:17
    Page 2.

    At least, we're referring to the same Book, so one hurdle is omitted, but we have to deal with the evidence from Scripture first.

    Then further to your Page 2, in reference to the giants, their survival post-Flood & their progeny would be difficult to comment on, since the foundation is not agreed upon. So with just a quick response to that: Is the mention of giants in those days a direct reference to the sons of God mating with humans or were there giants prior to that occasion? (Genesis 6:4). Did not the offspring of the giant-human mating produce "mighty men of renown'? Even if the whole Earth was not flooded, but only in a specific locale, it remains that God destroyed every living substance from the Earth (Genesis 7:23). And, how far back can the lineage be traced for the Caananite, Perizzite, Hivite & the Hittite? To Noah or to a post-Adamic race? If to Noah: what's the proof? If to another race of people: which race?

    So my point is not to discredit your beliefs but to show that insufficient evidence is given to formulate anything outside the parameters of the Word. We can't assume something because it justifies or gives meaning to something else that may be evident. Why? Because our hypotheses may well be completely out of kilter thereby producing an erroneous outcome. I realize I don't have the answers, but I know for sure, that I would rather declare ignorance than to surmise/assume/calculate on certain 'facts' that cannot be clearly supported in Scripture.
  • Chris - in Reply on Philippians 4:17
    Page 1.

    D.J., as always, I appreciate your comments & the time you've given to writing them. Yes, we all seem to have that extra time on our hands especially during these uncertain days.

    I won't dispute the use of the word "flesh", as you've shown it in Hebrew, simply because I've never examined this properly. So, I will accept your explanation & application of that word. Yet, in Genesis 6:18-20, it is specifically declared who & what were to be carried in the Ark (i.e. the eight humans & two of every animal, male & female). I wonder how you can understand that 'other humans', not of the Adamic lineage, would also be included amongst these, seeing that the whole reason for the 'escape in the Ark' was for the destruction of all remaining, unbelieving humans (vv 5-8)?

    When I consider Scripture, as with such accounts that are not fully explained, I try to get to the very first mention of it (as here in Genesis) & progress through the Word to find more detail on the type of people (& animals) in question. Of course, the enquiry can sometimes be fruitless, simply because insufficient information is given, so my search ends as no other material is forthcoming.

    Since you too are reading from the same Scripture & I'm sure you are not privy to other material on this subject, could it be that you're viewing the Genesis account the other way, i.e. backwards rather than forwards? To explain: if you have a belief that there must have been other races of (non-Adamic) people in existence since creation, then to support that belief, you would have to also assume that it was not just eight people & animals that went into the Ark, but other humans too, or else how could we have such a diverse range of humanity. I ask, can we make such assumptions when the Scripture gives no further light on them? Are those assumptions even believable then, since we can't see it in Scripture?

    Onto Page 2.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 28
    I can appreciate your point & thank you for your comments, Linda, that there could well be spiritual forces behind such catastrophes & we need to be aware of this.

    You will remember Job & all that he went through in the loss of his family, possessions & health. I wonder what went through his mind when the reports of his losses came to him? We do know that he did not accuse God for this great loss & in the same token, neither did he accuse Satan. He was bewildered, angry & grieving, but laid not his suffering as from God nor from Satan. So, we too, cannot always know whether our tragedies in life are a result of spiritual forces working against us, or just natural occurrences because we live in a corrupt world. Though, there would be times when we clearly see God's Hand moving on our behalf, especially when we have sought Him in prayer.
  • William Kirkland on Psalms 23:3
    Are there dogs in Heaven?
  • Chris - in Reply on Acts 19:2
    Thanks Jesse for your comments. Indeed, what a great ministry that would be & for the furtherance of the Gospel if those with the gift of healing would minister to the many with sickness or near death. I wonder why such an opportunity is not seized upon - seems that use of the gift is being confined to the Church generally & not to the masses, as was part of the apostolic ministry.

    And true, has the real gift of Tongues ever been used today? As far as I know, those with this gift, still have to learn the language of their target people group when going out to foreign lands to serve; at least I've learnt this from those that I've met - they all had to go for language studies. When one sees all this, I sometimes can't blame the skeptics who say that all of the Holy Spirit's Gifts are now done away with (1 Corinthians 13:8-10). Yet, my sense is that if we make such a determination we may well err greatly & sin, so it's best to know that the Spirit still gives to each one "severally as He will" (1 Corinthians 12:11) & to rejoice when the gift is in operation for the evidential blessing of all.
  • Mishael on Baptism-Holy Spirit-Upper Room - in Reply on Matthew 3
    Someone needs to tell the Baptist Churches, huh?

    John the Baptist also baptized Jesus in water. As a dove the Holy Spirit pointed Jesus out. John prophesied, this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.

    If you go back into Discussions history pages you will see many pages on comment on this subject: through Jesus and all of his disciples and Paul.

    We cannot understand the Bible fully unless we have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That's why the Disciples were told by Jesus to await in the Upper Room.

    The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the Godhead. When He came into the upper room the guys saw tongues of fire. They had a unique supernatural experience that was witnessed by a lot of people. How do you know they were all Jews? This event flowed out into the streets, such was the excitement. I'm sure there were some Gentiles in the area. What are the odds on that? It says they heard their own languages coming from the disciples mouths. It was a city; all kinds of people were around to witness this and Hear it.

    It's recorded in the Bible. Jesus wanted this to happen just as it did. He said the Comforter would Come! The disciples KNEW this was the manifestation of what Jesus said! They were beyond JOY that Jesus was with them and in them in a very real way.

    They were not alone, fearful, anymore. They had Jesus with them and in them again.

    Look in your encyclopedic index in your Bible and look at the list of what all the Holy Spirits ministry is to believers! One: HE is our TEACHER who HELPS us rightly divide the WORD of TRUTH. (I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE). We need the Holy Spirit; and His Baptism.

    If you are doubting about the gift of tongues; HE will not force it on you! It's for your edification. See? We have to learn from Him first. Be taught by Him. You have to study like a "student" and ask many many questions that are in your mind. And then you've got to get STILL before HIM and LISTEN to Him.
  • Tyrone Lathan - in Reply on Hebrews 10
    Amen ! god is in control.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Acts 19:2

    I agree that it is the same Spirit, whether we say Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost, same Spirit. And yes, the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit is the gift. That is the only gift He promises to every believer. Did the Spirit raise Jesus from the dead, or did Jesus raise Himself? Jesus said I will raise up this temple. Acts Chapter 2 is a perfect example of tongues in its proper use. It would be equivalent to going to a foreign country, not knowing the language of that country, and all of a sudden we begin to witness to someone in their native tongue (language), a language that we don't know, but they understand perfectly what we are saying. It's a sign to them that what we are telling them is from God because there's no other way we could know their language so perfectly. It would be an awesome experience to be used the same way God used those in Acts Chapter 2. The problem is that's not what's happening in the church today.

    Every believer who receives Christ receives the same Spirit. But not every believer who receives His Spirit automatically starts speaking in tongues as evidence. In Acts 2, there was a reason why God used tongues. We are not to try and emulate that today.

    You've witnessed many things. Praise the Lord and all glory to God. He still heals, but not through the hands of men. Yes, God's Spirit is powerful, able to convict even the vilest of sinners and bring them to repentance, but I think we have to be cautious when it comes to "miracles" and "signs." How do we know it's all from God?

    Yes, the bible is alive and powerful. And there's nothing wrong with talking about receiving the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit, and telling people that receiving His Spirit will change and transform every aspect and thought process in a believer's life. But it would be the same thing as telling someone to receive Christ. Same thing! It's when people are being told that there needs to be evidence of the Holy Ghost by them speaking in tongues. That I can't agree with.
  • Alex on Psalms 46
    Alex to WR ABOUT WHO IS THE BRIDEGROOM. WR i said when they asked John about Christ and his disciples, John replied he that hath the bride is the bridegoom.Who was it that had the disciples fllowing him ? Jesus, John was trying to tell them that it was Christ who was the bridegroom.John was just a friend of the bridegroom he said. And he said that his joy was fulfilled just to hear his voice ( his words, his seeds,ya remember jesus said b/c i have spoken these words ( his seeds ) sorrows have filled your hearts impling a spritual pregnancyWhen a woman is in travail she has sorrows till the Child comes then her sorrows are turned into joy,impling a spritual birth,the Child is the H.G. thats ye he said that which is born of the spirit is spirit thats our new innerman the H.G. WHICH MEANS ANOTHER COMFORTER ANOTHER CHRIST BORN IS US VIA HIS SEED THE WORD, They don't call him the bridegroom for nothin,he has a seed to sow in us sinners ( humanity ) That was the great Promise that Christ wd be be multiplied as the stars of heaven thus the sower and his precious seed sown is us sinners thats y the new birth is so important. We must be bornagain of an incorruptible seed etc which is the seed of the bridegroom. ok gbu WR
  • Mishael on 2nd Timothy 31-8 on Acts 19:2
    Here's some good scriptures for parents of kids rioting in our streets.

    Jesus is Love but I don't think he would approve what is happening in our cities.

    These scriptures were canonized into the Bible.

    If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them:

    Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place;

    And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard.

    And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.

    If they get hit with a rubber bullet... they should have been home (if living in parents basement), keeping it clean.

    2 Timothy 3:1-8

    This know also, that in the Last Days (Jude 18) perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, un-thankful, unholy!

    Please do read the other verses! So should society go soft on these people?
  • Mishael on Genesis 321 - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Genesis 3:21

    "Unto Adam also and to his WIFE did the Lord God MAKE COATS of skins and CLOTHED them".

    Anybody know some Hebrew? Translate MAKE.

    They weren't animalistic cave people. They were created human and had clothing. Adam was intelligent!! He named everything in Creation. He was anointed to dress and keep the garden; give names to creation. His job. He was employed and worked 6 days a week!
  • D.J. - in Reply on Philippians 4:17

    Page 1

    I did not answer one of your initial questions concerning Noah and the Ark and who we are descendants from if only 8 souls aboard the Ark survived (1 Peter 3:20). Disclaimer: This might get lengthy and bring in other topics that may not be a part of mainstream Christian conclusions, so to speak. I am giving you a lot of info. I have a lot of time on my hands lately. Thanks for reading.

    There are various ideas about how all races are still on the earth if the flood of Noah's time destroyed all life. What does Scripture say?

    I would start by turning to Genesis 6:19. "And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female."

    Our Father is letting us know that not only were there the eight Adamic souls (1 Peter 3:20) instructed to enter the ark; Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives (Genesis 6:18), but the command by God was to also bring two of "every living thing of ALL FLESH," which would include the other races of humans, on to the ark with him. They were to be brought "male and female" so that a seed line or remnant of these different races would remain after the flood.

    The word "flesh" is derived from the Hebrew word "basar" (baw-sawr). It is used 27 times in the Book of Genesis. Only once is the word not identified with a human being in the Book of Genesis, look at Genesis 9:4. Of the 271 total times the word "flesh" is mentioned in the O.T., the Hebrew word "basar" (baw-sawr) is utilized for 257 of them, and is almost always representing human beings. When the word "flesh" does not represent man, it is easily identified as food; hence meat of some sort, whether living, raw, or cooked, as it does for the first time in (Exodus 12:8), also look at (Exodus 16:3, 8, 12, Leviticus 4:11, 18:7, etc.).
  • Kathleen Gregory - in Reply on Matthew 3
    Hi Al

    I'll share some of my reasons regarding baptism

    Matthew 3:11 - I indeeed baptize you with WATER unto repentance

    Who is "I"? It is John the Baptist. What is he baptizing with? Water. Why? For 'repentance' (reviewing one's actions and feeling contrition or regret for past wrongs, which is accompanied by commitment to and actual actions that show and prove a change for the better.)

    Who was John baptizing? Jews..What were they repenting of? Dead WORKS

    (Matthew 3:11) But he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear:

    he shall baptize you with the HOLY GHOST (Spirit), and with FIRE

    Who was John talking about? Jesus .So Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and Fire (Fire is definitely not water)

    Then Ephesians 4:4-5 says:

    There is ONE body, and ONE Spirit, even as ye are called in ONE hope of your calling;

    ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism

    1 = 1 Which baptism is it? by water? or By Fire(= Holy Spirit)?

    If I have to pick ONE BAPTISM I choose Jesus'

    Now, WHO had John the Bap. been baptizing? JEWS

    Who did Jesus come for?

    The Jews (Matthew 15:24)

    Who were the apostles first called to go to? The Jews (Matthew 10:6)

    So, Jesus and John the Bap. were just dealing with the Jews at the time (In fact, until He rose again - Jesus' ministry was primarily to the Jews - He even referred to the Gentiles as 'dogs' (Matthew 15"26)

    How does Jesus save? By Grace=NO more WORKS

    How would the Jews get saved? By Grace, right?

    They needed to turn (def. of 'repentance') away from depending on their works(Hebrews 6"1) and depend solely on Jesus to be saved.

    John baptized The Jews w/water to show they had repented from depending on the Law

    The Gentiles never even knew about the law so they didn't need water baptism

    Jesus didn't need the thief on the cross to be baptized by water

    And so,water baptism is associated w/the Jews - & it was newly saved Jews who thought it was necc. for ALL, but Paul knew better (I Cor. 1:17)

    Sincer. KG
  • Justine on Genesis 3
    What dose it say about paligomy
  • Donna on Mark 8
    What is the true gospel or the good news? Is it the coming of the kingdom of God or Jesus dying for our sins and rose on the third day? I see in Matthew 1:14 the kingdom of God. Then I see in 1Corinthians 15:1-4 he died for our sins and rose again. I want to tell people about the good news but I have to know and understand it myself. Can you help?
  • Victor on Matthew 10
    Mathew 10:27 "What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops."

    could anyone help me to understand this? Thanks.
  • Adam - in Reply on Job 38:4
    1. Isaiah 40:22 calls the earth a circle.

    2. NASA doesn't control everything in the skies. You tried to discredit some scientists for being from Germany. Is that their fault? My family is from Germany and we're Christian, are you calling us Nazis? Have you even been to Germany? When a country gets a corrupt oppressive ruler its a logical fallacy to assume all its people suddenly become evil. The fact is the vast majority of Germans were against the Nazi rule and were scared and propaganda lies made them not know the truth of what was going on.

    3. The circle of the earth is easily proven by flying on an airplane. If you go high up you can see curvature of the horizon. Also, you can fly all the way around the world in a straight line and end up at your place of origin. I've already done this myself and proved the earth is a sphere. Have you ever traveled? This is a very easy experiment you can do, so what would prevent you from doing this? God already gave us the brains and resources to explore our natural world. People already do this all the time for work, vacation, etc. So when you do this you won't see any folds, no 'end' point, which is because its a sphere with gravity pulling from the middle. Otherwise where is your source of gravity? So, you expect to 'fall off' the end and 'down' in space? Where is down? Anyway you could simply take a GPS and plot all the waypoints of your flight then later plot in software and you'll see its a globe/circle just as God said.

    4. There's a mountain of photo/video evidence of what the earth looks like from space. Thousands of photos/videos from before CGI was invented and before non-linear video editing was invented. What prevents you from writing/talking to the people who have been space? All the other stars and planets we can already see are also circles/spheres. We have lots of satellites orbiting earth all the time, which allows you to have internet service, to use websites like this, to read the Bible online, etc. God bless!
  • Nicholas musonda on Leviticus 16:9
    The meaning of azazel
  • Victor on Matthew 10
    how to understand "shake off the dust of your feet"? Thanks.
  • Precious Muchemwa - in Reply on 1 Timothy 2:4
    I dreamt someone telling me to read Isiah chapter 42 and chapter 44 so l wanted to know what these chapters might mean in the spiritual realm. Maybe there is something I should know that I am not aware of in the waking life.

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