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  • H.A.M. on 2 Kings 19
    2 Kings 18-19 Isaiah 36-37: same account of an event in King Hezekiah's life: How he trusted in the LORD GOD did what was right in HIS sight: the LORD defended him against the army of the Assyrians God sent the Angel of the LORD, Jesus, HIS Son to kill the whole army then when the king ran lived in Nineveh, God had the king's sons to kill him. Trust GOD HE WILL DEFEND you! IN JESUS, AMEN!
  • BSP on John 15
    Verse 18 We know that the world back in Jesus' day had a deep hatred for him so we can expect the same hatred by the world if we are truly imitating Jesus.
  • Ronald Kelly on John 15
    First to God be the Glory !!! I do believe in The works of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ . I believe every word spoken when we who believe , in Christ we hardly fit in amongst others . we just can't seems to walk talk think as the unbeliever do as we have become spiritual so our lives just not the same so we become as out siders .
  • Will on Deuteronomy 30
    Linda, to answer your question: What does it mean "thou and thy seed"? It means you and your descendants, children, grandchildren, etc.
  • Kathryn on Psalms 91
    This is my Favorite. It speaks about the Love, Grace and Protection of God. I have been reading this Psalm for years now, first introduced to me by my Grandmother A very Powerful Psalm. God will not let you fall. Under the shadow of the Almighty there is protection, peace and the Grace of a God who knows how to take care of his own.
  • Kathryn on Psalms 91
    This is my Favorite. It speaks about the Love, Grace and Protection of God. I have been reading this Psalm for years now, first introduced to me by my Grandmother A very Powerful Psalm. God will not let you fall. Under the shadow of the Almighty there is protection, peace and the Grace of a God who knows how to take care of his own.
  • Steve Gangadeen on Matthew 28
    He is risen and appeared to the disciples on many occasion HE is alive the hope of all his followers as his followers we ALL has been commanded to take this gospel GOOD NEWS To all the world baptizing them in the name of the Father,the Son and the HOLY GHOST and low I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.
  • Myckel
    I have a question....where is heaven and where is hell???it confuses me...others say heaven is on the skies and hell is under neath the earth but thats no true
  • Adam
    I think heaven is in a different dimension not existing in our physical universe as we know it. I think it's possible hell could be in the center of the earth- have no evidence one way or the other for that. The Bible says there will be a new heaven and new Earth Rev 21 .
  • Colt
    Best I can see is that in the time the bible was written the term heaven had 3 meanings heaven where the birds are heaven where the stars are and heaven where God is, best guess Heaven is just beyond space and slightly out of sight.
  • Emmanuel on Psalms 67
    Praise brings increase
  • Barbara on Psalms 91
    I love 91 Psalms
  • Cletus Hardiman
    Where in the Bible does it say: "that once saved, always saved" doctrine? Since there are so many verses that contradict this, I really would like to know! Thanks!
  • Melki
    It is not scriptural. You can only be saved by believing in the Messiah, Yahushua AND keeping the laws, statutes, and commandments of Yahuwah CONCURRENTLY.
  • Adam
    Hi Cletus, I don't believe the Bible supports the idea of once saved, always saved, because of many scriptures saying otherwise. We're given free will and people often use it to turn from God. If angels in heaven can turn to be wicked, then surely Christians on earth can do the same. The Word says wide is the gate that leads to hell.
  • Cletus Hardiman
    Thanks for your response. I totally agree with you. I know you can be a Christian and back slide, because I did..............And, I knew I was saved. I just wondered where the people get the idea that if they are "once saved--always saved." Because there are too many verses in the Bible that say otherwise. But, I am glad to say that I came back to God, and am looking forward to meeting Him.
  • Adam
    Praise the Lord for that!
  • Danny willis
    what country did the children of cain go to settle in?
  • Teri on Hebrews 6
    the way i read ch 6 and the question of loss of salvation i by verse 4: it is impossible...the particulars are stated. 2 Tim 3 must be referenced here, and to reject the HS is to blaspheme, and this is the unpardonable sin. End.
  • Teri on Hebrews 5
    This short chapter shows that some things are just harder to understand! "Who can have compassion on the ignorant, and them that are out of the way for that he himself is also compassed with infirmity. see verse 2
  • Teri on Hebrews 4
    a very humbling chapter of the bible, this should be our aim to enter that rest...and to remember that there are those who will not enter in.
  • Teri on Hebrews 2
    wow, the commentary by Henry for this chapter is very sobering. this book very well describes Jesus as the anchor of our souls. the first few verses remind us to be thankful for salvation and to hold onto it with all our strength. Also, the reminder that we have been bought for a price.
  • Teri on Hebrews 1
    Ch 1: 1-2 How God chose to prophets he spoke to the Jewish nation fathers since then, through HIS SON! very powerful verses that set the tone in no uncertain terms for the deity of Christ Jesus.
  • Teri on Philemon 1
    the comments on this book are really humorous! i love this book, and it gives me insight on how to admonish someone to do the right thing in the Lord, not always received by christians. It shows the maturity of Paul and how we should try to encourage one another.
  • Teri on Titus 3
    for verse 8: good works profitable for men women...that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven Matt 5, these are the things to strive for and go a long way to showing the world the Love of God at work in you. Unlike the "works" in verse 5!
  • G. Ochoa on 1 Corinthians 7
    Clearer explanation of 1 Corinth 6:9, 10 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Then lists the fornicators sexually immoral , idolater, adulterers, effeminate male prostitutes , abusers of themselves with mankind homosexual offenders , 10. The thieves, covetous the greedy , drunkards, revilers slanderers , extortioners swindlers . . .
  • BSP on 1 Timothy 4
    Verse 1 Many have preferred the religious lies that are really demon inspired to the truths found in God's Word.
  • Joe on 1 Timothy 4
    Vegans , animals rights groups , those who put creation in front of the creator
  • Mrs Ruby Gran on Joshua 3
    This is a word for me today because I am seeking God for the path he wants me to take and which way to go and what congregation should I attach myself to. I feel that obeying the word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me and listen and follow I will hear the directions of God and His Holy spirit, this chapter has open up a form of understanding for me that I didn't understand.
  • Stanjett on Joshua 3
    Ruby, Pray and he will guide you.

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