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  • Freedomborn in Love and Unity*** - in Reply on Genesis 1
    I agree I AM THAT I AM but do we know what Day of the Week God started Creation? the Names used today were given much later so could Day1 have been a Tuesday or is the day Confirmed in Scripture? But we do know that Jesus is our Rest and we are to Fellowship and Worship together Rom14 How Wonderful to have the Love and Unity in our Churches today like they did in God's early Churches Acts 2:38-47
  • Thomas F Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    For Christ sake, all you speak of is material possessions when innocent servants, animals and all ten children were slaughtered by the premeditated acts of God working with Satan. Do we not morn for the loss of lives. Can we not question for what was to be gained other than a man still standing for his faith. Did you know Job didn't know God was behind this plot?
  • Thomas F Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Adam, Where does it say that one must become a Christian to have eternal life?
  • Thomas F Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Ruben, I don't know what I believe. I honestly envy those who can go through life thinking that God is watching over his children but it is so very hard to do when you see all of the crimes committed by man without any intervention for the life of the innocents. And you know, it wasn't just Job, what about his servants, children and the poor animals? Satan lost nothing, only a bet.
  • Sam
    Does anyone know how to believe again? Do you just blindly say you believe when your heart truly doesn't or does that even work?
  • Adam - in Reply
    Unless your husband has broken his vows covenant to you through unfaithfulness or abuse I believe any and all means should be used to strengthen your marriage, through being loving giving him instead of focusing on what you're receiving. Vows and commitments are real and if you're the one initiating. What if the roles were reversed, would you divorce you? Read 1 Corinthians 7.
  • Jennifer
    Will their be animals in heaven, such as our dogs, cats etc?
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on Job 1
    This isn't a sport--God proved to the world He is LORD. He proved to Satan that Satan could NOT win a true believer over no matter the trial. He knew Job fit that description. Job never lost faith, have you? Yes Job suffered but he is now in the bosom of Abraham and Satan is in the pit. God loves His children and doesn't play games. Upgrade your faith to understand. It's your discernment.
  • Thomas F Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Annie, I know this is off the subject of Job but, how did you acquire God's wisdom?
  • Thomas F Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    So, you are saying that God offering up Job to Satan knowing full well Satan would try to destroy Job's faith in God was not a bad thing. And all that transpired after that, was just through the actions of Satan. God holds no responsibility for his part in the deconstruction of Job. Oh, how would you like to have your children killed and then someone sends over replacements?
  • Adam - in Reply on Job 1
    "Job and what his God did to him" - why do you assume God harmed Job instead of Satan? If someone commits a heinous crime today would you not attribute that to someone who was deceived by Satan into doing evil? God doesn't tempt or deceive us, Satan does. Do you think Satan is bad?
  • Adam - in Reply on Job 1
    Disagree. Satan is evil, God is good and loves you and everyone. If your family member gets sick, do you blame God? Tornado hurts your child, blame God? Cancer, blame God? The story of Job was a special circumstance in the old testament before Jesus died for our sins and gave us grace. Today Satan has power to wreak havok on your life, but not to kill you. Jesus paid your debt- is that not love?
  • Thomas F Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Why does everyone have to quote lines from that book, the Bible, written by 40 authors over a period of 1500 years? Don't you think if God who is capable of doing absolutely everything, he would have written the bible himself, in every language and distributed it throughout the world in hours, not years, if it is truly his book? After all, didn't write the 10 commandments on stone?
  • Thomas F Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Rube, Keep this simple. Don't over analyze it. The story is about a God and if the man needs to explain what a God is then he will . The story has a Satan and so goes that also and the victim is called Job or Jim I don't care . Just listen to the story, and you tell me if you think what this God and Satan conspired to do to Job or Jim was fair or reasonable or for sport or kind or evil?
  • Thomas F Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Ok Adam, let me finish this short story about prayer. After hearing these remarks after every slaughter, it dawned on me that we could be doing much better with our prayer. So, I contacted some of the clergy and suggested, we pray a advance for no more of these heinous crimes. Well, what in God's name happened? p.s. How about the survivor who thanks God for saving her. What about the dead? Thank?
  • Patty Tozi - in Reply on Psalms 125
    Did you know if you live day to day with your Heavenly Father He will guide you to what He wants you to do for Him? You may plan your day like l do. But the out come is always different. I learned thru many hard knocks from Satan and the World- that this is not what God wanted for us. He wanted the best for us. His Light is upon us. We can repent our Sins anytime. He will hold out his arms to you!
  • Doug
    in Matthew ch 25 v 1 what dose the lamp and oil represent?
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on Job 1
    I would have to be put in that situation. Common sense would have to take over. I would probably listen to him but I would ask where did you get this info. God, who I wouldn't know at that time, gave me the power of discernment if I didn't know about God, I'd not know anything about this man. Show me proof-Who is this Job who is God? Who are you? God would handle the matter. I DO believe.
  • Cassi on Matthew 14
    The disciples had already seen Jesus perform miracles but they were still shaken in the storm,in doubt and fear.Were they convinced of who Jesus was after Peter's rescue?Many believers also doubt the God they know as all powerful. Have faith, focus on Jesus,not your problems. Keep your eyes on Him or you will begin to sink.Hes with us and if you really know who he is, you have no reason to fear.
  • Hannah
    Going through hard times, my Marriage is coming to an end after nearly 5 years in it, I am the one initiating the separation as I have been hurt throughout, not happy not at peace no love ,I have sacrificed a lot for this to work but it dint I think am better of without it.Is it OK for me to go ahead?...I hope I will be happy, at peace without it.
  • Isabell Belsar - in Reply on Joshua 24
    Does every one have to accept Jesus to get to heaven?
  • Johnnie Steele on Micah 5
    The scripture that capture my heart tonight is verse 13: "Thy graven images also will I cut off, and thy standing images out of the mist of thee and thou shalt no more worship the works of thy hands." I see this not only referring to man made images, but let's look at what else is consider "The works of thy hands. Isn't christmas an image and idol? Isn't easter an images and idol? works of hand
  • Adam - in Reply
    Dear Duck, that is unfortunate you have been repeatedly hurt. The things you listed are positive and right on track. There are times we do everything right and still have a challenging season. It's probably temporary though. Maybe you're closer to succeeding then you realize? Consider praying to God for peace in your heart, and validation. May God bless you!
  • Thomas Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Ruben, I don't want to argue with you. Obviously you're a true believer and a person of strong conviction but just think for a moment, as if you never heard of a God. Say perhaps you lived on an island and all you knew was the sun, moon, stars and the ocean. Then a man appears and tells you about Job and what his God did to him. What then, would you think of this God? Honestly.
  • Thomas Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Adam, I do appreciate your kind words and advice but let me tell you a short story. Remember when all of those innocent concert attendees were slaughtered in Las Vegas? Well, I sat and listened to the responses by officials, witnesses and clergy. What I heard over, and over again was, "Our prayer and thoughts are with" and from those who survived, "Thank God I am alive". Out of space Finish later
  • Rupthurn on Joshua 24
    I've been having this question for a long time now. Was there sweets, chocolate, and treats back then? If not, does that mean everybody was thin until they were added into the universe? Also, is transgendering against the bible?
  • Adam - in Reply on Job 1
    Job didn't sin by blaming God, but you do? God allowed Satan to test Job. While God views all life as precious, He likely has a different perspective than us regarding life on Earth- we view it as the most important thing ever, yet is described as so temporary it's a vapor James 4:14, and Philippians 1:21. If the children went straight to paradise in heaven do you feel that is "unloving"?
  • Adam - in Reply on Job 1
    Hi Thomas, that's great that you're reading the Bible and seeking God's truth. Why not just ask God through prayer for wisdom and discernment to know what you should take literally? It's true that Jesus often spoke using parables which are allegorical stories to influence and make a point. There are obvious metaphors in the Bible too: John 6:54 - we don't literally eat Jesus' flesh and blood, etc.
  • I AM THAT I AM: on James 4
    Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Do ye think that the Scripture says in vain, The spirit that dwells in us lusts to envy? God resists the proud but gave grace to the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up. Speak not evil one of another brethren.
  • Thomas Hills - in Reply on Job 1
    Dear Titus I forgot one point. If God can write the 10 commandments than how come he couldn't write the Bible. Don't you think it strange and bitter to allow so many souls to be lost over that 1500 years when he could have written in every language and distributed bible after bible maybe even signed and just get it done? Why hasn't anyone asked this question?

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