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  • Lu2677 on Proverbs 9
    Jackson; do you sell the word of God in your school, or do you give it freely?
  • Karen on Genesis 4
    In verse 17 where did Cains wife come from?
  • Israel Talavera on Luke 6
    Isn't there a way to 'share' these verses of the day on Twitter? I don't see any place button that allows for such. Have I overlooked this? or is this just how it is? Thanks.
  • Ken on Psalms 91
    Read genesis1:26 we are in HIS image,I don't have wings do you?
  • Lu2677 on Psalms 91
    V. 4 (If God says he has feathers and wings; HE HAS feathers and wings. If he does not have feathers how could he cover someone, if he does not have wings how could someone be under them? Yet he says he is able to do these things!) Luke 1:37 Nothing shall be impossible with God.
  • William Jackson on Isaiah 59
    Is numerology a familiar spirit and should be cast out?
  • Southern Sir on Psalms 127
    I want so much for God to search me throughout, yet somehow I know He's doing so this very minute, yet how will I know? I remain prayerful He will reveal His presence that I may know in such a godless society.
  • Doug on Psalms 91
    If God does not actually have feathers or wings, then why does he give us this illustration? Perhaps because the parents of fledgling birds do all in their power to feed and defend their young, even dying for them, and since God is all powerful, how great is our providence and protection as he watches over us.
  • Lu2677 on Matthew 24
    What is your understanding of Matthew 24:50-51?
  • In verse 4 it says we should know how to posses his vessel in sanctification and honour.
    What does the vessel refer to, his wife or his body part?
  • Ronald Schlager on Mark 7
    What does it matter, as to what you or I think about anything spoken of in the Bible? Since the Bible is the Word of God, only what God says, actually matters. How can our mortal opinion carry any weight with God? Even the Bible (Gods word) is not just His opinion, but rather it is established fact! We can only understand the truth of Scripture, when God gives it to us, as progressive revelation
  • Eleonor viduya on Proverbs 6
    We have to keep our eyes open at all times to be prepared for His coming or us to be leaving in this world. To be prepared means, do we obey His words? Are we filled with The Holy Spirit,A seal of protection against evil ways? A surety of salvation? If we receive The Holy Spirit we are considered His servants or His armies to fight against all principalities, against all evil.
  • D.S. Garcia-Lorimor on Acts 19
    Amen. Do you have any thoughts or insight concerning the book of Job?
  • Lanny Luttrell on Daniel 9
    Why is Daniel 9:24-27 a stumper, when it comes to mathematics? You know? Addition, for example ! Seventy weeks = 490 years from 457 B.C. to 34 A.D. Sixty Nine weeks = 483 years, and low and behold, Seventy One weeks = 497 years, Seventy Two weeks = 505 years. It's not Sixty Nine weeks and a few thousand years till the Seventieth week. Mathematics dosen't work that way. And the angel said Seventy!
  • Courious reader on Genesis 1
    so if I read it right God wanted us (man) to guard over the fish,birds and cattle...He gave us fruits and seeds and herbs to eat as meat. When did He give permission to eat meat?
    He created "man" in His own image...His likeness...yet God is LIGHT..comfusing
  • JP on Psalms 91
    Comment on verse 13: Is this verse telling us that a dragon is another name for a snake?
  • Shy on Psalms 61
    who is the wife of cain when in fact eve, adam and cain is the first people of the earth?
  • Clara N. Offord on Matthew 22
    Are You complaining, and offering no solution? Where is your Agape Love, God kind of Love?
  • Stephen Woehr on Ezra 5
    I wonder . . . do you suppose that between the time that Darius was handed this letter and the time of his reply that he witnessed the power of God with Daniel and the lion's den?
  • Irene123 on Genesis 22
    You know what, Lilianne? as Abraham and Isaac were walking up that mountain - God was walking up the other side to "provide the lamb." He was right there with them.
  • Irene123
    Lenetra - you don't 'pray' for forgiveness; you 'do' acts 2:38 - just as Peter said. then you can pray for the infilling of the Holy Ghost - which is evidenced by God taking over your tongue and speaking through you. Romans 10:13 was to an already established church of saints that had already done Acts 2:38. be sure to read Rom. 10:14 - "....without a preacher"? Heb. 10:25.
  • Marty on Genesis 18
    Have read the first 18 chapters of Genesis, and it genuinely seems to be an account of some wandering desert tribe. What's the Freudian thing about Noah's nakedness? A man sees another man naked! So what? Sorry this is so negative, but I don't even begin to see how this could make me a better person. And Abram having a child with his wife's handmaid? It sounds like a sordid soap opera sub-plot.
  • R.L.jackson on Proverbs 9
    Do you hear what Wisdom is saying. ? Become an Overcomer and receive grace! Jiolas School of Righteousness coming soon In the SPRING of 2016 Founder Brother Jackson
  • Nalia on 1 Peter 2
    I believe it means.. If one truly seeks God and is pure of heart God knows this.. Anything is possible. Therefore, is it crazy to imagine that God is not capable of changing the words of any written word, be it the bible or a comic book, and communicating with an individual instantly.. One on one. After all, God Is The Word. Alive inside the Living Word. Ask and You Shall Receive, right..? The bible tells me so.. Anyway, just my thoughts and feelings on the subject.. Thanks for listening or reading Lol Attention: pay it
  • Kolapo on 1 Timothy 1
    Can a woman be pastor? Someone fill with spirit should please helps us with the answer
  • Wayne on 1 John 5
    How does Baptist theology and vv 18-19 relate? Can one be godly and a sinner at the same time? Can one be a sinning saint? Can one be " dead to sin" and still partake of ungodliness? Just wondering.
  • R.L.Jackson on Proverbs 4
    Here we have our creator speeching to us as children though wisdom on how to avoid the wicked all that came to Jesus we're wicked and all be wicked how do you escape the night ?you do what Jesus say you do what Jesus said and you do what Jesus done you Walk on water it's not hard if you sit with the Light of this world.
  • Dexter crain on Leviticus 16
    Was there or was there not a rope attached to the priest when he went into the holy of holies ?
    Also did he wear bells at the bottom of his tunic ?
  • Myree on Hebrews 9
    Why is it so many people who say they have die and come back to tell what they saw after being dead??? I just where a person they said was dead in the hospital - but woke up to say he had been to hell and saw satan's eyes.
    The bible doesn't teach that, and Christ died only once for all.
    Hebrew 9: 27-28 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
  • One crumb on Numbers 24
    Chapter 24:13 Note...what The LORD saith, that will I speak.

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